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Tanka Rain Poems | Tanka Poems About Rain

These Tanka Rain poems are examples of Tanka poems about Rain. These are the best examples of Tanka Rain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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In Strangler's Wood - tanka version

In forest dark where trees bend low
beneath a slice of half moon’s glow,
          silent shadows waver there,
          chilled by gusts of autumn air.

Quavering, as if afraid,
they fall on stumps from trees decayed.
     among those stumps the shadows creep
     and shroud a form that seems asleep.

Lightning flashes . . . Thunder peals.
A sight forlorn the light reveals
          a man, quite dead, in woolen coat,
          with scarf of death left on his throat.

The shadows saw, and now they quake,
lone witnesses in murder’s wake.
     They cannot speak, but if they could,
     they’d tell all travelers of the wood:

"We’re not the foe.  It’s one of you
that makes us tremble as we do.
          Although we loom and cause you fear,
          something worse is lurking here."

Then Thunder echoes in accord
as from the sky, cold rain is poured.
     And silent shadows start to shrink
     into a night of blackened ink.

At a dead man’s throat lies the rain drenched woolen scarf that stifled his screams. Cold Wind howls through decayed trees - witnesses in the shadows. For Debbie Guzzi's Metamorph Poetry Contest a rhyming poem changed to a tanka

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich

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Watercolours in the Rain

~*~ Summer to Autumn ~*~ Expresses blooms of beauty, ~ primary pastels ~ whilst impending changes loom ~*~ Water colours in the rain ~*~

Copyright © James Fraser

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through hours of rain

through hours of rain

   nightscape bursts with mint scent

      as pines droop low…

         my farewell walk trembles

in the vault of moonglow

For Andrea Dietrich's Tanka 2

Copyright © nette onclaud

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Rain Trickles

Rain slowly trickles Dribbles from blue asphalt roof Wets ink 'pon page "Twas dry dull work written by The old poet as tears did flow
For Jimbo

Copyright © Sara Kendrick

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Rain in Sunlight

rain soaked sun light prognosis not terminal three good years left do I hug and say thank you? eighty have passed as nothing ~//~

Copyright © Charles Henderson

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Out in a rainfall

Out in a rainfall;
Hopeful but woeful waters,
Pitifully falls...
Lightning wretchedly dances,
Thunders echoed and resound...

Copyright © Ruben A. Hernandez Diaz

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the rain splashing down contemplation rear its head placid reminders lips tasting and exploring rain a distant memory
©160819092013 Inspired by the rainy weather in Cape Town

Copyright © Wilma Neels

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the rain falls 
from a gloomy sky
my feet are wet
searching for
something barely remembered

the sand is wet
from above and below
rain joins ocean
my footprints wash away
leaving lonely puddles

Copyright © Francine Roberts

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Kiss the Rain

With every rain drop your tip toeing finger's touch writing a story; in my thirsty heart your pen now scribbling with ink of love. So I kiss the rain to feel every bit of you touching each word; to read every page of you this heart wants to be get drenched. © kash poet (kashinath karmakar) ======================= 26 th Feb,2013

Copyright © kash poet

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Translucent orbs fell
Surreptitiously out of 
Heaven’s opened door 
Canvassing arid landscapes
With liquid condensation

Copyright © Valerie Staton

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night of desire--visual2

night of desire
wraps us  in soft rainfall
quenching  mouths’  hunger…
as  breaths naked, gush
jealous stars peep silently

Andrea Dietrich’s Get Romantic
Visual # 2

Copyright © nette onclaud

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When Rains Flow

When Rains Flow Visual 2 heavenly wetted two souls in shapely mingle they entwined amidst passionate embraces speak internally their rains flow

Copyright © James Fraser

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Etnas Rain

Mount Etna’s raining; smoke and rocks fall from the sky; tempestuous beast! Although she does have a right, her warning goes unheeded.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser

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Hope In The Desert

                                    Desert thunderheads
                                 clap loudly over the plains
                                  giving parched lands hope
                             watching skies from red rock cave
                                ancient chief sighs with relief 

Written on 3/9/2015
For "Top Ten Tanka" contest

Copyright © Laura Leiser

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Rain Dance

Rain turns my soul on
attraction I can't resist, 
dripping with passion
my muse drowns in the water;
Rising to whisper to me 
rushing dreams
gentle endless high
Will you slow dance me?

Copyright © Melani Udaeta

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T he Sky's Tears

Clouds cover the sun
endlessly they swirl around 
darker and darker 
the sky turns an inky black 
plip plip the firts rain drops fall

Copyright © Anne Hessler

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Tears from yesterday’s
ends in the clouds of both pasts
drowns pain in puddles
as this night’s moon burns through and
bathes a new love’s hope display.

Contest:  Get Romantic
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Visual #2

Copyright © rob carmack

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Mighty Sunflowers, Harvesting

growth, nature, rain, seasons, summer, word play,


Sunflowers in fields 
Bowing to the rising sun
Turning faced upwards
Withholding their mighty stocks
As all roots knit asunder!

growth, nature, rain, seasons, summer, word play,

Rain drops call from clouds
Wet the now blackening soil
New roots drink thirstily
Crops now grow from planted seedlings
Harvest 'feed' aplenty!

Copyright © Diane M Quinlan

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Dancing Rain


                                            never will I know

                                      again your gentle laughter---

                                        except in the voice

                                     of spring bursting with tapping...

                                     raindrops dancing in pure joy 
                                                      '   '    '    ' 
                                   '     '    '    '    '     '     '     '     '      ' 

For Francine Robert's Contest: "Wow Me With 5 Lines"

Copyright © Carrie Richards

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Billowing blackness
towering over it’s prey
yellow eyes flashing
she deliberately licks
cold raindrops from trembling lips


Submitted to Rick Parise - Tanka contest

Copyright © John lawless

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Rain drop tears

                                             raining , drops falling 
                                       pouring from my broken heart
                                              weeping of sadness
                                         lost in storms of yesterday 
                                         broken umbrella , poor me

                                            Top Ten Tanka contest
                                       Sponsored by Andrea Dietrich 
                                                   3 / 9 / 2015

Copyright © Bev Smith

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nature's love potion;
pure animal attraction
overtaking us,
builds, then begs for sweet release
one can't stop the falling rain
03/03/15 Contest: Get Romantic Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich Visual #2

Copyright © Arlene Smith

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Acid Rain in Erode

Grey heavenly skies
in reaction to her hurt
clouds so different
In cry, falls, penetration
acid rain erodes her so

Copyright © James Fraser

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Whispering Rain

the soft summer rain

    whispers gently through the trees

it lulls me to sleep 

     with it's relaxing rustle

and the scent of fresh blossoms

Copyright © Francine Roberts

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Cleanzing Rain Of Love

on the ocher drape in bent shadow light crawling a warm springtime flux drenching souls in purity lies a simple love flower __________________________ __________________________ # 2

Copyright © Rick Parise

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Long Rain

with my child
on my shoulder, i walk
in the long rain
carrying the heaviness
of shattered dreams

Copyright © Ramesh Anand

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Rain Art

Nature's melody 
There's a song for every storm;
Each drop is a note; 
Boom! Clap! Thunderous beats,
a marvelous work of art.

Copyright © Melani Udaeta

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After the rain

The rain has ended
Multi colored arches sent
Heavenly painted
Natures art across the sky
Rainbows gift for you and I

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel

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it starts as a mist,
so light, so ambivalent.
then the heavy rain,
beating, driving, unyielding.
clearing sky, white clouds, rainbows.

Copyright © Victoria Oliver

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a rain drop

    a rain drop on pane

races down the glassy slope

  to a frame gray-steeled

 like wet spectacles of man

 who is in the glasses shop

Copyright © Julia Ward