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In the several centuries 
Before the coming of Christ
The Jews in Palestine re-examined 
Eliminated some of the books 

From existing collection
As not in harmony with the Law of Moses as 
Of doubtful inspiration
The Pharisees set up four criteria 

Which their sacred 
Books had to pass 
In order to be included 
In the revised Jewish Canon

(1)	They had to be in harmony with the Pentateuch (Torah or Law)

(2)	They had to be written before the time of Ezra

(3)	They had to be written in Hebrew

(4)	They had to have been written in Palestine

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The difference in the Catholic 
Protestant Bibles arose in the following manner
The jews living in the few centuries before Christ 
Were divided into two groups

The Jews dwelling in Palestine, speaking Hebrew
And the large number of Jews scattered
Throughout the Roman Empire, speaking the Greek language
Consequence of the conquest of Alexander the Great of Greece

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The time the books of the New Testament were written
Many other pious stories
Legends relating to Christ
And His times were also widely circulated

As a result
In the early centuries of the Church
There was some confusion and doubt to which books are inspired
And biblical and which are not

As far as known
It was the Council Hippo in A.D. 393
First determined which books were inspired
And were to be included in the bible canon

In every respect identical with the canon of the Council of Trent
Subsequent Councils confirmed this decision and the Council of Trent in 1546
Formally canonized all the traditional books of the Bible
These books comprise to believe that all passages of all books are equally inspired

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T. C. Canon: Indian Woman with Umbrella, View # 2

For long I gaze upon the spectacle of a child
And did not comprehend my own heart blind
To the history that left men empty and defiled
Mark how he represents the landscaped mind
Rows and rows of green like wires or a fence
Soft as innocence, and a pink sky with a white
A cloud singly rolling by. There is a deep tense
In the knowing: purple printed dress, a tight
Face not showing the missing wilderness. Things
In a purple pocketbook perhaps, but not hidden
By clouds certainly, her rawhid mocassin brings
To boot the blue shadows of memory. Laden
Lines traverse her face with time's complexity
The umbrella perhaps extolling life's modernity
But she alone in her simple world bask in light
While her world from history takes its flight.

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T. C. Canon: Woman with Umbrella

In today's sunlight bleached ... The woman sit
Covered by modernity in a complex view -
Of purple printed dress exhaling his wit:
A purple bag juxtaposes the old with new
She seems to sit on the lowest green rows
Of hill, her mocassin boots in a blue shade
All her mystic Indianess about her flows 
Like sunlight through the childlike glade.
And I before him stood a child amazed still
With the uncorrupted pastoral of his world
The unblemished lines of a rolling hill
Stretched like a strand of fencing his love unfurled
Denying the eyes temptation to things
Grander than a pink sky above it all, one
White cloud of memory like a tear brings
The absent buffalo hunters from lost horizon