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Argument:Contrary to popular myth The Bible does NOT teach that the wife(woman) is subservient to the husband(man).

                     upon me
                       without desire

                       upon the other
       My spouse
                      my source 
                              of we two
      My helpmeet
                      counter-part me

                 One flesh
                                  he, and she

* submit a physical act- to lean upon - we upon Jesus, in Jesus we lean each upon the other,in marriage the wife upon her husband
** head = source (as a spring is of a river) as Jesus is the head(source) of the body of Christ(the church) and the husband is the head(source) of the wife joined together as one upon marriage.

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Lost Sheep dialogue

" Lord I woke this moring with the words lost sheep on my mind "

" OH! what do you think it meant? "

" well I pictured  myself as a sheep in the meadow where the grass is dry, patchy and bare "

" Oh! what happened then? "

 " well Lord i turned round and all the other sheep were no longer there "

" where did you think they could have  gone? "

" I thought they might of been thirsty and maybe went to find a brook

so I thought I would go and take a look "

" thats good what did you find? "

" I found a stream but the other  sheep were on the other side

but I could not get across as the stream was far too wide "

" OH! what did you do then ? "

" I began to wonder what to do

then I heard a voice come out of the blue. "

" What did the voice say ? "

" the voice  said do not fear don't dispare

I will help you  cross  over there

then a kind man appeared out of nowhere "

" what did the kind man do ? "

" He gently carried me across to where the pastures are Green

and the other sheep asked me where I had been "

" Thats great! what was your reply? "

" I told them that I was in the meadow

LOST and all alone

then the kind mans voice said

" my lost sheep welcome home "

" Great you have got it "

" Sorry Lord I am lost now"

" Yes dear you were once lost but now you are found "

" You no longer have to wander in the meadow all alone

for I am the good shepherd that always brings my lost sheep back home. "

No matter how bad our life has been the Lord always brings us lost sheep back to where the 
pastures are green, never will he leave you never will he forsake you. to anyone who is lost 
Just ask the Lord to show the way home he will come and fetch you. Amen. to anyone who 

Diane christian
feels Lost God will find you and bring you home.

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Precious Dialogue in the Woods

I can hear you.
But are you listening?
I look in your eyes and they're no longer glistening.
I want you on my team.
But so does he.
Instead of you and I why can't this be we?
Do you hear me?;
Do you really concentrate on the things that I say and each breath that I take?
I'm reconsidering the hand I want to hold.
The heart that's in your head doesn't have to be so cold.
Don't play in the woods anymore.
I want to be precious to someone again.
But I can't be who I was before.
So can you love me the way I am?
Do you hear me?
Do you concentrate on the things that I fear and the people I hate?
I'm not believing the moments of projection.
Just tell me where to find myself; just show me the direction.
Do you hear me?
Do you pay attention?
This wall cannot cover your great apprehension.
I know you feel alone and unbelievably forsaken.
And though you are uncertain, I am a God who can't be shaken.
Don't play in the woods anymore.
I want to be precious to someone again.
But I can't be who I was before.
So can you love me the way I am...
...With my many faults and infinite breakdowns,
I know i'm unworthy but I need you now.
Redemption's bittersweet. And they will laugh at me,
I've learned in this life you must turn the other cheek.
I'm losing everything I've ever had... 
But with me you're getting your life back.
It's time for you to trust and have that lust for life you need.
It's time for you to dance again and know you can be free.
There's nothing else to say.
Im only ready to be sure.
I found myself today ready to open the door...

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Come Father, become human and kind...
sit at my  blessed and abundant table,
and have a dialogue with me!
Many questions assumed for myself:
like uncotrollable rivers flooding their banks...
pitifully susceptible to oblivion;
a disaster so real and not too stealthy...
come Father,suspend time!  

Indisputible are Your commandments
that make the sinners tremble
and the mighty complain and ramble;
unchangeable are Your moral demands,
and the devouts heed them with reverence...
to diffuse them without diffidence!
Come Father,engorge this eager spirit...
descend to clear up contradictory opinions,
words dictated by the die-hard and undignified;
this is not a conception or a dilemma,
but an enormous and contemptuous enigma
engraved on the souls that engage in snarling tactics
to ensconce, not to enrapture what is good...
and in doing so they captivate people in sin!

I declare my faithfulness with words that prolifate
and have  wonder and inspiration...
true words that express a genuine faith;
I am not  prognostic...I rely on devine intervention,
and shun what lacks in importance...
not debasing what is sacred to satisfy their impertinence! 

Come Father, have this promenade...
let's talk about their impervious minds
that collide with truth with impetuous haste;
come father, let's make them perfect and pious...
give them a plausible momentum of grace,
and make them victorious and vindicated! 

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Mystic dialogue

There are some dreams that you don't see during the night 
You can just imagine. 
There are some words that you don't hear 
You feel these if you look somebody in the eyes. 
There are some loves that you don't get with a kiss or a hug 
You can touch these with your soul. 

If you can see what you can't see with your eyes 
If you can hear what you can't hear with your ears 
If you can touch what you can't touch with your hands 

Then I will not speak anymore 
Then you will not speak anymore 

Then will speak only our hearts  

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Faith in dialogue with the world

We have a beautiful liturgy
so dramatic and impressive 
that one may be glued to it,
be involved and participate.

It presents a new movement,
along with its recurring theme,
a celebration of life and promises
that God, our Savior, makes us one.
He teaches us to serve others,
He teaches us to give humble service
He makes us aware that we’re followers
of his preaching to love one another.

It’s an act of self-giving to love others
as depicted in foot washing at the last Supper
where it happens on Maundy Thursday
as he institutes the Holy Eucharist
as well as the sacrament of priesthood.

It’s so rich with images and symbols
especially in our attitude of serving people
these are reminders that we’ve a role,
a mission to fulfill, a faith to proclaim.

In my own country where there’s poverty,
corruption, injustice, and inequality;
it’s a chance to incarnate in reality
what the gospel teaches us to do.

Though some hurdles may hinder
to move freely and be with the poor
yet the love of God for these people
is our priority, the preferential option.

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Sonnet Dialogue: Scorn in Duality, Lit Op 5

I  looked below and saw the dawn from here,
Disturbing may, below the light- a man.

“Oh, stranger most, shall I ask you with fear?”

“Dear one, you fear no one”, replied the man,
“Nor Him, you fear Him not for you are but
The holder of the strings of those you sight.”

A second by, I asked him in abrupt,
“The guardians of the roof, had they loved me?”

He voiced: “Their love are drawn in stitching crossed,
Exquisite yet details are course, you see?
The veil from where it rests you should have tossed,
Each thread in havoc, one chaotic sea!”

I spared a tear, his face did went outworn,
Afar the lake I headed. God, I’m torn!


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The Singer (Narrative Dialogue)

The singer looks at the now empty stage
His voice guarded deep in his warm throat
Shielded by a high neck shirt he wore
Singing with passion from down within
Rehearsing day and night until it’s right
Blended rhythms and notes run the scales
Clinging in smoky night clubs like a shadow
Getting your pay with crumbled dollar bills
Go from gig to gig if it makes you whole
Your songs will make them dance and spin
Like a magic spell being cast far and wide
Allow your words to heal wounds and scars
And when you have earned your keep
Collect the spoils from your conquest sweet
Gobbled champagne and fancy caviars
And your heart beats crashed musical chart
Find the singer who was once loved
The brilliant heart that once lived in joy
Consider yourself a singer without a heart
Who has traded his soul from the start
As it ends the conquest will lose its spark
Come to your senses and stop this slide
You may be witted and sharp as a tack
Don’t get eluded and slip—stay on track

Comments:  This is a narrative dialogue poem.  It sets the stage one may 
probably find in a conflicting situation. It develops into a complication, reaches a 
crisis then falls into a resolution.  It displays connections, alienation, 
disconnections, and a turning point where a change takes place between a 
protagonist and antagonist. The ending brings about a resolution after a 
dramatic point has been reached.  Give it a try one day, and I will give it a review 
for you.  It must be very interesting and relates to real life.