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Tanka Winter Poems | Tanka Poems About Winter

These Tanka Winter poems are examples of Tanka poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Tanka Winter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Early Winter Storm

early winter storm snowflakes mixed with freezing rain chilling to the bone your killer smile warms me along with some lemon tea

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ivory trees

dressed by winter's hand
glistening within sunlight
trees of ivory
swaying branches in the wind
whispers of white cascade down


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Winter Night

Frost and moonlight mimic my unwritten page but barren trees have printed inky shadows across the brittle earth
__________________________ 11//8/13 For Francine's Contest: Fall or Winter Tanka

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Changing Face Winter

Autumn’s nakedness
becomes robed in virgin snow
footprints prove there’s life,
yet the secrets of springtime
in hibernation till birth.

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

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Silent Winter Days

Silent Winter Days ( Tanka Suite) Twinkling stars at night within a soft snowflakes kiss silent winter days happy the snowflakes dancing as the quietly come and go Tracking through the snow on the way a deer appears such a joyous sight natures winter wonderland ice crystals everywhere Silver moonbeams fall tea-rose skies creating a glow reflecting wonders golden yellow and bright red putting on a winter show Gleaming in the sky pine trees dressed in lacy white transformed magic land covered with soft silent snow displaying winter with grace Erich J.Goller Copyright 12 5.2011

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Graceful Deer -- Tanka Contest

Deer are so pretty
As they stand against the snow
And they are graceful 
As they leap over fences
To come to the stream and drink

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Winter Tears

Dark, December days
dim brightest holiday lights
and silence sleigh bells.
She grieves for summer's sunlight
as tears fall like bitter snow.

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High winds churl, howling
calling forth their minions
open wide the gates
the battle will be long, fierce!
through the mountains, hills and vales

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It's Winter

Frozen lake-water, Damp eyelids,misty breath, Foggy-streets' dim lights, Silvery-green valleys, Leafless trees,concrete boughs.
written on: 7-11-2013

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Winter Fades

                                                      warming myself
                                                 before a crackling fire
                                                      I close my eyes --
                                                    winter fades away
                                                when I'm in your arms

For Francine Robert's
Fall or Winter Tanka contest

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Cold Winter Is Here

 Cold   winter is here  
 Radiant   snow   covered   ground  

 Desiccated   air  

 Candy   cane   fragrant   aroma  

 Winter bringing out the best

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Icy Repose

Trees are glazed and bent.
In silent chill they breathe on
laden down with ice
laced with delicate design.
Winter's majesty unfolds.

for Tanka Me Fall Or Winter contest
written 11/7/2013

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I love all seasons

      ( seasons that I love )    5-7-5-7-7       Tanka poetry.

I love all seasons;
Plants and flowers bloom in spring
Birds sing in summer
Leaves tumbling down in autumn  
Snow caps mountains in winter

By Dr Ko Ko Thein (a) Dr Mya Thein

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old folks
warmly dressed
out with rakes and hoes
try to inveigle
a new spring

Dave Austin

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The Snow is Gone

 The sun rises up
 and melts the favored snow sheets 
 children's cries burst out 
 wishing it wouldn't leave yet
 but soon it will come once more

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Tanka 12

	Tanka 12
	dark skies fuel  
	my melancholy mood 
	winter’s cold rain  
	dampens down my writing mind
	deadens my ways with words

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*** Cold is the morning. Lifeless the landscape of snow; Raw the hostile wind. Yet, there is a beauty still; That Winter unveils. *** ________________________________ June 21, 2014 Tanka Submitted to the contest, 1in 4: Choose Your Season, sponsor Andrea Dietrich Third Place

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Winter's End

Winter fades away

Like pain forgotten after

Joy of giving birth…

When at last sweet fertile Spring

Delivers her promises.

Contest: Winters End
Sponsor: Skat A

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All came to a stop;
Wintry ash fell to the ground
as the sky grew pale;
This is how things should have been -
I couldn't contain my smile.

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Winter Nights

Winter nights are cold-
Sipping cocoa by the fire
Soft music playing
Snuggling up in a blanket
Feeling all warm and cozy


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Winter Sightings

Wintertime sightings
kissing under mistletoe
snowboarding down hill
overcoat, mittens and gloves
Olympic competitions

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Like Winter

Sadness, like Winter
Seems endless, but remember
Beneath the thick snow
Lies a Winter empty tree
That will bloom green in the Spring

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Winters Litter

Broken sticks and limbs littering the snow-clad ground; remnants of a storm. Winter’s tantrum, rages on; there’ll be fewer trees, in spring.

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Winter tanka

Snow falling slowly
Covering the earth in white
Snowflakes thus whirling
Gracefully encouraging
Veiling and dancing in light

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Winter Trees

Dart anywhere:
"lonely, mournful; please return",
picked from limb by limb--
hold them to your aching chest;
they are all alone with you

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Winter's Glass

The frost weighs heavy
Separating weakened limbs
From the sleeping trees
Covering the last foliage
Foggy glass crowns the color

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winter sunrise

a winter sun rise
barren trees aglow with frost
a blanket of snow
alit like fire from the sun
cover all that once was green

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Snow covered garden Icicles hanging on trees I can see my breath Snowman outside looking in Everywhere looks pure and new
Written for Andrea Dietrich's Choose your Season, Choose Your Form Contest 18th June 2014

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                          Heavenly snowfall,

                  after dark harsh hiemal night,

                   breaths to warmth embrace,

                      youthful lovers led astray,

                    as cold winter blizzards chill ! 

Written on 21/6/14
Tanka - 5/7/5/7/7
Contest- 1 in 4, Choose your season choose your form
Sponsor - Andrea Dietrich 

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Tanka of Solitude

Alienation --
Alpine permafrost of an
Emergent expanse.
Crisp solitude, winter's friend,
Blankets the arctic spirit.

The lichen creeps through the cracks
Of a barren world.
The gloom of obscurity
Clutches with icy disdain.

The psyche shivers,
Stranded in endless twilight.
A dormant wasteland,
An unrelenting blizzard,
The frigid embrace of night.

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In Winnipeg Park

                                                  In Winnipeg Park
                                             Winter comes like a cat
                                            Feeds on human warmth
                                            Grows into a lion, gnaws
                                    The hearts, scars bleeding, he melts

Winters End - Poetry Contest
Sponsor	SKAT A
Poet: Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty
11 January, 2015

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December Snuggling

The chill of winter arrives here in December. Don’t want to go out. Let me stay here where it’s warm snuggled up in bed with you. November 5, 2013

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The sleep I desire
is for resting of the mind.
The sleep I desire
will happen when I am tire.
The sleep I desire is now.
For Amy Green Critter Tanka Contest
April 11, 2014

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Lethal Sticks

Catapulting ice falling from my roofs gutters dangerous to all. Don’t walk or stand beneath it; or you may end up impaled!