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Pyramus-Thisbe - a selfless love

Pyramus was the handsome young man
Thisbe the fair maiden of Babylon.
The houses of their parents did adjoin 
Neighborhood brought the two in relation.
And the acquaintance ripened into love
And the fire within them burnt with bright glow.
Would have married, but their parents forbid
Ardor in hearts of both they couldn’t forbid
They did converse by signs, one can think of
The fire within them burnt like glow covered
But Venus doesn’t always befriend true love.

They found crack in wall that parted the houses
In spared passage for tender messages
Caused by fault in the wall of the mansion
What will not love find for satisfaction!
They passed the tender messages of love
As the night fell they said farewell with awe
Moving backward and forward through the gap
She on her side, he on his, kissed the gap.
One morn the sun put out the stars above
From the watchful eyes, they tried to slip up
But Venus doesn’t always befriend true love.

Then Thisbe stole forth as agreed upon
Unobserved, her head covered with a veil
Out of city’s bounds edifice well known
Waited for Pyramus near a fountain trail.
In the dim light she descried a lioness
Nearing the fountain with blood reeking jaws
With a recent slaughter to slake her thirst.
She fled dropping her veil out of fright.
After quenching thirst turned back for her cove
Renting the veil in bloody mouth on her retreat
But Venus won’t always befriend true love.

Having delayed Pyramus arrived there
Saw footsteps of the lioness in the sand
And found the veil all bloody over there
Crying picked up the rent veil in his hand.
Thought himself to be the cause of her death
Covering the veil with kiss and with tear
And said, come ye lioness tear with your teeth
Let my blood also shall stain your texture.
He plunged sword into his heart with a shove
Blood spurted, tingling the tree with red color
But Venus doesn’t always befriend true love.

Thisbe stepped out not to disappoint him
She noticed the change in the tree’s color
In the agonies of death she saw him.
A shudder ran as ripple in still water.
She saw her veil and his scabbard empty.
He has slain himself for her sake only.
She said, “I could be brave and follow thee
Death alone couldn’t prevent my joining thee
Love and death join us, one tomb be our grove”
She plunged the sword in her breast near the tree
But Venus doesn’t always befriend true love.

Such tale of the self-less love presented
The two bodies in one tomb were buried 
Pyramus-Thisbe tale our hearts do move
Berries serve memorials of their blood
But Venus doesn’t always befriend true love.

Dr. Ram Mehta
Second Place win
Contest: Your favourite poem by Giorgio Veneto

**Chant royal [shahn rwa-yal], 
A French verse form normally consisting of five stanzas of eleven 10-syllable lines 
rhyming ababccddede, followed by an envoi (or half-stanza) rhyming ddede. The last 
line of the first stanza is repeated as a refrain at the end of the succeeding stanzas and 
of the envoi. The pattern is similar to that of the ballade, but even more demanding. 88

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A dream vacation, time alone,
One boat ride to isolation,
Solace Island, my stress free zone, 
A week of true relaxation.
I’m left on a long beach of white,
But a morning haze clouds the sight.
All is still, save the turquoise sea,
Someone has left a gift for me,
A long gone child, summer’s artist,
Has bequeathed a shy fantasy...
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

Here there’ll be no T.V. or phone,
I’m far from civilization,
The cabin’s old but has good bones,
and set in a prime location.
Time ticks on, the tide brings its bite,
While I walk the shore, welcome night,
Waves swallow turrets, so cruelly,
And walls crumble, become debris, 
As the sun sets, I can not resist
sighing for its untold story...
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

Dawn arrives and the seagulls drone,
I dress with much jubilation, 
My camera says do not postpone
Rising – now- to the occasion.
Oh, this place casts its sweet invite
with tender breeze and foggy light, 
The plan’s to capture all I see
of this nature sanctuary.
I step outside and my head twists,
It yet stands, whole, destruction free... 
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

I kneel before its abalone
path and sea glass decoration,
small handprints on a wee throne 
tell me of a coronation.
Fine grains wink as the day turns bright,
The tale does not end, but rewrites
its pretty mote and towers three
and slowly builds a mystery
that won’t easily be dismissed,
Murmuring of veiled company...
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

I was completely on my own,
And ruled by imagination,
But for seven days I was shown
an innocent re-creation.
I heard giggles, their source unknown,
And the cabin door was impolite,
Opening in the dead of night.
Shells would be arranged, carefully,
As though for a doll’s tea party.
I called out, please, let me assist,
But my isle mate hid so bashfully...
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

I went home to normalcy,
Researched Solace’s history,
A young girl had drowned, ocean kissed,
And there she plays, eternally...
Castle of sand lost in the mist.  

For Gail's Sandcastle Contest
By Cyndi MacMillan, May 14, 2012

*Solely a work of imagination. There is no Solace Island, but islands are available to rent. 

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Shy, yet not meek in anyway, 
Those charms are not hidden from me,
I dream of you throughout my days, 
Eyes steeped in spice like ginger tea, 
And that Scot’s hair, such a deep red, 
Each sigh you give, every word said, 
Captivates me, renders me weak,
Your voice enthralls, I can not speak, 
Handsome, but don’t see yourself so, 
A strong profile, a firm physique, 
I blush because my heart’s aglow. 

You’re gallant and rush to the fray,
Helping young and retirees,
Giving your all, nothing’s halfway,
A peacekeeper and referee,
Fierce beliefs kept in a cool head,
Honour bound, I was not mislead,
You are all I want, all I seek,
I press my hand to my pink cheek,
I’m moved for your character shows,
Here stands a man, good and unique, 
I blush because my heart’s aglow.

Scarred but not crushed by yesterday,
The boy caged, but the man now free,
Your inner strength did not decay,
I rock the child you used to be,
But you lift your chin, shake your head,
Say that some paths can’t be retread,
Your outlook is bright, yet could be bleak,
Another’s blows you don’t critique, 
As I learn, admiration grows, 
You journey upwards to that peak,  
I blush because my heart’s aglow.

Your slow kiss makes my body sway,
Unhurried lips just undo me,
You hold my hand, I’m a cliché,
Your smitten girl, your devotee.
I’ve lost my grace, my feet are led,
Words escape, I’ve lost my head,
I pinch myself, give arms a tweak,
Still I babble, blurt and squeak,
You’ll never know how much I know,
From tip to toe warm colours leak,
I blush because my heart’s aglow.

You’re not one for a big soiree, 
But I’ve waltzed ‘neath sycamore tree,
Been swept away by rose bouquets,
And heard my name in breathless pleas.
Stars stitched you to me, tender threads,
The moon heard us and her arms spread,
Our desire has never piqued, 
Sweet, the teasing and the mystique,
This aura you’ve made, watch it flow,
My flush crafted by your technique, 
I blush because my heart’s aglow.

Look closer, please, take a long peek,
I’ll lay it out, won’t doublespeak,
My love to you I do bestow,
Heat rises, that’s why all flames streak,
I blush because my heart’s aglow.

By Cyndi MacMillan, Dec 23, 2011
For David Williams "Romance" Contest.

Dedicated to my husband, my hero, my love. This is a poem about our courtship.

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passionate moments filled
with zeal and zest as i gathered 
thoughout babbling brooks tainted 
an yet brillantly carved from a sudden

interruption of unguided cognitive skills 
completely noted as french karma 
binded with crued wrath unseen 
gripping racing thoughts tinged
with a sensual sadness i'd become to know
very well whille quiet times beckons 
my inspirational soul casting a beacon light
of faint hues glorious to greet beyond 

a calm walk way covered in a quiant emory 
of a soft garden full of greenary 
a shivering ivy conceal the sorted bliss
that quiets the empty mind between
universal meetings above the hidden stars 
reaching the gravity under a rushing spring 
sheer wetness bursting from a mist of lost clouds

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Paying For Lies With Lives

"Sing to me, Muse, of the wrath of Achilles." - Iliad, Line 1

Western dreams were born in wrath,
Overmastering all the noble aims of reason.
The bloom of youth, cut from its proper path,
Fallen wasted in full season
Torn and silent upon fields of fire,
Betrayed by elder men's desire
To force their goals on one another,
Stolen from each grieving Mother
Against the tides of pain each strives
His misery to quench, his hate to smother
As they pay for lies with lives.

Home and hearth abandoned for ambition,
The promise of tomorrow dies on foreign shores
For shadows' sake they are cast to perdition,
To drown in the shifting seas of wars.
The Enemy as confused as they,
Affrighted and divided by the fray,
Consumed by fear in the battle's heat
The dead lie dead, come victory or defeat.
The living, stung by memories' knives,
Against which they in vain entreat,
Go on to pay for lies with lives.

The world turns on as the game is played,
Each dawn finds men so much the same.
The debts accrue, are bourne and paid
Each seeking honor for his name,
And a home secure in peace.
Yet men move other men, and will not cease
To bind them to some formless claim or cause,
To bid them die to right the flaws
Perceived in others of like kind; their wives
Bide in fear and live by tyrants'  laws
As they pay for lies with lives.

Noctambulate, the pawns of powers fight,
For cause of country weakly understood;
They move from day to death's eternal night
Directed by the wills of men of wood.
When all has ended, what has been acheived?
What meaning comforts myriads bereived?
The world will turn, and others rise
To fill the void, the numb surprise
Of lives unlived, of weeping eyes,
Of silence heavy with unanswered sighs
For those who paid for lies with lives.

Must so many lines of history
Be so far writ in blood,
So tainted with tragic mystery
Trammeled by iron stained with mud,
Its pages overrun with acts untamed,
Acts of slaughter by the vast unnamed?
So many deeds set down in red
Give cause to rest uneasy in our beds.
Though the past recedes, the present shall reprise
The accusatory march of the silent dead,
Parading those who paid for lies with lives.

Who dares leave our collective guilt unclaimed?
Were not our many wars for subtle reasons framed
By minds fit for much finer uses,
By hearts that might have scorned such abuses
Leading to this madness - who denies
Those self-delusions that should leave us shamed,
That make us pay for lies with lives?

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february 27th

february 27th

i was born in the month 
second to the first month
of the year 1985 on the 27th
a wednesday it were, my day of birth
i was born and blossomed on earth
i shall be gone and faded by death

i was raised from the walks of many
i was chased from the talks of any
i was faced in stare from the looks by many
i was traced to each way of i destiny by plenty
my circumstance were many, mine without penny
still to the moment of circumstance i carry
the wish to my own penny like any of empty

i still deny my heart a chance
i denied my heart a second chance
by the matters of the heart at once
and urge 
my heart to the edge
of any that matches
and live 
to leave
when gone and faded
by death than hatred

i was born
i would have gone
so alone
with none 
but my own
body and soul
and all that knew me, 
would have known
that i was born
on my earth strong


poem: feb.27th
book: the melody of my heart
book no.14 of 2012

facebook: opnmambo
twitter: @opnmambo


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You take all of me

Take all of Me

	I always wanted to know why I felt so empty when you went away. I never understood. Why or how can someone 
make me feel this way? My heart is beating, my mind is racing, my hands are shaking. I try to catch my breath, I am lost!! 
I try to hold back my tears. I try to retrace my footsteps and rethink those thoughts. My heart is black, my mind is lips are sealed. I cant find  all the answers, but I came up with this, “You take all fo me.”

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As I arise to face a new day
  The governments in foul play.
Taxation is a total drain
  Crime is a money gain
Pollution clouds my membrane
  Healthcare is a crying shame
Love can be a constant pain
  Hatred may never end.

You ask me what, I CAN DO
   I measure life as you do to.
To de-value one's life, is everyones issue
  Reguardless of circumstantial views.
Put yourself in someone elses shoe's
  It may very well, oneday be you.

Blaming, fighting, fear & pain
  We all know it, there's nothing to gain.
No sense in crying, establishment blues
  It only feeds the anger, we fuel
Its human nature, win or lose
  Chose not to be like them
Love unconditionally thats your tool.

You ask me what I CAN DO.
  I measure life as you do to
Theres only so much one can do
  To acknowledge & challenge, for change
Is the power within you.
Responsibility lies, in what we CAN DO
  When time to give, gift with a open heart
A peaceful demeanor, is a pure start...

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A Loan From Above

A loan from above
by Lawrence M. Nunez

Dear Lord I loved her so
and it hurt to see her go
it pains my heart
to be ripped apart
words cannot express
this deep distress
somehow I know
I have got to let go
for she was just a loan
from the angels you own

the pain is so deep
it is difficult to sleep
they say it will be okay
healing is on its way
but only you can heal
the topsy  turvy I feel
I know deep inside
with you she now reside
for she was just a loan
from the angels you own

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You are a princess in my heart,
and I care for you so much.
I love the fondness in your eyes,
 and your tender little touch.

I looked at you when you were born,
and knew then straight away,
that I would be fore ever here
to watch you grow and play.

You bring to me a heart of joy,
and memories so great,
and a powerful sense of fatherhood
 that no one can debate.

I watch you sleep and dream of things
 that I can only wonder.
That innocent look upon your face
 just makes my heart grow fonder.

I see you run and jump and shout
 and calling out my name.
No love that I have ever known
 could ever feel the same.

No suffering or tragedy
 nor deeply seated pain
could ever over shadow
 the bond that we retain.

And so my little princess
 before you go to sleep,
Remember I am your daddy,

 and I am yours to keep.

(For Victoria from Dad)