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The Chorus of Dawn- Haiku Medley

           World hushed in silence
          Birds unable to keep still…
             The chorus of dawn

                Melody of praise
     Chases the shroud of the night…
             Blessed hues of morn

           Dawn gives way to day
            The celebration of life…
               Is well under way	

           Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Paper Doll Chorus Line

Paper Doll Chorus Lines
                         by Odin Roark

Sun and wind
Imagination’s puppeteer
Turn and twist cutout paper dolls
Strung across blown out window casements
Creating daily enchantment amidst the smoke

How precious
These afternoons
As scissors assist small fingers prepare 
The matinée performance
Cutting daily “stay in your homes” flyers
Into dancing friends

Say the mothers
The war stage
Will be replaced by
Velvet curtained openings
Where make-believe hope 
Will find flesh and blood still intact
Renewed hearts respecting


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The Silent Chorus of Asia's Missing Daughters

The mourning sun struggled to shine
over the good earth
longing for uprooted seeds,
O-Lan’s second bamboo shoot
harvested far too soon.
The eighth page of 
my American newspaper
casually mentions
Sixty Million
as is our rage.
Silent choruses
of Asia's daughters 
during this thirty-year long
monsoon of tears
cry out in unison:
Was gender our only crime, 
or was it the cruelty of order?
(to form an even 
more perfect union,
one child-no second chance,
second child-no first chance.)
Inhuman actuaries 
compute the 
fair market value of
rare Punjabi jewels as
the opportunity cost 
of their ultimate dowries,
while surplus men pine.
O blind new world
proud of its 
amniotic intelligence,
so unaware of the 
consequences of
unnatural selection,
last night I dreamt
Heaven’s narrow gates
welcoming millions 
scarcely born,
its vast expanse 
unable to contain 
our aggregate guilt, 
the billions of us who 

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Alone --- chorus ---

So seal the windows shut,
Don't let anything get in,
Or out, you need,
Your silent complexity now,
Lock the doors,
Dont let a soul in,
Cuz this is your,
Sanctuary, safe place to be,
This is your one home.

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Jimmy and I - still working on CHORUS - Blues

I once robbed a bank so I could get high,
Yeah I stole all their money, I wanted to fly.
Now I'm sitting in jail, wondering why...

But I made a new best friend, Jimmy's just like me
and we're gonna bust outta this prison so we can be free -
and the first thing we're gonna try, yeah we gonna get high.

CHORUS (in progress)

Well we broke out and we partied, now the stuff's all gone,
but we got a great new plan we're working on while singing this song...
Yeah we're gonna rob a bank and get high
Jimmy and I.

Sitting In jail, back again,
How could we fail, Jimmy my friend?
Well, we left in such a hurry we forgot to take the money
had to go back again

CHORUS (in progress)

Now the moral of the story is that you shouldn't get high
'cause if you don't get started you won't be tempted to try
something so stupid that'll land you in the slammer like Jimmy and I.

No, you don't wanna be in the slammer like Jimmy and I.

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The Chorus of forgotten Voices

The sweet sweat chorus of forgotten voices
Bared and marred by torrents of ugly vices
The agonies of today seemed to know an alien song
Memories of yesterday was singing but out of beat
Soon the pains of tomorrow will certainly dance 
To the agonizing rhythms composed in an orthodox club
‘cos our battered mnemonic ear of age long pauperism
Has being spent listening to that tuneless song
Sung as a song to the scribe of our soulless soul
Hopes capsized again in the waters of the once true church
The canopy gatherings of the great bi-colored religion
Where we know we would find our salvation
In the musty bibles where there were ghosts 
On every page and death on both cold covers
This black Jesuit, our bullying gold rimed priest
Whose communion we daily upon starving feast
In a healing ceremony whose cure could be death
And our efforts useless as a spare prick at a wedding
But this golden chorus of forgotten voices unforgotten
We will sing even if the lyrics were written in purgatory
And composed inside the furnace of the nine hells
This will not quite have Angels for stanzas
To celebrate your lose lips that sink our ships
With Aryan salutes to secrets once moaned
In a Nazi torments on the desert winds.

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The Chorus of Death

Do you ever wonder why
when skies are gray and mothers die
why is there heaven and there is hell
when below damp soil is where we dwell

Clouds are heavy, thunders cry
cross my heart and hope to die
ever wonder how this world goes 'round
when all we ever do is lie beneath the ground

Waters boil and seagulls fly
against the screaming crows in the sky
ever stopped to wonder why they fight
when all we see is black as night

Fear them yes, face them no
only heaven saves us when we go
out into that fiery lake
ever wonder why our gods forsake

Tremble yes, hide from them no
ever wonder why we hate them so
when all the stars speak their name
and god spits you out all the same

Angels clash, devils fall
ever wonder why we love them so
when all their feathers rot and fade
no more wings for them that god has made

Let the come, let them fall
I can beat them one and all
For I am Death, and I am fear
ever wonder why I stay so near

I come for them and I come for you
no matter what you dream, or love, or do
ever wonder why all this is
when you are actually mine and not His

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Lyrical 1st verse and chorus - Devastate

Words hurt more than knives
I dont know how much I can take 
I am lost and cold and 
You are laughing at my pain 
I hope that you know 
what you did to me will stay
worse than stories told 
these scars will always carry pain 

I wont let them close enough
close enough to feel my pain 
I wont let them touch 
touch my heart wipe the tears away 
I wont let them close enough
close enough to heal my pain 
I wont let them touch 
touch my heart to sheild the rain

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MAN O' MAN, kiss thy maiden for the 
Seek compassion on thy beloveth lass;
Years did trespass whilst you tarry in 
Time did seize each moment a night 
do pass.

On cedar trees I sit and wait by dawn,
In await due for thy home-ward 

Furlongs away from my succulent thigh
Distance away from my tender warmth 
My heart in fright b'neath my breast: 
Fear is nigh,
Pulsation rise 'long; I whisper thy 

I whisper from the tallest tree in sight
I whisper; no reply to my worn plight.

Many a time thy name I utter low
Christening thy name; stir my voice 
round wind,
Hamm'ring thy name the wind did aid 
a blow
Sublime to rend t'wards you my heart 
and mind.

Sing on my muse, my cymbal and my 
Sing to my lover; he hearkens in mute.


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A Chorus of Inherent Blues

surviving in uncaring times
a silhouette of history’s past,
dark shadows race onward
eerily against inner peace,
bearing witness to belief’s
emergent untimely demise,
fairness is a foolish dream
enlightened twilight sleep,

lost in an innocent trance
awash in narcissism’s pool,
deaf blind prognosticator’s
on street corners cry out,
‘God is NOT a Christian’
in a post apocalyptic age,
a ageist man-made world
wherein automatons reign,

heroic altruistic capitalists
atop rafts of ill-gotten gain,
a parasitical elite straining
vast hidden corporate riches,
on the backs of dependent
sacrificeable indigent souls,
dire posthypnotic automata
ever living a forgotten life,

a wilderness of sojourners
numbed minds and spirits,
a chorus of inherent blues
non-persons who never was,
adrift in a comatose state
by prosperity’s siren call

© Eugene Harvey

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Remake of the chorus of the song 1,000 Miles

now i wonder
if i could kiss you in the night
do you think i could turn back time
because you know i'd apologize a thousand times
just to hug you
just to kiss you