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Below are the all-time best Bahamian poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Bahamian poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Merengue Moon

The bouncing beat

Of merengue music 

At the beach bar pulses

Across the Bahamian bay

On a mellow breeze, 

Calling to the palms 

As they sway their arms

To the night rhythm, 

Inviting them into a dance 

With the full blue beams 

That tiptoe across the dark water

Eager to step onto the white expanse

Lit by the bright disco ball overhead

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Sidney Poitier---To Sir, With Love

*** Deep in the face of dignity, there is a talent undefined by race Undefined by a simple phrase, designed for praise because of grace He raised the bar, he paved the way, he played each part with nobility He forged his way, he carved the day, with courage and humility In a racist world, he earned respect, where few before had found the way He crawled inside each role he played, and gave them life, so deep within He wore the skin, of many men, with a gentle wind's resistance One early role, that stirred the pot, a plot that pledged his love's fair skin Yes! Shocking some!!.....But soon he'd find, applause for wedging understanding A cause that spiraled racial growth Another role where deadlocked chains, with ankles bound, were fugitives while on the run, we cheered them on........and viewers too, unlocked old ways "To Sir, With Love" above, beyond, his art would teach us how to change "Mister Tibbs!!"........he said it clear!!....."Don't call me BOY! Don't you dare!" We believed in what we heard, courageous rage, that we could cheer! He sang with nuns while we clapped hands.......they built a church in desert sand He won awards for gentle grace, and won a place in history He warmed the screen with soul and truth, and paved the way for striving youth who want to be a legend too, be it black or white or green or blue Bahamian bred, Defiant One, Ambassador, Freedom's reward Against all odds, he logged his time, to change the tide of narrow minds A winsome smile, with deeper lines, that swayed the Lillies of the Field...
____________________________________________________ For Franks Contest: 6/21/13

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I'm a high strung girl
From two different worlds
Fiery and passionate
That's my Cuban one
Sassy and mischievous 
The Bahamian sun
Guys call me opinionated
But I'm just liberated!
I'm a nice person
Once you get to know me
Few though, ever see me clearly
A "sarcastic jerk" they say
They're lucky that I turn and walk away
"Vengeance is God's"
I mumble
If I were you I'd stumble
I speak my mind
Don't keep it all inside
Sorry if you find
That troubling
The truth hurts
That's what's worst
But you see
Sometimes they respect me
After all, isn't honesty the best policy?
Now mind you it's rare
Not everyone gets my charming flare
But it's the ones that do
That I care for too
And if it's any comfort to you
I think it's quite uncouth
To never tell the truth!