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Below are the all-time best Zimbabwean poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Zimbabwean poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Mandela In You

Mandela In You

I scanned into your entire writ
I perceived an unremitting wit;
There’s a Mandela in You,
Oozing from your daring script;

Loaded with a spirit of sacrifice
To eradicate mundane malice
There’s a Mandela in You,
That resonates in your artifice!

A Fighter for Mankind’s thrall,	
Equality for gender and for all
There’s a Mandela in You
Reprimanding: Divided We Fall!

Peace is in your daring hand
Which you staunchly defend
For, Mandela in You says
“No to Civil Wars in our Land!”

Women also need their space
Enough to powder their face
There’s a Mandela in You
Lending impetus to their pace!

Antipathy, aloud do denigrate
Which Warmongers do initiate
There’s a Mandela in You,
With a smile that doesn’t fail;

It intones when Spirit is weary
Shining when the Sky is dreary
There’s a Mandela in You
Painting Blue the Sky so bleary!

Write, write, your mantra write
Let revulsion be in your write	
For, there’s a Mandela in You
Pleading for Humanity to Unite!

Dedicated to Zimbabwean Poet, Wilson Mapfumo upon being inspired by his Poem: Cry Africa.


14th Oct’ 2013

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Zimbabwean Trillionaire -Inflation

I am the Zimbabwean Trillionaire(inflation)

 Oh! Where did they go wrong?
 Now i am walking as i like in their country
 I have invited my trusted friends,
 Billionaire and millionaire
 All zeroes everywhere, they are trying to cut me off
 What they dont know is,I am here to stay

 I am a Zimbabwean Trillionaire, yes I am!
 I am valueless, so they say
 Disorder is my order
 My bestfriend sanctions has secured my stay
 I am not going anywhere whether you love me or not
 I am the Zimbabwean Trillionaire

 Diamonds my worst enemy keeps you all disillusioned
 All this dollarisation restricts my walk of freedom
 I am the Zimbabwean Trillionaire
 I am a Patriot , i am here to stay
 Zimbabwe is my home for the time being.

 All hope lost, i hear your cries
 You hate me and you want me to go
 But i am also a Zimbabwean now
 No nation will allow me in
 I am now Zimbabwean by naturalisation
 I am a Zimbabwean trillionaire and I am here to stay.

 Tawona M Ranganawa

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Look, See, Learn

Look, See, Learn


Once upon a time boiling braggart was I
‘Fore the Damascene made me look High: 


Of Holy Majesty that He so commands,
Has He ever boasted of Power in His hands?


Servant of Humility why can I not be...
Who imbibes Sate from another’s glee!

***To Humble Men and Humble Women who reckon humankind’s deficiencies!
*** Inspired by Zimbabwean Poet, Klassy Kinda, upon her cherished reference to me as a Humble Man (which I’m still coming to grips with!)


31st Oct’ 2013

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Sorida is greet-
Ings. My brother or sister
In Zimbabwean.