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Until One Day

Although I lived before
Bliss was measured day by day.
Cheerful moments dulled in empty rooms
Devoid of a kindred spirit
Each day started the same, 
Free from all but me,
Graced by diminished 
Hopes of ever finding "You".
Inside I cried,
Just me, alone.
Kindled embers 
Languished in shadows,
Mesmerizing lonely glows
Never meant to burn again,
Only to wait, only to wait.
Perhaps love will never come again
Quelled by fear of pain,
Reminded of fickle
Suffocating sophisticates,
Tempting liars lost like me, 
Until one day she walked in -
Veronique, more beautiful than her name,
With a heart that sang, and with
X's and O's that I could hold.
Your breath was that soft
Zephyr that once more sparked a flame.

Written May 31, 2013

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Moving On

All around me
Beautiful words flicker
Candle flame bright
Dancing on the tip of a wick
Encompasing me in a soft glow

Forever cascades past yesterday
Gathering my thoughts
Hope drips eternal
I think of who you were
Jesus holds you now

Kiss the face of God for me
Languish in a greater Love
Memories will console me for a while
Now is a time to celebrate you
Open hearts are so rare

Peace was always your prosperity
Questions did not always require answers
Rest from a life well lived
Smile your glorious smile
Time is of no consequence

Use your forever well
Victory lives beyond an empty vessel
Wisdom flowed easily from you
X really did mark the spot
Yesterday was not the end of you
Z to A, A to Z, last stop eternity

Dedicated to Bob.

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A pple pies, that's what I want to bite.
B egging my mom: "Mommy please, please..", as I
C ome closer to her..
D ancing a little to the left and right;
E very move a way to tempt my mom
F or that sweet delicious pie..
G iving her a kiss to her lips. And
H ugs so tight.. Finally,
I ris, my mom, said yes, yes we go and buy
J umping thrice for I am happy and thrilled, I
K not my arm to my mom's.
L ovingly, not wanting any other mom.
M oving fast as we could to buy not one or two but a plentitude of pies.
N oting, how generous is my mom for I was just asking for one.
O ven-fresh, my mouth waters as I smell the apple pies.
P icking one piece, 
Q uickly, I took a luscious large bite.
R ich rumble rush of savory pie
S ated my appetite.
T aunting me to take more! more!
U nder my mom's gaze, Again I eat and eat.
V ery delicious, I said to my mom
W idening my grin and giving thumbs up.
X eric is my throat, I drink and drink.
Y ummy! So yummy, that I eat four pies in a row.
Z ipper of my pants, my oh my, I hardly can close!

*** Xeric  means dry.

© O. E. Guillermo
October 10, 2014

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A ngelically, they sit at the feet of their 
b etters, smiling, stroking, smoothing away
c ares. Their jet black hair a contrast to the
d o's of the alabaster few whose toes they
e nliven with creams, and oils.

F awning seems second nature to them
g rumbling is beneath their breath,
h iding their true feeling, playing the
i cy China doll.

J ests in Mandarin or Korean fly like 
k amikaze airplanes over the
l olling heads of the gaijin.

M atrons with muffin tops spilling over,
n avels too buried to be seen
o rder cupie dolls with
p orcelain skin to polish their
q ueerly shaped toes to
r ed perfection.

S adly, even after callouses are shaved
t o soft pink skin, coats and
u nder coats of filler and polish are
v icariously added these
w omen;
x enophobic as they are
y ap about the ignorance of the East.
Z ealots make strange pedicure patrons!

* Abecedarian LINE or verse beginning with a letter of the alphabet in alphabetical 

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Fear at Bay

A s another day goes by
B ubbles burst with every lie
C agey secrets full of pain
D rip beneath the falling rain
E arnest feelings shorn of pride
F all dejected to the side
G uile abuses self respect
H aughty action for a fact.
I am lost within your schemes
J aded mind and silent screams
K iss of death flows in the air
L anguor presses, hard to bear.
M elancholic; there’s no light
N or a helping hand in sight.
O vercome by lack of hope
P inned by weight I cannot cope.
Q uicksand sucks under my feet
R eaching out to spell defeat
S trength is waning really fast
T his endurance will not last
U navoidable the end
V iolation by false friend.
W as it wise to have my bride 
X anthippe to be my guide?
Y et this panic I shall beat
Z en will help outwit the cheat!

This poetic form is called “Abecedarian”.
This is an Acrostic where all the consecutive
letters of the alphabet are used. 

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A is for atom, the smallest particle of an element which we could observe
B is for B Physics, the study of particles containing the *bottom (b) quark, which swerve

C is for colour, a property of quarks and gluons – but colour as we can see, it is NOT
D is for dark matter, a name given to matter with gravity, but luminous  it is not

E is for electrons, along with protons and neutrons, they are the building blocks of atoms 
F is for flavour, leptons have three generations and quarks have six labels, one being bottom

G is for gravitational lensing, the presence of matter which warp space-time – an effect on light-rays wield 
H is for Higgs boson (H): A particle that appears when sufficient energy is imparted to the Higgs Field

I is for IceCube (sic), a proposed extension of the AMANDA experiment which will be 10 times larger
J is for jettison, is to abandon or ditch any experiment which might jeopardise life and try harder

K is for K-Meson, the exotic strange (s) quark, sometimes also known as Kaons
L is for light-year, a measure of distance and not a measure of time, such as aeons

M is for mixing angles, the parameters that quantify how likely this is for flavours to transform
N is for neutron, one of the ingredients of atoms in the nuclei, and having no electric charge, the norm

O is for oscillate, to move back and forth, move to and fro, or to swing - not barge
P is for proton, one of the ingredients of atoms in the nuclei, and having a positive charge

Q is for quark, one of the main ingredients of matter and posses spin and come in six flavours
R is for radiation, which is emissions, energy, waves and rays, and could possibly devour

S is for spin, a number that labels the intrinsic angular momentum of a particle rotating around its axis 
T is for teraflops, a trillion floating point operations per seconds, in physics a measure or basis

U is for Uncertainty Principle: In quantum mechanics, there is an intrinsic uncertainty – a predicament
V is for veto detector, is a detector which is used for eliminating possible false signals in an experiment

W is for weak force, the most common manifestation of this force is beta decay and a proton arise
X is for Planet X, a term used for a planet, its existence about which is being theorised 

Y is for Yahoo Search and other search engines made possible by physics
Z is for Z-boson, a gauge boson with no electric charge and it mediates the current basics

Nobel Prize winner for physics, Marie Curie, was 4 when she taught herself to read and write
Quantum physics is a branch of physics that uses quantum theory to get things just right

* See the About section for a picture of a Bottom Quark

Contest Name	Z is for ZARIA: An ABC Couplet 


I have no idea what  level of literacy was intended for this contest. It varies from country to country - school to school.... I did these abecedarian poems for FUN :-)

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Flower Garden

Asters litter beds in rainbow colours
Berries red and black slowly growing
Clover adding bright patches of green
Daisy's dotting the rolling lawns
Enchanting us with their beauty
Fox gloves waving their wands of trumpets
Gerbera brightly show the sun their faces
Hibiscus blown by gentle hot breezes sway
Irises joining in glinting and glimmering
Jasmine flowers spreading out profusely as
Kale fish swim in the pond flashing colour
Lilies floating gracefully give them shelter
Mums giving ground cover to the rolling banks with
Narcissus poking out between them while the
Orange hues of asters are a delightful background for
Peonies some tall most very short nestle beneath
Quince flowers, still their tight buds vie with 
Roses stately and wafting perfume clouds around 
Snapdragons closing their petals over insects
Tansy's rarely seen now a days, here do thrive and 
Uniformly line the garden paths whilst timid
Violets of deep purple shyly peek out and the
White tulips dance amid the rest under hedges of
Xylosma giving height and deep shade for plants
Zinnia's with rings of colour exploding

04/24/2014 by Shadow Hamilton

contest What's in your garden placed 1st

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A is for audacious, a bold statement made by the foolhardy
B is for boor, an ill-mannered person who’s apology is tardy

C is for curtail, an education cut short, old Alma Mater haunted
D is for dander, ones anger rising at ignorance being flaunted

E is for empirical, experience gained from observation and experiment
F is for flit, from one idea to another fleetingly move, an impediment 

G is for gnomon, the implement on a sundial casting a long shadow  
H is for huddle, a confused mass heaped together into a barrow
I is for innate, our inborn and instinctive natural intrinsic being
J is for jar, of facts which are at variance with others we are seeing 

K is for knell, the sound of a bell spelling the extinction, changes it rings
L is for luminous, shedding light on otherwise invisible, obscure things 

M is for mirth, when you can laugh in merriment, finding glee in a situation
N is for nous, the common sense some people lack, being without gumption

O is for obfuscate, to confuse, stupefy and bewilder the mind, factually
P is for proffered, to offer explanations and demonstrate tactfully 

Q is for queue, is a line of people willing to learn new concepts 
R is for reredos, the grid removed from the fire and old precepts  

S is for semantics, the study of words/phrases and their meanings 
T is for tome, the voluminous books studied and digested the dealings

U is for unction, a soothing word causing deep emotions, in a trio 
V is for vim, the vigour of mental strength or energy expressing brio 

W is for woe, is the bitter grief that you feel at the loss of one of a pair
X is for xanthous, it describes the colour of his yellow skin and red hair

Y is for yammer, it explains voluble talk, which includes lament and wail
Z is for zany, the buffoon and the clown’s assistant who will assist us to bail!

Flitting audaciously to obfuscate semantics and dicing zany bards 
Yammering on about things which jar that we should ideally discard

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Under the greenwood tree

Under the greenwood 
tree,under the coolest 
shadow,whose love 
with me stay..who want 
to kiss me there?          
Where a tune of sweet 
merry             Where 
birds chirping and 
Waiting they we want to 
sing:             Only you i 
want to 
Come to show your how 
much,Love or what to 
think?         Love to 
live in the sun,Seeking 
my food i eat.

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Where lies a better place?
Where lies the dream place?
Indeed' the dream place-
as we, for once, have not being there;
and as well' a dreamless place,
as we hope' not to find us' in want there.

Where lies a better man?
Where lies the new man?
A man void of evil inclinations-
knowing neither good nor evil;
entirely unknown to ambition
but in all things lowly and simple.

Such man must' of his goodness' be unconscious
and of his inbred kindness' posed oblivious;
as they are' in him then' designed so
and his will' by reflex' he finds so:
no longer trying to be good,
but he now is again wholly good.

Is such a man found here?
No! never can he be found here.
Except in the place to come anew-
that dream place utterly dreamless;
where there are neither many nor few;
nothing to contend with nor compare-
for everything and everyone shall be beautiful-
knowing neither sorrow nor a tear.

How shall this come to pass?
How now can this truly be?
How yet long does this madness last?
When truly free shall we be?-
from the curse of existential misery:
nothing-else fulfilling but being free.

Free! not because i'm dead-
but from rancor and envy:
free! indeed like a bird-
from unnecessary strife and cruelty-
which now is man's abode-
in his ill heart due for anew
and the pollution must erode
before he is truly free.

Shall this' truly' one day, be?-
O God' just and true:
please, make this' swiftly be-
for thy words yet proves just and true
and shall' through this wilderness' lead
our confused souls through' to a new.
Upon thine Word' i trust-
for a new...