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What happened to those dreams

Whatever happened to those dreams That over the years have slowly died There is nothing left inside of me Nobody can awake me from this sleep Those who can see will gaze into my eyes, but the only thing they see is a blank space Only those who are blind will understand No vision required to feel my pain Silent tears, yet I speak in a thousand tongues Yet only those who are deaf hear my cries An innocence seduced by the demons of my life Memories remain from a childhood of broken promises Whatever happened to that unafraid child A child that thought one day he would feel loved Who had such faith in the hope for a better tomorrow I never thought that my life would be so different I thought I would forever be surrounded by angels I guess not all dreams are meant to be I guess not all are meant to feel joy The wounds are still visible from the daggers, that life has dug deep, so the scars remain forever If the demons don't leave, how can I heal? I hear the angels, but their voices are too distant Oh Life, you've destroyed my simple existence There is too much that time cannot erase There is too much that I cannot forget In the solitude of loneliness I have become alienated Broken, I have become secluded into an abyss of desolation I am formless and have lost the connection and attachment to life No dreams, no hope, no faith nor aspirations So, I ask myself, what is the point of living any more?
Slowly I deteriorate... Thinking what happened to those dreams The Silent One 9 September 2015

Copyright © Silent One

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I am from Great Britain – it’s not a rumour I always try to write with a sense of humour In 1996 we moved to live in the Isle of Man I can say with hand on heart that I’m Jan NOT Stan Work with youngsters who have ‘special needs’ Very rewarding occupation - but challenging indeed! I am short in stature – guess I have low ‘elf esteem’ Tall greying men I adore – I love to see them in my dream I love to eat plain chocolate – don’t need to watch my weight I’m really quite petite – my hubby thinks I’m great Met my husband Bob at Radio Lollipop Both were volunteers – he loved my low cut top! Love to listen to music and go to hear a live band Best gig ever was ‘Queen’ - the best band in the land I have a wonderful son he is my pride and joy He’s at university now – no longer my little boy Started to write poetry when my husband got cancer To get my thoughts on paper to me it was the answer My friend Jenny Brewer introduced me to poetry soup Took me a month to join but I’m so glad I joined this group Wrote thirty poems with Darren as Jadazzle United When Daz returns to good health I will be so delighted I am happy when with friends but like my solitude too Try to do my best in everything I do The past 14 months have been so challenging for me With writing I can escape and set my emotions free Now my dad has passed and mum is in a care home I am now ‘free’ and my self-confidence has grown 12th April 2015 Contest: Bio of a Poet Tammy Reams ~awarded 1st place~

Copyright © JAN ALLISON

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My life is like that of a commonplace horse
that stays where they’ve put her all day;
she lives very much like the others, of course,
accepting her fate, eating hay!

At times she is plowing ( for work is her lot);
at other times, giving a ride
to those who reward her with a smile. . . or not!
But seemingly, she’s satisfied.

For like many others, who graze in the field,
She’s needed and loved; she gets by.
Though life is not bad, to routine she must yield,
but her mind - which can’t rest - wants to fly!

You see, I’ve a soul not that of this mare.
I look through the fence and I see
pastures much greener, and far away there
are places much sweeter for me. . . 

I see myself frolicking in quietude
where the world has a rainbow hue.
With fanciful musings my mind is imbued
and the roses I’m sniffing are blue!

I’m gentle, romantic, yet wild and carefree,
and my coat is a glistening white.
Liltingly, I move like poetry.
And my essence is pure delight.

Yes, over that fence, I so want to go -
where creative thought is born;
where lyrical words with euphony flow,
for I am a unicorn!

Written around June 25, 2010

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich

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Final poem goodbye cruel world

Nothing in life lasts forever
One day we will all take a bow and say goodbye
Death is upon my door as I struggle to write my last words
Finally my ink will run dry with the last sigh under my breath
I sit here reminiscing about times gone by,
so many passenger arrived, but ultimately said goodbye
I guess we are all passengers travelling upon different paths
Yet our final destination will probably be the same
Growing up surrounded by poverty, all I had was my vivid imagination
It kept me sane when I had nothing and through storms of adversity
A cowardly father who was never strong enough to be a role model,
didn't prevent me into developing into an distinguished gentleman
The influence of a wise strong mother helped me through
All that I became was due to her blessings and love
Sadness overcomes me as I think of all those hearts I broke
I never meant it, I loved you with all I had, I hope you can forgive me
To my beloved who always stood by me even when times were hard,
forgive me for all the times I hurt you, I make mistakes, I'm just a man
I think of all those who did me wrong and said I would become nothing
So sorry to prove you all wrong, but I did it with a great passion
So many lessons I learnt through life, emotions are temporary,
nothing lasts forever and sooner or later everything you love you lose
Such is life, I guess
Many say death is the beginning, not the end
The answer will be revealed soon
Will I rot away in my grave? Or will I answer for all my sins?
Will the devil be waiting for me?  Will I be dancing with demons?
Will I walk the stairway to heaven?  Will I sing with the angels?
All the answers to my questions will be answered soon
I hope the legacy I leave behind will protect my loved ones when I'm gone
Especially my two little girls who will be lost without their dad
My little angels, please don't cry, as you know tears hardly leave my eyes
Be strong and remember all the happy times we once had
As my time slowly comes to an end and the ink starts to run dry
I think of all the songs that  brought happiness to my life
But one springs to mind as my final words, Frank Sinatra you said it best

"Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew.
But through it all, when there was doubt, 
I ate it up and spit it out.
I faced it all and I stood tall; 
And did it my way."

Goodbye cruel world, it has been emotional...


The Silent One
27 August 2015

Copyright © Silent One

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The Unknown

-"x+2 = 4"-

Enigmas of the soul
Do you know how it feels?

Never tasted before
Invisible Sun


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A

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Carrie R

Brunette, of hair, my mother's face
I'm known to be a country girl
I like to wear blue denim jeans, 
but love to wear a dress of lace
I've made mistakes, to my disgrace
I'm small in eyes are blue
I'm not a prize, have no excuse
I'm the neighbor who will bring you soup
Good music fills my eyes with tears
Love  hula hoops. Loops in my ears
Can toss a ball, and whoop it up
I can ride a horse, and wear the boots
Don't wear a crown, I'm not a queen
But I am keen on my clean house

I'll lend an ear, I am a friend
My favorite food might be ice cream
A double scoop, I beg you please?
I'll bathe the dog, I give good hugs
I'll rub your back when you are ill
I'll judge you not...won't hold a grudge
A movie fan, read quite a lot
I thrive on love, I'll love you too
Can fix most things with Elmer's glue
Can stretch a dime, make old things new
I love antiques and have a few

My family ties are iron strong
And stronger as the days grow long
I hope to light my little world
With poetry, some bad, some good
I've paid my dues.....with ups and downs
A small town  girl, who gets around
I try to keep an open mind
I hope to God,  that I've been kind
And hope to find a friend in you

So that's scoop, ..... a double dip
I'll  say adieu' ....,  and finish it !

Submitted For "A Poet's Bio" 
Contest sponsored by Tammy Reams 

Copyright © Carrie Richards

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Why, Momma, why?
Was I not deserving 
of you?
Was I not good?  
Was I too frail?
Did you send me away
Because your own life 

Why, Momma, why
Do I still secretly wail?
Asking myself what did I do so 
wrong? How did I fail?

What you called rebelliousness
Was the only way I knew how 
to stay strong sometimes, I'd 
stay up all night looking after you
Got banged and bruised so that 
he wouldn't hurt you

No one else did that
Isn't it true?
Did you ever think about my wounds
That was the only way I knew to
protect you

Instead of helping me 
You banished me through lies,
Stripped me from my home,
My siblings, my life

Withheld your love
Because I tried to take my own life
But did you ever stop and think that
Perhaps something in me wasn't right?

Why, momma, why?
Does your absence whisper in me
A forever sorrowful lullaby and
Although, I miss you I love you more 
each day that goes by

I forgive you wholeheartedly
Despite that yesterday, I cried
I wouldn't hesitate to wipe
The tears from your eyes if they 
ever again were to meet with mine

Copyright © Madelin Barton

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A Poem of Ruth

The tears well up, and scarce could she not moan
When father, brother, husband, all have died.
She now has no possessions, neither home,
But travels to a distant, unknown land:
Once so secure, yet now compelled to roam;
Once rich in love, she treads through foreign sands.
Her weary feet move forward but by faith;
For all left to her name is mere belief:
Mind, heart so far away she seems a wraith-
Love, happiness- all taken by a thief.

When, sometime since, her heart had broke in two,
The path of life, once single, parted way;
Forsake she could, but this she would not do-
All else was gone- with mother she would stay:
"Intreat me not to leave thee," was her plea,
"For whither thou wilt go, there will I; pray
Forbid me not to follow after thee,
For where thou lodgest I would also stay:
"Thy people shall be mine, thy God my God;
And where thou liest, I will gladly lie
Beside thee, overhead the selfsame sod;
That even then thou mightest be closeby.

"And so they twain walk on, hand clasped in hand;
Both hold the only thing they yet possess:
The younger but a stranger in the land,
An enemy, a widow in distress.

She rose before the sun to find a place
Where she might gather barley ears and wheat;
A field where she might find some needed grace
To gather for their winter store of meat:
Then Boaz comes from Bethlehem, and see,
He tarries with the reapers of the wheat:
He comes to Ruth and says, "Hear'st not thou me?
Remain until the harvest is complete:
"Go not from hence, but in my fields abide,
And let thine eyes be on the field they reap;
Behold, these maidens thou may'st work beside,
And near the reapers thou may'st ever keep."
Then to her face she fell, and wond'ringly
Asked why to her, a stranger, was so kind;
And he replied that she unfailingly
Had cleaved unto her mother with one mind,
And left her father, mother, and the soil
Of her nativity, and kissed the dust
Of some strange land wherein she meant to toil;
Forsaking gods of Moab God to trust:
"The Lord," said he, "reward thee for thy deeds,
 And recompense thy labour and thy love:
The God of Israel answer all thy needs,
And make his wings a shelter from above."
 Then said the maid, "My lord, please let me find
Some grace and favour in thy blessed sight,
For that thou hast been friendly, spoken kind,
And I am but a stranger in the night."
Then Boaz said, "At mealtime here abide;
Rest in the shade, come, sit with us and dine:
So down she sat, a reaper on each side;
She ate her wheat and dipped her bread in wine.
Then Ruth arose, and to her work she leaves:
The master thus commands his servant men,
"Let this young maid glean e'en among the sheaves;
Rebuke her not, for she shall come again;
And let some handfuls fall onto the ground,
There let them lie for my sake and for hers
That she may glean and plenty may be found;
For reasons she has need of it are pure."
And as she worked, Ruth knew not what a sight
Of beauty and of diligence she made,
As in the golden field in sunset's light
She bowed her head and knelt as if she prayed.

It came to pass that in his fields she stayed
Until the end of barley harvest came,
When mother told the lovely little maid
To seek for his provision and his name.
She washed and dripped an oil filled with sweet
Perfumes of wild roses on her face:
She had not much; her beauty was complete
With but her finest clothes to seek his grace.
Her braided hair shone brighter than the gem
That never graced her soft and shapely form;
Her eyes, they sparkled brighter than the hem
Of gold and pearls that she had never worn:
Thus Ruth went down unto the threshing floor
Where Boaz winnowed barley till the night,
And peeked at him so shyly 'round the door;
She never let him leave her searching sight.
His workday done, the master ate and drank;
With happiness his heart was full when fed:
Then by a heap of wheat he went and sank
Into the furry robes that made his bed;
And Ruth, a while watching till he sleep
Kept vigil from a stone used as a seat,
Till when his eyes had closed and sleep was deep
She lifted up the cover from his feet
And softly laid her down and dreamed of brides
Until the watchman struck a dozen beats,
And being startled, Boaz woke and spied
A woman sleeping at his very feet:
"Who art thou?" queried he in sleepy voice;
"Thine handmaid, Ruth," was her unsure reply;
Then blessed he her for wise and kindly choice,
For passing poor and rich young fellows by.
"And now, my daughter, gladly shall I do
According to thy wishes, for all here
Consider thee as virtuous and true;
Howbeit, there is one to thee more near,
A kinsman who must duly have his say:
If he decline, then rest assured I will
Perform the part of kinsman." So she lay
Down at his feet, and both were quiet, still.

In grey of early morning she arose,
Before a face could be discernéd there;
To keep from what some people might suppose
And who might stand along the road to stare:
Then Boaz said, "Bring here the vail thou hast
Upon thy head and hold it in thy hand:
Six times the barley measure filled and passed
From heap to vail as much as she could stand.
Then Boaz went up to the city gate
To find the nearer kinsman, whom he sought,
To see if he would purchase the estate
Of Ruth, and she herself, but he could not;
So Boaz purchased all the widows' land;
The houses, barns, and fields, though overgrown;
And bought what pleased him most, Ruth's comely hand
To cherish and to make his very own:
Then Boaz went to find the handmaid, Ruth
And lift her from a servant to a wife;
To love her in all tenderness and truth
In every day God blessed them both with life.

[By Isaiah Zerbst. Published 9/7/14. Parts of poem have been removed due to soup's limitations.]

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst

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I am a lady
In a white dress
My desire only to be softly caressed
So I take my paint brush, and delinquently paint
My face that pleads let love become quaint
I confess  to my brushes
Let a man stroke me 
With eloquence and grace
As he gazes into the love on my face
La fenêtre you see that I paint so clear
You have to climb in through it
To hold me so dear
Can you not see into my soft sad lonely eyes?
I desire myself
Wrapped inside of you
On canvas
I shall paint forever
That never existed

Copyright © arthur vaso

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Sandra M Haight - Bio

My Waltz With Life

The grand year of my birth was nineteen thirty nine
Dear first born of my mother and father so fine
Three years later my brother named Bob came along
We were four in our home; life was sweet as a song.

Later on in grade school my two talents emerged
There my teachers took time to encourage my urge
I enjoyed my young years while I painted and penned
Lots of canvas and paper used up without end.

At nineteen, I then married the love of my life
I enjoyed my new path of becoming a wife
To my US Marine, very handsome and true
Were so blessed the next year with a baby son too.

By the age twenty-five, I was mother of three
A fine son, two sweet girls, a complete family
We worked hard, and we played and our life was so good
I wrote poems and I painted whenever I could.

Later painting with oils was the pastime for me
I then studied six years at an art gallery
Varied art shows, displays, and a job filled my time
Soon I sold many pieces, and life was sublime.

Yet the years went by fast and at age thirty-nine
I enrolled in a college to study part-time
Six years passed, and I earned my prized English degree—
A BA—and a Minor in Business for me.

Then my pictures with words soon replaced those with art
For I soon published poems of life and of heart
Yet along in these times of this great writing spree
I worked hard every day as our business VP.

For a full twenty years, we worked so eagerly
After hubby retired as the Chief of FD
Selling our fire equipment, all types, big and small
To FD’s, factories, district schools and the malls.

Our dear children all married with families too
Are involved happily in whatever they do
Happy grandma of five—twenty-five to fifteen—
And one granddaughter married two thousand thirteen.

We retired, sold our business ten short years ago
Still so busy with life, with its ebb and its flow
We are proud and so blessed, we thank God up above
For our days and our life of good times filled with love.

© Sandra M. Haight 2015 
   All Rights Reserved

Anapestic Tetrameter

~2nd Place~
Contest: Bio of a Poet
Sponsor: Tammy Reams
Judged: 04/18/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight

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The Richard Enigma

I'm rather hard to figure out
Not many really get what I'm about
I'd rather sit quietly than shout
I keep it real I'm not prone to pout
You might think me passive
Still I will act 
when others are subdued by doubt

Somewhat serious
Yet prone to smile
Not ecstatic I have my own style
If you need comfort I'll stay with you a while
Don't expect much talking 
I'm a listener on the emoticom dial

As a poet
I know the power of the word
In the end I like to hear and be heard
Like you I too have been burned
Within adversity there were things I learned

I am a dancer
Stepping out on pages
Quiet paper oragami cages
Traveling on thoughts
Floating through all my stages

Fast forward rewinding 
Pausing at my distance
Like the Borg victims there is no resistance
I breathe my thoughts with a certain persistence

If you look at me 
I might reflect you
Searching for answers
Seeing beyond dark corridors 
To places bright blue
Perhaps you as well 
Like me
are an enigma too!

Written April 8th.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux

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Untying of a Love Knot

When I used to dream
I used to dream about him
Fantasizing about how it happened and how it could have been
Demons, chasing Nightmares, Happiness on Poles
Tied into a loveknot and dangled in front of me
No matter how I ran, how far, how fast
It seemed to sweetly Escape
Just when he was in my grasp

I tried it all
New haircuts
New styles
New boys
Sexy sexy skirts
With  new pairs of heels
Filling holes with things that
Really don’t mean anything 
Except to say

I’m doing just fine without you

Days go by, 
Months slip away
Years appear on doorsteps like unwanted infantile  
I beat my self up for loving

the way
He moved
Spoke, touched
Laughed, ached, cried
He could
Heal the burns on my fiery soul
He could handle
Dangerous curves
On roadways unknown

My first love

Today I no longer linger
On whispers in photographs
Or chain ball letters
I don’t chase after  white sports cars
Or sink when I hear his name
I see him sometimes and I feel his stare

Sting me on the places it hits
I’m with my own
And his with his other
But just to let him know
It’s okay
I smile
and let go

This cord
of discord

Love is forever
No matter the occasion
I forgive, i forget
and let him live
Without me

I appreciate
His gift, wrapped with 
For the benefit, of each other

He showed me with open eyes
That I did not need a man

                                       For me
                                        To love
He gave 
A bittersweet

Emotion. The Gift
Of Poetry.

Thank you…

Copyright © Bella Cardenas

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Letters I Never Sent

Earth is a building
A crowded house covered with thorns 
donated by peacemakers

A building
Showered with endless tears washing sad feelings
Tears that fill holes to shape the planet with goals
It shelters those that shelter themselves
Shame poor souls
Pass them free suicide ropes
This earth is a shack overcrowded with souls hungry for 
reality’s accuracy

A construction that shield competitors for God’s recognition
This earth is a round promised lie
Circled to circulate exclusions
A bunkhouse burning from the heat of human insults
Group hugging insects 
Voice planning impacts 

It glows echoes of reality’s limping lips and confused vintage 
Glorifying gruesome goals
The third house amplifying fear as a choice 
The next door neighbour to your borrowed smiles

A building 
A freak round building 
Earth is a tornado moving bricks from one mind to others

My heart married the future with all its dimples
Holes piled up with fables
War of voices in ties and suitcases
 Killing the already dead in word visions
 Picture pictures painted in demonic paint brushes 
Bunch of hands group shaking greetings 

Earth is a building
A crowded house covered with thorns 
Donated by peacemakers
A building that let loose diseases for business   

Some letters i never sent

(c) Ray

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane

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The Letter

"Dear Time"
Thank you for being patient, 
Thank you for understanding I'm human, after all.
Forgive me for all the mischievous prank calls. 
Much of what I said and done, was out of fun.
Now, I sit on this rocking chair getting old.
Reminiscing over the beauty and honor it has been 
   Passing this land we call "EARTH."
Reminiscing over the beauty and honor, ----- REMINISCING!
Sorry, if I repeat the same beat a thousand times....
You see, I sit here every day thinking this world is mine....
Trying to remember, who I AM.
Every moment there has ever been or ever will be, 
Is taking a toll on every single feeling and memory.
Time, Yes------------------ TIME!
The wrinkles on my face will never describe 
how many birthdays I celebrate.
The wrinkles on my face 
Tell stories reminding my readers,
 Where I've been and come from
How consistent, and fortunate I've been, 
Babbling about my past, present, and future; 
The only advantage of the word "TIME."
-- It helps fade hurting moments away--
You see, time is the essence of memories.
Dear Time,
"Growing from young to old, was not as easy as it sounds."
Please be patient with_____ Wait! I said that already....
Thank you for understanding what I’m going through.
Please listen, be patient with what's burning deep down inside.
It's almost dinner time -- once again, I mention the word "TIME!"
I'm not hungry, food just isn't the same when fed through a straw.
Besides, have you seen the garments ''they'' make me wear?
Never thought I'd live to see myself in old-fashioned nightgowns
Time keeps adding silver to what used to be pretty brownish red hair
Time what have you done to me?
Please excuse if I can't work a remote or function the TV properly.
What has happened to simple technology, 
   When everything came with "ON and OFF" buttons.
Time understand what I go through, my legs never felt this tired 
I can't seem to keep myself on the same path, 
I lose track of time when navigating my toes

Dear Time, 
Take my hand, lead the way and understand I can't see more
Time,  allow the joy to take its time when my end is near.
Thank you, Time, for all the loving moments we shared
Thank you, Time and please be kind and end my life with love.
End my life with love-----
End my life with love-----
Wait..... I said that already....

Dear Time, 
Thanks for having patience.

Sincerely Yours 
The Little Old Lady Across the Street

by: PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A

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I Am Not Afraid

      On the day the Lord calls me home I will not be 
afraid as I know He loves us one and all and to this
earth we are only on loan
      We have spent all our lives here with family and 
friends and so we leave this earth to go home to be 
with our Lord and our family and friends who have
gone home to Heaven before us
       And so our lives go full circle as the Lord sent us 
down from Heaven to accomplish the things He wants 
us to do here on earth and as we complete this we will 
be called back home to heaven to live forevermore
       I am not afraid as I patiently wait for my call to 
enter the Kingdom Of Heaven where I will wait for my 
family and friends to come home and be with our Lord

Poems Of Inspiration (OLD) Contest 
Sponsor: P.D.
7th Place Winner

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown

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Welcome to my Bio

Brenda Gail 
I am Compassionate, love and breathe poetry, humorous and a peace maker.
Sister of Patti Lynne, Paul, David and Beth.
I love children (more), I love to sing in a choir and have a song for just about everything. I love to make others happy.
I feel loved, appreciated and very blessed.
I fear not being healthy enough to make it to my son’s wedding, getting sick this winter and losing my mom.
I’d love to be able to travel again, walk around a mall, and would love to be in a poetry slam.
Living in the GTA Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Regina Riddles Contest: Bio Poems

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans

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Who am I

Daughter of Mary and Louis (Named after my late grandmother) My name is Charmaine a name originated from latin Charmaine means - a song Eldest of two siblings A wife and a mother Born and raised in the sun-kissed land of Malta (an island in the mediterranean sea which is politically west,yet geographically in the southern part of the european continent) Baptised as roman catholic (with faith rooted in love and forgivness) Friends describe my personality as amaciable and funny (I love people,and love to make them happy) Till I know a person properly I might act timid and shy Friends describe me as humble and sweet but I am even stubborn Friends say I'm affable,trustworthy, and good willed Honest,loyal,hard working,generous ,and kind I describe myself as childlike,too touchy,over sensitive at times I find it hard to trust,and If deceived I can become the next volcanic eruption which fades in a short time I am a day dreamer,and night dreamer, (I live on the moon and on cloud nine once in a while My mathematics teacher confirms this) A hopeless romantic-(Non romantics might find me boring) I hate rejection and prejudice I hate hypocrazy,medriocracy,and burocrazy though I shed my blood for democracy I hate fundamentalizm ,extremizm and anything that suffocates freedom I condemn the division between rich and poor I love life ,and all that is beautiful I love birds ,animals and flowers I love mountains,rivers,oceans and all mother nature I love seeing the world and all that is adventorous I love Nelson Mandela,mother Theresa,and Martin luther king I love cooking,art,music and words I love reading a good book,watching a great movie (Preferably with tishoos in one hand and a chocolate in the other) I love being away from the buzzling sounds of nightlife I love all seasons,Spring with its perfume Summer with late walks,Autumn with mixed Spices Winter with Christmas and the snow (Ah yes,how I love Christmas) I love all simple things,like a cup of tea and making my house a home Be in places with people I love such as God ,friends,family, or in complete silence reading sweet poetry.
Charmaine Chircop(nee: Brincat) Born- 1st of May 1977 Star sign~ Taurus Favourite Colours~Yellow and Blue P.S~ Forgot to mention my phobia for Cocroaches Confined spaces and Contests. :.) Not for the contest but thanks Regina Riddle Your themes are an inspirstion : ) o

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop

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The Meaning Of Life

Through life...I've learned the meaning of love. Through love...I've felt the feeling of heartbreak. Through heartbreak...I've felt the feeling of pain. Through pain...I've learned the meaning of acceptance. Through acceptance...I've learned the meaning of forgiveness. Through forgiveness...I've learned the meaning of faith. Through faith...I've learned the meaning of life. We are all important in life... We all have a purpose in life... Now all we have to do is... Make every purpose count... ~Life~ Is a learning experience ~Life~ Is a state of existence that belongs to the soul ~Life~ Is the true meaning of meaning ~Life~ Is the state of something significant,and of great importance ~Life~ Is what is intended to be or is ~Life~ Has a beginning,a purpose, and an end...
Danny Boy:4-1-13 :o)

Copyright © Dan Kearley

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                                                  I'm Eve 
                                               Lead by God  
                       My faith in Him has always guided me in my life.
                       I find refuge in the, poems I write, books I read, 
                                 Composing descriptive paintings,
                             Wrapped myself around my computer 
                              Desiring to acquire more knowledge,
                                        It’s everything I need.
                                    I am a coward of the thunder
                            My Heart is as warm as the summer sun,
                    My husband insists I am too honest and too forgiving
                          I embrace the flow of life with love, dance, 
                             and listening to many genres of music
         I love to save family mementos of the past that brings back memories
                            I married my soul mate thirty five years ago
                                 He was freshly retired, Navy Chief 
                 I have three wonderful sons accomplished in their own field
             Two daughters in-laws that should have been my own daughters
           And five grandchildren that I adore,  one of them stationed in Germany
                          Friends are very special and also my family
                My Yorkie Peanut is a very clingy stubborn little handful
              I am a Christian Catholic and taught fifth and sixth grade prep,
 I instructed my students with lots of visuals because that is how I learn and retain,
               I also taught in the public schools with special needs children
                               from kindergarten to twelfth grade
                 with stern rules, but compassionate to all for fifteen years
                      My husband and I are retired and up there in age
   I love to walk hand in hand with my husband through the wood of the tall pine
                              and look at the pond that lies beyond
                  with the wild creature’s nosiness to see but stay away
                        I'm tired of getting old and tired of being tired,
                                  But I would do it all over again
                   I firmly believe I have to see it before I believe it and
                   You learn from your experience if it is right or wrong

©Eve Roper 4/7/2015


Copyright © Eve Roper

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Lady Kathleen

She crossed a wide ocean, during war times, in danger
A life of adventure, of courage, of fear
Yet, nothing reveals the hint of the years
that have chiseled her wrinkles, but not dampened her cheer

She pours me some tea, we relax in the shade
Cool on the porch of a summertime day
Honeysuckle vines circle the posts, 
Spider-webs glisten, hosts offer a toast.
She chatters nonchalantly, so glib on the tongue, 
Of a war and the journey that left her alone
To her, all these stories, are quite ordinary,  
I cling to each word, but she's here to assure me
A true-life adventure.

Inside the house, the counter is a clutter, piled high with dishes
The old floor is sticky, and dog hair floats in prisms of light
One old hound sleeps in the middle of the worn kitchen rug.
Another lame Labrador laps water from a pie tin,
     dripping water from his sloppy face across the peeling checkered floor.

Throughout the house, a lingering musky smell of well loved pets,
       and a stale, smoky odor of burnt toast from her attempt at breakfast.
Servants, cooks, gardeners, part of a long ago past.
The house is filled with dust covered, belongings
History fills each corner to mingle, along with the dust motes that linger in air
 Junk mail, newspapers, dog treats, documents and clippings
 prized antiques and artifacts, ......just facts of life, from how she sees them

On every shelf, and on the walls, are sepia-hued photographs
Famous faces I have seen, on the news, and on the screen

A handsome young man, and she was his bride
A commander when the world took sides
She followed him to the ends of the earth.  
And soon will gladly follow him to the grave

I sit here now,...with this woman of many lives.
Like one of the flowers on her porch, she wears a tattered, splattered dress.
Today, she is a homespun, country widow.
An extraordinary woman, this grand Duchess,
          yet now who bears traits of Ma Kettle
She brought class, dignity, and a wealth of knowledge
       to our small country neighborhood,....... to my life.
Here we are, together, so far from the world she once knew.
We sit in the shade of her covered porch
A long haired, grey cat jumps into her lap.
Under the veil of a summer day
I pour her another cup of tea, and a little more for myself.
    Tea is served, flavored with lemon....I have much more to drink savor.

A True Character....dear /Friend/and Neighbor (Kathleen Maitland) now deceased
Whose husband was an aviation pioneer
The most amazing couple I have ever known
Revised 10/21/14   

Copyright © Carrie Richards

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Mama Swore It'd Be Alright

 I grew up shooting pool and dancing on the bar
 Mama said with enough buise anyone could be a star
 Daddy was in the back room chasin' skirts
 Mama was in the parking lot dancin' with Mary Jane just to mask the hurt

 I've spent my life walkin' around in a cloudy haze
 I'm taunted by the memory of my early days

 Daddy spent alot of time drivng an eighteen wheeler
 Each night Mama brought home a new "sexual healer"
 I didn't usually get a chance to catch his name
 But it almost always ended the same

 I heard her scream as glass would break
 My heart would stop with each breath I was scared to take
 Sirens and lights flooded our streets as I approached another long night
 As I dried her tears and cleaned her blood Mama swore it'd be alright
 She forgot to mention that it'd happen again
 Both my brothers had thier own bed in the federal pen
 Cancer took Granny's last breath right about then
 My sisters and I weren't strangers to rape
 As we grew older we each seeked our o0wn escape

 I guess I chose the hardest road
 Somehow I thought drugs and men could ease my burdened load
 While hiding from myself I lived a life of crime
 I earned a reputation and did my time

 I heard her scream as glass would break
 My heart would stop with each breath I was scared to take
 Sirens and lights flooded our streets as I approached another long night
 As I dried her tears and cleaned her blood Mama swore it'd be alright
 She forgot to mention that it'd happen again

Copyright © Sara Beaderstadt

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I am one breathtaking moment
I am one who is lost or alone
I am one raindrop, or one flowering rose
I am warm as the sun, or cold as a stone
I am a distant star or a meadow lark
Or one dark cloud that hovers on the horizon
I am many memories from a long ago childhood
I am today and tomorrow
I am a teardrop filled with sorrow
I am the first rainbow of the season
I have many ways to sing a love song
Or tell a story, or share the laughter, or feel the glory
I am all the colors of our world
I am a disappointment, I am a  pearl
I am all races, all creeds, the scattering of all seeds
I am a leaf who's frayed by the wind
I am a friend, who stays till the end
I am all words unfurled into the light
I am all the broken hearts and hopes lost in the night
I am all the hurt, all the anger, all the joy, all the love
I am all who believe in God above
I am all who doubt
I am all who laugh, and sing, and wail and shout
I am unleashed with wild emotion
I am silent with devotion
I lay stepping stones to healing
I renew by sharing feelings
I am a few unbroken rules, a few enchanting jewels
I am the ember, I am the spark
I am unsure, in ways that count
I have been kind, I have been cruel
I have been curt, I have been hurt
I am a poet.........I have a heart
I am a season nearing autumn
I've climbed to the top, I've hit rock bottom
I am a mother, I am a wife
I have been taking, I have been giving
I have a family, they are my life
These are my reasons to be living


For The "I Am" contest, sponsored by Frank Herrera

Copyright © Carrie Richards

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Beneath the surface

.               Optimistic

      (  (  (  (  (  (  R  I  P  P  L  E  S  )  )  )  )  )  )





Copyright © Nigel Fawcett

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OLIVE ELOISA came from my Mama's name: OLIVIA.. OLIVE means peace: ELOISA means hale and wide MY TRAITS: *CHILDISH 28 but young at heart, sometimes still impulsive and too trustful; sweet they said *DAUGHTER the 2nd child of ALEX and OLIVIA *WOMAN AND NURSE soft but firm, strong and loving; angel but can be an antagonist; forgiving; SISTERS OF IRIS AND ALELI ALEXIS the one in between fire and ice; sugar and spice; the one need to decide... LOVER of: *FOODS: wahhhhhh! sure I can't say NO to: ICE CREAMS, CAKES, CHOCOLATES, PIZZAS, RICECAKES *ANYTHING SOFT like pillows; marshmallows; human hands *HUGS: the warm, comforting, soothing, from the heart hugs. *MUSIC: I sing along with mellow and gospel sounds, and R and B's; I dance along hiphops; modern music. but well when so "FEELING ALIVE" I do both sing and dance. *BOOKS: I read any book that catches my interest: from romantic to historic novels, cooking to lifestyle books; philosophical to scientific to religious book. *POETRY: weeeee!!! I am so eager to learn how to do it right and the different styles too.. *NATURE: not a green thumb though :( but I love flowers, puppies, sitting or lying on a grass, dipping in hot springs, falls etc though I can;t swim :P *HONESTY: better tell me that truth than letting me believe of a lie. *JUSTICE: I try to fight when I fully know am right.. When accused, I try proving my bad accusers wrong! *DISCOVERY: Life is just too short that as much as possible when given the chance: I TRY and I TAKE RISK. *HUMILITY... I can only smile. *GOD. WHO FEELS *grateful for everything that has been *excited of what still to come *special for I have a God who has been always faithful and loving. WHO FEARS *failures but am taking risks and I am positive that I can overcome them for I have my God with me. *heights but gradually am conquering it through rappelling and disaster training. *being the one being prick via needle catheters or anything... :D :D :D WHO WOULD LIKE TO SEE *Disneyland, my long dream trip and I will make this come true soon! *Two guys beside me at the bed each time I wake up! and a girl, I will teach to cook, sing and all.. :) *My ever silent friend and rescuer, my LOVER before am born, my all in all: GOD RESIDENT OF *the troubled challenged but still never forget to smile: the PHILIPPINES GUILLERMO ©O.E. Guillermo Sponsor: Regina Riddle Contest Name: BIO poems Placed 1st

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo

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The story of my life

     I want to tell you the story of my life.  I was born in a barn at dawn.  There were
eight of us but I was the only one with spots.  I was a calico cat.  Soon people came
to look at us and I was the first to be adopted.  I came to live with an old lady in the
city.  It was a heritage building made into apartments, it was warm and cozy.  There
were many window ledges for me to look out and my old lady was very sweet.  She
gave me a bowl of milk every single day and she gave me lots of treats.  Soon I grew
into a very fat cat.  The years passed quickly and we became best of friends.  Talking
and watching television and going for naps.  One day we went for our afternoon nap,
the day passed, the evening passed and the night passed.  They found me beside
her. She had gone to heaven.

     There was so much commotion that I ran away and went into the back of the
bedroom closet.  I stayed there a long, long time until I was being dragged out by
my tail, I screeched and tried to scratch but I was put in a box.  It was dark and I
was so afraid.  Time went by, tick, tick.  Then a girl was peaking into the box at me.
Hello pretty girl, she said.  I heard people talking and they were telling her that if
they could not find a home for me that I would be put to sleep.  Hold on I wanted
to say, I don't need any help sleeping.  The girl had tears rolling down her cheeks.
She had a sweet way and lifted me out of the box.  Oh my, she said, you are a big
girl.  I was not a girl really, I was by this time an old cat, 14 years old in cat years.
We sat on the sofa and I was being petted gently, I liked that, so I purred. Then,
the girl said, I'll take her and that is when she became My Girl.

     My Girl lived in the same heritage building and her apartment was just down
the hall.  It was sunny and bright and had many windows also.  I soon realized that
I was not the only cat here.  I was introduced to Violet Patches, also a calico cat,
years older than me.  And I was told that I had a new name, it was Pearl Smudges.
Don't laugh because it could have been Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfait! At first,
I did not like Violet Patches but in no time we were friends.  She was a very feisty
cat, leaping and running all over the place.  I was amazed how high she could jump.
I could not jump because I was fat.

     At feeding time, a tablespoon of meat was put in my bowl and I gobbled it up.
In a moment it was gone.  I gave My Girl the look, you know the look but she only
laughed.  I went to check the bowl several times.  Not until lunch, she said to me.
Then we played, oh it was lovely, there were balls and fuzzy mice and this dangling
thing that I loved.  I knew I could hold onto it but it kept getting away.  Violet
Patches kept stealing the toys and I wanted to chase her, but I was getting tired
So I went for a nap on the bed where My Girl had put a cozy blanket for me.  I soon
fell asleep and I had dreams of the barn where I was born, I was kneading my
blanket and drooling.  I looked around but I was alone. The sun was shining in
and I stayed there all day forgetting about food. Did I tell you I have no teeth.

     We settled into a happy family and the years passed.  I liked the summer when
My Girl would take us out in her small garden and we would sit in the sun.  She had
two chairs in the beginning but had to go get another for herself.  She let us sniff
the flowers and roll on her patch of green grass but she never took her eyes off us.
She always kept us safe, she even put up a fence so Violet Patches could not run out.
I would never run away, I was too happy to do that.  We liked to sit on the window
ledges and watch the birds and squirrels, the trees, the rain and the world passing.
In the winter we tried to catch the snowflakes that hit the window.  It was a nice
life.  I loved My Girl and Violet Patches so much, but things changed.

     Violet Patches got sick, real sick, she cried most of the time.  My Girl was taking
her to the doctor all the time and each time came home with a new medicine to try.
Oh, how Violet Patches hated that medicine, she would run and hide.  Often I wanted
to stop My Girl but did not know how.  Then, one morning My Girl got the cat
carrier out, she put Violet Patches inside and left.  When she came back the carrier
was empty and My Girl was weeping and weeping.  I knew then that my friend was
gone.  I wrapped myself in my blanket and stayed there for three days.  I did not
eat or drink.  I heard My Girl talking and she was saying that maybe she was going
to lose another cat.  That day she came and sat on the bed beside me.  She said,
Pearl Smudges I need to talk to you.  You need to stop this, you need to come off
this bed and eat something, so come on, come on.  She left the room.  I thought
about that for a moment then decided that My Girl needed me.

     It has been several weeks now since that sad day and we have settled into a
routine, we get up and have breakfast.  I have discovered that I like tea.  My Girl
caught me with my tongue in her cup so she now gives me a saucer of tea.  I have
lost weight and eat good food but not junk.  We play a lot with all my toys.  When
My Girl leaves for work I go back to my blanket, the sun comes shining in and I roll
and roll, it is so lovely.  Slowly, I am coming to terms with the loss of my cat friend
and I am determined to be the best cat in the world for My Girl who saved me from
being put to sleep, forever.  I am not sure how much time I have left, myself, for I
am a very, very old girl.

April 16, 2015


Entered in, Million Dollar Poem Contest, sponsor, Poet Destroyer

Third Place

Copyright © Broken Wings