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Best Israeli Poems

Below are the all-time best Israeli poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Israeli poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Six sentence war, Israeli Style by scott, john
FOR LO, THE WINTER IS PAST an Israeli - Sabra Love poem for contest by Anderson-Throop, Victoria
brief note to the Israeli government by delapruch, andrew

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The Marrakesh Express

September now having past as October has now arrived
In such a harvest so vast of what has one really derived
For the Harvest is not finished but it has only just begun
A point not diminished as now all things still aren't done

Russia is in the Middle East and Israeli tensions are rising
But to say the least you can not say that this is surprising
First it was Putin and the Ukraine as a stepping off point
Of course he is insane and so too are those who'll anoint

And the Markets aren't exempt as world economies strain
Some feeling a little verklempt but greed controls the brain
The big shemitah lying in wait but that war will help oil rise
Yet remember 777 in 2008 so like I said before, no surprise

The technology has been here but so rarely has it been used
But one thing is clear, the world is more and more confused
Like waiting at a railway crossing in hearing it from far away
In so easy tossing the unfortunate who have chosen to stray

2Peter 3:3-4
Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, 
walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? 
For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue 
as they were from the beginning of the creation.

Copyright © Vincent Flannery | Year Posted 2015

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I Am No Palestinian

I am no courageous,
Fearless, valorous, gallant,
Proud, adventurous,
Selfless patriot
I am a soul in exile
Expressing my thoughts in
All languages but mine
'' Hi…I am Palestinian''
'' Salut…Je suis palestinienne''
I cut my mother tongue 
In half
Palestinian poet
Rafeef Ziadeh was right when
She said
''Allow me to speak my Arab tongue
Before they occupy my language as well''

Well… to that I must add
Allow me to be the Arab
That I am
Allow me my right
To learn, to travel, to pray
Allow me to walk through any
Foreign street without having
To feel this shame
Without having to think twice
About my clothes, my face, my name
Or the visa I had to work
Day and night for the claim
Because at the end of the day
I am not the one to blame
For Bin Laden, 9/11, and all your
Absurd schemes and games
I am but a soul in exile
I am in no hall of fame 
I have to opt to be 
Someone I am not
Just to fit in your fame
Despite the agony I went through
Despite the struggles I overcame
Despite the diplomas, the degrees,
The awards I acclaim 
I am still no Palestinian

No matter how many
'' I love Palestine'' stickers
I stick on my car
No matter how many times
I cry over Gaza and
Argue over the Israeli settlements
No matter how many times
I curse the Zionists, blame the media,
And swear at the Arab leaders
I am still no Palestinian
Even if I memorize the
Names of all the Palestinian cities
Even if I recite Mahmood Darwiche's 
Poetry and draw Handala on my walls

Even as I stand here tonight 
In front of you all
I am no Palestinian
And I might never ever be
And that's exactly what
 Makes the Palestinian 
In me… 

Read in the Twinge Dubai Event

Copyright © farah chamma | Year Posted 2012

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There is no Glory in War

             There is no Glory in War

In the far reaches of the Earth
Since the time of Jesus's birth
There have been wars and rumors of wars
And even stories about the god of war from Mars

Because of religion and territorial claims, wars have been waged
Like a game of chess, most of these wars have been staged
From WW1 to WW2, Palestinian/Israeli conflict and the Vietnam situation
Many lost dreams, lost lives,hands lifted to heaven in supplication

Traumatic injuries, missing limbs; arms, feet and no end in sight
As nations flex their powerful arms, to show their military might
The absence of beauty or romance, only the pain of death and destruction
No peace, no happiness, no love, no joy, no satisfaction

As nations fight, the horrible sounds of rattling sabers
Can be heard, as people cry, beg, plead and ask for favors
Countries now hurry to build and move conventional arms and nuclear devices
And nations with hidden agendas, threaten each other, with economic war and evil vices

High up above the Earth, satellites are placed in the sky
As men intend to fight, their wars from on high
Wisdom and fair judgment is lacking,in such an elevation
And patience and mercy is wanting from psalms to revelation

War does not build skyscrapers, but destroy, erase people's history, kill and maim
Some should stop fight these desperate wars and put the warriors to shame
In past wars and hellish endeavors, the people gone before
Cry out in anguish, for peace on Earth, from that distant and lonely shore

The people who come home from those distant places
Most are now insane, scared for life; horror on their faces
War begets war, and the problems still remain
This is the vision of the future, the tiger cannot be tamed.

William Morrissey 5/16/07

Copyright © William Morrissey | Year Posted 2012

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O my love you are a city; beatific
Like an army in array o; majestic
When i look at you I’m overcome; angelic
Your hair falls like the wave my love; classic
Your smile heals like the Gilead balm; Israeli
Show me that teeth as white as snow; godly
Rule my home my beauty; my bride; queenly
Raise them like a dove my perfect one; motherly
My bride; a taste of divine womanhood; graciously
Thrones and domino sing her praise o; fantastic
O my queenly maiden how are you my jewel
Blessed is the one which kept you in the bowel
Paragon of beauty you are but i lost you to the BEAST
My heart still crave but never will i find.


Copyright © OJOBO EMMANUEL | Year Posted 2012

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Hamra Street

He dresses as the fool
But does he fool you?
In clothes of rent
Torn twisted and bent

He drinks to excess
His voice is loud
He spouts obscenities
But he runs like the wind

Catch, me if you can, he shouts
The maze of traffic makes his jams
He speaks in riddles
Like old men, from ancient lands

He collects bottles and begs for lamb
He mumbles, I am homeless, kiss me hand
He is crazy for this is sure
He lives in alleys like a whore

Jets above fly overhead
Their orders received from a street called Hamra
As their armies invade, so bold  
The homeless man, their leader

The man from Hamra

Notes: Hamra Street is a somewhat famous street in West Beirut. It was one of Beirut’s trendy areas before the civil war, and was frequented by poets, writers, and intellectuals.
During the civil war, and before the Israeli invasion of 82, there was a bum who lived on Hamra Street who was really a spy for the IDF of Israel. No one paid him any attention, being a street beggar, at the time when there were many. Not only was he collecting intelligence, he was the running a network of spies at the time.

From a Lebanese restaurant/coffee shop I frequent, I am told many fascinating stories from all over the world. What a lovely feeling to sit among people of all religions, nationalities and opinions, and share life’s experiences. 

Thank you Diwan

Anyone who happens to have any first hand experiences referencing this poem, I would love to hear from them.

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2013

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AmazinG courageous heroes, Rangers, Seals and Delta Force of AmericA
Militarily defending freedom and liberty against  radical,  jihad  terrorisM
Around the world defeating all evil men with an Anti - American  agendA
Zemzem flows from Mecca the oasis for good & evil, all the way to SueZ 
Israeli support is given for Hebrew hate in Syria, Iran, Iraq and AfghanI
Navy Seals #6 killed Usama, Anglicos got Saddam out of hole he was iN
Guardians & defenders of all men everywhere, they are simply AmazinG 

Amazing Acrostic shadow style with "Amazing" the first word and the last word

A tribute to America's Special Forces

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Slaughter in the Holy City

   Brutal attack on worshippers
in an Israeli synagogue
The floor was covered in blood 
After five men met their maker
    Four rabbis and 
a brave Druze 
left this mortal coil 
    A sorrowful day for the Jewish 
people and their allies 
     When will peace reign,
swords beaten into ploughs 
    as the prophet promised?
  From my vantage point
in New York City 
    I read about the events in 
the Middle East
      In the frosty New York air 
I feel saddened 
Yet rays of lights manage to 
    cut though my darkness
      Perhaps, just perhaps 
Peace will eventually reign
   in the Holy Land

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2014

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Have You Sniffed A Dollar Bill Lately

It's impossible to hum with your nose plugged Don't try it you'll give yourself a hernia About two hundred babies are born every minute Guess there's not much doing in suburbia Dust under your bed is your own dead skin Unbelievable but that's what they say There are more nerve cells in the human brain Than there's stars in the Milky Way The water you drink has already been drunk By others, what a charming thought Donkeys kill more people than plane crashes That's not something I think of a lot A million dollars in one hundred dollar bills Weighs only about twenty-two pounds A disposable diaper holds seven pounds of pee That's too much information I've found 97% of money contains a trace of cocaine Have you sniffed your dollar bills of late The glue on Israeli stamps is certified kosher This leaves me in an overwrought state 10 million bricks are in the Empire State Building Masons surely had a heavy load That's it for now but there'll be more to come Keep an eye out for them down the road © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

Details | Israeli Poem | |

World Eye Opener

UN: 177 countries vote 
in support of the right 
of Palestinians 
to self-determination
At least the world now knows 
The blood stained tyrants behind scenes 
they who act unjust against humanity 
blind to truth and creation 

They can no longer hide
as its written on the wailing wall 
for those who seek truth 
They will find answers to justice
Seven countries opposed 
four countries abstained 
Its about time I believe 
The killing has got to stop 
peace has the only voice 
that should be heard in all this

Shame on Israeli minister 
him calling on the devils bidding 
beheading is separation of the heart and soul 
a satanic ritual of barbarism 
Sounds like the golden calf 
is being worshiped once again 
blind ugly fools 
godless such deeds 
I pray to God to be merciful 
unto such unjust sins 
because we all know Mosses law
 laid down by the Almighty Father Himself 

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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Who is Sam bacile?

 Sam Bacile, who claims to be Israeli Jew and says he made it on a $5 million budget raised from 100 Jewish donors. The film supposedly screened once in July at an empty Los Angeles theater, and it was not until a trailer, dubbed in Arabic, began circulating online that it caused stirred any anger.

Americans I hope you open your eyes Israel Controls America ....

Why Obama didn't say we are sorry for doing that awful act?
Why he didn't say we should prevent such film  like that from showing and on (11/9) What did they want from that....???
The root of the problem is what Sam bacile did...that is the main problem...

Anyone who say bad things about the prophets of God (Moses,Jesus,Mohammed) may peace be upon them or make fun of them...Should be punished by laws of Allah.

Copyright © Hammam Hamad | Year Posted 2012

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Never Again


How many times can we claim
“Never Again”
As justification for our
Systematic genocide!

“Never Again”
Has worked time and again,
To control the world’s media
Revisiting Nazi death camps
So we will never forget

As a Jew,
I must support Israeli atrocities
Or I am labeled anti-Semitic,
Ignoring the actual definition of Semitic
Which includes both Jews and Arabs!

How can I stand by,
And watch my fellow Jews,
Destroy Palestinian homes,
Palestinian schools, hospitals, and mosques,
And hold fast to “never again”.

When will my Israeli brothers and sisters
Awake from their collective reliance
On a “rational” that can no longer
Overlook the fact
That the oppressed have become the oppressors

That integral to the strategy of
“Never Again”
Is the erroneous conclusion
That all and anything
Is acceptable in the prevention of its re-occurrence.

I embrace the concept of “Never Again”,
But not as a rallying cry
To obliterate, decimate, and subjugate,
my brothers and sister Palestinians.
To this I will take a stand!


Copyright © barry ponneck | Year Posted 2014

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I Am The Bee

I became Debra Joan at the age of six
Formerly known as Debbi Jo
Up until then that's what I'd know
Something my new parents thought they'd fix

Adopted then and a bit confused
I wasn't quite sure of who I was
A tender kid I cried because
I did not like this name they used

As I grew older I came to know
My first two names meant lots of trouble
I had to come running on the double
And the name sure wasn't Debbi Jo

Debra Joan was used so gruffly
Meaning I'd done something bad
I'd displeased my mom and dad
And I would sure be dealt with roughly

But then I learned something in school
That my name Debra meant"the bee"
And a prophetess of Israeli degree
This knowledge I thought was pretty cool

So I began to enjoy my name
Didn't mind losing my previous one
That name I'd had when I'd first begun
For the person I was remained the same

** for contest "What's In A Name"
sponsored by Linda-Marie-Sweetheart of PS

Copyright © Deb Wilson | Year Posted 2011

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FOR LO, THE WINTER IS PAST an Israeli - Sabra Love poem for contest


For Lo, the winter is past
The rains are gone
Glorious are you in the eyes of the sun
Your warmth binds me
The flush dawning world is ours

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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Legend talks of a young boy
the name ROY
tired of being a mortal
he traveled to the land of light
There he embraced the light

He became a creature of light
with ability to move
move at the speed of light
and take any look he fancied..
now Roy fancied.. nay loved
loved them nice girls
i speak of ROY for he grew up in our village

WE nicknamed him WANDA ROY
For a travellor he was
the first of the pilgrims
ROY the just ROY, a mystique..
ROY a defender of the down trodden
ROY a defender of justice
i speak of ROY for he grew up in our village

ROY the one who always saw more
yet admitted too little 
they now say ROY roams the big city.. NAIROBI..
And did ROY love them gracious ladies
ROY of light indeed loved them fair lasses
ROY we loved to tease.. the skirt snitch..,
i speak of ROY for he grew up in our village

ROY thou an ordained brother of the church
ROY now a musician
ROY morrow a cop
ROY the next day a movie star
ROY you are but the star of light
ROY a computer wizard
i speak of ROY for he grew up in our village

Unlike kunti the king ostrich
my head is unburried under the sand
dont i know ROY.. ROY my kinsman
ROY who taught me eloquence
ROY the teacher of subtle
and master of martial arts
i believe ROY for we grew up together

ROY a resource beneath the cloud
ROY a variant of norms
ROY a teacher of customs
ROY just ROY..
You loved the feel linen
i believe in you ROY for we grew in the same household

Years come and go
seasons come and pass
they are born and given to be wed
But ROY OF the light..
are you not a resource beneath a cloud
you are the echo of light
you are the beacon of light
i speak of you ROY you are my kinsman

ROY the resource beneath a cloud..
ROY..We knew he was just
And Israeli our people ROY
Will always remain ROY...
ROY nimo mawala ma israeli.

Copyright © LEWIS NYAGA | Year Posted 2014

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NeoLife in the NeoWorld

 Brief:  Pregnant teens, Gays & Gaza - Lots in Common. How dirty a word is Neo? You will soon know.

NeoLife in the NeoWorld ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When NeoChurch weds NeoState, Spawns NeoFlag; Breeds NeoHate: HypoChristian NeoFascists Should Pregnant Teens just slit their wrists? Soon NeoRoe v. NeoWade Will NeoCourt let Church invade? Just why must bible Zombie lies, Be so enforced on women's lives? Abortion's still a legal right; Must clinic access be a fight? Threaten doctors with "Thou shalt not" And when they do, just have them shot!? A self-appointed "God's Killer" Thus snuff'ed the life of Dr. Tiller Religious Reich: for "God" they'll kill; As Women's Rights go straight downhill. They all do speak direct to god. They'll keep us straight with cattle prods A NeoZealot holy war; Self-righteousness is at its core. Smug Gay-Bashing NeoBigots, Warped words pouring from their spigots. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As false flag terror, spreads Neofear; Our rights, so dear, soon disappear FOX propaganda tidal waves Well wash the brains of TV slaves. Bogus threats of time bombs ticking! Human rights must take a licking? If terrorist I just MIGHT be? MUST NeoNazis torture me? NeoExce$$ WARp'rate Profit$ $uch Corrupting NeoLobby'st$ All Profiteer$' check$ have been ca$hed, While whistle blowers just get bashed; At war forever will we be? Whose job to end this? You and me! A Pentagon of pedaphiles; Child porn Web searching brings their smiles! NeoDreading NeoSpying; 'ttorney Gen'ral NeoLying. Corp'rate Judges? Dollar Ju$tice? Clueless Congress? No trust from Us! NeoPrez hoards NeoPowers, NeoTyrant ? Congress Cowers NeoTrampled Constitution Citizens still NeoSnoozin’ Economy ? NeoChillin'; NeoBanksters' pockets fillin' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zionists have Gaza captured; HypoChristians NeoRaptured A genocide Israeli-style: Dead siblings, five, stacked in a pile. NeoCol...lateral Damage: These dead kids won't need no bandage. At tanks, who dared to throw some stones? In "self-defense" - must BOMB your homes! Occupation stranglehold, Hits hardest on the young and old. NeoFiltered NeoMeed'ya, NeoWars ? WeNoCanSeeYa NeoTerror a NeoSource The World does see, it's U.S of course! Sadly sunken NeoNation; NeoCrisis! Must start Facin’!!!

Copyright © Richard Ledford | Year Posted 2016

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the dream and the pauper

I can breeze the smell of garbage everywhere in the streets of brooklyn
the government let us down after a heat wave not sending trucks for the pick
as so easy to keep the rats at bay with votes as all we need is reality
a third world we became as the rich filled their pockets and my taxes for wars
sorry to burst your bubble you all but me not happy with the lack of wealth
not spend for the future you kidding me as the garbage we should get rid of

not a revolution but spend my money on infrastructure or else and not for war
palestinian israeli we are all the same all we want is our garbage out trust me
religion they put down our throat to keep you silent but in god I trust and sure
I can lit my candle to any saint I want but get rid of the garbage greedy bastard
making trillions as a dollar in my pocket I have a voice to tell you no more
as for ever america was at war to fill pockets and not yours but the ten sadly

Copyright © catherine labeau | Year Posted 2015

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The Mirroring Wrath of Betrayal

Every time America rules against Israel disaster has struck
And by occurring every single time this is not just dumb luck
In "91" when against Israel as in land for peace G. W. Bush would resort
The largest ever reported Atlantic waves crashed into his home in Kennebunkport 

Then back in "92" again trying but now back in Washington D.C. 
The worst U.S. disaster ever Hurricane Andrew caused millions to flee
In "94" Clinton was meeting Assad(Syria) in again trying to make Israel break
Within 24 hours the second worst U.S. disaster a major Southern Cal 6.9 quake 

Remember "99" in D.C. Clinton and Arafat were to declare a Muslim state
Well a 315 mph super tornado in the Midwest would make that declaration wait
Also in "99" when fifteen West Bank Israeli's residents were forcibly evicted
Within 24 hours the fifth largest 7.1 quake shaking the Mid West was depicted

On 9/11 do you know what our U.N. Ambassador had planned for 11a.m. that day
To present the final proposal of a Palestinian State as Israel We again tried to betray
These are but a few of the hundreds of examples in what the continual U.S. anti Israeli policy has sought
Just in "Obama Pledges Declaration Of Palestinian State In 2014" ...what now shall be wrought 


Copyright © Vincent Flannery | Year Posted 2014

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                                          MIDNIGHT FLIGHT TO TEL AVIV

                               Scoff  she did at friends now spirit filled 

                               Eyes were trained on tasks and money trails

                               Work was done and clean up for milk spilled

                               Never ending chores hit her like winter gales--

                               Promised visit found her jetting toward the sun

                               Heart was grabbed while she was somewhere in midair

                               Sabbath sent the holy airborne into whispering hum

                               Exchanging places through the night in black clad pairs--

                               From her feet she felt the wondrous change

                               Overcome infused with humble eager bliss--

                               Once announced in Hebrew airspace something strange

                               Israeli pride of kindred spirit touched her like a  kiss

                               Homebound Hebrews burst in song

                               Festive clapping, lively stomping feet

                               This exuberant joy could not be wrong

                               Such sweet passion was complete

Victoria Anderson-Throop

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2013

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disconnection Ok'd

post an atom.
we need one.

of Chantal Akerman reading the Ladies Almanac.
grandpa was jewish,
maybe this summer i'll go to Israel
 and visit the mother of all mothers.
The trapezoidal parallelogram
the exponential function with a base
which does not equal a.
Curvatures and theorems
calculating the dimensions
of delta and the centroid.
lables + schedules + links + locations +options=
to label a schedule provides a link to a location which has many options.
israeli prime minister of home land secularity.
the pope is new. the pope is old. the pope is apparently the pope.
the pope cares?
the pope does not care?
the pope is the puppet.
the pope is not a puppet.
the puppets laugh.
as the pope popes.
the poor muslim mans.
the poor muslims.
why create so many gods.
say, just for an instant,
that it is just an idea.
an pretty clever idea.
when was the last time you thought of an idea called 'god.'
what was your last idea?
could you map it on the visible spectrum?
so your bifocals could cerebrally focus?
and sync to the mystic monthy surprise called a menses.
 the divine comedy.
it is a comedy.
wag the tail of a beloved.
rip the tail of the beloved.
fall into a pit.
come out of the pit.
eat a pit.
choke on a pit.
spit the pit.
the pit grows into more pits.
someone else picks the pit.
eats the pit.
chokes on the pit.
dies of the pit.
[enter hypothetical scene]


Copyright © Amra Cau | Year Posted 2013

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Born on the Goldhawk Road One

I was born at the tail end of the Goldhawk Road
Which runs through Shepherds Bush 
Like an artery, 
And in the mid 1960s,
Served as one of the great centres 
Of the London Mod movement, 
But I was raised in relative gentility
In a ward of nearby South Acton 
Whose vast council estate
Is surely the most formidable 
Of the whole of West London.
Although my little suburb 
Has since become
One of its most exclusive neighbourhoods.
My first school was a kind of nursery
Held locally on a daily basis 
At the private residence 
Of one Miss Henrietta Pearson, 
And then aged 4 years old, 
I joined the exclusive 
Lycee Francais du Kensington du Sud, 
Where I was soon to become bilingual 
And almost every race and nationality 
Under the sun was to be found 
At the Lycee in those days... 
And among those who went on to be good pals mine
Were kids of English, French, Jewish, American, 
Yugoslavian and Middle Eastern origin.
While my first closest pals were Esther, 
The vivacious daughter 
Of a Norwegian character actor 
And a beautiful Israeli dancer, 
And Craig, an English kid like myself,
With whom I remain in contact to this day.
For a time, we formed an unlikely trio:
"Hi kiddy," was Esther's sacred greeting 
To her blood brother, who'd respond in kind. 
But at some stage, I became a problem child,
A disruptive influence in the class, 
And a trouble maker in the streets, 
An eccentric loon full of madcap fun 
And half-deranged imaginativeness.
("Born on the Goldhawk Road" is a versified version of one much reproduced in various forms throughout my writings, although it bears little resemblance to its original, which first glimpsed the light of day in around 2002. It's undergone much modification since then, including the alteration of all names of people and places for the solemn purpose of privacy.)

Copyright © Carl Halling | Year Posted 2015

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because we have a song to sing

you ask me to believe
i'm left wondering
about the colour yellow

are women meant to be hidden
behind burkas of black
or a bluebird's blue?
to disappear
into daylight,
is it for God or the lusts
of men? are not women jewels wherever
we are and whatever we wear?

tell me, is Christianity American
and Judaism Israeli and how did
the two get so entwined in Joseph's coat
of many colours? when was there a time
when Jerusalem was built to be divided?

there is a well, Miriam, i'll meet you there,
we'll capture the morning sunrise and embrace
the painted desert with the rhythm of our hearts,
our fingertips will glide along the wheat fields of our
longing, our
hair will come undone, we'll love the God of creation
and we'll make love with his sons

in an oasis of grass, the yellow bird sings not because
it has an answer, but because it has a song.

Copyright © Anna Ruiz | Year Posted 2011

Details | Israeli Poem | |

The Wise Men and the Roman Authorities

“Are we under them or not?” they debated, 
“Do we owe them explanation?”, they demurred, 
Sure of their validation of this baby, they stated, 
To Herod that one day it’d be the king conferred. 

They knew they were doing something wrong,
To the Christ family and Jesus life which awaited,
Making his work harder by allowing scoffing long, 
Specifying him for the Romans to have him fated. 

But they believed in sociology as the mechanism, 
For difficulties to be worked out through, 
And upheld life and society as the atheism, 
Which would confront their classism rue. 

So revealed to Herod the birth of the child divine, 
But kept back his address and how he looked, 
So Herod ordered the death of every baby fine, 
In order to kill that one infant that he’d booked. 

He didn’t like the intelligence of the Zoroastrians, 
The magi respected by all as insightful wise men;
Jews were bypassed easily as emotional pedestrians, 
But the magi comprehended rational thought, ken.  

So the wise men had integrity by respecting authority, 
Showed consistency in their task to specify and select; 
Were the original intellectuals who had subjectivity, 
To both the Israeli people and the government elect. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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blood in the sand

Blood in the Sand 
There is a war in the Middle East people against people in 
the name of Islam, chop heads of one another like it should 
be a sporting prowess and then holler Allah. 
I’m sick and tired of these people who have mindsets that 
are 300 years behind us how can we have a sensible talk with 
such persons who in the name of their god kill anyone, mostly 
for reasons, one has to have a 300 years old mind to 
understand how they can accept their blood thirst done in 
the name of an abstract god. And then there is betrayal
they are forever betraying each other to the enemy.
 But it wasn’t always thus and we 
must accept we have made it worse. Yet there are Jordanians, 
Palestinians, Syrians, Persians and Arab -Israeli (the Jews and 
Christians not) too who are not like the cruel of sword swinging 
Muslims we read about, they are the people who can bring 
the unrestrained, wild -eyed backward people to book because 
I’m exhausted of defending the indefensible.  

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2014

Details | Israeli Poem | |

The Last of the Brothers

During the Second World War
A decision was made
If brothers were to be lost
The last would be saved

The story below
Is the truth in a way
For the search of a soldier
Before he becomes, theatre pray

The US Government declared
A mission is in plan
Sending a squad of Rangers
To save this solitary man

Capt. John H Miller
With his handful of men
Their dedication to search
For the last of them

For his brothers were lost
In the theatre of war
At Omaha and Utah 
In the Pacific, so far

Into Europe they head
From cities through towns
Looking for Ryan
Before he's gunned down

He is eventually found
With Paratroopers, holding onto a key bridge
As a Panzer group advances
Will this be their last ridge

Bullets zipped, pinging 
The flesh of the living
In screaming sing

Their mission was, to
Save Private Ryan
But Capt. John H Miller
With others, died trying

                        My entry into Frank Herrera's contest
" Describe your favorite performance by Actor or Actress in a movie "

Tom Hanks is my favourite actor, and his role as Capt, John H Miller to me
was one of his best, his hunger to complete his mission showed in his acting.

The film was based on a true story, about Fritz Niland who lost two brothers
in Normandy, and a brother M.I.A. in Burma. He was later found alive.

But the military rule about sole surviving son's being allowed out of combat is true. 
It was enacted after the five Sullivan brothers were killed in 1942 when the U.S.S. 
Juneau was sunk in the Pacific. The rule of the surviving son is common to many 
armies, the American, the Canadian, the British and the Israeli.

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

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The Seat of the Magi

With the right of messianism,
And the depth of free will, 
They journeyed to Bethlehem, 
To hear the parents spill. 

Zoroastrians true and ready, 
Ripe for the monologue bold, 
They offered gold and incense,
And on Mary’s story they were sold. 

Called wise men, magicians, 
They could interpret the land, 
Jailing’s, fishing booms and births, 
And so told people about their hand. 

They knew the power of the stars,  
The connection, their meaning, 
So followed one to that lively abode, 
Where Jesus lay with apparent feeling. 

God did not appear to them,
By a star in vocality, 
But they just gave cerebral relevance, 
To that asteroid motioning entity. 

The gifts they offered and gave, 
Did not signify the incarnation, 
But were considered gestures, 
Of the magi’s visitation. 

Their religion let them speak about, 
The predicted life of the babe; 
Prediction was their position and seat, 
As at semiology they were abe. 

Christianity did not come from Judaism, 
Zoroastrianism was its predecessor, 
As its followers searched for a messiah, 
Every day, with such earnest vigour. 

Christianity centres around a messiah, 
A cultural saviour from social retardation, 
Which Jesus was back them, 
In a world of poor folks’ isolation. 

Jesus was a Jew, a temple boy, 
But proclaimed his own religion, 
To follow him and not just the Torah, 
Which was in no way old and gone. 

The impact of these Zoroastrians,
On Israeli life and society, 
Can only be understood,
As Christianity’s modernity.

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015