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Below are the all-time best Egyptian poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Egyptian poems written by PoetrySoup members

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The Egyptian Revolution

The revolution Everybody has a limit , a time when enough is enough You must fight for what you believe in ,even when the going gets tough In the cold 25th in the midst of Jan Stood every freedom fighting child , lady and man The tyrannic dictator thought that he would last He thought he could win this and end the revolution fast 30 years is along time , but everything must come to an end For your voice you must fight , for your honor you must defend 1 day passed , he thought everyone would leave But they stayed for day 2 , in that he did not believe On the third day of the revolt , there came a cavalry attack Camels , horses and donkeys to push the protestors back Many lost their lives but their memories lived on They lost their lives so the tyrants would be gone They were used as a symbol for inspiration They were used for hope in times of desperation The police attacked but did not succeed The people refused to fall to tyrannical greed After weeks the system started to crumble Patriotic chants would make the ground rumble Until that faithful february day When everyone listened to what the tyrants man had to say The tyrant gave up the rebels thought they won They thought it was over , they thought they were done But the country got worse the job is not yet complete The country is devastated and it's economy obsolete We must continue on the fight to make a better land We must no let this pass, we must all make a stand For every martyr who gave their lives Leaving behind their children and wives We owe it to them to make their dream come true To make Egypt better for me and for you We must work harder than ever to restore our country's pride We must bring happiness to all who have cried We must better ourselves and take pride in our nation To repair all of this devastation We are all Egyptians we must all unite We must push on and carry on the fight So it does not matter what happens to me We will not stop until Egypt is free

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An Egyptian Queen

                   An Egyptian Queen

As I Fall asleep within this hour
To slowly leave this realm
I see my mother with serenity and great power
She is calm and ready to take the helm

Like queen Nefertiti, she sits upon a high throne of golden wood
It seems as if she has crossed over into another life
She has a high crown upon her head and is not misunderstood
Here at last; there is peace, love, happiness and no strife

I stare intently at her face
She looks  ageless, beautiful and humble
And I feel that she belongs in this place
As she speaks to me, without even a murmur or a mumble.

Now i know that she is perfectly alright
And I hope that she is in seventh Heaven
Because she has fought the good fight
And must be in another dimension as she moves towards the number eleven

The message she tries to send me
I hear without her voice
She tells me to go on living, stop being sad and be free
And that I must remember, I have a choice

The path that I must take is very clear
For she has gone home to be with the father and the Father
And can no longer live in this dimension down here
So she says goodbye and fades away, my mother.

William Morrissey 2/24/07   

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What Have I Done the confessions of an Egyptian teen

hello bartender , please serve me a shot for what i have done i wish i forgot i lied to my parents and went to smoke weed stole money from a friend , when i was lead by my greed i mugged little kids , i sent them home with tears i was under age , and went to drink beers i vandalized a house,shattered all its glass then went to its yard and burned all the grass i went to a party , and forged an ID i drank tequila,whiskey and scotch but i never felt free i wanted even more , so i turned to marijuana i took my sister's cat and fed it to my piranha i took to much and went to a bar stoned i met this drunk chick , and there she got boned i felt so guilty , so i drank so I'd forget but I'm forced to live and for my sins i felt regret my family is religious , i always let them down when I'm looked at by my parents , I'm always met with a frown so i thought , "do what I want" both ways I'm going to hell i went to drug dealers , but didn't feel well i bet on dog fights , i won and made a killing but it didn't feel right , as the dogs blood was spilling i drank and smoked weed , both at one time by this instance , i was at the top of my prime it was only a matter of time , till i would commit a crime i really felt like a low life slime but finally i hit the lowest of the low as low as any person would go when i was mugging a kid , his mother attacked i threw her on the floor , and her head got cracked the boy waited for her to wake , but she never awoke for that boy's mom , in front of him she crocked i ran away and didn't get caught i should have been locked away and left to rot i wanted to confess, so that's why I'm here i feel that my end is coming near thanks for listening my good man i will go turn my self in that's my plan so god help me be a better guy so there would be no more screaming, and no one would cry Confessions to a bartender contest (ps this did not happen , i made it up)

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feral frustration in egyptian scrolls covering up government conspiracies tomorrow

sometimes I am a cigarette burning into your/my skin
sometimes I am a corpse rotting into your/my dark
sometimes I am invisible

often this is a noiseless void
often this a soundless numbing
often I am wrong

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Getting away with murder and murderous thoughts The Egyptian edition

With one glance of her eyes you would turn to stone her icy glare would chill to the bone i talk about our Arabic teacher a vile and very nasty creature a shot in the head is not enough for that creature is very tough i would love to slit her throat with a knife or maybe cut of her head with a scythe a sprinkle of cyanide in her morning drink or throw her in tar and watch her sink booby trap her chair ,so it would explode tie her to a car and drag her down the road put her in a guillotine and chop of her head stab her with a dagger and watch as she bled put a bomb in her house and reduce it to ash cut the brakes on her car so she would hit and crash drive a stake through her heart and burn her with fire get her assassinated by soldiers for hire put a rope around her neck , and push her off a tower throw acid at her in a hailing shower maybe silver bullets from a silver gun dip her in oil and into the sun but nothing will work from what i have said because you cant kill something that's already undead
BY: Mostafa Zaki

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An Egyptian Beauty

Oh gracious daughter of Aye
beautiful woman has come
queen of joy pleasing to thy king
Oh green eyed silent beauty
Voice as sweet as a kind heart
Eye brows as straight as an arrow
Oh great beauty of Aton
Fingers coated with melted gold
Shaped with a swarm like neck
Oh princess among many others
Resolute cheeks steady as gaze
Gleaming hair with colored locks
Oh woman as capable as a man
 lips as bright as berry fondant
Eyes outlined with silver glimmer
Oh daughter dark and comely
Legs long like the harvestman
Waist as round as a circle
Oh queen of beauty and devotion
Won respect in history of women
As most beautiful in your time
Remembered for beauty and power

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My Egyptian Goddess

I'm writing my feelings 
down for you on a scroll 
my loyalty for you shall be 
foretold using the strength 
of my love to put you up on 
a pedestal your love to me 
is divine and terrestrial 
overwhelmed by your 
salacious force I start to 
lose myself to your warm 
embrace with no remorse I 
am now forever yours 
Presence so Flawless love 
so true she's my Egyptian 

You Bathe in Milk and 
crimson rose petals your 
elegance embraced by rare 
stones and precious metals 
Aura so divine I'm 
abducted by your love feels 
like I'm losing track of time 
observing your every move 
in anticipation waiting on 
your requests I'm here to 
offer you my love and 
services prepared to do 
everything to prove my 
loyalty to my precious 
Egyptian Goddess. 

As You slowly nibble 
kisses to my neck 
paralyzing me with 
immediate effect got me 
stunned by your beauty 
such true art my 
undeniable counter part 
together we will experience 
an immortal love secured 
beneath the Fool Moon 
above Stars creating a 
romantic ambiance our 
love shines in the dark 
magical sparks howling 
passion making our mark 
you worth my worship and 
praise yet so modest but 
without her I'm lost she's 
my Egyptian Goddess.

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The Egyptian Bowl Weevil Dance

If you see a bowl weevil move,
If you see a bowl weevil prance,
It is probably this bug doing
The Egyptian bowl weevil dance

If by some happening,
You happen to see
A bowl weevil dancing 
It just might be

If he’s bouncing all around,
All around by some chance
It’s the bowl weevil doing
His little Egyptian Dance

If you hear something,
A right jolly little sound
Listen really closely
And look all around

When you find the noise,
With the pass of a glance
Watch the bowl weevil do
His little bowl weevil dance

So feel the joy
That the bowl weevil brings
As he jumps about
And as he sings

Roll up the legs,
The legs of your pants
And join the bowl weevil doing 
The Egyptian bowl weevil dance