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as a college freshmen, i expect a lot of things.
aside from picking courses,
studying, talking jargon or gibberish,
talking about a job for the future,
there are a lot of things to consider.

you are now grown-up,
and it's time for you to explore everything
and have some experiences,

learning a lot in this age was such a blast.
enjoyment, which gives pleasure or keen satisfaction!
but of course, we still need to be careful,
you will never know what you have until you lose it.

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a short story of college life

ye lamhe ye yaade ankho me basa ke,
tum to chale jaoge apne din ajmake,
teri yaad reh jayegi in nam ankho me,
tere pyar bhare jajbat chalak ayenge tanha rahon me.......

wo yaro ki batein,wo apas ka pyar,
kav mitha to kav kadwa sa takrar,
wo roommate se jhagadna,
phir usipe hak se rob jhadna,
wo warden aunty ki dant,
phir unpar makkhan bhari baton ki barsat,

wo rat rat bhar gappe ladana,
or class me late attendance banwana,
class me lectures se jyada teachers ki harkaton pe dhyan dena,
or hostels akar unki khilli udana(kehna yaar unka lecture to kuch palle hi nahi padta),
wo exam ke 1 din pehle xerox ke liye jhagadna,
or na chahte hue v doston ke ache marks ane pe khush hona,

wo sixth sem ke result ka ana,
or ek taraf supersenior hone ki khushi 
to dusri taraf college chodne ke gam ka satana....

ab wo farewell party ki rat or masti ki barsat,
ankho me chalke ansu or hothon ki muskan kam,
ye sb yaad kr lena tum,
jab kav lage tumhe apne jivan me hasin pal kam..........

ye hai humare college ki choti si duniya ki choti si kahani kasamagam......

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Days Down College Road

I’ve wrestled with devil in blue grass.
That college that picks pockets 
and helps itself to damsels’ purses
fixed nooses just off seventy-five south, 
over Clay-way Bailey.

The viaduct that divides two states 
divides thieves from Potter Stewart’s Court House. 
I refused to march the underground rail road; 
a black man rules the white house.

The dean, 
like Mathilda’s Trunchbull, 
is as mean as salt on back of barn toad; 
she lifted con from condescending.
I relished reflection of her 
standing stiff like light pole, 
frozen by the return from her calling the school “the company”

They were to give me what I pay for,
but madam flying high on stilettos 
was too uppity to climb down and meet me.
Requests made were called controversies, 
but to me it was freedom, 
and I (pusher of this pen) was on battlefield 
with Jamaican fire.

A competent crook cover ass with alibis, 
and you should never be seen as obstacles … 
If you are negro and alone walk with caution,
but not so with me; 
I should live Luther’s dream,  
‘cause I own college road. 
It was my journey.

I stood stout, 
like Michael,
to cast the devil out.
With Obama fueling negroes,
I wonder why Sam is blind 
to the now white-collar crime?
I sure hope there are copycats up college road.

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Rewards of College Education

in grade school
he heard about it

in high school
he prepared for it

in his first year
he explored it

in his second year
he focused on it

in his third year
he felt part of it

in his fourth year
he graduated from it

Now, he has a job
because of it.

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No one said college was over

Go to college they said 
To get a real job they plead

Don’t worry about someday 
Just get to work by Monday

So here I sit resume in hand
But I feel like I’m stuck in quick sand

What to do? Where to go? 
How the hell am I supposed to know?

I have an education 
But much to my agitation

It never taught me what to do
Sure I can solve a problem or two
And I am supposed to look at things like few

If I’m so smart?
Why don’t I know where to start?

What tomorrow has in store I am unsure
But my best friend just woke up on my floor

And I’m having the time of my life
Amidst all the struggle and strife

So screw getting older
I’m giving it the cold shoulder

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BS College Degree

It has always been my naïve, farm-boy assumption,
That one attends college to attain a degree of gumption!

And furthermore that Daddy sends his kid to college,
Not so much to party but to obtain a modicum of knowledge!

I assume that the autocrats who abide in Washington D.C.,
Have attended college and somehow earned at least a BS Degree!

BS stands for Bachelor of Science Degree without equivocation,
But it seems in Washington, BS has assumed a different connotation!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

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LIFE IN Engineering college IET

The joyous moments remain even in semesters,
With every night struck in the hostel terrace to see sky full of clusters;
Spending time with roommates and friends is best part,
Jokes during the time of studies creates a healthy atmosphere with great art;
Never ready to share anything with the colleagues,
Eager to beg for Hotspot when the hostel's WiFi gets fatigue;
Canteen's maggi always fascinates mind and heart,
Food in the mess encourage to buy noodles from the mart;
Attending an hour lecture is a tedious task,
When there is no water to energize in the flask;
Concepts in the class are not so important,
Each one has to put their attendance as their only amendment;
We may not be knowing how to copy files in the laptop,
But to make exact xerox of friend's assignment one never going to drop;
Being the junior-most is always a fun,
Wishing to get treats from seniors in the long run;
Refreshment of mind comes with the arrival of fests,
Which brings out the individual's best;
Talent and hobbies outburst in intro,
Day-to-day knowledge make students like us to grow;
The bond of friendship gets stronger gradually,
Tears came out when the journey to college days end finally;
Machines and motors demands to have attention in engineering,
Life@IET is one of the most memorable thing one gets in his/her belonging.

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The College Graduation

The College Graduation

By Elton Camp

To a life of prosperity, you see
Your college degree is the key

Commencement speaker did say
Each and every expected cliché 

“Not an end, but a beginning
The race of life you’re winning”

“Why, the first thing that you know
You will be bringing in lots of dough”

But as was the college’s intention
Certain things he didn’t mention

Jobs will prove hard to come by
No matter how hard they may try

Massive student loans come due
What will the hapless grads do?

Even bankruptcy won’t wipe ‘em out
“Pay up or else!” the lenders shout

Those who fail to pay what they owe
It’s off to debtor’s prison they may go

The grads have the world by the tail,
Let’s just hope they don’t go to jail

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.College Bound (repost)

Kirstie Fonte's Blog...stirred up a memory... A repost of a mother watching her son grow up
.    .    .    .     .   .

His small red car, a dent on the left rear side
     is parked in our driveway,.....loaded to the max....a full tank of gas
His duffel is crammed with rock-band t-shirts, faded torn jeans
    new underwear and socks, (that I insisted we buy),
        and that ratty old jacket with the hole in the elbow.
Guitar, books, sports equipment, and cardboard boxes
    fill the back seat of his little sedan.

On the passenger seat in front,
    is a battered old shoe box tied with string.
    Inside, (I've been told by his sister)...are private letters from girlfriend, Cindy
It is the same box (hence the battered state it is in)...that his sister found one day,...
    tucked it under her arm, and ran from him laughing...
    His long legs chased her through the kitchen and out the back door, screaming
    "You're going to die for that!!"....

On this sunny, autumn day, his sister is not laughing...she is standing quietly...pacing...
He reaches over, and tussles her hair a little, and she leans against his chest for a minute, 
then steps away, and looks at me with solemn eyes...
He and his father share a hug and an affectionate pat on the back

I stand there watching them, on that dreaded concrete driveway...
My eyes are glistening with unshed tears, but I'm determined not to cry
I knew this day was coming, we had planned to be cheerful....
My emotions are betraying me now....but I will send him off with a smile.  
I promised him and I will !

A neighbor is driving by, as if it's just another ordinary day, and waves.
We all wave back, and it breaks the somber spell for a moment.

I hand him the care box I made....laundry soap, toothpaste
    candy, energy bars, his favorite home made oatmeal cookies.

Hugs, extra tight.    One tears....Oh, God, Help me no tears!!
"Be sure to call when you get there."   Drive carefully....Love you"

Love you

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A Day in the life of a Chicago College Student

I'm tired as I'm about to expire trying to conspire to take my education higher where to 
the world I am sire
I get tired of people getting PELL I'm this, I'm that, I'm there, I'm where; I'm here
and about to fail as I go through hell while creditors stalk me through the mail
My blood bleeds success but I must confess if I wasn't blessed, I'd be a mess because 
I'm obsessed with being the best
But as life gets hard, I wonder if my start will end before it begins over a test of my 
The struggle still needs to be fought over freedom of thought
While I try to stay Mr. 4.0 somebody can decide my chest needs a zero because of some 
stuff that wasn't worth cero over some de niro and they really think they Pacino
I don't want to be a King or a GD, a Cobra or a BD, a Four Corner Hustla or SGD, I just 
want to be me and it's hard to do that with walking through these streets because they 
don't understand peace; all they understand is heat from a piece
Why life gotta be so tough?
Why I gotta be prove I'm rough?
Why people gotta come in my face and talk stuff?
Isn't just being black enough?
Why when I take these streets guys gotta look at me and wonder if ima turn my hat to the 
west or the east; why my mind can't be free to study culinary and get off 87th street
I pick up a paper and I get scared of terror alert red or anything Bush has said about 
the children in Africa getting fed or the blood in the Middle East being bled but as my 
tears turn red because I read about a girl who took lead in the head because she wanted 
to get ahead and grow up to be a fed at least that is what the line of the head said but 
she will never be able to come home to her bed
Life is a gamble or a try
College is suppose to be a smooth ride and that's a lie because I don't know if ima live 
from the bus ride to the El ride
I'm this, I'm that, I'm where; I'm here

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My son, the college professor
comes home for a visit.
He leaves with all his shirts
ironed, my heart on
every sleeve.

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21st century american-college-student-fresh-outta-school bedtime rhyme

now i lay me down to sleep,
knowing that no one/nothing watches over me
if i die before my loans are paid,

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Teenage Love 5: College Sweethearts

Once again, love has conquered the lives of all former high school lovebirds. It looks
like that day in and day out, week after week, even in college, both lovers (a young man
and a young woman) still have feelings for each other.  All relationships have now
escalated from high school all the way to college/the university. It seems to everybody
that when one college student falls in love with another college student, it's like love
at first sight for them. And when it comes to serious relationships among young men and
women in college, they must take those types of relationships very seriously, which means
they best not cheat on each other with other people, even if they're as attractive as the
others. For all college sweethearts, there's a lot of things  they can do if they're not
studying for big time exams: there's the movies they can go to, two people can go to the
mall, going out to eat, and stuff. Sometimes most relationships don't last longer, even in
college, but some of them do, eve after college graduation. How amazing is that? and to
make things very interesting, everybody thinks that these two young lovebirds (a man and a
woman) can make it all the way to the altar, especially when their parents think and know
that their offspring will spend the rest of their happy lives with each other. and if
there's going to be another generation of young lovebirds that are in college and all
loving relationships continue to increase, even before the year 2025, then it'll be all
thanks to fate and to God.

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Enhancing the College Application

Enhancing the College Application

By Elton Camp

“I graduated first in my class,” claims Joe Adams, but yet
He doesn’t reveal that they were lined up by the alphabet
Suzy boasts that, “My classmates voted me into Who’s Who,”
But hides that for “Most Likely to Fail,” her class picked two

“On the school newspaper,” Robert says, “I worked very hard,”
But omits that after only one year, for incompetence was barred
Bill Bart boasts, “To spend one summer in Europe I didn’t fail,”
But he doesn’t mention that it was only because he was in jail.

About taking her time to finish school, Mary boastingly dwelled,
But failed to mention that it was because she had been expelled
Buzz says, “In my senior year I demonstrated I had special might,”
But doesn’t explain he proved it by winning a wild campus fight

As class treasurer, much time and attention May states she spent,
But doesn’t feel the need to mention the charge of embezzlement
Dan notes, “To pay for my college expenses much money I made,”
But doesn’t explain that he did it through his bustling drug trade

According to Will, in producing media he soon became an expert
But conceals that his productions were pornography and such dirt
Patricia let it be known that of the senior class she was president,
But doesn’t tell in detention was where most of her time was spent

All of these found that for the battle for college admission to win
Each of their experiences must be given the most positive spin
But whether or not these devious little tricks will work very well
Actually, only time and the desired letter of admission will tell

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my son's accension to college today

my son's last day
he's going
cork boats
in gutters

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"91% Isopropyl Alcohol, College Love"

"91% Isopropyl Alcohol, College Love"

what at a wonderful CRIME...
putting something in my  colorless, flammable chemical compound 
thats used to treat wounds in my home 

wash my face, rub it with  91% Isopropyl Alcohol 
and what a NIGHTMARE....
my face starts to TWITCH...
just like when CARS DRIVE by and blow who knows what in my face...      

i thought i was crazy but when i saw a man in a business suit 
like a social worker, make a HORRIBLE look on his face 
i new (knew) I'm NOT CRAZY!~

but i'm sure he'll keep his mouth shut...
you see it wouldn't do one bit of good  
not ones going to do one little thing to help me...

smiling faces from colleges...  
have fear, have mush fear...

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Brooklyn College Memory

I remember in my college days 
I was reading a poster
      My English professor 
came by and said 
    "Do you want to spend your life looking at posters? "
   I was looking for a dance....

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United Negro College Fund

I'm going to start giving money to the United Negro College Fund.
It will be one of the greatest things that I've ever done.
I want black people to expand their minds and to be all they can be.
I want them to be bursting with knowledge as they accept their degrees.
They'll need a good education in this world they must face.
It's true that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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  -Dharga Nagar Safa

 No,said the learned college,

As no there full of knowledge,

Angelo's great picture,

Ford's  wheel structure,

Turner's wire cable,

Dell's device able,

Gate's micro soft,

Edison's light of gift,

Not at the learned college,

To put up a Global Village!

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                                 MIND THE MINES

I have this like conundrum, 
A choice 
and probably a problem with either one or one million complaints
And curse the portrait this universe paints
With the blood of those in turbans atop
And no matter how loud I scream the world won’t stop
nor accept and live with people who are willing to be tender
The world has always been a world of trouble for me
And if John Doe had problems his would be doubled by me
Perhaps it’s because I seem vulnerable enough to ache from whatever the universe throws in my direction
unable to make any  correction
nor connection
And watch the hills to tumble as mountains turn to mud and clay……
Perhaps today
 © 2011.….Phreepoetree  ~free cee!~
FONDLY ~free cee!~

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Now, there was a school 
That didn't suffer a fool 
What it meant for me 

At least 90 years of teaching.......... 
And it showed......... 
The gentlemanly maths teacher....... 
Welcomed me, 
with kindly eyes 
Friendly smile 
What can I say..... 
A world away 

Men for others......... 
How true........ 
They meant it to..... 
There is order and discipline 
Self respect 
All the values and more......... 
I did detect 

A sense of pride........... 
Belonging too 
Wearing the red........ 
Casting aside......... 
The Vainona blue 

A sense of history and duty, 
of boys gone on before 
All these things ,I saw 

That sense of brotherhood, 
what it did for me.............. 
All these things I see 
All these things I see 
All these things I can be 
In a school....... 
As it should 

When things fall into place....... 
A ready smile 
A kindly face 
A genuine interest in what, 
You can achieve 
All these things 
I came to believe 

ST Georges 
Men for others 
The values it forges 
The kindness of the brothers 

So endeth the lesson, 
when you are valued, 
not vilified, 
your self worth accrued 
Your pride........ 
Men for others 
Sets the standard high above....... 
Our Vainona brothers