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The road to greatness lies in serving others
LOVE begets LOVE
That is Gods way

Complaining and arguing make no sense at all
Controlling our anger we stumble and fall
Strive to become blameless and pure
Shining stars in the universe obeying God’s call

The road to greatness lies in serving others
LOVE begets LOVE
That is Gods way

Inspired by Philippians 2:14-15

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One Small Tear

One Small Tear One small tear was seen to fall from the beautiful eye of that most beautiful Queen Sharalee Lorelei This tear slowly fell from her cheek & as it did so it became a perfectly perfect & most shimmering white pearl This pearl slowly fell into the outsretched hand of SailorGirl who quickly placed it into the velvet pouch which she protected that Bracelet of the Sun within Thus preserving it for all time to come . It is said in these legends that this beautiful pearl became the first of all the pearls of the seas... & that SailorGirl had removed it from her velvet pouch one day & placed it gently into the sea That from that day forward any tear from any Princess became yet another pearl & another & another filling the seas with such beauty that no sort of sadness could ever harm anyone ever again. SeaWolf ©

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Forever Friendships

Forever Friendships

Forever friendships 
Live beyond fear and misgivings,
Ideas and fantasies flow freely.
Each one trusts knowing.

Understanding awakens new insights.
Heartfelt talks bind love’s soul.
Grudges give way to forgiveness.
And forever finds flavor among friends.

Beyond anger and disappointments
Failures and weakness become forgotten.
Annoyances give way to pleasure.
And calmness comes calling, quickly.

Bravely sharing selves,
Friends walk through life, caring. 
Away from gossip and scandal,
Delicious days delight in dignity.

Anticipated thoughts thrive.
Hopes listen, patiently recognizing.
And the soul of a forever friend enriches.
Merging life on earth to eternity.

© September 28, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Form: Parallelismus Membrorum with a touch of aliteration

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My Life

My Life is not
In Destiney is as much
        -  As it is
     - Feet from the
      -Starting line


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Your Eyes

Hide night air from my scent, if you dare.
Hide breathtaking scenes from my view.
Do not hide from me your eyes.  
Do not hide the twinkle within,
the unvoiced laughter that gladdens my heart,
the harmonious song that happily
pours forth from those windows,
quiet like sunshine anointing 
poppies in a field, 
as they raise their heads to kiss the sky.
Do not hide the magnetic allure,
the crease of your eyes that narrows and smiles
a special meaning just for me,
a patient softness that blankets and protects,
drowning out the static around. 

My days review 
the pain and bias of the world,
as war’s impulse always  beats away,
and so frequently life’s echoes
pays homage to sinister mediocrity. 

But when I look into your eyes,
the clouds depart and joy bids farewell to gloom,
as chocolate reservoirs invite me in,
and I enter eagerly and willingly, 
sampling each delicious, delectable morsel.
My precious one, 
the darkest shadow is not forceful enough
to overpower the warmth and intensity
of those mesmerizing pools.
Timeless lights enlighten my life, 
day and night
tingling every part of me,
and I savor the tenderness 
of your eyes.

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I am the color that stands for love.
I am the hearts that fill up your box.
I am the rose that sits on your table.
I am the dress you wear on a date.
I am the ribbon on a perfectly wrapped package.
I am the stripes on the American flag.
I am the sign that warns you to turn back.
I am the anger on your face.
I am the pen on your test, “F”.
I am the horns on your biggest fear.
I am the color that stands for love,
But I am also the blood that drips off your knife.

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A Song of the Bride

For Christ my Savior, I will be waiting
And be still for my Most Beloved King; 
I shall hope for His glorious coming
And I'll be steadfast, for He's returning! 

All the day, all my thoughts are my Dearest
By night, in mind's the One in Highest
All that I've dreamed  for is the Holiest
And all I longed for's my Love, the Might'yest.

Then I remember His love that saved me
And His loving-kindness that's set me free
I remember His mercy that cleansed me
And His charge-less grace that made me holy.

One day shall be filled my heart's longing
And fulfillment, in thirst, God will bring
My joy shall be whole in everlasting
For in that day, I shall see my Dear King.

How my heart longs for You, my Beloved
And how I thirst after You, O our Head! 
How my soul pants for You, Most Exalted
And how I want You here, O Most Blessed! 

So come, O Jesus Christ, my King - quickly - 
For I am longing after You so deeply; 
Come, Almighty my Beloved - quickly - 
For after You, my Master, I'm thirsty!

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The Flesh is Weak

Satan attempts to cut us off from the Heavenly Father by the same temptations, lust, greed, envy, being rude and a multitude of sins we get caught up in. 
We know our flesh is weak.

Old Lucifer works much like an eskimo killing a wolf: 
An Eskimo will put blood on a knife and freeze it, they repeat this process, until the knife has layers of frozen blood.

The wolf comes upon the knife and licks it, and is overtaken by his hungerous desires that he doesn't realize his tongue is being sliced, until his tongue is actually cut off: this is fact.

How many can relate to how our sinful nature, these desires so of the world, we swirl and twirl, not realizing we have fallen so far in to sin until it's too late..

There is hope through Our Risen Savior Jesus Christ.

Don't be cut off.......

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my sister

hay sister i feel your pain
far away as iam
i feel your tears threw the years
ill always be here and there
for you
what ever you do
don't lose hope
hang on to the rope
he will pull you out
no need to shout 
he hears your cry
they reach the sky
when it rain's it pour's
but there is alway's the door
to the lord
to keep us dry
to keep us safe
to give us love
to give us hope
hay sister your not alone
he is there to help you 
get therw the storm

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I Will Praise the Lord

Favor shines upon you
Light and sword protects
Eternal grace and goodness
Engulf this heart 
Capture my tears
Capture my sorrow
Flame a hope eternal
The hope of Jerusalem

My first attempt at Parallelismus Membrorum