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The light is muted,
glowing ever so faintly
and I cup my hands
to shelter it from
the harsh wind...

It flickers,
it wavers,
and my heart
does a triple dive
then beats back to normal
as I see that flame
fight, become steady,
and stand up against that wind.

I've seen this happen before,
but it always tries to shine forth
with a ferocity
that can only be fueled 
by love and faith...

A different gust,
another typhoon,
yet still it tries to beam...

This light amazes me 
with its tenacity.
I go through life with
only a mere spark of it
in my heart
But how proud I am
to have been borne from it,
to have it with me, 
burning in my soul.

This light is awe-inspiring...
with just a kiss from it
and warmth abounds,
never burning out,
rather, sharing that glow
to brighten lives.

I fear though, 
for the light is muted,
glowing ever so faintly
and I cup my hands
to shelter it from
the harsh wind...

Taking deep breaths,
we search for ways
to make that flame 
glow strong again,
burning as bright as before

A strike of a match
for a candle,
with its smoke weaving 
its way to heaven,
to say a prayer
for that light
to keep on glowing

The wick may be short,
the wax melting faster
than we would want it to...
But the light is still there,
and that gives me hope.


Ilaw --pronounced 'ee-lao' as in 'how'; meaning "light"

"Ilaw ng tahanan" is a Filipino idiomatic expression
that refers to mothers; 
This phrase can translate to "light of the home"

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There she waits by her window,
gazing up at the velveteen summer sky,
searching for her favorite bituin,

Only the kuliglig replies—
The quintessential tune of summer. 

Despite herself, she smiles,
happy with the fact that 
the sound fills the night air,
drowning out her own thoughts.

Anything is better than silence.


Filipino-English translation

kuliglig—cicada, or can also be crickets here

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Mabuhay, Andrea :D

Mabuhay, Andrea :D!!! Such a happy day, guess who's tapping the knocker? It's lovely Andrea, that's who! My Soup doppelganger! Why don't you come inside, oh I just love your eyes! I got truffles, tiramisu and I cooked you a surprise Better yet, let's stay outside, I just know you love the sun Let's talk poems, and food then throw in meter for fun! Here's my surprise,coconut and clam soup, my mom's specialty What day won't be complete without soup? Just me being goofy :p Food, friendship, laughter and one of the Soup's best as my company, I hope this won't just be wishful thinking, but a happy reality! *** Mabuhay is a typical Filipino greeting, wishing the recipient "Long Life" and it is also generally used as "Welcome!" -- sure would love this day to come true though ;) 04062011 --nikko :) for Michael's "First Words Over Coffee" contest :D

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Beautiful, soft, lavender P E T A L S Fell from the heavens to blanket The cold hard ground The steel and concrete are Soaked, like pillows, from the rain. Like the flower girl before The procession who spreads The warmth with her fingertips, Something, someone dawned on me The truth. And slowly, my heart unthawed. It was no longer callous, No longer cold. I thank the messenger, An angel of sorts, Who injected her wisdom Into my shriveled veins. And brought back The dying hope In what I was living for. Sa aking mahal na bituin. (Filipino)

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tulog nahan ka? ~nananaginip... ********************** sleep where are you? ~dreaming...
**Sept. 11, 2010 just me tossing ideas in Filipino ...I need to be writing for something else ;)

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MORNING DELIGHT In one clasps of our hands Suddenly the murmurings Are becoming warm and intense As boldness left behind dumbness As together now we sing melodious Songs, caressing. kissing, and playfully dance Till the wee hours which greatly inspired us. Even the dawning sun it seems It was kept at bay And the stars twinkling and clapping Witnessing how sweet we have shared A blissful contrast of a newlyweds honeymooning A balikbayan to waiting gentle hand Though jittery they stood together to a morning glory! Now, shall we let it go Vis a vis the doldrums Of yesteryears which we didn't denied After the high school years Autographs, roses and chocolates Were fads of the late 60's yet to a funny fan Bestows to a man's erudite love for poetry. The more it comes straight from the hearts The constancy of exchange writings of messages and poems Have become part of life's spontaneity Even at the middle of the night, we are awaken Laptops connected, phone conversation Every little sweet words reverberating through!
Term: balikbayan: Overseas Filipino Worker Dalila Agtani 4/23/11

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Democracy's Scream

It’s hard to deal with a peculiar dimension
Adversities on the way of painting chaos annihilation
Our dear motherland had cried for a novice institution
Begging for democracy and freedom to envision.

Dying thirst for justice took million of lives
Mystic tears and blood flowed over hillsides
Filipino displayed heroine beyond massive pain that hides
Until the sun had finally shone up where democracy abides.

Ecstasy fiercely enlightened the entire countrymen
Reminiscing that throbbing past never seemed vein
Defending country’s reputation and make it’s decorum free from stain
Philippine insurgency is undeniably historical and Filipino’s bravery is genuine.

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Teenage Love 10: Interracial Teen Couples

Once again, young love has affected the lives of all teenagers, but this time, it's also
affecting the lives of all young interracial young lovebirds. All types of interracial
relationships have been active since the ending of the 1960s and when all of the schools
and other places have been integrated. It seems that two young people (a teen boy and a
teen girl) would rather date someone outside their race than dating the other that's
within the same race, that includes African American and white teen boys and girls. Like,
for when a black teen boy were to get into a real relationship with a teen white/Caucasian
girl, a teen Asian girl (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian,
Thai, or Filipino), a teen Hispanic girl, or a teen Middle Eastern girl, that would be
great for him. And if a black teen girl were to get into a real relationship with a teen
white/Caucasian boy, a teen Asian boy (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese,
Malaysian, Thai, or Filipino), a teen Hispanic boy, or a teen Middle Eastern boy, then
that's great for her, too. What love is trying to do to all teenage lovebirds, including
all interracial teen couples, is to have made them happy, especially when they're around
each other.And what this type of young love is also doing is promoting interracial love
around the entire American nation, including Massachusetts, Texas, Alabama, and
California. Interracial relationships among all teenagers are increasing in not just the
United States of America, but the whole world, as well. It also seems to everyone that
both lovebirds of different races will never stop loving each other, not even before the
year 2019. But then, interracial relationships among all teenagers do have a good impact
on then. Their parents (the mothers and the fathers of all different races) should be very
happy for their teen sons and teen daughters, especially when they know that their teens
are in love with each other. And if love among all teenagers continues to grow and grow
without stopping and that all interracial relationships were to increase, even before and
after the year 2020, this is going to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to all
teenage lovebirds nationwide.

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Can't they understand that its just too much
You post or tweet but what you write you watch
Bullied by lawmakers into censoring one's post
Exactly the thing that we hate the most
Reason flew away when they made this law
Carelessly ignoring that it has a flaw
Reminding us of the days of Proclamation 1081
Ignorant lawmakers forget that those days are gone
Mindless of the freedom of speech that it would kill
Entirely forgetting that this is against Juan's will

Lawmakers who passes law but does not think
Adieu to you for your careers will stink
Wait for the next elections and watch your vote count sink

A new law against cybercrime was passed in the Philippines and it took effect last Oct.3.
This law includes a very vague section against libel and in effect it is going to curtail online freedom of speech or expression. Filipinos are against it and are clamoring for an amendment. If you are wondering about the name juan which was used in this poem then I'd like to inform those from different countries that Juan refers to the Filipino people.

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OFW - Overseas Filipino Workers

Oh If Double You  
What can you do?    
Your salary is coming      
Time to pay the due     
You're away from home             
In a country not your own 
Sacrifices are done      
Just to take money home
Your hard earned money               
Is a sweet jar of honey                                                       
Made kins so happy
Leaving you almost empty
Then they call you a hero         
But the help is almost zero
Better go back to your barrio
And plant corn and potato.

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Are you asking the word surrender in Tausug?
But what is surrender in Tausug?
There is no surrender in Tausug
No word for surrender in Tausug
Then that’s great
Only adopted one "surindil" but not in actuality
Never in a Tausug vocabulary have mean surrender
I like that…
There is no word for surrender in Tausug
Yes there is no surrender in Tausug
Never will it be!

5:57PM, Friday, 8 March 2013
Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
This is my tribute to the martyrs of Bud Dahu Battle happened in Jolo, Sulu Archipelago in 1906. The fight was with Tausug against American and Filipino troops. In this battle not even the children survive for any to listen to their cry. There were thousand people died, including children, women and old folks. The battle was known as “Battle of the Clouds.” A conversation with Zagi Hara.

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Heartbreak over Yolanda: Link on how to help typhoon victims in the Philippines, thank you

I hope that it's ok that I am posting a link here 
on how to help the people who have been affected by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

It is a link from Yahoo, which sort of consolidated links/ways in which 
one can help, be they be from the Philippines or in another country.

This is in hopes that  I could reach out to even just one person 
who wants to help in any means that they can...

 Seeing the devastation of the typhoon, not only in Tacloban, but in so many
other areas in central Philippines as well, 
such as in other areas of Leyte, and other parts of Eastern Samar, 
and I cannot wrap around my head the force and strength of that typhoon. 

I cannot even begin to comprehend the horror that these people are going
through right now, with the loss of lives and destruction and I can't help but also cry, just so overwhelmed, what more for those who were in the path? 
Somehow though, I feel that my tears won't do anything to help alleviate
the pain and despair.

We all have heard about how every little bit can help, and I am holding on to that
as well...

We have a word in Filipino-- "bayanihan", which pertains to the "coming together"
of each person to help a certain cause. This also comes from the root word, 
"bayani" which translates to "hero".

You can be a hero in somebody's life, in your own way, and I think this
particular disaster is calling all the heroes it can gather.

Tragic moments like these bring out something in us-- 
a solidarity that goes beyond borders and friction,
 where the pain is shared and 
compassion, empathy become  palpable...tangible.

I know I type in too many words right now 
but it is one of my ways of coping, not even sure it this makes sense.

As I type this, there have been updates about 
another tropical depression (Zoraida) that is headed along 
the similar path that Yolanda I pray and hope that these places
be spared... I am grateful that Haiyan weakened as it reached Vietnam,
and that they have prepared well for it.

Please continue praying for the Philippines, for those who have been affected,
to be given strength, patience and courage.

Rebuilding their lives could take a long time, but if we can help in some 
way, it would mean so much to them. Maybe we can try to counter the destruction
with the outpouring of support and care. 

For all those who have sent positive thoughts, prayers, concern, donations,
in behalf of my fellow Filipinos, I would like to thank You from my heart.

You can also give support through Doctors Without Borders (DWB)
-thank you, Chris for the heads up on this humanitarian aid organization

you can even opt to make the donation on a more regular basis

or also through the UN World Food Programme (WFP)

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Oh well I got an angry email to begin my day
Because of my last post on the Jabidah thing yesterday
Galit sa akin but greeted me with Assalamu alaykum.
And kung personal Moro friends ko naman ito 
They know I don't criticize Moro leaders
I always leave that to them to criticize their leaders
According to my friends baka nasa gubyerno or something
Next time I'll write na lang about the sea and the palm trees and the beaches 

Pray and pray nalang para walang provocation
ako nga ang daming nag-message sa akin nagalit sa issue ng Sabah standoff
Ikaw pa kaya na wala namanng masama na sinabi dun
Alam mo ‘buti na lang you verbalized that kasi iniisip ko rin ‘yun
I know you have reasons and you know better kaya; I just read your posts
I don’t have to go against parties kasi both have rights
And the issue must be solved

Wala, kasi sa akin kundi independence lamang ang kailangan
May ganyan din kasing realities? 
Minsan you are being asked or expected to take sides
Yes, my side is peace – with peace is independence
Yes, I heard that sa dating Jabidah Massacre celebration
Somebody said that, “Walang kapayapaan kasi walang kalayaan”
And that is very universal, kapatid.

Moro or non-Moro and writing should always geared towards humanity
That’s why for me it “anti-humanity” if you will not listen 
Or suppress when somebody will talk about freedom.
That’s the problem with Filipinos, they don't listen.
Kasi the leaders may sarili ring interests.

How do you see being Filipino?
Ako, it's a cage, Filipino nationalism 
Agenda ng mga oligarchs and landowners 
Filipino nationalism is violence against Muslims and lumads
Kasi ‘pag ako ang tatanunginmo I will never say I am Filipino
Because Tausug it’s not a name but an identity...
I understand but kaunti na lang kayo

Ako sasabihin ko na I am a Filipino but I have reservations
When I was a teenager hindi ako tumatayo ‘pag Lupang Hinirang
ngayon tumatayo na kasi napapaaway ang mga kasama ko sa sinehan
Yes and identity should be critically assessed and examined.
Kaya if they say Filipino ang mga Tausug masakit sa aking loob
But not all, kapatid. try mo pumunta sa Manila
Yung mga Moro na malalapit sa mga institusyon ng Pilipinas
Bakit iba ang Moro at ibang ang Tausug
kaya sila naging Moro at masaya na tawaging Moro 

May identity na naiiba sa Filipino
Pinag-aaralan ko rin yan and ino-observe ‘yung pag-yield sa 'Filipino'
‘Will give Filipinos a disservice
Because it is tantamount to be an accomplice to a corrupt system
And this system is the one that oppresses Muslims
At alam natin ang Tausug di lamang taga-Sulu
Pati Bisayan, Tausug din

As much as possible I am trying to make my writings 'away' 
Away from Filipino nationalism
That's the right way for me and my writing
I will ask first, “How it is to be human?” 
At super last na ang, “How to be a Filipino” 
And the Bangsamoro struggle is the greatest critique to the violence
And failures of Filipino nationalism

Ang problema kasi kaya di successful ang Bangsamoro struggle
Dahil nagdadala sila ng pangalan na di naman originally sa kanila
How come ang pangalan ko ay Abdul sa rights
Gagamitn ko ang Juan para sa aking bayan?
Kaya war of ideas ito and alam mo naman sa akin, ‘pag ideas 
And perspectives walang kompromiso and peace talks 

I do not compromise my language, my craft and myself, my writing
Filipino is an imagined nation, as well as Bangsamoro
Bakit di natin magamit ang orignal nation natin 
Na based sa Sulu archipelago and Mindanao
Yes, actually diyan ako papunta - papunta

Bakit hindi i-Bangsamoro-ized ang buong Filipinas?
It doesn’t mean na i-convert ang Pilipinas 
But the spirit, the struggle it should mean something to Filipinos
It should kasi ang dami na nagbuwis ng buhay
Kaya ko pa na tanggapin kung Maharlika

‘Yan ang gusto kong ma-achieve: Filipinos should listen to Moros
Siyempre marami pang madidiscover along the way
Indeed. Ikaw ba ‘pag sasabahin ko na ‘Tausug’ ano ang maiisip mo?
Tausug is Moro and Moro for me is something that predates 'Filipino'
But now, I would like to know the concept of “Lupah Sug”
I want to know it, I think there are more and beyond Moro on it

Before ‘Moro’ was named to Mindanao and Sulu people
It was first name to Aceh people, Melaka, Brunei and then Manila
Sulu and Mindanao were the last places to have been called the name ‘Moro’
Sulu archipelago was united under the name Sulu archipelago 
The name of people is Tausug. 
Tausug is composed of different ethnics:
Arab, Banjar, Dampuan, Buranun etcetera.
The concept of Sulu as part of dar al islam 
Is already a nation and state 
Where the government is the people and itself headed by sultan or raja

Yes, and I would like to feel this from the ordinary Tausugs when I get there
I would like to experience this from ordinary Tausug and on from place itself.
In the hinterland of Jolo, their laws still on the ground not of Philippine law

I believe in narratives
I want to hear and feel this from the place and from the people.
And then capture it; I have these thoughts 
That Lupah Sug has something that the Moro concept does not have
And it’s a bit metaphysical but sige lang.

I know my craft can capture it.
I think there is a language that can capture it 
And specific craft that can carry its soul
Not fictionalize but put it in a form like a novel or a narrative
Which have their own logic and truths as crafts.

This poem is made after the conversation and sharing with Filipino writer Rogelio Braga who also serves as the editor of the poem. He is currently in Mindanao, travelling and writing; he will then proceed to Sulu Archipelago soon. 2:28PM, 19 March 2013, Facebook Chat across Sulu Sea!

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                                           Sacrificing loneliness in other country
                                                        For family’s welfare
                                             Considered as heroes by Filipinos

(Experimenting a "Haiku")

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salty tears from wars fought 
overflow, filling an ocean
blood that was spilled, gets mixed in,
staining virgin stones--
or are these lost souls?

time and tide try to wash them off,
but the bloodstones remain--
haunting reminders that one must not forget

** inspired by the "bloodstones" found on Corregidor Island--
these stones literally look like they have rusty bloodstains,
and some say that these are from the blood shed by
the Filipino, American and Japanese soldiers during World War II

-- I was able to get some of these stones before but sadly, I am not sure 
where they are now...

today, June 12, is Philippine Independence Day 

--for Rick's Stones contest

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Call me Mayumi. I know not exactly where I come from, nor do I know how I came to be, but I have been to the heart of of a freezing boulder, and I have lived to tell this tale. This is my story~ There was never any other man more feared than he... waves have crashed against him yet he still stood proudly, stoic and stubborn until I came along... I was nobody, didn't even know my name when I washed over to his island Lost Can hardly remember that day but people say it was the first time that the sun peeked through, after a month-long rain His dark brooding eyes seared my soul- that is all I remember yet I stared back and in that instant I knew that I had broken him... I never do know what powers I have over him but I had it, all I had to do was ask... It was exhilarating in a way, but also frightening, for I never knew how much hold I had on him odd as it may seem, I changed him He always said that I was the truth serum that finally freed him I will not elaborate but needless to say I wholly understood why it was necessary for him to be a boulder, and a frozen one at that... we all have our secrets but it is enough that he has shared it with me My cheeks, they blush like rose petals whenever I remember how he blessed me with a Name... finally I was Somebody~ --Mayumi-- which meant --o--truth--o-- ~--gentle--~ ~*~beauty~*~ I called her Mayumi. I know not exactly where she came from, but I know we were meant to be, she has been to the heart of of a freezing boulder, has thawed it, and continues to live there. She is my life~ *** Mayumi is a Japanese girl's name which can be translated to truth, gentle, beauty OR truth, reason, beauty it is also a Filipino name, meaning modest :) For Constance's Tell Her Story contest --nikko :)--

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Christmas Pinoy Joy

Our cheeks and noses barren from snowflakes, gladly filled with whispers of coconut flakes, falling gently on bibingkas* made dear Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Kitchen’s abuzz, humming pots and pans Hamon, embutido and leche flan! Food is happily shared to all who come here Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Lights twinkle outside, reflect warmth inside Reunions everywhere where love abides Songs fill the air, voices resonate clear Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… As day gets ready to embrace the sun, church bells toll gladly, dawn Mass has begun True meaning of Christmas touch hearts and ears Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Bright light now fills skies but a star reigns free As parols** adorn homes, big or tiny to show the way to homey atmosphere, Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Problems forgotten even for a while, hope and love take center stage, bright with smiles Family and friends just alive with cheer, Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year! --Pinoy is a slang word for Filipino :) * bibingkas—rice cakes—we have a whole slew of rice cakes here, but the most common garnish for these would be grated coconut; bibingkas in particular is sort of like a thick pancake cooked in banana leaves, made with rice flour and coconut milk—can also be topped with cheese & salted egg ---the other foreign sounding words here hamon (ham); embutido is something like these small log-shaped meatloaf and leche flan is similar to a delectable egg custard- or hmm crème brulee although it’s cooked with the caramel at the bottom and inverted upon serving so it has its own caramel sauce instead--oh yummy ** Parol is a typical Filipino Christmas lantern, usually hung outside homes and have lights inside--can even be multi-colored—to signify the star of Bethlehem- they come in the simplest kind (made with bamboo sticks & paper/plastic) to the most intricate ones made out of capiz shells Nov 26 2010 –for Linda’s Holiday Home contest :)

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Asian Princess

An Asian girl is a beautiful princess in her own right. She's the crown jewel in the lives of all American guys, even me. Even though this awesome Asian girl doesn't have a crown on her head, she's still a princess in my eyes. It seems to me that she's the type of girl that I really want to be with, especially when we're going to get into a serious relationship in the near future. Whether she's either Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, or Malaysian, I still want to be with her. When I tend to look at her eyes, they look like a pair of black diamonds. And when I see her beautiful face, it's like looking at the face of an attractive angel. Her hair is so soft and smooth, it's like holding a silky cloth made entirely out of silkworms, especially when they're known for making good cloths. If only this Asian girl knew that I had so much love for her. And if I see this beautiful Asian princess (Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, or Malaysian), I'd express my love for her. I hope fate will bring us together soon.

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Being Pinoy

A Filipino
Is like Malus Pumila
Cutting it
Into halves
You’ll find two stars, glowing
For the elegance of its tree, cheerfully
Piping wind songs
To charm
Your daily existence

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The Helicopter Flight

One morning, when I was stationed at base operations in Subic, I had a
telephone call. A Filipino shipyard worker had died during the night-shift,
on the job at the navy repair facility, apparently of natural causes. But to
cover our backsides, the shipyard wanted to fly the body to Clark Air Force
Base for autopsy by a pathologist. Just to make sure.

So I called one of the many helicopter pilots I had become acquainted
with to set the flight up. The pilot said “No problem, just put the body in
a body bag, and we’ll strap him into one of the UH-I’s seats (the helicopter
workhorse of Vietnam), call it a training flight, and do the deal.” So, I called the
shipyard, told them what to do, and went back to my morning cup of coffee.

A few minutes later, the admiral’s Aid called, to tell me that the admiral’s
driver, a marine corps sergeant with three Purple Hearts from combat in
Vietnam, was going to be charged with some minor legal offense by his
Philippine girlfriend, in order to keep him in the Philippines, instead of
returning to his wife in the US. The admiral wanted to get him to Clark and
en route home ASAP to avoid bi-lateral US-Philippine embarrassment.
So I called the pilot to tell him he would have a second passenger. No
problem, I went back to my coffee.

A few minutes later, I got a call from the marine corps captain who was
in charge of the brig. He had a soldier stressed out from combat in Nam,
high on unknown drugs, and violent. He wanted to get him out of the brig,
and send him back to the US.

So I called the helicopter pilot again to inform him of his third passenger.
He agreed to take him, if he was put in a straight jacket and leg irons, and
accompanied by a an armed guard. A reasonable requirement, because
passengers had access to the pilots in UH1 “Hueys”.

I still wonder what the air force airman thought as he slid open the door
of that Huey when it landed at Clark.

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I don’t need to recognize you
I am conquered not 
I surrendered never to you
I fought till death
I cling to live for death
I enjoy dying to live 
I have nothing to owe you
I am right now to abandon you
I have my rights to do it
I am not your enemy
I am your neighbour
I am not your people
I can live alone in my home
I can never forget you
I know we are identical but not the same
So leave my home peacefully
I am not a Filipino who fought
Spanish, American and Japanese
to death!
I am Tausug!
I repeat...
Yo no soy un filipino que luchó con 
el español de América, y el japonés 
hasta la muerte!
Estoy Tausug!
A message from me

WM-KL 3:13PM

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1st Monday After Retirement

Things to do: AM: Don’t wake up early! Spend an hour for breakfast, sip coffee , savor the flavor Open the TV, look for TFC (The Filipino Channel) Inspect Tori (my dog) for any fleas. Haul neighbor’s free wood for winter’s heat. Clean up the garden of drying dead daisies. Organize closet, set aside old clothing Call services for the blind for donation pick up Plan on organizing picture albums. Open poetry soup .com PM: Don’t cook! Buy a ready-made lunch! After lunch, nap. Put the carbohydrates to work. Wake up, blink, repeat! Stare at the clock on the mantle Plan on hitting the shopping mall Hit Ross, browse, don’t buy ( tight in budget now) Hit the thrift store , browse, don’t buy ( space is saturated) Hit the high end store, don’t buy (too expensive) Evening: Plan A: text my available friend until I run out of topic Plan B: Watch TFC: Walang Hanggan (Till Eternity) , A Tagalog drama series in TFC I wonder if the routine is worth repeating the following day!! EEEK help me!

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Tali: String

Imagine this void, blackness all around...
...a sprinkling of string
Where each one unfurls in their own way—


Some momentarily, fleeting (then might continue to fall up or down)
Yet some get touched,
latch on to each other
and create these bonds,
knotting themselves tightly, lovingly to one another
Never letting go.
They weave parts of themselves together,
Getting better, stronger.
Then somehow, sometimes,
along the way, as each string continues to move,
some knots get loose,

Some see it as breaking free.
Some see it as simply breaking.

Maybe they weren’t even knots at all,
merely loops.
Or maybe they were indeed knots,
but stretched far into its tensile strength, they get broken,  cut-off.

These strings continue on with their journeys,
getting longer, reaching, splitting to meet other strings,
some interwoven, some not.
Some get touched fleetingly,
somehow changed—
curled in various parts, straightened in others
adding character to these strings.

Each one iridescent, beautiful, unique. 



I step back and marvel at all of it. Thankful.
For this web is alive, its heart pulsing with every breath
...growing with every move. 

As each string is special, a certain someone who I’ve come across in this life.
Some I may have had fleeting encounters with, 
yet was still touched profoundly.
Never forgotten.
And some, 
are truly lasting, knotted securely. Bound by love.
Who knows? Maybe as that journey continues,  
some of the loose strings touch and get entangled again (in a good way).

I am blessed to have all these strings in my life,
creating this gleaming tapestry that I will always cherish,
one that fully embraces my heart.


Reading this, makes me think I should have entitled it as “Some”—
oh well.  So many “somes” in this poem, I know ^_~

Tali  is the Filipino word for String, I simply wanted to use it o_O.

For those who have touched me through their words, through their heart & soul, 
my heartfelt (and soulful) thank you. Hopefully, you know who you are.

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IGGUROT native filipino indian

teeming with pride,
humble and its peen.
sometimes only wearing underwear.
culture so rare.
dancing on there own line of drumbeats, 
minding there own a folk music.
so keen on their own particular heritage of kin,
made u of their own ideas and dreams.

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~ Oh, maiden of light cracks the wispy air open , wandering around viscous spaces like virgin shadow caressing the edge of sleep… and the days stretch longer, taller than guava trees dreamingly shedding laces of northeast streams when songbirds, orbits, and a pageant of flowers listen to a single humming breeze… and when all else is sprawled quiet, waterfalls marry her certain lingering star straying on mouths of gentleness past eons bound by nuptials in iridescent realms…
*O, ilaw, sa gabing malamig, wangis mo'y bituin sa langit… O, tanglaw, sa gabing tahimik, larawan mo, Neneng, nagbigay pasakit. Ay! *
Somehow ,curlicues drape a fragrant smoke leaking out a folk sky; dancing in the mirror of the mountain pool… a serenade weeps; quivering, moaning along the inland pass that someone said morning becomes electra, that learning how to hear her blossom or pearl stone unravels the very skin from which it was born is allowing time to shed her purity far beyond unknowing a water’s need to keep still: the juice spills…
**Gising at magbangon sa pagkagupiling sa pagkakatulog na lubhang mahimbing; buksan ang bintana at ako'y dungawin, nang mapagtanto mo ang tunay kong pagdaing. * *
Peeling new faces of time, shaping the width of endless rhyme in sprays of endless mystery... like so, a thousand times before and after, twilight and daybreak entwine… oh,light elusive, passing through calm eyes of young maiden’s season is love’s way of coming back to itself. ~ -------- * O, light, in the cold night; you're like a star in the sky O, light, in the quiet night, your picture, Neneng, makes one ache…. Oh! ** Awake and arise from slumber, from your sleep so deep. Open your window and look out to me So that you may understand my true lament. ~ this poem is inspired by a harana, a traditional Filipino serenade. The suitor is accompanied by his friends who back him up both vocally. At first, the woman's window is closed. The man calls out to her and if she's interested, she'll open her window. Singing harana originated during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines.~ --------- For Debbie’s Bi-lingual Poetry by nette onclaud