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One More Time

The voyage long, begun at dawn, and then
the winged beast of metal rolls wheels to ground,
loved ones, inside and out, bear only grins,
and recount old tales of "remember whens?"
The hours of waiting fast recede, unwound,
as passengers embrace their long lost kin,
they grab their bags, head toward waiting cars
with hope and faith, forget the "might have beens."
"Worth the wait?" said Gram, Gramp smiles without a sound.
His son beams at 'the wife' and passes round cigars.
The world is right and bright again.

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God with us

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Knowing that you exist in my heart
Even when you always decked on your hat
To lure the one that has giving you tough 
Times as you often attempt to ride on the rough
Edges of her frigid and rigid mind,
One is not amazed that blind 
Love can easily turn someone wild
Although the individuals with mild 
Hearts sometimes falls into wrong
Hands and it takes quite a long
Time to realize that infatuation
Breeds unwarranted tension and depression
Caused by emotional hurts and heartbreak,
That is usually the end story of a fake.
 A poem written by Uche ken Okologo. 4/30/2013

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Life is good and God is life
Start where you are; live your life
Give birth to yourself; don’t wait for a mid-wife
I know that everybody dies; we know that not everybody lives
Can’t be done thinking thanks; still holding to the green leaves
I haven’t made it yet; still have hopes to make it in future
Nobody knows tomorrow; the things to happen, we only hope to picture
What they take for granted today seemed impossible yesterday, to structure
I want to be used for a greater purpose; far way bigger than myself
Life is good; I want it to be better for I, Me and Myself.

 I wrote a letter to time, asking him for more time
The things I hope to accomplish in future is enormous; I need more than time
Checks and balances; everything being equal, my life is balanced
Heard equality is unattainable; many still feed on diets that are not balanced
Could it be that life is not fair to some people? Is it then dark?
So far there is life, there is hope; this is beyond the slate minds that are blank
Imitation is limitation I heard; Am so busy trying to make my own impression
My impressions will be baseless if I don’t conquer the limits of my limitation
Thank God for the gift of life; be happy and free to live your God-giving life
Life is good; Yes! It will be better for all have life and still strife.

The future is so competitive; I have the best in anticipation
To the best of memory; All in the past has been solidification of the foundation
I pray, the temple of my life doesn’t fall; still clinging to the help from above
You are the captain of the ship of your life; let no pirate sail above
You are in charge, take control of your ship and sail against the tides of the sea
With a focused third eye; all that you seek to look, you will surely see
These walls don’t keep a secret; Am obsessed with life, want to keep living
Making plans to not just exist but to live a life that I will make my own living
Life is everybody’s priority; we all have our different priorities in life
Life is so beautiful that even death seeks for a life.

Dedicated to my dearest friend Jennifer…
Live your life baby…

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Musical Lips

Whoe’er she be the creation of gazing and killing lips
That is not impossible to hold and to scream,
Whose form which I look down at the flesh of sea’s tulips
As I puzzle the need from my heart to stop it to go in bloodstream.
For where all stars far away come and stay where’er she lie
And those eyes direct to fear and I admire;
Till nothing tread out of me from the unseen outie
And still, or glist’ring nest a backfire
Of this whole thing wring the last message of passion
And fair lips, which the youth dire to cover with words;
To rise, “Bring all what it aspires and earnings compassion!”
And it was then Heaven can testify from the summer chords.
By the lovely out dream and day all night
My body and your body shall airtight.

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Jesus Christ' Parable - The Wedding Feast

Importance of Humility / Reward For Generosity
LK 14:7-14

He told a parable to those who had been invited, noticing how they were choosing the places of honor at the table. 
"When you are invited by someone to a wedding banquet, do not recline at table in the place of honor. 
A more distinguished guest than you may have been invited by him
The host who invited both of you may approach you and say, 'Give your place to this man,'
 Then you would proceed with embarrassment to take the lowest place. 
Rather, when you are invited, go and take the lowest place so that when the host comes to you he may say,
 'My friend, move up to a higher position.'
 Then you will enjoy the esteem of your companions at the table. 
For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, But the one who humbles himself will be exalted.
" Then he said to the host who invited him 
"When you hold a lunch or a dinner, do not invite your friends or your brothers or your relatives or your wealthy neighbors, in case they may invite you back and you have repayment. 
Rather, when you hold a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind; 
Blessed indeed will you be because of their inability to repay you. 
For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous."

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I like

I like to lay on a bed of roses
With your arms around me
Play peel a boo
With the clouds

Feel your lips on mine
Your body next to mine
Watch you gaze at me
With a big smile

Have lunch on the ground
Dance to the music
While bodies sway
And love comes alive

Walk on the beach
Holding hands
While running along
With the waves high

See the dolphins play
Watch the skies so blue
The clouds of velvet
As I touch your skin

Take a trip for two
On a cruise
With a ship
That rocks as we make love

See the flowers bloom
In the April rain
Read a book
While I cook

There are so many things
I like to do
I can't name them all
I'm with you

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Mom's Cocina

Mom’s Cocina

Mom’s cooking breakfast this morning.
Pancakes and eggs with beef sausages
Meticulous and clean the cook makes some great food, Scrumptious!
Food smells great…overwhelming smell of goodness.
Egglands best, smokes beef Armor brand sausage.
Aroma permeates the house.
Hunger is calling my name.
Waiting, my stomach growls Mom dallies.
All I can think about is the food. My mind dallies as Orange juice falls into my mouth…
All for me right from the juice container.

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Colossal Bliss

When spring dies shall the valley shines,
And by the light of night quivering heart away,
Yet through beauty morning confines,
Till that ripe in please, so a master archway
Where the dreamers like twin births’ filling with kisses, and lies;
Thou as Earth art fair and young and open to please,
To sing within another hour and close from the auguries
And teach everyone else just as a command of love, cease
No more from the last tear from November. I met afternoon
Where all creatures are in such display and all these plays
Too late then with thou shower thy from I am the lonely gossoon
Behind the rocks dreaming or laughing, so cold from their foreplays;
Shall I late to see through for what I become and I wish?
To hide from the moral shine what I could not abolish?

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Who shall dare to die or to love among the Furies?
Not carry us by lustiness rather by the purpose, wisdom
Whose radiant rage welcomes you and the ambiguities?
And if that unfair, dropsy with pain, then none creates martyrdom;
To recall part of our age, oh bone! The hide prize
From our own mistake in front of the angers and crimes
Aside what left, for in the bloody world that appear to allegorize
And the hate melt cannot freeze from the above cleomes;
Remember we pass through, seal by a target unseen
From a God to subserve in massive, superlove, with such thing
Longingly upon the unforgiving hills from that delirious tween 
Of the idea, screaming from every angles the abjuring
Horizon in red; and throw into inflammation,
A day end, nothing to reconcile, a caste of passion.