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A Totum Pole Ode


                                      forever           gazing
                                           cold,    blazing
                                              eyes in the
                                              sky, where
                                             wings of the
                           grain, have weathered many rains…. 
 deep, fluid etchings, carved in the wood, stetching high over the hood of earth…
   a thunderbird’s wings, perch a lofty plateau, above a graveyard of tales long ago…
     over years, the curious swell, enchanted by spell of legends dwelling here
                                   emerging from gold lands 
                                          so far and near
                                          skin and bones 
                                    through windswept loam
                                     thick with thistles, 
                                    with courage and fear
                                   a river on their back
                                    and a cloak of home
                                  draped across shoulders 
                                       in a world unknown
                      tears ran rivulets on the white man's ground
                   drenched with forgiveness, from a crying sun
                    and the eyes of time, from a tribe now gone
                                 as wind spins, curls, and winds
                                           around the spine
                                   of native vines... unfolding
                                          old tribal codes
                                         stories are told with
                                        each turn of the pole...

                                        in the totum pole ode

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Those Crazy Pole Beans

This is a mostly true story!

A few years ago in central Arkansas
I planted a garden among rich fertile soil
Followed seed packet directions as though written by law
Believing better results came from sweat and toil

Tomatoes and peppers and something called pole beans
Potatoes and onions, colors of corn, I've never seen
Always ended up with mud on the knees of my jeans
Slowly through the dark earth peeked petals of green

Weeks later everything looked just as though I thought it should
And I hoped everything would taste just as good
But those pole beans kept growing like you've never seen
And started making lovely huge beans of green

I had to build a fence to hold them up
Every day they grew another foot taller before sunup
The only way I could pick them was from the top of my ladder
I tell ya', no red head from Ireland has ever been madder!

*note...I am part Irish with red tints in my insults intended....

©Donna Jones

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Barefoot Boy, with a Fishing Pole.

 A man I am and near my end.
I have other men to call me friend.

And women round me for the lust
And four leaf clover for the luck.

Beer or buttermilk to drink
And time I have to sit and think.

I have meadows which to mow
And I have crops which to sow.

I have men that call me sir.
I have work to be concerned.

I have obligations piled.
Work to do from mile to mile.

I'd trade it all, to be, you know
A barefoot boy, with a fishing pole.

To rest in the shade by a river bed
Soft grass to lay my youthful head.

Fish and skip stones on waters calm
And sleep out all night -when it's warm.

To unravel natures mystery there
Why the turtle wears a shell?

How the Oriole's nest is hung?
How the frog's croak is sung?

Why the Blue-Bell does not ring?
Why the hornet likes to sting?

My work keeps me shod like a mule
Only in dreams, youthful things I do.

When work here ends, to Heaven I go
To be a barefoot boy, with a fishing pole.

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These are lyrics for a silly Christmas song I wrote- if anyone wants to add music I'd be

Didn’t really know that it was Christmas
Until I saw a smile on everyone
Santa Clause is jaunting out on business
The party at the pole has just begun

Let’s all party now and have some fun
The reindeers are up and gone 
And the night has just begun
Bells are ringing sing the song
And the children have their toys
All we elves are ding, ding, dong!
So let’s party girls and boys!

Santa Clause is jaunting out on business
The party at the pole has just begun
Didn’t really know that it was Christmas
Until I saw a smile on everyone

Rudolph said you’ll never make it
Huh! He surely got it wrong
Everyone here did their bit
Even help from old King Kong
Start the party no delay
At the pole here all night long
Yep! It’s Christmas time hurray! 

Didn’t really know that it was Christmas
Until I saw a smile on everyone
Santa Clause is jaunting out on business
The party at the pole has just begun

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North Pole Divorce Club

Snow everywhere
once joined, now melting apart
causing much distress.

Santa got divorced and also got fixed
too many little Santa's running around because of his tricks
  Santa liked the women.
  Too many little guys were swimmin'  ;)
Now we all know how Santa got his kicks!

Santa slept around and ate too much grubb
His wife finding out made him join the North Pole Divorce Club!

*For PD's Divorce Club contest.

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Limerick: Once a pretty Pole psychologist

Limerick: Once a pretty Pole psychologist

     for Ewa

Once a pretty Pole psychologist
Who preferred fast pedalling cyclist(s)
Kept a velo d’apparte*
And a Tour de France dart
Found trundling Bone-Shaker* merry twist.

•	Velo d’apparte(ment) = exercise bike
•	Bone-Shaker = first French bicycle, invented and manufactured by Michaux during the 1860s, whose framework was made of wrought iron and whose wooden wheels were bounded by iron tires.

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

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My Pole Dancer

This Pole Dancer she was with me
All other men must pay her fee
Still I must confess
My family’s stress
But Polish dance lessons aren’t free

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The North Pole Journey

As we approached the ice bergs our ship seemed tiny
they towered high above us as we crept into the bay
we could see the Eskimo's and their sleigh's waiting
now we would complete the next few legs with them

Our goal is to reach and set up camp at the North Pole
loading our supplies onto the sleigh's and getting on
soon we were speeding along, the ground very bumpy
clinging on, ducking  branches as they whip  back and forth

A wonder world of pristine white and hues of various blues
only broken up by the line of trees glinting brightly green
large ravines off to the side, one slip and you would be gone 
to a cold icy grave buried forever in this lost icy world of snow

Onwards over the harsh landscape, we need to reach camp 
before its dark, to unpack what's needed for overnight stay
light a campfire settle and feed the husky's waiting patiently
cook and eat our food as we share a few beers and some jokes

All too soon its dawn, temperature is -20% we have to break
things free from the ice, before we can eat and pack up
husky's are linked up and ready, what a din they are making
so excited to get going, this is now the final stage before the pole

We fly down barely noticeable trails that twist and wind slurry
left behind us, half a days travel left not too far to go now
some we leave the tree line behind, in front nothing but snow
ice bergs so big you could lose a couple of houses inside them

At last we see the buildings ahead and people pouring out 
they will return to their own lands until it is time to relieve us
six months we will be here recording data about weather
and other things, watching polar bears and noting their habits

All this just for some insight and some data that will get buried
as for us well we have the open space, the freezing cold
each other to help past the long nights, day is only 6 hours
18 hours of dark, and fearsome storms that will be our lot    

Cut off now until spring returns and the reindeer return
they have wintered far to the south now coming back
they will give birth here on the icy plains of endless snow
and we will return to so called civillization until next year

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"Pole Playing" (Round Eight)

So, are you in the mood to play your role,
Because I am ready to set the scene,
Holding, in my hands, a stack full of green,
At the stage, in the basement, with the pole.
I want to see if you can reach your goal,
As you hand upside down and hold the lean,
Displaying moves that I have never seen,
Because you will bare more than just your soul.
Climb! Climb! Climb! Climb! Flip, twist, bend, and then slide
Down to the middle, and stop for a while.
Wrap your leg around it, and then just glide,
Allowing me to admire your style.
Drop it, back it up, and then let it ride,
As all the dollar bills begin to pile.

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The May Pole And The Taffy Pull

Sorrow came to me and cleared my eye.
Mye QYeen has NOT forgotten me,
But , OH , mye , whye , has she displaced me.
Could it bee that eye have angered HER , or 
Thoughts of me confuses HER ,
She has no chance to caht with me,
And so she tries to spare me the anguish.
Dance around the May Pole again,
Mye Qyeen  and do not weep so for all I have been,
I have just been missing ewe again,
Mye Pain is only heartbreak to bee mended,
By thy kiss ;
And when you aer at thy Taffy-Pull
Have fun and do no bent and do no worry,
Mye mind stays in a hurry and I worry all the day,
Searching for mye love.
Ewe aer a Snow White turtle dove,
And Pocahontus also,
And a mermaid in ewe heart,
And when Ragon Fly Comes,
To fly around ewe, remember ewe
Aer still mye QYeen 
And Never Shall We Bee apart
Mye tears aer never salty.

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he come  from way up
with lots of stuff
so be good
its well understood
the gifts is for all
who play ball and stiff
this is not fanta

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Shifting pole's.....

               Fellow.....were then


                                   which where were......

                                        -........what were which.....+