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Tanka Water Poems | Tanka Poems About Water

These Tanka Water poems are examples of Tanka poems about Water. These are the best examples of Tanka Water poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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wooden rafts float

wooden sea- rafts float
     as the hardest beads

        the mildest songs

offer layered dahlias

   for holy queen's regatta

~ Dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima's 90th Anniversary
( edited)

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When Bubbles Dissipate

Hearing the waters Translucent lavender flow Imagination Enriched blind, senses kick in Silence abounds, clothes in fall Naked to bare dip Porcelain to porcelain Glass of champagne chinks Lapping ripples in caress Submerged delights allure me Patiently I wait Her cue, for me to approach Encroach, I go through Eyes, eye, tanned undulations When said bubbles dissipate

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Out Of Water

Out Of Water Water equals life… From it all living things came… It means survival… Without it death invades cells… Dried, they return to ashes. No water…please God, We pray this can never be… Safeguard it for us… Water, your dear miracle… More precious than liquid gold. © Sandra M. Haight 2015 All Rights Reserved ~12th Place~ Contest: Out of Water Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper Judged: 04/04/2015
Tanka: Syllables – 5-7-5-7-7

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Out in a rainfall

Out in a rainfall;
Hopeful but woeful waters,
Pitifully falls...
Lightning wretchedly dances,
Thunders echoed and resound...

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Translucent Waves

On golden sands she, Naked to bare without care Translucent waves form Slowly they engage her skin Arched back, pert breasts rise and sigh .

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The Moon and the Sea

The moon and the sea Water crashes on the shore Shines in from the moon Where waves come rushing on me Opens world of the ocean
Russell Sivey

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Alluring Droplet

Shower, she exits Naked stance in wetted drape A droplet espied In slow cascade towards pert Perpendicular excite .

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Beauty in a Splash

Intense beating heart
Erratic yet fun motion
Flailing arms and legs
See the bright side in a fall
Wet and wild in the sunlight

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Waterfall Mist

water flowing down
cascading over old rocks
silver mist sprays out
reflecting light from the sun
a rainbow arch over head

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The Mirror Effect

Man on salt flat gazed
in amazement as white clouds
in a majestic 
blue sky, slowly drifted by,
his cold, saturated feet

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Sun Dancing

sunshine dancing on the rippling water sets it glistening reflecting the sun's beauty in sparkling water diamonds

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Tanka Very Much

     Tanka Very Much

Thirst dries the desert

Drinking fills the passion depths

Girl trembles with cup

Water flows up from deep wells

More than thanks are on the lips

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One Leap Tanka Contest

Climbing the gate fast
The big sign posted says 'Closed';
Beautiful water
summoning my rebellion,
with one leap I'm in the pool

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fish tanka

I gaze at a bowl

Where goldfish swivels through moss

Its fine gills aglow---

With such aquatic prowess
As it wiggles restlessly

A New Tanka Contest
Mar 31, 2015

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each thing living on
Murdth ‘sorbs water chiefly wet
backards of arid-
zona an’ the holmby hills’ 
chlorine romp ponds drawing the

scant as blue blood for
the thirsty altar as a
mercedes to the
mccam bridge carwash on
la cienega for the 

hundreds…each living
thing like coke water classic
from botswaniam 
pools It’s the real thing walking 
miles like dropdeadery girl

camels for a drink
sugary & refreshing
like rape…we miss the
nyc streetsweepers
for the bristletanks nosing

& hosing down street-
sleepers in the dross It’s a 
lawn time in the ‘burbs
between iced long island teas
cold as charity water 

from their potable 
portalets…to scorches of 
torrid pachyderms conflict wars
for water not indeed
be in the solution!...   

elephant you say                                                                                                     tnaphele say I to
your circus mind say
is that your real nose bulbous
red like a churl beyond the

watering hole drunk 
frolic’d sunned an’ bathed with the 
peaceable kingdom 
not less than once have you been 
to thought fraught thirst to ‘nother