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Sometimes in relationships

Sometimes in relationships our love defeats our lust, but sometimes not;
Sometimes in relationships our peace is kept by trust, but sometimes not.

Sometimes in relationships we, each to each, are hurt and held and healed;
Sometimes in relationships we share our heart and mind, but sometimes not.

Sometimes we are lost lovers, our lives blaze with brighter bursts of passion;
Sometimes we are best friends, we balance with compassion, but sometimes not.

Sometimes we are up-in-arms night and day, our battles are fought and won;
Sometimes we are at-loose-ends and struggle to be one, but sometimes not.

Sometimes we are with others, together we entertain family;
Sometimes we are you and me; two is good company, but sometimes not.

Copyright © Michael Dom | Year Posted 2013

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An Angel

Lonesome in the black of night, I think of you, an angel,
there in a river of moonlight. Oh, to view an angel!

A cameo against the dark, face seen just in profile,
its texture gossamer; I'd gasp, then pursue an angel.

Would you come If I hung in the balance of life and death?
Come to me like those of whom there are so few, an angel!

I dream of you; a shelter you would be, to take me in.
You alone could lift me, dispel my gloom, you, an angel.

Here I am, mere Earth Girl, rooted by rationality,
longing for one glimpse of what I never knew - an angel.

For Debbie Guzzi's Take the Leap Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Spirits Soar

Listening peacefully to Bach I soar,
Above the clouds as a hawk I soar.

Lying on forests mossy floor,
Listening to natures talk I soar.

Watching geese fly south, encore,
Majestically beautiful flock I soar.

Knowing life has so much in store,
Answering its every knock I soar.

At times life is like a lions roar,
Standing as a solid rock I soar.

I shall hear natures call, and open its door,
Making sure that with every breath I soar.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans
November 2012

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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His Demise

Where no sound escapes unchallenged above the din
of too many wars, waged for profits that have no future.
Lost now, only darkness clutches, upon his demise.

Fables, told ‘round friendly fires, chant his name eternal.
Birds of the forest, and fish in the sea, remembered his kindness forever,
and slowed in silence, when spirits spread the news of his demise.

From eastern tongues, chants heard in midnight chapels,
aglow in reverent prayer ‘till daylight dawned,
and rows of fallen soldiers, white stones of his demise.

His friends who could not broach the musket….lift the water pail,
and scorned the day of distant guns, their path was lost.
The masters of the chase cursed not of his demise.

Tho centuries turn, the din still heard, fresh enemies forged,
repeat once more, while mothers weep, their cries unheard,
and planes come home to belch caskets, filled with his demise.

The fallen sing from distant stars, so bright for all to see,
with blending light, the truth never dies.
Behold the day when all will see the end of his demise.

8:20 am
© All Rights Reserved


Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2010

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IN THE MEADOWS IS MY DREAM Strolling, strolling we are in the meadow: airy and green where asters, dahlias, nod and wink passing their green With him by my side, the hours of dread and fear are gone His blue eyes speak: "we're a match in heaven, always green" Dandelion heads float like little parachutes while we walk, he spinning me round and round in the carpet of golds and green Eyes to eyes meet, no more words from A to Z, we need not speak for our heartbeats duet in vibrato of love so evergreen Afar we hear thumps of small feet and some thunder laughs, He and I turn round we behold our kids innocent and green Father God-- the author of love along blue feathers and yellow smile is watching over us in that vast green... _________________________________________________________________ Sponsor Eob Carmack Contest Name Dreams Placed 6th... O.E. Guillermo 8:40 pm , April 24, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo | Year Posted 2015

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Small Gifts Quilted with Love

Somewhere in the Appalachian Hills quilted with love
there are cottages and curtains clothes on sills, quilted with love.

Up high in deep where electric wires don't reach where night is dark
and the ridge the deepest blue of spruce hearts are still, quilted with love.

Across the table hewn from ancient apple, rubbed and oil, flat, sweet
lies a cloth that Gram made from flour sacks once filled, quilted with love.

The stream, miles off, had held a mill where wheat was yearly brung
our harvest gleaning we would bring barefoot uphill, quilted with love.

Nothing was wasted then, old clothes, became new, small bits of sacks
bought comfort, hot pots to hold, mended gifts, heart instilled, quilted with love.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013

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Words Whisperer

You’ve swallowed my misery, 
My old self, just by a smile;
By letting me feel the mountains move, 
You’ve freed me, just by a smile;
My twisted thoughts,
Have been untangled by you, with just a smile;
I offer my body and soul to you, O my words whisperer,
You’ve whispered me a new life, just by a smile;
I offer myself to you O, Jamlaila,
You’ve made me your man, just by a smile.

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2006

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Beggars of California

Beggars of California 

With their tattoos and their piercings, I don’t give money to beggars in California.                              Up on the Haight with his honey, not really in need, this beggar of California.

At least in New York you get some song and dance, perhaps the tickle of a tenor sax ?and they’re out in the rain, not just when it’s sunny, like those beggars in California.

Near my apartment in Pacific Heights,  know them by name. It’s funny; frown when they see me: two brothers, one on either side of the street, these yuppie beggars of California.

I offered to pay the pawn on Runny Nose’s instruments out of hock, but his sign was a true ploy. Another’s sign: “Sailor needs a ship”; it’s war time!? Beggar of California!

I offered one a berth and a meal of tunny. I still see him, but he begs no more.    
I think he’s on the dole with a cot. His words were foggy, this beggar of California.

I begged Jackie Paper, since the eighth grade: run for California, head west young man.Education was free. Was I cunning or just another beggar in California?

Copyright © Stephen Barry | Year Posted 2015

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Lavender Rain

Breezes WHISPER in the trees after cleansing rain;
FRAGRANCE of Wisteria WAFTS following rain

Thoughts of my love's LILTING bass voice WAFTING brings BLISS,
As FRAGRANT Wisteria comes with flowing rain

As SPLENDOR of sun peeking from behind a cloud;
The bright glow and warmth is as TRANQUILIZING rain

DULCET sun melts cares better than TRANQUILIZER___
Better even after a spring soft washing rain

ELOQUENCE of my love's romantic poems soothes the heart,
SUNFLOWER listens through LAVENDER flowing rain.

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

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Such beauty set before these eyes, longing for closure of the desire of my 
being. My skin aches for your touch, gentle and tender; desiring.

Lost as a warrior's bullet seeking a victim; lost as a comic without an audience on 
opening night. My heart wants and needs like cherry red hot fire and desirer, desiring.

Your piercing eyes draw me though there is no heart beating in your hollow chest!
Exploding mines won't destroy this longing; it will follow me postmortem; dire desiring.

The bat of your lashes is stronger than a savage warrior, whose blows end a feeble 
life. No tenderness; you break all lives like Medusa turns men to stone;liar, desiring.

Drifting away on solitude, alone tonight and you are cozy by the fire, full with no 
regrets. A dagger penetrates deep in my lungs taking the air away; danger, desiring.

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse | Year Posted 2010

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My Love for You Remained

My Love for You Remained

What torment is there greater than love so feigned?
For despite great pain, my love for you remained.

Thy passions, ignoring dreams, lust sought and claimed.
Crying, all the while, my love for you remained.

Dry promises, from your lips, enslaved my brain.
My heart clung to hope; my love for you remained.

Although thoughts void of hope endured great pain.
As joys slipped away, my love for you remained.

Secret lovers revealed that our love lie stained.
Contrived excuses, my love for you remained.

Friends told me that believing you was inane.
But without complaint, my love for you remained.

Lust, like a lion flaunting his mane… ingrained.
Wishes not yet won, my love for you remained.

Mockery, criticism and anger reigned.
Desertion came; and my love for you remained.

Adoration ended as my heart maintained.  
Defeat proclaimed.  But my love for you remained.

© Name withheld for the Contest
January 29, 2010

Poetic form: Ghazal

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2010

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The Stranger

Gifting dreams of hope to my eyes, he vanished in a flash
Carting away the treasure of sorrows, leaving mirage a trash

Thorns of grief were, in all, the earning on whose part
Left a delightful rose in the derelict mansion of my heart

He wasn’t the Socrates, yet he drank the poison of apathy
And with wine of love, he filled my heart’s vessel so empty

The bride of night ascended the horizon unfurling her hairs
Hands of that Azar  have given my thought’s idol such glares

Love, sympathy and loyalty are qualities profound
Anguish is what they reward you with, soothing although they sound

Walked he himself, to the hangman, carrying his cross of soul
To show me how my courage faltered in playing its role

Wisdom was rendered, Yamin, by vainglory inept
The book of vision he flung into the worthy hands of zest.


Azar, the father of Prophet Abraham was an sculpturist of fame for carving beautiful idols worshiped by infidels as deity

Copyright © Mohammad Yamin | Year Posted 2008

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Caravan Friends

Truly, the bee hive innards hum 
Truly, the body inside gurgles 
Truly, the cave echoes the vortex 

Truly I know these sounds 
from last night 
4 cackling creatures spewed 
their saturated sayings upon 
the floor 
upon each other, upon me
the hammering of the gong 
the stampede of a thousand 
African Elephants all were 
asleep in my head before 
these 4 opened the flood gates 
of the Mind and the sudden 
rush of tidal-wave trumpets 

I had to leave, flee, rush 
walking, against stone and 
broken checkerboard spot-
lights I saw you. 

Latin King of knowledge 
and intellect came down 
the Cardio-Hill and embraced 
the darkness with refreshing 
light. Saving me from ignorant 
swine and masses of greased
filled bodies a pool of stale 
eggnog that once seemed 
white in the moonlight 
now floats dead and 
stale, a growing vile mass 
unlike its former self 

Breaking free from this 
chain of emptiness I 
went with you, oh one
from another land, took 
me to a land of distant 
memory and dreams 

That bubbling feeling of
the Reed-Flute crying 
the Baby also crying due 
to separation. It was this 
sound that rose higher then 
the rest. That sound 
propelled me to leave. The
nosey throng and join the 
party of Lovers as they 
dance. But this dancing 
does not have to be 
physical, but in the mind 
that fluid motion of 
loving mind-numbing Dance. 
created a sensation in 
my heart and soul that 
the Hernia of Pestilence 
was healed and I
could then, after exile
with the Latin King, return 
to the normal mortals 
and once again brave the 
slow Caravan's journey 
against the concrete sky.  

Copyright © Colin Amato | Year Posted 2009

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Why All the Pain

I look all around the world
And ask why all the pain?
With snow comes happiness
But with rain comes much pain.

I look all around the world
And ask why all the crime?
Either suicide,or murder,or maybe even robbing,
But crime is all the time.

I look all around the world
And ask what is the "Game of Life"?
Is it a simple game,
Or a trial before your eyes?

I look all around the world
And ask the question why?
Why do people tear themselves down
Without even a simple try?

Copyright © Briana Richardson | Year Posted 2008

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Fifty Fifty

I asked my heart
Do you love her?
He says love, help, and save her.
My mind wonders!
After all that!!
All that were fifty-fifty 
My heart replied.

Copyright © Abdullah Alhemaidy | Year Posted 2016

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Aaj kal

Nigaahon ki betakkaluff baatein nayee chaahat ban gayi hai
Mulaakton ko dil-hi-dil doharaane ki ek aadat ban gayi hai
Raat pehar mein fark na jaan ne ki ek haalat ban gayi hai
Pehli martaba mehroom dil mohabbat ki amaanat ban gayi hai

Roo-ba-roo tere deedaar ka nazaron ki guzaarish ban gayi hai
Mehak tumhaare jism ki saanson ki farmaaish ban gayi hai
Firaaq ka ye bay noor mausam sabri ki aazmaaish ban gayi hai
Guzarte lamhon ki aahistigi waqt ki chhidi saazish ban gayi hai

Har din tere yaadon ki taazgi subah si shaadaab ban gayi hai
Khaalipan mein guftgu tumse khayaali sawaal-jawaab ban gayi hai
Tu naa waaqif hai kitne armaan behek kar benaqaab ban gayi hai
Tassavur mein tujhe mahsoos karne ki lazzat behisaab ban gayi hai

Tumhara aana, palbhar me laut jaana takleef-dey guroor ban gayi hai
Tumhe rokna, yoon manaana har mulaakat ki dastoor ban gayi hai
Roz intezaar karne ki zidd, meri naadaaniyon ki kasoor ban gayi hai
Teri bewafaai bhi sar aankhon par rakhne ko dil majboor ban gayi hai

Copyright © Aruna Iyer | Year Posted 2014

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Patriotic Passion

No matter If history be repeated to war or battle, 
Will go back fight and won the medals for chest, 

Neither be retreated or nor give up from battle zone, 
Until I led the combat to conquest, 

For even at the last breath and drop of blood, 
Adhere to delimitation line till the peace and rest, 

And if the essence of mother soil vanished, 
Put forth my brow sweat to saturate this placidity harvest, 

Make them grow, and buoy up with ocean flow, 
So, this land become the mighty, at his best, 

Encompass whole fragrance of brotherhood and sodality, 
Endeavor for honor, tranquility, and resurrect, 

After all now I can take deep puff and pass away, 
Attribute this patriotic poem to countryman sanest,.

And I Shahid pray, supplicate and invocate, that you, 
May be the place of harmonious, pleasant zest.

M. Shahid H. Chouhdry ©

Copyright © M. Shahid H. Chouhdry | Year Posted 2013

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Poor Child

Standing all alone on the hill, poor child,
Staring at the town’s old mill, poor child.

If daddy only hadn’t lost his job last year,
Maybe he’d be living with us still, poor child.

Winters coming soon he’ll need some shoes,
He doesn’t even have a dollar bill, poor child.

He rubs his hungry tummy as a tear fills up his eye,
But you won’t hear him cry for he is still, poor child.

He wanders off to find some scraps to eat,
Digs in the dumpster near the grill, poor child.

The boy then seeks a place to rest his head,
Thankful that he still has one more pill, poor child.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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The Lion Within

I've walked barefoot through boiling sand, you don't even know.
Tried many times to grasp your hand, you don't even know.

To letters written then burnt; signals typed then canceled -
I rode this crazy train unmanned, you don't even know.

Sent roses signed anonymous to inspire a smile;
I sat and watched but didn't stand, you don't even know.

A picnic atop the roof, watching stars reflect off
of blue eyes . . . all this I had planned, you don't even know.

Timothy stutters at the words so instead he writes;
he's tried his best to tell you and you don't even know.

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2014

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Love Froze the Flame

So long, so very long, since the coal has burst to flame;
I have trained with restraint the green eyed monster cursed to flame.

For love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy ...
I would not have my love for you eternally accursed to flame. 

I lost you, yes I lost you, and I often wonder if ...
jealousy displayed by me, betrayed me, was coerced to flame.

As your eyes left mine, as your soul sought hers; I burned.
Yet, love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth; it bursts to flame. 

In love, for love, I banked my jealous flame in eternal ice
for love's not proud, not rude, it's not self-seeking, so I put my worst to flame.

My memories of you, a gift freely given, and so released
for I hope, and trust, we'll be blessed and love will not release the curse to flame.

Corinthians 13:4-8

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2014

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Please Tell Me So

When the sky is dark, will the rain follow? Please tell me so.
When I’m feeling blue, can you make me glow? Please tell me so.

While each and every one has his own idiosyncrasy,
Does your patience with mine then help me grow? Please tell me so.

Let’s be grateful to people who love us and give us joy,
Let those who irk be ignored. Don’t feel low? Please tell me so.

It’s better to love and lost than never to love at all,
Is it from deep pain that hearts turn hallow? Please tell me so.

The direction of the wind is never in our control,
Do we’ve to be docile to where it blows? Please tell me so.

All life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze us,
They’re for discovering self not to go? Please tell me so.

Life is like a river of current sometimes rough and smooth,
It has beauty. Do we go to the flow? Please tell me so.

This beautiful world… nothing is more permanent than change,
Do update me with the new trends you know. Please tell me so.        

Nov. 7, 2013   10.10pm

* 14 syllables in each line

Sixth Place
Contest: Take the Leap
Judged: 11/11/13
Sponsor: Poet Debbie Guzzi

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

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How fearlessly some charge into lust’s fervent flames,
Though they may burn to ashes and dust in those flames.

Oh, but the lengths to which lovers willingly go 
Cursed by Eros sweet madness they must dance in flames.

Each day and each night craving that special delight
No matter if all else may soon burst into flames.

How he smolders and burns with passion to ignite
Her, know the fragrance of her sweet musk in his flames.

How she yearns for his arms holding her close to him 
And the sound of their heartbeats at dusk in her flames.

Secret rendezvous, quiet chambers, their furnace,
With only each other’s charms to trust in those flames.

Sol sinks his mighty fire slowly into the sea
And their deep embrace is shadowed just as those flames.

In that furnace where they meet at last, both ablaze,
They exhaust and satiate with each thrust into flames.

It may be that one may appraise them with caution
And warn that they will burn in the gusts of loves flames.

But do they hold themselves in regret or wounded, 
Spent, from tumultuous hours at dusk in those flames?

Carnal pleasures in life they have known, to be sure,
May be far better than being a husk in the flames.

Across the skies as meteors flare, so briefly,
All of us come to ashes and dust in such flames.

So alas, although I may be Theophilus†
I too succumb to the fires of lust, lost in flames.

†Theophilus is a mystery figure in the New Testament. Among many different views it is considered an honorary (academic) title. In Greek “theophilos” means “friend of God” or (be)loved by God” or “loving God”. [Source:]

Copyright © Michael Dom | Year Posted 2014

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Moonlight Kisses

The frigid water meets my shriveled womb, oh life will be the death of me.
Numb with longing tip toes seek a watery tomb, oh life will be the death of me.

Upon my waving fingers fronds of seaweed slip and slither snaking down
salted fantasies occur of a younger bloom, oh life will be the death of me.

Tongued lips crack, tangled tresses bob upon the inward rushing tide
gulls screech taunting judgment of my gloom, oh life will be the death of me.

High the tide and stark the moonlight which pales this lonely one undone;
parted lips kiss dark foam, no body to exhume, oh life will be the death of me.

* I Will Wade Out by E.E. Cummings [see about the poem]
free verse to a ghazal [internal rhyme]

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2014

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                     Cold winter, sprouting spring, seasons they do not agree
                     Our love's defined inessential, citizens they do not agree
                     They talked of money and status - her intentions of love
                Happens in a heartbeat - whatever reasons they do not agree
                    Have you ever been in love where you're blinded and equal?
                        Conflicting to compatible - horizons they do not agree

                              For my eyes are growing old and gap is too wide
            I was accused and she was judged, our emotions they do not agree

                          However, we'll sing and dance like nobody's watching
                  Better to be hated for than to break a person they do not agree.

Copyright © Arden Gopela | Year Posted 2013

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Times Important To Us All Day Long

~Times Important To Us All Day Long~ (A Ghazal) Times important to us all day long Life is too short and it won't last long. Dream,take a look,things can get better Christmas is on its way, won't be long. A joyous heart, a yawn, and a sigh... Can't do it all,but try all day long. Life is unpredictable thats a fact Wear a smile,do your best all life long. Some choices are yours to make Dorian Enjoy life for good times won't last long. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2011 January,15,2015

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015