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Speedily Developing Through the Machines of Perseverance

A teenager with the expressions of a middle age individual is the wonder-creating characteristic of its accelerating growth. Dwelling in a land not presented with natural gifts; it still beat all odds to be a member of the Asian Tigers and a competing contributor to its domain’s prosperity. The birth place to the Toilet theme amusement park and a camp of makeup obsessed men. The fourteenth day of every month is set aside in romance’s banquet except that of the fourth month when mourning becomes love’s pirate. February is for young men, march, three times for the ladies. Prides in the globally acknowledged Boryeona Mud Festival and gives socialization a new countenance in the “hoesik” event, while new standards in robotic technology is climaxed as prison guards, patrols, anti-jelly fish squad and teachers actively exist through exciting artificial intelligence. A humiliating public ritual in a form of crime reenactment, personality stereotypes emanating from the different blood groups, a nationwide superstitious repugnance to the red ink; very cultured to even create a backlash on Bill Gates’ presidential handshake; typify a people coming a long way from a turbulent past. A territory of very bright and brainy students; the god of the LG, Hyundai and Samsung among others; and to the largest church in size and congregants in the world. It is the well preserved garden where plastic surgery strives all to show an amazing growth once heavily stunted, suffering a suppression entertained by the comfort ladies; somehow causing a perspective towards the rising sun to be similar to the swastika’s view by the Jews. Despite the Japanese colonization, soviet meddling and North Korean threats, it’s still showing mental strength to be the world’s 12th largest trading Nation.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015

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Human being shell sleep no more

Human being shell sleep no more,
Lubits has murdered our sleep forever 

Right up we must get to the hard truth
and not blind out the fact
that our wisdom and common sense 
should not have been overestimated more
in certain crucial circumstances
when we  have got  access  even for instance
 to the limitless power and possibilities,
as it happened in French Alpes,
when Lubits tempted deadly by the very thought and way
that he will might turn airbus to the crash
for instance filling the God legacy and omnipotence.  
Entirely all deals and events
which demanded limitless power and responsibility,
limitless calculations,
limitless competence and preciseness  
and limitless hard works and efforts
might be totally excluded 
from our control and assessment,
we might got all this staff
to the autopilot guiding
of modern technologies, GPS  and other computations
that works  much more  better
without any human intervention
for the very working processes.

 Mr. Al Gore knew something about it
when he  planned the Global  system
of autopilot security services.
for the benefits and survive  people
in the modern jungle of high tech.

You judge the Lubits atrocious action
which lead to murder of 150 passengers,
yes, you are right but also we must judge
the Sirian dictator and North Korean Kim Chen Yn 
and national lieder of Russian Federation  
and hundredth other persons 
sticking up deadly to limitless power and rule,
we must judge also religions, traditions
which despised the freedom of person
and right of women and children
and entire world must switch on
to the Global safety infrosracture.
Human shall sleep no more,
Lubits has murdered our sleep.
If someone held limitless power
even for instance 
close to us or at far distance,
its mean the world goes down to precipice.
God please help us 
expelled out and ousted 
the myriads  our tirans and autocrats  
in power and in preparation, in family
in our soul and  in our mentality.   
Human being shell sleep no more,
Lubits has murdered our sleep forever.

Copyright © zamir osorov | Year Posted 2015

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A poem about that person we've all encountered

T'es Ou?

That's all I heard for 10 minutes straight
one sautéed Brussels morning in the metro
with everyone, their brother, perhaps their dog
peeing on my leg, or at least, it felt that way,
sweat running down inside my trousers

and this one woman who refused to shut up,
pink phone clutched in glittery talons,
cheap earrings swaying in time with her hand
and three offspring exploring the car like raccoons
in my trash, threading through my legs, drooling.

"T'es Où?"
"Where are you?"
as they say in London

Who could say? Possibilities abound.
Prague is nice this time of year.
The local department store had an ad,
two-for-one socks, today only.
North Korea's not half bad.

"T'es Où?"

Not here, obviously, being brighter
and more fortunate than I, who is here,
who can hear you, who wishes he couldn't ,
who wishes North Korean visas
were easier to acquire. 

"T'es Où?"

was the last thing I heard, her voice,
her odour, her brood, trailing out the door
into the baked street above, where she
may still be looking for that person's hiding spot,
her children sniffing trees in her wake.

Copyright © Darryl Davis | Year Posted 2013

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London 2012 Worldwide poets still needed for Festival event

London 2012 Worldwide poets still needed for Festival event
More than 20 writers are still needed for an event to include a poet from every nation competing in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

Ha, ha, this Laureate is an interesting candidate:
Writers already confirmed include Jang Jin Seong - former court poet to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.


Kim Jong-il.
I praise you with my quill
Jong can do no wrong
Because he pays my bill : )

Copyright © David Byrne | Year Posted 2012

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The tragic games between rulers and people

Look for this tragic dilemma: 
either people have reached the real powers
and  handled  the weal of engine 
or government  done  the same
wiped people completely  out
from ruling, managing  and controling. 
Either nation harnessed rulers
through election, freedoms 
and other democratic institutions and values, 
either rulers slipped away again and again
from common monitoring, 
hooked  heavily  country by its gills.

At first scenario your fate going gradually
for recovering  and  prosperity
maybe slowly, after some disasters and calamities, 
discherishes and dishonesties
under the guide by community, 
but never lost hopes
the people who harnessed powers.

In the second case 
when government bodies
took powers on theirs hand 
the unhappy country and people
drifted slowly and implacable
for the stagnation and dying
through killing freedoms and justice 
in police, mass-media, election, 
eventually fatally 
all structure descended  to  repressions.
unjustice, wars, starvation, deficient
and multiple lacks and problems 
so familiar for Soviet empire
in its 7O year biography: 
theirs birth, increasing,
pride, glory
and total worthlessness  
and bankruptcy.

Our world has kept many other tragic examples
of enfoldment the worthiest scenarios
Look for the North Korean regime
or what  happened with Cuba 
under  the life-long  ruling of brave Fidel Castro,
honestly say two thirdth  of all nation and countries
can not to learn this art  
for their government firmly harnessing.
They appointment person, presidents and prime-ministers
slip away from  common control
leading with their  atavistic  desires  are  sordid  and sinister.    

God bless USA and West as whole
to be a good teachers for this world
that is the best advice that I told 
for the mine and next generations
who don’t want sacrifice their precious lives 
for the bad and cruel guiding at all.   

Copyright © zamir osorov | Year Posted 2013

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Kim Jong-un is the vile
North Korean leader
that hides behind a smile.
You have the right to die
when and how he chooses,
for freedom’s just a lie.

You have the right to crawl
upon your hands and knees,
where he makes you feel small.

You have the right to give
him all that you possess,
and be thankful you live.

Watching him proudly strut
you have no human rights,
you're treated like a mutt.

Picture #4
Written Aug24th ,2015 for “KNOCK US DOWN WITH YOUR LINES - Poetry Contest”.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015