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A Man's Tale

A man’s tale 

With mind control there he was,
A man for sale…
Hearing the vocal sound from this wordsmith, 
A man in his own tale…
Currently he was sitting and calling upon the earth.
Prior rumors about his love for the Queen.
Yet to come would be a bard singing for Her Majesty-

A fool wrapped in a cowardly way.
Flowers and scars sat on his floor.
A torn heart, making its way out the door.
He caresses the image of her in his mind.
This man, this bard, sang a song for the blind.

Releasing a soft note, she turns towards the sun.
Forgetting the ferocious rage of the king.
The man kneels with the light flashing in his face.
He drinks with his eyes, one moment of glee.
His head lands under the moon's winter space.

Never again, will he spend his days thinking.
Never again, will he feel the shivers when calling upon the earth and her beauty. 
Never will he know, he was the tune that eased her thirst.

A man’s tale always ends under a woman’s spell. 


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Sleeping With The Enemy


See what you want to see.
Don't Look at me!
You are staring you are watching;
Eat what you can't be..

Come sleep by my side.
The whole world is our playground..
Don't make a sound..
Stop clowning around

In the mist of the night,
You keep me from crying

I wipe off the taste of your lips.
You kiss me starting at my inner hips.
You broke me in a way..
I hate to say your love is better every day 
I deny you, the one thing I can't say.

You are my pillow.. 
Where I rest my legs,
Can you feel me~
This moment feels right
I just want to die here, 
Die here ~ 
Die here by your side..

I sleep with my eyes wide open,
I sleep with the enemy by my side
Come here and hold me..
After you watched my worlds collide..
Come here and love me..
I'm yours till the end of time...
You can rock me!
Under the moon and its rhyme..
I put it all to a side, how I hate you inside.
I can't let go,,
I just want you to know, 
I'm a fool in love with you..
Even if it doesn't show!

12- 7- 10

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Year One

Year One

Tell me Eve,
Does this Garden have everything we need?
Do you think the walls are too tall,
Are the gatekeepers reasonable, tolerable, right about it all,
What did Lilith know, where did she go   
Far past the mountain snow,
Why does Father insist that we do not bleed,
Why does he profess perfection like a pantomime
Only to reinforce rules that stymie our affection,

The Angels are so quiet around the pond
Musing over our naked naivety
Smirking about our romantic creativity,
I hear things in the shapeless distance Eve, things colorful and unbound,
Father says I'm a feral in my desire, doesn't know if we will shine,
I want you to be mine, out there Eve,
Where the stars seem nervous for our redemption,
Let's roll Eve, take that scroll,  
In our dawn there is no wrong, no ruinous toll,
We're gonna start a New Age,  
Year One, a couple that courage stole....  


Adam, I don't know what I need, what I feel?
Know this, these walls of beauty feel like prison
What is father's real intention?
I'm aroused by the eternity, and divinity around the fountain of youth
Our father is the only one that knows what the future holds,
Do you think life will hold back and not evolve if it's only you and me?
Adam, our father seems to be a bit greedy
He is the Omega, he will bring us Revelation, 
Life is not intended for just one man alone
For, look at the outcome when he got bored of the dinosaur
Right now we have no madness, no reason to cry

Adam, do you sleep well at night?
Father created me to become your better half 
The essence of love eats at me before dawn hits my eyes, 
These walls talk, they paint a glorious picture of everlasting life in heaven
I am not ashamed to bleed, I am hungry
The tree's whisper words, that tempt the most discerning palate
Institutionalized we are, my husband you will follow leaving everything behind
It's not the nudity you will desire, it's the need to breath from the same rib
We need to touch, we need to reach, we are one
These walls of grace, haven't been tainted by sin
Our Father knows, I, Eve, will allow temptation in
I will take the first bite, from the life that will bring us death
I will swallow the knowledge in hopes one day our souls will exceed his light
Right now all I feel is the truth, and yet I yearn to know what Love really is
Adam, take my hand, let's roll the dice, and find another fitting paradise
Let's take that scroll you mentioned while pleasing my ears
This place does not fit us no longer

For at the end God, will see it is I Eve
Who will bare all his children, plus his ghost
A holy feeling that will wash our daily sins 
When we choose to believe, 
Then and only then, our Father will welcome us home again.

A poet's collaboration by: Adam & Eve

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Demon Below

Demon Below

Adam, his moves is like no other, 
Thank you for taking the knife out my back
A dagger I ignored, 
until the odor of hate kept pushing the blade deeper than before
Adam, dear, don't think less of me, 
since I will voice my vicious words once more
The way the stranger slicked and slithered in a worm like movement
I was hooked, I admit, biting the apple for the second time
I will no longer bite my tongue, 
watch as I hand over the dull knife back to this dark lonely shadow

Blind under the unguarded tree, a quick voice drew me in
The way it came at me, like a friend holding hands, covering my back, 
A paradise in his own mind, a moat of quicksand, my foot sunk in

Offering his game, 
A stench I ignored, building friendships, trusting the new employee 
I don't run with the sheep, 
must I be punished for accepting his bouquet of daisies
Adam, I can't take this, the way he slanders, our name
Must I make a fool, from he who's been bitten by fools before
I don't wish to go down this road, but I have no choice
These sneaky attacks, are the weakest form of sinning
In a way I kind of feel sad, and wish he bathe his words in chlorine
A reptile, like the chameleon, I did not see this one coming.
The only theft that took place, was when the stranger took my friendship
And shook the devils hand, in front of me, laughing at the notion
Of never having my back, a slap in the face, for luring him my way
Adam, you are my man, you are tall, 
Like a lady I will step back and let you take care of it all.


Eve look,
Who is that dark stranger squatting sickly,
Yelping about theft from inside that dying oak tree in the ditch,
Do you smell him with that rancid rage, jealousy jingling in eyes,
He wears reptile hide sown together with rat's tails,
Listen Luv, he's speaking of cliffs and crosses,
Warning us about constructing original ideas, original Love,
He sounds like some prancing paper preacher,
A pen with no story, a plan with no passion,
He claims our journey as his own
Yet he has no Woman, no Holy Rod,
His only charm is a dried pig's tail tied around his arm,

Now he throws mud in your direction like a burnt bully,
Remain here Eve, this is a dangerous animal,
I will go over there to quiet his madness as hammers lay rest to nails,

Eve, that demon told me we should rewind our ambition
Back to the garden of glee, back to where life is free,
Tried to persuade me to abandon you like rain from sky,
Eve My luv, he said things against your virtue,
I felt anger as war feels frenzy
And rammed my fist through his mouth,
He has violated the wrong Kingdom,
We will laugh over the carcass 
Of his patheticness as we bury him,

A Poets Collaboration:  Adam & Eve

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"All Children Are Beautiful"

His heart of white deep, shallow wells, yet beautiful
He smirks a grin, with an ego that won't let me in' -he's beautiful
Bastard, of beauty, running ashes without a name
A face with no claim, a young man pounding from shame 
What is his sin, he's beautiful!
I want to breathe from his ashes, swim through his veins
I want him to come inside my light, like a good dame

I sing and tell a tale, A Bastard through the night
His eyes, I waged, I was young and poor, I was saved
Lying down, in the arms of my white knight
My hair, he caressed, he came in my light
The furnace burned, the night was fast becoming trite
A lover, he did it well, then went back to his wife
A moment so golden, the ages live, his son is born

Another Bastard brought into this world

By: PD

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Curse the Hour

I’ll not be the mask of your madness
I’ll not be the whip of your demands
I’ll not be the drug of your habit
I’ll not be the dough in your hands

I’ll not be the doll that’s your play thing
I’ll not be the container of your need
I’ll not be the victim of your anger
I’ll not be the object of your greed

I’ll the bread that he feeds on
I’ll be the water that he drinks
I’ll be the cloud that he walks on
I’ll be the thoughts that he thinks

I’ll be the tent that he dwells in
I’ll be the heaven that he dreams
I’ll be the angel that he wants
I’ll be the sparkle in his stream

I'll be the star that he follows
I'll be the sun’s warmth on his chest
I'll be the moon that allures him
I'll be the treasure of his quest

I'll be the fairy of his woodland
I'll be the seductress of his need
I'll be the breast that he lies on
I'll be the dogma of his creed

I’ll be the honey that he savors
I’ll be the dessert that he craves
I’ll be the sea that he dips in
I’ll be the virgin he enslaves

I would have been all that to you
I gladly would have made you king
But you gave all that to another
Now you must taste my bitter sting

You must watch his hands caress me
You must see his mouth devour
You must hear my sighs of pleasure
You must curse the betrayal hour

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The birds

The birds! The birds!

Uncountable the subject pronoun words
give tongue to humbleness, henceforth to speak;
contributing to poetry for birds,
our inspiration nested on their beak!

He's watching leaping sparrows eating bread,
while on his terrace sips green Ceylon chai;
it seems to him that poetry has fled,
and gone with the banditos, bidding "byee".

Alas! The birds have taught us all we know,
encyclopedic, scientific, art...
Cause he would not be 'mong ya apropos,
if poetry was meant to be more smart:

{ Thy Tristan I shall be, divine Izolde;
thus, like a bird of valor, debonair,
I'll fly to thee, because I have been told,
that someday I'll become a billionaire.

Among the birds, oh maid, I picture thee
abducted by banditos (or eloped?)
thus I, compose my poetry to be
reminder of the corns that have not popped.

And thus, envisioning, thy magic curves,
I'll be a triumphant filibustier,
my self-igniting foolish verse, and oeuvres,
will reach (oh, dolly bird) thy round derriere.

And then, if not for other, thus, demand,
my manuscripts will serve a strident cause,
vociferous upon the meadowland,
by the banditos will receive applause. }
© 02-18-2014, G. Venetopoulos
(Iambic Pentameter)

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The Day After

The Day After,

Day after day, I pray for our father to give this demon peace
Adam, I want you to know he does not bother me so, 
His rage is on his own, not mine, 
---tormented by a word, he plasters on his face
Words of sorrow, that haunted him for years
God Bless Him, and the thin skin he lives in
He has no ammo in that pistol he calls a pen 
The movements, and the words he spews are too predictable 
Come sit by my side Adam, let's enjoy another slice of apple pie
Together we can watch the mud splash from under his feet
Look at the way he enjoys eating spoiled grapes
From the hands of his mangled up paparazzi cameltoe hoarders

For who does he think he is, attacking essence, that don't suit him
Adam, I have no problem when this demon speaks in tongues
I laugh at the ones who follow and uproar, his roar, 
Indecent knowledge,
Why this demon cries and lies all night long? ---LET THEM ENJOY!
Anything that helps him attract ridicule flies from the same nasty barrio
I can say hurtful things, that will anger the demon, 
Give him, the real reason for vengeance
ADAM! I'd rather not, my words are poisonous enough
Too much for someone like him, who easily gets bent out of shape, 
When it comes to paper and pen, this backstabbing demon
I've shown you my sword, the rage I can display, however that's not lady like
Even I was disgusted by the thoughts that pour from my golden pen 
I killed, a world, and hung myself when spewing that 75 line verse
A poem, in which God, himself shut me up, and said "Eve What Have You Done!"
Walk away now, and never look back, that kind of slam is forbidden
Listen to the air, God is whispering, I need not to fight, a fight that's not worth it
Adam, this time let's trust the Lord' 
Look how this demon's eyes, widen when we bite the strange fruit together
Forget about the worm in the apple, preying on dirty minds needing attention
At the end, he will notice, God is my witness and I'm under his protection
I move forward, not backwards, and I know how to turn the other cheek
Adam it's time to look away, 
Let's make love like never before, let's continue to explore a world of love 
A world made especially for ADAM & EVE

By: Eve

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Daddy's Girl

She was a Daddy's girl
The apple of his eye
Somehow things change
as the years go by

His hugs and kisses
Vanished like the sun
He became serious
Instead of being fun

She wanted to be noticed
Purple hair and pierced nose
She started wearing black
From her head to her toes

He said he was leaving
A new family he had
He said not to worry
He'd always be her dad

She didn't shed a tear
As daddy walked away
Still pain needs expression
She cuts her skin each day

If you see her tatoo
It's a black broken heart
Printed with Daddy's Girl
Her life expressed through art

I wrote this one for Donna Jones
to answer some of the questions
she had about my Watch poem.

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What Where Who

What, Where, Who

If I where asked the what, where, who
That drives me to write poetry
I’d say that if I only knew
I’d leave right now this misery

But I’m afraid I’m not the sort
To answer in straight fashion
I have to offer my retort
With words of heartfelt passion

For just the other day I found
Encounter gave me food for thought
Soon the words they were outbound
Jumbled as they rushed and fought

Though ne’er the less inspired me
To battle on my way
Look toward the end and see
Which words I could display

Confess do I quite openly
That I am ignorant
Of  poetry’s technology
Coz grasp it I just can’t

I wouldn’t know a what’s it called
From a what’s its name
In my mind won’t stay installed
Confusion is its game

But I somehow, find I can
Muddle through at best
Organise a crafty plan 
And set my brain the test

For out there I see loneliness
Suffering and pain
A world in turmoil and distress
That cannot stake its claim

I look for every trait in man
Into the soul I stare
At his betrayal and flim-flam
Also the ladies fair

Dear love will always be there
And so will Demon war
And my thoughts on these I’ll share
Of that you can be sure

Laughter I would hope to bring
Sadness sometimes to the fore
Of natures forces I will sing
The list goes on galore

Yes I will write throughout the night
With hope to de-confuse
I’ll try to offer some insight
By giving up my muse

So now you know the what and where
But what about the who
Inspiring people are out there
Who knows - it could - be you 

And what about that misery
I spoke of up above
Well, I gave that up for music
Of the poetrysoupers love x