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Below are the all-time best Syrian poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Syrian poems written by PoetrySoup members

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The Syrian Devil

Children lie dying
Punished for waking up one more day
In unbearable heat, in a dirty war
They have no Generals
To defend them
From the evils of men
They have no advocates for peace
All the gods seem to be sleeping
As so many infants weep, into deathly silence
They exist no more
Good men take no action
As evil men fight for more blood
We must stand up to the horrors
And give breath to those too weak to stand
We must march on in honor and face the faceless
Who wish harm to all with good will
Sadness created by Assad
For many a year
Infants give only love
Can we not promise them?

Shoofakboukra = We will see you tomorrow
Marhaba = God is Love

Inspired not only by recent events, but by interviews with people who at the time were children playing with unexploded phosphorus bombs dropped by the Syrian regime in Lebanon.

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The Syrian Spy

Invisible ink flows
Into the night ghosts go
The cedars bleed once more

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To The Syrian Child

Dedicated to all the children who were
Victims of the conflicts in Syria

You have heard more grenades crack at dawn
As bullets wizz beneath your pale sun-
O Syrian Child! Whose family has been torn
By Taliban glories and Tribal rivalries.

O Syrian Child! To whom pain sets the day
To whom bliss only exists in the books-
You lost your sense of smile
And forgot to dream like every child.

O Syrian Child! before you she perished-
That sweet mother, blown in her parish:
You watched her Kick, as she supplicated you:
"Flee son, flee to Yabroud. Flee!! Alahu agba.

O Syrian Child! She was your only mark,
Since dad had fallen years gone and dark.
The Bomb had gotten her, as it had gotten him-
And now you are left to the world's cruel hymn.

Wipe your eyes, O syrian Child!
The pain bleeds your tender heart-
The terror of your people is a pile:
O child! How I dream you were a blissful lad.

Go down on your mat,
Pray, pray! pound out to Him,
Call out to him, sweet Allah,
He knows your broiled dilemma.

He knows, he knows, O Syrian Child!
Allah knows - that very God we worship.
There are tears in his tender eyes, 
As he watches his people in ruin.

O child! there is a way up yonder
The Lamb rubs his head against you
Urging you to hope for joy by
Looking up to that God, Allah!

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Serius, the Syrian Sorcerer

Serius, Arch Nemisis of such bliss
that you woulodn't know to miss
the beating of your heart inside 
or the doors of hades swinging wide

and the gentlest carresses of the dragons tongue
leaving traces of sulphourous flaming nether-dung
'pon your head, though had you read, you'd know
the stygain darkling doors near, creaking woe

serius, enchanting stalwart scoin of royal lineage, going back to hell
from which, i swear, my oldest ansestral memory, is of that day i fell
from heavens trumpt up majesty, through a very vale of tears
to land here among these people, and their many lovely lively fears

an eye i wiped, and without an upward glance
i set about to make the best, of my every chance
to find employers fit for me, apprentise as i was back then
to try to fit in with this crowd, so evil was this race of men

gently, trepidations palpitate, this cavern of flame within my chest
i wandered to and fro, trying my levelest best
to figure out how to compete, with Adams vicious broods
still on my guard, still atremble, they have such moods

to and fro, yet still i go
aworried and afrighted, don't you know
i kneel and pray, to God above, for His grace
trapped in this so beknighted place


to and fro, to and fro

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The Syrian Children

Such a war torn land yet so many children still remain
We simply couldn't understand it doesn't fit into our brain
Yet there they sill stand for there is no safe place to run
As the dead litter the land all the children wish is to again have fun

And maybe a small bite to eat even if just once a day
And maybe a place to meet where my head I could lay
And so much of my family and my oldest best friend
That them I could once again see so my little heart could mend

But I really just want to play again like we used to do before
Do you remember back then before this whole thing called war
We were always all so happy unless of course when it would rain
But these feelings now inside of me I have never felt this kind of pain

Don't forget that we are still here for no one really seems to care
But I no longer have any fear for I would be so happy to leave there
And as the bombs get nearer and nearer he knows that it is time to leave
Making the point even that much clearer that in Syria there is no time to grieve