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Finn Mcgee and Me part3

MacJock looked uptight

When we said "That's not right,

We're not paying one pence you see" 

Den Finn swung and missed

With his powerful fist

And it landed on the jaw of McGee

MacJock grabbed a bottle

Intending to throttle

The closest poor sod in his way

And this caused a ruckus

McGee was so luckless

It certainly wasn't his day 

But when Macjock hit McGee

He went flying you see

And busted MacJock's new table

Then McGee tossed a chair

Clear through the air

Hoping MacJock to disable

The others ensued 

In this Hullaballoo 

Until, all I could see was the brawl

There were glasses and mugs

Bottles and jugs 

Smashing against every wall

The place was a mess

I sure can attest

When the fightin' came to its end

Not an eye was still blinking

So I started thinking

Dat its tyme to go 'ome un mend

Just one more part will end it

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The every day goings on of Finn McGee and Me

What Stout Is About

Me, Finn and McGee
We went to the pub the see
This new fancy Stout
They've been talkin' about
I ordered, and we were served three

Now when I looked down
Me mouth made a frown
For a fly was afloat in me beer
So I tossed the drink out
And I gave out a shout
I'll be wanting a fresh one right here

Finn then looked in
And a fly seemed to swim
In his glass filled with stout so brown
So he pulled the bug out
Then tossed it about
And drank the stout all the way down

Now Wee Luck McGee
looked down just to see
That a fly was floating about
So he grabbed both his wings
And while shaking the thing
Said "Bastard, you best, spit it out"