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A Blanket of Stardust

“Stardust is falling!” I heard my son cry, his small precious face looking up at the sky. “Stardust?” I echoed, and thought how my son had such a vivid imagination. “Yes, Mommy. Look!” he said, taking my hand. He led me outside; the sky I then scanned. I felt an enchantment, for what did I see? Myriads of stars shone down brightly at me. And the harder I stared, the more that it seemed the heaven above was like something we dreamed. The sky was a forest, and each star - a tree - was blazing in splendor against ebony. A celestial wildfire spread there overhead. “See, Mommy, see?” my dear child then said. No dust falling down from those stars did I see, but his eyes now looked downward ecstatically. When I followed his gaze, my shock was so sweet. A blanket of stardust I found at our feet! Written by Andrea Dietrich, 12/26/12 for the Blanket of Stars Contest of Gail Angel Doyle

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Beach Blanket Bingo

Beach Blanket Bingo (The Fab Five)

B etty Lou, beautiful Katherine, and
E leanor, Nellie Sue and Bethany
A ll playing Bingo, on blankets in sand,
C hatted away, happy girls by the sea,
H eaven-sent sun beaming high in the sky.

B ethany said, “Girls, suck tummies in.
L ook. Over there is a really cute guy!
A lso, we really should show him some skin!”
N ellie Sue said, “And he has four friends too!”
K atherine quickly adjusted her hair.
E leanor said, “Girls, you know what to do.”
T hey took off their beach wraps and made those men stare!

B ob and his friends asked to join the game.
I n minutes each lady was paired with a guy.
N o worries. Just good times. Always the same.
G olden girls shine like the sun in the sky.
O ld ladies, still young at heart, the fab five!

by Andrea Dietrich

Inspired by Linda-Marie's 
"Beach Blanket Bingo" Contest

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The blanket of Darkness

is not very warm

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Beach Blanket Bingo

B raving the sweltering summer sun
E ngaging in laughter and having fun
A way from parents and dull city life
C hasing dreams without the pressures of strife
H anging together on white sandy beach

B eyond tides only dreams can reach
L athered up with tanning butter
A lone with true love sends heart a flutter       
N othing is better than moment alone
K nowing salty sea spray is all your own
E ven with night’s cooling sea song
T he foaming waves, slap sandy shore, lifelong 

B eneath overcast crimson sky
I hear the hunting seagulls’ cry
N othing more waning than his call
G rowing ever dim against ocean squall
O ccassional lone porpoise leaps nearby….

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Third Place Winner ~ "Beach Blanket Bingo” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.
July 10, 2011

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"Under The Blanket"

The sweet taste of your morning kiss...
For under the blanket a mystery of bliss...

Our toes tingle to what's hidden beneath....
As our hearts sing while we cling to the sheets....

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A Blanket Of Clay

Violet blue waters
Against the greenist trees
Cares float in the clouds
Looking over the scene

Bluist sky filled
With freedom's breeze
Cares gone_now unseen
A frame to take and freeze

Stop and touch smooth driftwood
Sit on its body reminisc
Lean on its strong arm_strength miss
See birds enjoy this lovely perch

Remanents of yesterday's lunch
Fertilizer to wash away
Nutrition for seaweed another day
Birds of feather flock this way

This scene has lifted
A blanket of clay
Now there is joy
For the rest of the day

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WINTER BLANKET contest haiku

                 WINTER BLANKET           

                       swirl white birch
                brittle leaves snow dance
                             Cocoa Kiss

Victoria Anderson-Throop

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A Blanket of stardust

The sunset dazzles with its raspberry hue
And dances the Samba upon stirring waves
That copy from the skies’ patches of midnight blue
While warm winds of late summer caress my face

The noise and crowd thins and the world is now ours
Even tireless seagulls retire as further south we sail
Onward to the quiet cove where we’d play for hours
Anticipating no intrusions, birthday suits will prevail

Far away are mundane cares, left to another world
No room here for worries; all are tossed overboard
A weekend of devotion when only love unfurls
Is a special time of bonding, always on overload

Two hearts beating madly, as persistent love calls
Entwined, we lie beneath the low hung, yellow moon
While in the hush, soft sighs escape as gently waves fall
And a blanket of stardust burst above, as we spoon!

By:  Annalise
For Gail's "Blanket of Stardust" Contest

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Blue and wide is the blanket we have spread absorbing the sun's heat,
Enamored as Romeo and Juliet we feel what they felt: an increasing heartbeat;
Anticipating soft touches, followed by ardent kisses until moonlight arrives... 
Cuddled as they were, we ignore the glances of everyone taken by surprise.
Hushed words must remain whispers, if we are to satisfy our sensual needs. 
Bottles filled with messages are brought in by rolling waves, is ours still unread?
Lovely seagulls gather on splashing rocks, watching a lonely lady who weeps,  
Another heartbreak for someone who was happy in life, now completely sad;
Knowing the pain of betrayal, she will learn by error not to trust anyone again.    
Enticed by desire, we must roll back onto that soft blanket and revive romance, 
Totally unaware of our surroundings, we lose ourselves and become intense;    
Beholding what others never do, we know that faithful lovers always win.   
There's exceeding joy, an indefinite yearning to explore love in ways so new,  
Neither the distant stars nor the close moon refuse to shine on a blanket for two;
Grand as ever is their presence, luminous and breath-taking is their gleam... 
Onward they will slowly move, while we still embrace and continue to dream.

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Beach Blanket Bingo

Beneath the umbrella rainbow canopy,
Elvis croons from an old man’s radio.
As he smears lotion on his nose and knees,
Children hop by screaming in stereo
Hot hot hot! The sand’s hot on my feet!

Blasting sand onto sun-bathing girls,
Laughing boys race to the sea.
Avid readers get lost in their worlds,
Not noticing the shade retreat.
Kite flyers whirl and twirl,
Enjoying the breeze on the beach,
That causes the beach towels to curl.

Buried treasure inspires kids
Into digging deep in the sand.
Names are called when it’s time to quit;
Grown-ups leave, relaxed and tanned.
Optimistic for tomorrow’s plan, of more beach blanket bliss! 

Received 3rd place in the "Beach Blanket Bingo" Contest

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A blanket of stardust

                  A Blanket Of Stardust
A blanket of stardust sprinkles all over the frosted covered snow,
That seems to sparkle and give an enormous brightful glow.
The stardust sprinkles all over my smiling face,
As I look up to heaven that wonderful amazing place.
As I twirl and dance watching the stardust come alive,
I see the pixie's come down,as they arrive.
With little tiny wings that beat so fast,
They come from the future and the long forgotten  past.
A blanket of stardust that's what they are made of,
Sent from heaven,to spread the stardust with amazing love.
A blanket from heaven from god's healing hands,
To watch the sprinkles fall,as god commands.

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The blanket of hope

There is a sense of peace and tranquillity now 
 what transpired a little over an hour ago 
will forever change my life as well as yours.

But first I will relish this calm before the storm 
 Even though I know this is a blanket
 that has been pulled over this side of the world
 I will enjoy it in my fantasy until the mood breaks once again

They want us to feel safe again.
 In our minds we will have the everlasting hope 
that plagues each and everyone of us
The wish and promise of peace

 We convince ourselves that we are safe and the malice has moved on
 To another group of  victims of misfortune 
.Have we not had our share of terror for at least a hundred years 
Have we not suffered enough

 The blanket is starting to lift and the terror is bubbling in my soul
This is to be the end  of everything we take for granted
The noise is deafening and they are descending upon us
The blanket has lifted

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Wrapped up in a blanket of black the Chesire Felidae

The Chesire Felidae smiles down at me, as I patrol all night on achy feet. There is no need for artificial light, for the Chesire Felidae smiles so bright. Sometimes in the deep, dark, cold night, the Chesire Felidae's elliptical smile is the only thing in sight. When dawn approaches the smile slowly fades away, the Chesire Felidae vanishes and hides during the day.

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The Blanket Of Fog

A fog Blankets Cows Delicately As they graze green grass this early spring morn

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My Blanket of Promise

Promises to always be available to cuddle up with morning, noon and night. 
My blanket of promise, promises to keep me warm through the cool and the coldest of nights. 
Promises to be right there to be grabbed a hold of. 
When I am not feeling so well;  needing the most to be comforted and  tucked in ever so tight. 
My blanket of promise is always available for me morning, noon and night. 
Such a sweet Lula-bye to cuddle of with my blanket of promise. 
While being kissed every so gently by my love. 
Wishing me a precious Good Night.

written: April 22, 2014@11:06pm

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A Warm Blanket of Snow

A bright and beautiful blanket of snow
Silently hushes earth below spring shows

White heavenly glory this covering brings
You’ll see its splendor uncovered in spring

Earths radiant colors will then unveil
New life within this warmth revealed

The blanket lifted will then expose
The warmth and love that God enclosed

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Beach Blanket Bingo-w

(**I visited the Kuta beach in Bali, Indonesia in the early 90s.The expressions 
in the 
poem is the powerful of feelings recollected in tranquility today in 2009 
remembering the visit.)

Beach I remember of getting wind in my hair Eyes were full of tears of joy and not grief And to stand on the sand and simply to stare Clothes dampening while playing “run away” Hear the wavelets at play tickling our toes. Be seated on the beach with feet in the sand Listen to ocean’s song to clear the mind And watching the crimson sunset at the same time Not to bother for any cares, watching God’s bounties. Kept roaming on the beach to find colored shells Eavesdropping to hear the ocean’s deep roar The tired mind to be refreshed smelling the salt. Behold the beach! Here I have found peace I have found love too, here, here and here Nowhere but on grains of sand that blankets Graciously and gorgeously offering a bed of comfort. Oh, the freedom to run, fall, hold, cuddle and coil.
+++++++++ Date 12-30-09 The poem originally in Free Verse was turned into Acrostic contest in 2011 but before I could submit it, the contest was closed). Dr. Ram Mehta Form: Free Verse Third place win Contest: Impress Me II by Giorgio V. Motif - Romantic/Nature

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Snoopy And Linus Play Blanket Tug Of War

Snoopy is a crazy dog
His heads always in a fog
Thinking of some fun new ways
To steal a blanket each day
That Linus loves very much
But its like an evil rush
That turns Snoopy really "mad"
He wants this blanket really bad
Hiding in trees way up high
He'll pounce Linus walking by
With an evil scary look 
Becoming a blanket crook
Not giving up he will succeed
Something in him really needs
To win this blanket tug of war
It is deep in Snoopy's core
To find a cooky silly plan
And pull it out of this boys hand

A request from my daughter which I 
gladly wrote

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Blanket to blanket rests atop the sands

Blanket to blanket rests atop the sands
Evolving with bodies upon its threads
And nothing more is lovely than the hands
Castles are carved with curved in feet and heads
Hour after the hour, sunlight and sands

Beloved beauty befriends all to the beach
Loosely the waters cool our warmth with waves
All surfer dudes and surfboards colored peach
Navigate lakes as nomads do with caves
Kneeling to waves...surfer to surfer waives
Eclipsed by showers of a perfect wave
Tuned in by viewers that voice out and rave

Bring out your boats and beads and blue balloons
Intake the beach and all it is for man
Nice to see families and their platoons
Go out and play; swim trunks, sunlight and tan
Oh lovely day, and all shall come again

Johnny Sumler
Beach Blanket Bingo

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free cee FOR BLANKET OF STARDUST CONTEST a star took her afar


I am a star tripper
skipping from star to star
but then a lady stole the Big Dipper
and now I search from near to far

we used to sit upon the handle
each speaking of our past
we spoke of a travesty and a scandal
and both whispered “your union will never last”

so now I look up to a sorrowful sky
alas the starlight used to seem so bright
but now each star is heard and seen to cry
as they weep for my fruitless plight

the moon was a lamp unto our feet
until she left with the Big Dipper in her pocket
sometimes even stars can be indiscreet
so I still wear her picture in a golden locket
           © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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The Red Blanket and the Rubber

Two blankets on the dry grass
at the far side of the open field.
One red one and 
one small, pink one 
off a girl's bed.

Off to the side, a ball cap,
a knapsack, and a sad, empty, bottle of root beer.
One pocket of the knapsack 
held one Durex, latex condom. 
In Spanish, on
the side of the foil packet, “1 condon de latex”. 
the other pocket – a large tin of Tea Tree , water-based, pomade
nearly gone.

inside the knapsack
in the big pocket -
school books, notebooks
pens and pencils.
The front of the math folder read “math blows”.

Last night, little Johnny
met his girl at the park for
some  love making.

The left hurriedly, or were scared off
by a coyote 
or deer in the tall grass.

Little Bobbie went home without
his school books and his hat, but
left with pomade in his hair
and the smell of his girl 
on his clothes
and her taste in his mouth.

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Draped in the Blanket of Winter

Winter,Oh Beautiful Winter
lay your white blanket over me
as I may huddle in it's warmth
as I may Caress the whiteness with my tips
and catch the snowflakes with my lips
A wonderland of Velvet satin
carrying its wind of pain through my soul.
destroying my body with frostbite
and achieving its goal.

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The Wind A Blanket of.....

The wind a blanket of the night,
Invites a welcoming dream,
Of aw inspiriting delusions.

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throw blanket haiku

throw blanket warms me
in the cold car i sleep in
even in summer

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winters frosty blanket of white

Winters frosty blanket of white
lit silver in winter in the moons light
cold and powdery when first touch snow
frozen and reddening your nose
catching snowflakes, the soft white rain
melting in your mouth, oh such a glorious day
to celebrate winter, to chop down ones special tree
for Christmas is approaching sooner than you think
but i'm going to far ahead, i can't forget thanksgiving
both family holidays, served with delicious ham or turkey
love thy neighbor, don't hate
for all other feelings disintegrate.

this is a poem of my love for winter.