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Merengue Moon

The bouncing beat

Of merengue music 

At the beach bar pulses

Across the Bahamian bay

On a mellow breeze, 

Calling to the palms 

As they sway their arms

To the night rhythm, 

Inviting them into a dance 

With the full blue beams 

That tiptoe across the dark water

Eager to step onto the white expanse

Lit by the bright disco ball overhead

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Sidney Poitier---To Sir, With Love

*** Deep in the face of dignity, there is a talent undefined by race Undefined by a simple phrase, designed for praise because of grace He raised the bar, he paved the way, he played each part with nobility He forged his way, he carved the day, with courage and humility In a racist world, he earned respect, where few before had found the way He crawled inside each role he played, and gave them life, so deep within He wore the skin, of many men, with a gentle wind's resistance One early role, that stirred the pot, a plot that pledged his love's fair skin Yes! Shocking some!!.....But soon he'd find, applause for wedging understanding A cause that spiraled racial growth Another role where deadlocked chains, with ankles bound, were fugitives while on the run, we cheered them on........and viewers too, unlocked old ways "To Sir, With Love" above, beyond, his art would teach us how to change "Mister Tibbs!!"........he said it clear!!....."Don't call me BOY! Don't you dare!" We believed in what we heard, courageous rage, that we could cheer! He sang with nuns while we clapped hands.......they built a church in desert sand He won awards for gentle grace, and won a place in history He warmed the screen with soul and truth, and paved the way for striving youth who want to be a legend too, be it black or white or green or blue Bahamian bred, Defiant One, Ambassador, Freedom's reward Against all odds, he logged his time, to change the tide of narrow minds A winsome smile, with deeper lines, that swayed the Lillies of the Field...
____________________________________________________ For Franks Contest: 6/21/13

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Welcome Home My Friend

Welcome home my friend
it has been twenty four months
since you've departed
our islands in the sun
for the harsh cold winters
of the Canadian landscape in the north

Welcome home my friend
I bet you've missed
tanning in our warm and glorious
Bahamian sunshine
and chilling underneath
 your favorite coconut palm
at your favorite spot on Love Beach, sipping Sky Juice

Welcome home my friend
I bet you've missed rushing to the spectacular beats
of the Junkanoo in the morning and dancing in the moonlight
with your man at the Rake and Scrape Festival on Cat Isle
I hope you enjoy your journey back home to your domain
of the sun, sand and sea

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I'm a high strung girl
From two different worlds
Fiery and passionate
That's my Cuban one
Sassy and mischievous 
The Bahamian sun
Guys call me opinionated
But I'm just liberated!
I'm a nice person
Once you get to know me
Few though, ever see me clearly
A "sarcastic jerk" they say
They're lucky that I turn and walk away
"Vengeance is God's"
I mumble
If I were you I'd stumble
I speak my mind
Don't keep it all inside
Sorry if you find
That troubling
The truth hurts
That's what's worst
But you see
Sometimes they respect me
After all, isn't honesty the best policy?
Now mind you it's rare
Not everyone gets my charming flare
But it's the ones that do
That I care for too
And if it's any comfort to you
I think it's quite uncouth
To never tell the truth!

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The Bahama Islands, Our Tropical Paradise

(Blank Verse Poem Written To The Melody of  The Song:"Venus In Blue Jeans"
Written by: Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller)

The Bahama Islands, our tropical paradise
it’s the apple in eyes of the Caribbean
It’s the place of my birth
it’s like  Saturn camouflaged
in sun , sand and sea

The Bahama Islands, our tropical paradise
it’s  the archipelago we all love 
from Grand Bahama, Abaco, Andros to Inagua
a sanctuary where summer vacations are endless!

There is an abundance of activity 
for  Bahamians and  tourists can all enjoy
Junkanoo, Goombay Fest and Pineapple Fest
purchasing  Androsia Print and scuba diving in The Dean’s Blue Hole!

The Bahama Islands, our tropical paradise
I’m proud to be a loyal Bahamian
with your balmy coconut trees and your white sandy beaches
you are God’s gift to the tourism industry!

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A Tribute To The Color Aquamarine

Aquamarine, oh aquamarine
my favorite colorant in the whole wide world!
born from the marriage between 
colorants blue and green 
You represent my peace of mind, self -confidence
and every strand of my being  as a passionate Bahamian
I see you as the most significant colorant 
on our Bahamian flag
because you represent the crystal clear
transparent tropical garden, 
the apple in the eye of the Western Hemisphere
scattered with coral reefs, queen conchs, 
spiny lobsters and snappers
encompassing our islands and cays
and our gorgeous sandbanks as white 
as sand in an hour glass

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Conch Sound

Conch Sound
the garden of North Andros
the place where my father’s navel string lay
The settlement sits on the vicinity of the waterfront
with old Bahamian sloops piloted by One Eyed Jacob
drifting across the sea winds
while its blue hole calmly sleeps
on the pillow of the ocean

The land has multitudes of
healthy, growing trees and saplings
bearing the fruits of its labor:
mangoes,  coco plums,
coconuts and star fruits

We can cross the creek near Johnson’s Hill
with caution at low tide
passing through the tranquil kingdom
of the mangroves:
red, white, black and buttonwood
to take a view of the old cemetery
the final resting place of Aunt Nora
submerged in multitudes of sand grains

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Inagua's Son

He was Inagua’s son
he was born in 1921
on the land of Matthew Town
where the flamingoes was dancing all around!

He was Inagua’s son
he loved his steak-shaped island
he loved it’s southern climate
and angling  by the rocky shores

He was Inagua’s son
he loved  wayfaring all over
he loved riding to Conch Shell Point,
Mutton Fish Point and Northwest Point

He was Inagua’s son
He loved to eat 
all Bahamian dishes in sight
especially pig feet souse and Johnny cake 

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Miss Bahamian Culture

Miss Bahamian Culture
a woman who pledges loyalty 
to our Bahamaland from the time
she was conceived out of the womb
Miss Bahamian Culture
a woman who sheds the blood 
of gold, black and aquamarine
straight from her veins
as she wake up each morning 
to the pulsing beat of goombay drums
and cowbells singing in her ears
Miss Bahamian Culture
a woman who is a true cultural icon
always clothed in either Androsia Print,
a costume of cardboard and crepe paper
or gold, black and aquamarine attire 
from head to toe
Miss Bahamian Culture
a woman who is a pure nationalist 
she always remember where her navel string was buried
as her place of birth and her tropical sanctuary 
regardless of where she travel in the world
whether it be in Miami, Jamaica, Japan or Vancouver

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A Tribute to My Favorite National Symbol

The Blue Marlin, our national fish
king of our  Bahamian waters
mightier than a hammerhead shark, a killer whale
and a manatee all combined! 
Blue Marlin, I admire the way
you  swim through our waters 
and jump into the air with your body 
majestically touching the warm, 
Bahamian sunshine above our horizon
You gracefully depict yourself 
on our currency of the highest order:
one hundred dollars with pride
reminding us of  your strength and courageousness!

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Tribute To The Father of Bahamian Tourism

Sir Stafford Lofthouse Sands 
The father, the architect,
the pioneer, the doctor, the visionary
the minister of Bahamian tourism
Sun, sand and sea 
his theme, his model, his darling
gave birth to the tourism product 
of The Islands of The Bahamas
Beaches, sunbathing, hotels
straw markets and glass bottom bucket divers 
delivered in print to all countries worldwide
spanning from The United States 
all the way to The U.K.
showcasing our dominance as destination 
numero uno for twelve months of summer vacations!

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Sun, Sand and Sea

(Read to the melody of “Rum and Coconut Water” by Hubert Porter and The Jamaican Calypsonians)

Doctor, will you help me out 
can you send me back The Bahama Islands
for I need to go back to those sunny isles
because I need a soak at Saunders Beach

I need sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea!
for God created a dreamland in paradise!

I want go back to the Bahama Islands
because it’s my home sweet home
and it’s the land that God consecrated  us
with transparent seas and limestone cays

I need sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea!
for God created a dreamland in paradise!

I love my country The Bahamas
where we can get sun sand and sea
I will always be a loyal Bahamian
and pledge my allegiance to the banner of  gold, black and aquamarine

I need sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea!
for God created a dreamland in paradise!

I want to go back to the Bahama Islands
because Miami don’t agree with me 
I want to stay in the 242 zone
where I can climb up the coconut trees

I need sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea !
for God created a dreamland in paradise!

In Miami they have Flo-Rida
yet The Bahamas have The Baha Men
I can dance the conch style and the heel and toe
at the Goombay Summer Festival

I need sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea !
for God created a dreamland in paradise!

When I go back to The Bahama Islands
I will never abandon the 242 zone
I will forever have the gold, black and aquamarine
drizzling down my blood vessels

I need sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea!
sun, sand and sea !
for God created a dreamland in paradise!