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Details | I Do Not Know Poem |

If you really knew me -

I could be charming and witty and sweet
I could tell you things that make you think
I’m something special, the perfect one
Like I’ve nothing to hide, I never do wrong
But if I do this, and you call me friend,
We’ll both feel very alone, in the end

It’s hard for me to open up and share
My deepest thoughts, my hopes and fears
My past mistakes, the things I’ve done
That I’d rather bury and show to no one
It’s tempting to disguise the authentic me
But true to myself, I have to be

I could put up a kind of façade
And have you think I’m something I’m not
I could say all the things that you want to hear
I could stroke your ego and tickle your ears
Just so you’ll like me and stay in my life
Just so I won’t feel so empty inside

But what’s the point in a false pretense
When what develops isn’t true friendship
It wouldn’t be real, if I pretend to be
Someone who is so much better than me
I don’t think it would do much for my pride
If who I am to you is based on a lie

I realize that I’m risking everything
I risk being judged if you don’t like what you see 
Before you see clearly and understand 
Before you get to know who I really am 
But someday I’ll have to face what we’ve got
I’d rather know now, if you’ll accept me, or not

So I wear my heart out on my sleeve
and admit I’m not perfect, but I have to be me
Can you see inside me? Can you see my heart?
Can you love the things that set me apart?
Do you want to turn and walk away?
Or are you willing to take a chance on me, and stay

See, I’d rather you know how much I’m flawed  
Than to have you in love with my façade 

© Rebecca L ~ 2013

Details | I Do Not Know Poem |

....“The Title ^Fight”....


Leaning against the ropes, eyes swollen half closed

Its been a long fight....

Blood dripping from a dislocated jaw

Body beaten and bruised; taking a few more blows

Crowd screaming; colourful figures; cloudy sight?!

Knocked down a few times but, not counted out yet

Not yet; still standing to catch a second wind.... ~

My foe is fierce and relentless, the best in the world

This worlds, undisputed heavyweight champ

At least over most of Humanity; never lost a fight to the faithless!?

Been the prince of his ring for thousands of years....

Almost had them carry me out; flat upon my back, in the early rounds

Until the undefeated “One,” showed up and volunteered to become

“My Corner ^Man.” ~

Been doing somewhat fair since yet, still, a tad bit fuzzy in my head....

Absorbing blows amid a fight like this but, I Am, still standing

And I get my punches in also; sometimes, I even win a round or two?!

My corner Man said; “The Real Champ.” ~

"Just wait for the right time, he'll open up, and when he does

Then, put him on his back; hit him with a left and a quick right

Another left another right and then, use your cut....

....I promise you, I shall gladly count him out, for you ~

Just hang on, we've got him, right, where, we want him!?"


              ....“The Title ^Fight”....

Details | I Do Not Know Poem |


A love that lasts a summer,

A song that last forever,

A cry that will end in a short while,

And yet the morning stays in denial.

Details | I Do Not Know Poem |

...."The Wedding At Dreamendon" ~

Dressing the ancient stars amid their anthem weddings attire....

The universe anxiously anticipating these adorned galaxies of, anew ~

Bookplate bridesmaids, with such glittering eyes and broadening smiles

Quickly making their jubilant ways down, the amendable aisles

With a world beholding as, the best of man.... 

Hearkening hearts rejoicing so, very deeply inside; paradise

Standing at the altar aside, the most beautiful of glorious grooms ~

Wearing heavens luminous harvest moon colours; commencing halos

Visages, as a sparkling fireworks display afore the joys of an innocent, awestruck child....

Immaculate and pristine; these most mesmerizing of scenes

Cygnus, gathered here to unite this day, paladin unto the morn ~

Extenuatings pragmatic veil; crimsons silkened tides now torn

From, the final pages of such history and lore; a candid, jewel leavened door....

Prismatics band; lifting these velvet promises of an everlasting rainbows, I do ~

Sidereals notes of well-nigh chime; sweet music across the blue made skies

Church bells, reaching unto the furthest realms this, celebrations invitation

Come one come all; come as you were come as you are; the brightest star

Making their way through the constellations; jubilee, and all of creation ~

Coterie, disembarking at the depot from a waking moment; neverendings, final destination!?


...."The Wedding, at Dreamendon" ~

Note: Smile ~ "Merry Christmas Everyone; May It Be 'Beautiful & Bright; Love,'" John!:) ~

Details | I Do Not Know Poem |


Dearest young leaf,
Why so melancholy?
Thy emerald sheath has not borne Time's folly.

Think not of Autumn's deathly brilliance,
Of colors rich and flaky grounds,
For Thou wilt weep every moment hence,
While Springtime's youth still bounds.

Greet Thy greenness with glee,
For thy root to the Oak remains strong,
Aeolus' fury on Thee has no effect till Summertime gone.

So worry not of what is to come,
Enjoy Thy existence, little one.

Details | I Do Not Know Poem |

What Becomes of Me -

What becomes of the parts of my soul
Which I tear out and lay bare
Searching through them with loving care
Painstakingly gathering the fragments
Those little glimpses of me
And forming them into simple gifts
I know it’s not much, but it’s all I have
So I try to create just the right thing 
That might reflect the essence of who I am
And the way I feel about the person receiving

What happens to these pieces of me that I share? 
Like rosebuds and ribbons and tiny gems 
I take them and lovingly arrange them in layers
And wrap them carefully in a fragile shell 
Are they appreciated and cherished?
I’d like to think they are placed gently
Into the hearts of those for whom they were created 
I want to believe that, once inside, they move and stir
And that, by them, I might make a difference to someone
And that I might become a tiny part of their world 

What becomes of those pieces of my heart
When they are not seen as a gift imparted,
When they are not kept as treasures to hold
Are they taken as something to be used?
Or swept aside like they mean nothing
Burned up in the fires of indifference
Blown casually away in an unresponsive breeze 
Maybe they remain, buried and hidden 
Releasing a fragrance, a beautiful energy,
A positive force, of which my recipient is unaware

Sometimes I wish I could take back everything I’ve given
Which were unappreciated and cast aside
Gather them back, and store them all up 
To replenish my limited supply
For sometimes I feel I’m running low
But I can’t take back what I’ve freely bestowed
And so I hope, that for every part of me 
That is received with indifference or apathy
There are many others that are being treasured 
As the gifts of love they were meant to be

©Rebecca L ~ November 2013

Details | I Do Not Know Poem |


you spin 
the elements of your life 
in a vacuum 

like a snake 
in perpetual hibernation 

no light 
no truth 
no reason 

no soft air 
to touch you 


where living weeps 
to unwind itself 

to begin feeling 


the one thing 
needed to unravel 
its lonely existence- 

a touch 
of selflessness 

how do you do it 
I wonder - 


not knowing 
how to give 

or receive 

the easiest moments 
of every day

Details | I Do Not Know Poem |

Reaching the deepest Ocean

My Beloved,
   Can you read me between the lines and verses,
   Can you feel my tender scarlet heart throbbing,
   with intense drumming emotions?
   Can you feel my fragile spirit,searching for you own?
   Searching in the corridors,reaching for your soul?
   as my ivory skin burns in flames of crackling fire.

My Baby,
  Can you feel the depth of wanting, and longing?
  Can you feel the aching for your touch?Can you
  feel me in your dreams,as my fingertips run down
  your spine in vertical motion,Needy for each and
  every part of who you are.Needy for that special
  man I came to care for and desire.

My Dearest,
 Can you close your deep warm eyes for just a moment,
 feel my pink soft lips brushing yours,as our toungues
 play in melodies of passion and love.
Yes,Love!Lust alone isn't enough for the broken hearted,
Everlasting Want is what we live for,two hearts lost and found,
Two Candles flickering in the darkness'Vast.

My  Love,
 Can you feel these Multitude of feelings,that I'm feeling?
 Everytime i mold your face in my imagination,sculpture
 you and all you are in my sweetest fantasy.Everytime I
 hear your voice echoing in the alleys and valleys of my mind.
 Can you feel these never ending emotions,shallower than the
 Missisippi River and Higher than the Alpi and Appenini.

My Sweet dream,
 Can you feel me in the Hiss of the night?In the gentle waft
 of waves hugging the rocks and secret caves?Can you feel me
 in the Wind'scented breeze,caressing your face?In the lullaby
 Of The Nightingale in sweetest melodies,till you fall so fast asleep,
 and dream,as a red robin dreams.

My Love,
 If you feel what I feel,and dream what i dream,Hold me in your 
 Misty dreams,and if you wake up to find me gone,Remember!
 Just remember,I love you,You live in my first awakening thought,
 and in my deepest lasting dream.


Details | I Do Not Know Poem |

A Disney Tale

You say you're Cinderella,
Or would you like to be. 
Does this mean that you've found, 
Your Prince charming in me? 

You also say you're Jasmine,
So, Princess, please be mine.
A whole new world I'll show you,
A world of love divine.

Your favorite is Tinkerbell,
So I'll be Peter Pan.
Together we can fly away,
Off to Netherland.

And if you're Sleeping Beauty,
Then i will be the one.
To kiss your lips, open your eyes,
And fill your life with sun.

And if I was the Beast,
And your name was bell.
I know that I could count on you,
To free me from my spell.

And if I was Prince Eric,
Would you come with me?
As my Ariel I'd show you,
A lover deeper than the sea.

Just like a disney tale,
Filled all with love and laughter.
You and I will be together,
Happily ever after.

Details | I Do Not Know Poem |

Love Is Like Magic

Love is like magic
And it always will be.
For love still remains
Life's sweet mystery!!
Love works in ways
That are wondrous and strange
And there's nothing in life
That love cannot change!!
Love can transform
The most commonplace
Into beauty and splendor
And sweetness and grace.
Love is unselfish,
Understanding and kind,
For it sees with its heart
And not with its mind!!
Love is the answer
That everyone seeks...
Love is the language,
That every heart speaks.
Love can't be bought,
It is priceless and free,
Love, like pure magic,
Is life's sweet mystery!!