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Taken - ambiguity alert

Hallo dear - - -. Forgive me if I speak in ambiguities, they’ve taken our voices
 in a fit-to-be- interpreted-as-it-suits - - - act. Funny how it never applies to them.
- - -is okay but you should have seen his face when an evaluation officer asked
about his one year anniversary in business. Apparently they’d taken their names in
the application to the - - - Country for the…empowerment project. Poor him, he’s
still upset about his so-called business grant! And the - - -has no clue!

Oh little - - -! I pity him for having to grow up with brown teeth. Imagine living
in the city but drinking salty bore-hole water. Oh yeah they’ve diverted the
water to - - -   - - - farm(typical). - - - sends his love. He is still recovering from
that time. As if living in a rusty iron sheet house was not hard enough! They 
demolished their houses and gave the land to - - -so that he can build a---for his..
And to top it up - - - dad’s died along with sixty others. Their lives were taken 
when a ghost signed the release of contaminated - - - . I could have sworn that
signature was real!

Anyway, just to let you know that the - - -case was thrown out. The - - - found
out the hard way that their word amounts to nothing against - - - with guns and
immunity. Never mind that the kids are of another colour. Crazy, huh? Oh, by the
way, you should check your cash. In other news, unknown people entered the …
Bank and replaced the cash in three ATMs with counterfeits - top that!(pun intended)
I could go on but the rules have taken my words! Till we meet again, yours  - - -, ha!

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Tunnels Of Ambiguity (A.hail.Of.bullets.Is.All.i.feel Remix)

On trains
             on trains
                        trains that travel through tunnels of ambiguity in delusion
The rectangular motion of the subtle wheels meld into the subconscious 
A failed and flawed and fragrant commuter routine of blood sweat and ignorance.
And ignorance of blood and sweat and tears 
                                                  and tears of blood sweat in ignorance

Outside fragmented windows stand the borders of disease that border humanity as a whole
Humanity is a disease some would say
                                some would say it isn't.
A chaotic jumble of envy and spiritless ineptitude is all that I can view in the darkness 

We all roll into the station whilst time grinds still but in the precious seconds we can't
keep still.

Forged and tattered tickets to oblivion checked by the conductor of greed.
We all conduct greed at some point in our life
We just need a nudge and a wink to get back on track.

The end of the line stretches into infinite divergences.
And on another platform somewhere stands a man who looks just like me
And who smiles just like me
And who cries just like me
But maybe he will not die quite like me
And maybe if we met he would not like what he sees in me.

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Ambivalence amends itself 
when ambition challenges the amoral freedom
like the ambrosia we partook of,
something prohibited to humans...
that only the mythological gods
had the pleasure to enjoy;
and we adorn our heads with narcissus,
defying our worthless repulsion...
until we suffer the first defeat with dismay:
and as ambiguity leads to anguish,
there's little left that we can relish!

What if shame made us anonymous,
and all the senseless living done:  were bleak existence,
cursing torment persistently to absolve every fault...
nipping the nocturnal stillness 
with its fulsome, invariable obscurity?
We'll irrupt our consciousness,
make an invidious invocation to nothingness,
inviting helplessness irascibly:
and as ambiguity leads to anguish,
we have no choice but to invent excuses,
making up words to invert another unsound thought!     

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci