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(This haiku isn't in the ancient hokku form).

Indecisive mind
divided feelings
state of no response

Coming and going 
spell out your real heart
the miss confusion

Wandering brain
from house to house
where is thy root?

Like end of the road
walking away legs
heart still in love.

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Farmer's cradle

Farmer plowed the soil
In green field’s
Sow grow in fruity
Duty is finished
Finally he will sound sleep—

Haiku (hokku) Form

By: lena

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January juxtapose
More cold now
Beyond hot heat!

Cold cold air
Windy surprise;
Minus heat therapy?

Winding way whirls
Shiver seeding shiver
January jostling juice

Lotus sunbathe --
Muddy pond flavours
Mid-afternoon glare

Whim and fancy;
Windy detours

New year in late January,
Oozing days forfeit;
Scent of the times!

Why do I
Reason with reason;
To justify nothing

Wind chimes 
Breezy orchestra
Sparrow salute

Silence sways calmly;
Usher enlightenment?

How To?

Vivid wonder
In nothing new;
Only fresh eyes

One by one
Images flash by;
Like old friends

Memory swirls
Round and round;
Circles to devour!

My darling dearest
Sleep-talking again;
Smiles pay tokens

So many curves:
Drop-dead gorgeous;
No time to sip!

Deep deep dark
Catch curvy craze
Sense stillness shout

No need for nice,
Just pay the price;
Indulge sheer surprise!

Here by
Lovely, lonely shore
No one but me!

New expressway
Halting jam frustration;
Missing clear detour!

When I speak
Words do not come;
Silence stays

Fleeting dry ice,
Carbon dioxide complex


Glow in your eyes
Hint of sexy ideas --
Measured in your smile!

Love looks lovely
Rain running rowdy
Sheer shifting sights

Splendour courts,
Grandeur tiptoes ,
Silence succumbs

Igloo atmosphere
Air-con ice cold
Shivering skin tones

Tales awaiting
Weary bones;
Fireside conversations

Nature nurtures
Quaint restraint;
Silence raptures haiku

Sanguine rapture,
Observe the scenario;
Can you see now?

Pulse of new morning
Glow in your eyes;
Heart to heart

Moon glow
Aqua aura
Familiar wink

Scattering sensations
Swift spread sweetening

Slow morning edging

Wake-up call
Early morning darkness
Drowsy in dim light

Fumbling footsteps
Pre-dawn precursor
Tentative waiting


Oil painting self-talk
Kostabi's  imagery
Passageway decor

Mind the view
Pending rapture
In-transit here

Feelings surge
Raw word fumbling
Echoes in reprieve

The wind calls
Whispers your name

Look to your self
As best you can;
Then understand

When and where
And how and why
Say who and what

Frozen time
Thaws to water
Down the drain

Time equals life
Oozing away
Does it matter?

Love plays
A game;
Only fools smile gleefully!

Leon Enriquez
09 Mar 2014

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hokku pour nous

      hid in my triad
is an ellipsis thought-pause-
where,what when,not why