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Best Qasida Poems

Below are the all-time best Qasida poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Qasida poems written by PoetrySoup members

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New Qasida Poems

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In your love by Nehal, M Asim
LOVE AGAIN by Nehal, M Asim
Crystal Bowl-----------Haloo by Salehi, Pashang
Love Comes Once by Poet, Arabian
Innocence by Quinn, Michael
Cerberus by Churchley, Peter
Sit by Lamoureux, Richard
CHECK IN by curtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka

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The Best Qasida Poems

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Crystal Bowl-----------Haloo

Crystal Bowl

A gold fish swimming round and round.
	His world of glass is all surround.
Round and round, day and night
        every round, reunite.
Day after day, night after night,
	Everywhere he looked, always the same sight.	
Outside of his bowl, there was a window.
	in the horizon something full of glow.
It looked like a pond, further than beyond.
	When he called that pond, there was no respond.
Love first taste is sweet, it makes you complete.
	But if you mistreat, pain always repeat.
Dreaming day and night, of that golden sight,
	Cool and clear night was filled with golden light.
Broken heart will cry is not satisfied.
	The meaning of the ” love” is always mystified.
Outside of the house a narrow twisted creek
	having conversation, with a language of mystique.
Calling up our fish, knew about his wish.
	Telling him” love” is, painful and foolish.
Telling him that life is a stream that flows;
	hoping for the rain, wishing for rainbows.
Gold fish heard the stream, which destroyed his dream.
	In order to redeem, did something too extreme.
Jumped out of his bowl, thinking of his goal;
	The golden pond became his body and his soul.
He landed on the ground; the dirt was all around,
	The meaning of the “love”, for him got so profound.
He started to scream, his voice was just steam.
	What if there is no dream? Death will be supreme!
He twisted, flipped and flipped, by luck in water he tripped.
	His breathing came along, in water he was equipped.
He swam in back and forth, he twisted south and north
	He cried in water cold, of what the” love” is worth.
He passed through his teens; his youth flew like dreams;
	The autumn came and gone, his winter had no greens.
He reached the golden place; the place was filled with grace;
	His life began to shine, the sadness showed no trace.
Swim and swim in wine, makes your soul refine.
	If you swim in “ love”, love will let you shine.	
A fisherman cruel and old; with eyes reddish and cold
	He cast his net so wide, for fish the truth unfold. 
Our fish cried and cried, his world got cold and dried.
	His life was passed him by, he gave up and complied.
The next day for our fish, was filled with tarnish;
        Once more crystal bowl is fraught with anguish.
This time golden pond, that was far beyond;
	Called our golden fish, he got no respond.
Love first taste is sweet, it makes you complete.
	But if you mistreat, pain always repeat.
Remember our fish with his golden wish;
	If you fall in love, get wild and foolish.


Copyright © Pashang Salehi | Year Posted 2015

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I Miss You

When the moonlight in its fullest,
Is spreading over the night,
Your memory at this point,
Pains my heart dearly,
I miss you…
The stories of spring,
Of these past beautiful views,
Return back to me,
And fills my eyes with tears,
I miss you…
At least tell me this much,
That this moonlight comes to you,
And wakes up dreams in you,
And teases you too,
I miss you…
When the moonlight in its fullest,
Is spreading over the night,
Your memory at this point,
Pains my heart dearly,
I miss you…
The stories of spring,
Of these past beautiful views,
Return back to me,
And fills my eyes with tears,
I miss you…
When the moments of those days, 
Come by and touch you,
The memories of past days,
Take my sleep away,
I miss you…
When the moonlight in its fullest,
Is spreading over the night,
Your memory at this point,
Pains my heart dearly,
I miss you…
When my memory,
Brings tears to your eyes every moment,
When every breath of parting,
Becomes difficult to breathe,
Then forget everything around you,
And return to me,
Break every relation
And come decorate my dreams,
Don’t leave me after that,
When the moonlight in its fullest,
Is spreading over the night,
Your memory at this point,
Pains my heart dearly,
I miss you…
The stories of spring,
Of these past beautiful views,
Return back to me,
And fill my eyes with tears,
I miss you…
My heart aches for you…

Copyright © Reshad Yahyaie | Year Posted 2013

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You Foolish Men

You foolish men who lay,
The guilt on women,
Not seeing you're the cause,
Of the very thing you blame;

If you invite their disdain,
With measureless desire,
Why wish they well behaved,
If you incite to ill.

You fight their stubbornness,
Then, weightily,
You say it was their lightness,
When it was your guile.

In all your crazy shows,
You act just like a child,
Who plays the bogeyman?
Of which he's then afraid.

With foolish arrogance,
You hope to find a Thais,
In her you court, but a Lucretia,
When you've possessed her.

What kind of mind is odder?
Than his who mists,
A mirror and then complains,
That it's not clear.

Their favor and disdain,
You hold in equal state,
If they mistreat, you complain,
You mock if they treat you well.

No woman wins esteem of you,
The most modest is ungrateful,
If she refuses to admit you; 
Yet if she does, she's loose.

You always are so foolish,
Your censure is unfair;
One you blame for cruelty,
The other for being easy.

What must be her temper?
Who offends when she's,
Ungrateful and wearies,
When compliant?

But with the anger and the grief,
That your pleasure tells,
Good luck to her, who doesn't love you,
And you go on and complain.

Your lover's moans give wings,
To women's liberty,
And having made them bad,
You want to find them good.

Who has embraced?
The greater blame in passion?
She, who, solicited, falls,
Or he who, fallen, pleads?

Who is more to blame?
Though either should do wrong?
She who sins for pay,
Or he who pays to sin?

Why be outraged at the guilt,
That is of your own doing?
Have them as you make them,
Or make them what you will.

Leave off your wooing 
And then, with greater cause,
You can blame the passion,
Of her who comes to court?

Patent is your arrogance,
That fights with many weapons,
Since in promise and insistence,
You join world, flesh and devil.

Copyright © Reshad Yahyaie | Year Posted 2013

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Am missing you though you are by my side
You are here but not here as I can’t feel your presence
I told myself you were right for me but I feel lonely in your company
I see your face disappearing from the reach of my sight
Hope you are not leaving; your goodbye will be the worst of farewell.

Mercy does not begin where love come to an end
Heard mercy prolongs love and makes it even more beautiful
It was happy beginning about turning to a saddy end
Look harder baby and see that different part of me
Don’t give me that look; it will break my heart if you say goodbye.

So weighed down not only by uncertainties but also by obsession
I made my entire dream yours & you looked at me and made it shatter
It is so hard to realize that what we have, we don’t have anymore
Am the soldier of your heart; am so ready to go to war for your heart
Hope not loose you to my enemies; hope am not hearing goodbye?

Don’t try walking away from my side baby
If I loose you now, everything will be gone may be
The thought of you leaving me has left me creeping in fear
I don’t want to wake up in the morning and not see you my dear
If you ever leave me at night; it will be the worst of all badbyes.

Now; if you like leave am no longer scared
It will be hard but whatever happens am prepared
I no longer care if we stay forever or remain forever apart
To someone else special; I will find and give my special heart
Oh! She said goodbye; it was the happiest of all goodbyes.

									…D’ Poetic  Beast..

Copyright © Victor Alexander | Year Posted 2013

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    Life is a gift
Waiting to be lived
  There are many
Who just watch 
While they

For Frank Polgar's;
Poetic Palindrome Contest.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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Samia Happy Mothers Day

Samia “Happy Mother’s Day”

Mother an angel that I’ve met
Recalling the words that always wept
For as tender as they were
Loved to hear them as you say

Mother you kicked my fear away
Calling on all angels to pray
That your son will be in safe
And his health will ever prevail

Mother you praised me when I failed
You encouraged me when I veiled away
You hailed me in every act I play
You laughed to any joke I say

Mother you held me when I was in pain
You wept that my tears will fade away
You told me that one day I will gain
You stood by me when everyone ran away

Mother you chose to move on and part away
To the new world that is far away
Leaving a child to grow in darken
A man today still searching in vain

Mother I’m writing for you again 
Even twenty years can’t keep us away
Even the haven you chose as a stay 
My words would reach you as a pray

Mother I wrote you to say 
No matter how far you chose as a stay 
Your son here on earth would love to say
Happy mother’s Day “My Angel”

Copyright © wessam karam | Year Posted 2013

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The Whirling Army

Beautiful scenery, rolling hills with craggy cliffs adorned with winter scrub clinging to impossible places. Narrow winding roads, leading somewhere, maybe nowhere, finding out when we get there. Rounding a bend just enjoying the scene, finding an eyesore almost obscene. In the ground in front, towering high a plague of of wind turbines I did espy.Not the Quixotic or Dutch that are nice. These huge monstrosities seem to crowd the very sky, killing birds by the score with their whirling wings. The race is on to harness the wind for soon the earth will cease to give up its treasure just so we can enjoy our leisure. Here rivers do not flow for most of the year and our  island needs power but not nuclear. So the turbines have come to march over the mountains like a white army of whirling dervishers that sadly will be the future, unless they can harness the suns free power much better.Time and nature will tell, if only we let her.

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2013

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written 9th june 2013

it started at the dawn of creation
to honer, love and protect every nation
it wouldn't take long, for humans to stray
for I'm to believe, it was that very same day
the father of all creation returened to earth
before he would set there punishment, he'd listen to there reason first
for the price of your sin, Spoke with a disheartened breathe 
you and all your decendants, shall be punished by death

sin ravished the land
so the father had to come up with a plan
Noah he told, build an ark for your family and a pair of every creature
with not one question asked, he obayed the word of his teacher
the towns people pointed and laught
nothing would come between Noah and his ark

on completion to his task
all that were called, aboreded the ark
those people that pointed and laught
as the rain flooded the land, they wished back there harsh remarks
when God opened heavens gates, all the world was erased
now he did think, may I have been to harsh
sin washed away leading for a new way, as they off loaded the ark
"humans don't learn so well", God made a snide remark
as God would come to tell
sin again conquered the earth, but he promised no one else would be killed

years past by, God knew the only way to clear Adam n Eve's curse
was to have the curse somehow reversed
so he sent his only son, born to a young virgin to become his mum
this child would have to live life pure and holy, for he was to carry all of mans sin, upon himself
and be lead to a brutal an inhumane death upon that cross
the cross with his pure blood spilled to free and redeem all of man's sin
and blessed us even more, with the holy spirit to dwell within

God knows this was the only way, to return our souls to harmony
he has given the people choice, to live eternally as long as they believe his son died upon that cross
his plan from the start, if it wasn't for that very first sin
how do you think our lives would've really been?

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

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mythical black dog i hear your howling from the darkness gate keeper of the underworld perpetual torment cries the name of a lost love as innocent blood drips from my heart in payment of pride i beg let loves pure soul pass to taste the mornings sun kisses upon sweet fresh earth come to heel demon beast of hades brood no malice upon love's freedom for hell can spare one soul tonight
6.2013 indigo-song ©

Copyright © Peter Churchley | Year Posted 2014

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dear beloved president barrak

dear mister president i want you too know tht god loves you with out a doubt and so do i all the way too the heavens in the sky!barrak oboma they say bad thing about you if they onlyknew your love is true to the american people you see you realizethis is the land of the free!i love you for loving the rich and poor the same and playing no money games!lead us well in your last term and don't let your life be full of scorn!you have truely cleaned up a mees and i think this american loves you best except for god who considers his self anamerica too barrak heloves you true!

Copyright © steven coleman | Year Posted 2013

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\let him 
he''w ature friend
let him in
it hotel call love
from high acout
that call love
ther's no sin

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

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Clear night, beckons youthful lovers 
To a meadow lush and silky green
Amorous wafts twirling beneath the stars
That shimmer, above this glamorous seen.

Refreshing and scented 
Heavenly lilies…

Angels dancing to a beautiful sight
Gossip and laughter sparks of light
The moon then said
Before she fled
These are secrets of the night.

Of love
Merging with silence
Harmony compelling them to be 
One, in the arms of each other’s company
Not two, not separate, angelic forms, sweet love making…

The mist soon glides stealthily 
As though a blanket covering a holy act 
Aroma of perfume mixed with bodily perspiration 
Fills the air with redolence of innocence
What a delight!
But the night is almost over
First light in sight!


Copyright © Michael Quinn | Year Posted 2015

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Love Comes Once

To the moon we have been once 

To it again might not be another chance 

We just look at it away above us 

Such thing happens with love thus

If you see the beloved signs

And she hit your heart by her love's lance

Don't hang your self such a dunce

You might not have her for another dance

Pull out your love's arms

Fight who to her stretched out his arms 

Till he steps out with wince 

Then you win her for the last dance

Copyright © Arabian Poet | Year Posted 2015

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In your love

Your love introduced me to the magic world 
and awakened my spirit like sunflower to sun 
led me to the garden of feeling and affection 
where my days passed like dream and nights like wedding…. 

You taught me to enjoy the beauty 
and unleashed the secrets of life's duty 
With you I first sang the poetry of real life 
With you my imaginations took its first flight. 

First time I realized the true meaning and essence 
and enjoyed the words like possessiveness, jealousy and passion. 
You transformed my solitary life into happy moments 
and filled the silence of every nights with music. 

I lived in coma till the time I was in your heart’s ICU 
And suddenly thrown out from the paradise of love to issues
Where the earthly life of luxury and money entice 
I'm struggling for the rest of my life, hoarding materialistic things.

Copyright © M Asim Nehal | Year Posted 2016

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Under that hallowed moonlit 
something softly enticed 
It was two earthly sprites 
sharing love’s delights..... 

lips locked in kisses 
and bodies entwined 
like twisted sheets 
the glow of sweat revealed everything. 

Staring at each other's face 
lying in each other's arm 
taking deep breath in ocean 
seemed satisfied in hour. 

Sweet were those moments 
unblemished and untamed 
like bird stretching their feathers 
to take another flight in ecstasy. 

Copyright © M Asim Nehal | Year Posted 2016