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Night-Blooming Jasmine

Night-Blooming Jasmine
expert seducer with soft silky lips, silver blue moon sweetly kisses a slumbering beauty awakening desire; greeting her lover, Night-Blooming Jasmine unfolds perfumed petals

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SIJO -Virgin-

#3~"Lost not forgotten" 
"A solitary star had gone astray, yawning before the dark, 
hiding; straight ward, waver the wink of light, slowly fading. 
By my window I shed a tear; I farm the fields of my soul."

"Above the winter masses, buried, I wait for the sun. 
Sweet smelling kitchen, the hunger rise, within, my tongue swings... 
Rise away from the table... noisily I yell for my bike."

#3~"Dreaming with the God's"
"Downhill of Mount Olympus, everything felt real.
In the orchard of my dreams, I am structured as a statue. 
Mr. Sandman made a fool, of my midnight summer dream."


SIJO contest. 

Take it easy on me, i'm a SIJO -Virgin-

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A marquee of stars dims, to beckon early winter’s stage;
Reflecting crunched flowers in ghastly hues, detached from their limp boughs.
The nightfall drapes hush of serenity , as flakes soothe trees’ nest.

 Andrea Dietrich's  October Bliss or November Dreams

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The Summer Fling

A delight for female eyes was his gorgeous face and strong physique; His dark eyes lured them in, but his kisses left them spellbound. The beauty of his skin could but briefly hide his fickle heart. One summer he met at last the woman who could claim his heart - A lovely Aphrodite to match this young Adonis. With her wiles, she beguiled him, and his flighty heart then grew devout. From June to July, boundless seemed their rapture; how they loved . . . in brilliant fields of daffodils; on amber sand beneath the moon! By August, he was on one knee with a diamond ring in hand. Red anemones bloom in the garden where he saw her last. The Aphrodite he hoped to wed was someone else instead - Brawn and beauty are not all; a wise Athena finished their fling. For Deb's Sijo Strings Contest

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Magic Beans

I’d put you in my fairy tale; we’d scale a giant stalk. Heaven would be our journey's end; a treasure trove of love, our gold. But even magic beans would not have force enough to grow your heart. Written 1/7/15 by Andrea Dietrich for the Magic Beans Contest of PD

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A Summer Remembered - Sijo String

Sun stretched, far and wide, smoothes the beach, to find a place upon the sand
While it spreads a sheet, fastens lace, to all our summer skies
No day sees a wave so high, without thoughts of you or dreams renewed

Sun slept on the water's surface, rippled like heat, melting the glass
My head against your chest, could hear your heart, soften, after our swim
and I watched white seagulls fly, away to where the sky, blended to grey

Pages remain in old albums, but I see them so differently
It's clear, now as if photos, reveal sharper views, of what we didn't know 
Almost seems a better thing to face the unknown unprepared

Evening beckons my head to rest, ..old loves are lost with the sunset 
Summer was ours awhile, for just a day, like the seagull.....flies away
Tonight, all I hear are waves, to break the silence of the night


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Six Dancers All In White

In my room late one night, I caught six dancers all in white. In tutus, flowered caps, and tights, they twirled on tiny pointed toes. Seeing me, they froze; those living dolls..... mere porcelain again.

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On Tiptoes

Standing on toes, we might be able to see above the crowd

     Sometimes it’s better to duck than let what we see enrage us

          We must tiptoe softly through the sensitive hearts of others

* Entry for Rick's contest

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Brazen night winds crash brittle glass of our furious voices Quieting down, we slowly climb inside eyes lit with dear splendor A flood of kisses roam north to west of mouths--- drowning stars

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Temple of Life

Nearby an ornate edifice meant for the worship of God I kneel in the clearing of a verdant woods where sun’s light streams down - spirit-touched, as nature’s choir chants and wind whispers prayers Written 5/6/14 by Andrea Dietrich for nette onclaud's Sijo in a Temple Poetry Contest

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Winter's End

Spring waits, as Winter slowly looses its grip upon the land
Water begins to drip from eves and green  peeks through the graying snow
A bear wakes and stretches, and remembers how to be a bear

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Glimpse an empire in sweated palm burdened with pain centuries old; 
Horrors and stalagmites hang in beautiful tragedy Gods have told:
Within soil surrounding bluest calm, such memories you hold.

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Answered Prayer

I prayed for rain to visit us and to refresh our souls....
The heavens heard, and opened up, pouring water down the rice fields,
Washing off the seedlings that we had planted for a week.

** June 6, 2010 ^_^

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a brown and curling maple leaf hangs suspended mid-air
in the clearing by the lake, transfixed by the view and kindness 
woven within the web, it watches the gentle rain fall

within the transparent lace-like web, it curls inward
its only movement seems a solemn gesture of reverence
with its last bit of I, it sighs, what better place to die

shielded from the gentle rain within the prayerful curl of sable leaf
the spider waits for the Autumn wind to tear them free, to fly..on
to see the conifers green among the forest's rise

brisk winds rent the leave from loom and upward rise the pair
a spider spinning on the sable leave of maple anchored by a strand
as we our spirits torn, are reborn, within the clutch

the center holds sound its claim nature's umbilicus, man
like the spider's leaf born flight, we seek on unknown winds to rise
gentle the breeze or harsh the Fall's feverous gale, still..we rise 

*sijo string

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Tear of Joy or Sorrow

How could you distinguish between a tear of joy and sorrow~~ blank page of a diary with dry teardrops asked me this question, the answer was not known to me,so I tore that page out. Date: 14th January 2013 ===================000====================== Placement: 4th; January 2013 Contest:Sijo Sponsor:Rick Parise =============================================

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Attitudes differ

Thanks to Dr.Ram Mehta for introducing this awesome poetic form to me I had to try it
No two people are the same, likewise attitudes differ When attitudes conflict it leads to speculation that maybe Standing down can make you humble not bring humility
AgMoore© 7/28/11

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It slowly flows in a gentle stream and into a placid lake.
It cascades down mountain's jagged cliffs in a frenzied hurried dance,
Both joined by a rainbow in the mist - a bridge that marries two.

The old maple, near death, only one limb left - still reaching,
Yet in its shade, refuge from the heat and a robin is nesting -
And the spring sap flows sweetly for the breakfasts of winter.

From the porch she sees the mist in the mountains where they once ran.
She shuffles to the old maple where he first kissed her years ago
And then she smiled that same smile that her granddaughter runs to.

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Dancing Lilies

Dancing white ladies twirl and sway on pointed satin stems 

Arched backwards in time, with adagio’s breath in soft fluttering 

Clustered flowers dance in evening breeze, folding wings at sundown

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Life Mission

once upon a time was babbling babe and frolicking lamb now a soldier of grace seeking destiny in the great I am… of age, I turned the page, my girdled mission is of He “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” For Rick And contest: Your Life "Mission Statement"

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NIght Bird

 I hear the night bird lift his soft lament to the clouded sky
When next the rays of sun warm his bower hidden in the thorn bush 

He must live his day and keep his sad song for the shadows

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Susok Setting Sorrow

The time has come to create
        the susok of our garden
Two pairs of hands to place the rocks
        by waterfall and bamboo shoots
Only one pair of hands now, 
        as I shift sand wet with tears.

For Debbie Guzzi's Walk Softy Contest
August 20, 2013

"In prehistoric times, Koreans believed that rocks had more power than water and other things in nature. Also, they believed that rocks engendered God's good-will.  Therefore, the arrangement of rocks is considered as one of the "essential" elements in designing the traditional Korean garden.  Susok or "rock arrangement," gardens are commonly found."

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Out With the Old - In With the New

The old year hobbles out - his path an aftermath of blunders. Glowingly expectant, the new year readies for a grand entrance - wearing nothing but fresh unstained diapers of naiveté. For the Sijo Poetry Contest of Rick Parise

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A Montage Moment

Black-headed flowers wear long drooping ruffled petal skirts.
A black crane, statuesque, stands in the tall green grass amongst them.
The tallest flower - distinctively blonde - has arms to touch the crane!

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A Spiritual Sojourn

"A Spiritual Sojourn" sheer white wings pivoted dreaming soul to pure Throne of Grace captivated by pink cotton candy clouds to gaze beauty a spiritual sojourn encompassed taste of Divine Love. *For Rick Parise SIJO.

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Clear eyes stargaze on sun-kissed days ~ Barley autumn, bosoms ablaze. Warm breeze brush bathing heavens, rainbow hues fusing chase and tease Whispers ~ touch spirit lips, rising heat cocoons blushing nymph. Kites sky flight tickling blue clouds, surfing glides breathtaking stunts. Nonstop beats, hormones flush, spiraling awesome thrilling release! Old boy, ebbing energy, please bounce back accompany me... Birds playing sweet symphonic tune, cunning beau shows sultry actions. Running torrid wild lustful tokens caress peaks fast and vast Tonic willpower, how will I have golden sunbeams hopes? Heart, listen, you fire in rush ~ don't you hurry, stay low and calm. As torments waves each passing year, eases control for you and me. Oh, if I took your lead, heart, I would hate many men now.
(c) Olive Eloisa 12:31 am June 09, 2014 CONTEST: SIJO STRINGS SPONSOR: DEBBIE GUZZI Placed 1st.. :) to God be the glory.. :D