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Tanka Peace Poems | Tanka Poems About Peace

These Tanka Peace poems are examples of Tanka poems about Peace. These are the best examples of Tanka Peace poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

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Heart's Sanctuary

leaves change colour
twirling to the cold ground
in submission--
place a bright orange leaf
beside an old photograph

a dash of colour
to highlight warm memories--
autumn winds howl
without breaching 
heart's sanctuary

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The Graduate's Sanctuary

the graduate

      submerges in pool

          Mr. Robinson

               debates career paths above:

sanctuary found in sounds of silence

For Chris's "Sanctuary" contest.  Based on the film "The Graduate."

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A Dream

Cerulean sky, a dove with an olive branch no marchpast below, no guns,armymen waiting patiently to receive it. This dream in my mind, flowers in armymen's hands, single sky above, only one race called-Human for blood has just one colour. © kash poet *Will put this poem in bottles and float in the Indian Ocean. ===================000====================

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This lonely little hovel

The grainy half dusk, 
when the sun gives her last wink.
Hours spent in thought 
to leave the safe sanctity.
This lonely little hovel

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Half Truth Dreams

Lump of bitter dreams
In waking, tough to swallow
In sleep, liquid pools
to be tasted, drank silver,
only to metal harden.

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Rejoice (Tanka)

Rejoicing in life
soul’s jubilation singing
raising of voices

Praises of joy unto Him
uplifting mortal spirit

Comments:    The Japanese tanka dating back to the 5th Century has a format of 
five lines:  the first has five syllables. The second has seven syllables. The third 
has five syllables.  The forth and fifth lines have seven syllables each. The 
pattern is 5/7/5/7/7 for a total of thirty-one syllables.  This one is about rejoicing.

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Small Things

I live for small things:
water clear, to dive down deep,
sun to pierce my bones,
and for sleep, your hand on mine,
our dreams sewn tight together.

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What A Beauty

<                                    beneath swollen ..... moon
                                      in pasture of...... rolling hills
                                      standing  ....hind quarters
                                      a beautiful black ...... stallion
                                      simply took my breath ........ away

Entry For
Rick Parise's 
A Memory Of Beauty
Tanka Contest
G.L. All

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Sweet Sanctuary

Come asylum's breath,
gossamer wings touch mine brow ~
Grant me refuge please;
then may my soul find comfort.
In your peace, my heart shall rest...

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So real

God is not a man
Unlike man, is not greedy
Ever-mighty is this God
He recognize every tone
Unlike man, is ubiquitous

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My Lovely Bath

When the shadows fall and solitude has found me, my joy grows big like the suds rising up as I run the water for my bath. Letting my hair down I prop my head, reclining in the liquid warmth. With eyes closed, I see myself. . . floating as my stress dissolves. I alone decide when to leave my lovely bath and what next to do as I linger tranquilly in lavender’s sweet fragrance. Written By Andrea Dietrich, 6/22/12 for the poetry contest of Yasmin Khan: "Letting Your Hair Down"

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God Painted A Sunset

I closed tight my eyes And in a trance I saw God He painted the sky Picking up a brush pure blue He swirled a slash of azure Hesitating long He dipped a brush rosy pink He held a brush gold Gazing and pondering long He painted an orb of gold July 23, 2012 Featured poem September 30, 2012

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soul's meditation

outside my window

   birds sing to the setting sun

the sunset's colours

   and the trilling of the birds

       is my soul's meditation

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Let love triumph

Human imprudence leading to so much bloodshed learn to love like birds share the sky above to fly let love triumph over bullets. © kashinath karmakar( 10th August 2011) ===============000=============== Placement: 10th ;(August 2011) Contest:Bald Eagle in Cemetery contest (Photo based) Sponsor:Carolyn Devonshire

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Form: tanka
Started: 4/21/11
Completed: 4/22/11
By: Miranda Lambert
Contest: Wow me in 5 lines

Soar willow warbler
Alas, winter time has passed
Spring blossom awaits
Soar home delicate creature
See the lull your song creates

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At One with the Night

Hazy lazy moon Warm breezes whispering by Peaceful and content Alone and safe with the dark Dreams already taking shape
Written on July 11, 2011 at 9:30pm

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Cathedral Bells

resonating peace
cathedral bells ring promise....
wind carries solace....
brilliant architecture high
streets below swirl in rhythm ....  

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My Huckle Berry Heaven 2K13

Many of time have
I sat upon earthy ground,
amongst Huckle Berry patches
gorging in Huckle Berry heaven
with glutton lips painted purple.

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Taking Turns

<                                       iron propeller
                                 sitting entrance to driveway
                                   slowly turning blades
                              like the hands of time on clock 
                                 longing for extra seconds 

                                    Hummingbirds buzzing
                              red gold blue and green headed 
                                    just waiting for turns
                               to capture it's own bountys
                                   succulant sugar water  

Written By 
Katherine Stella 9/13/2011

Entry For Francine Roberts
The View-A Tanka Contest
G.L. All

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Serendipity light transcending this dark path Raphael’s touch seen prisms descend to tall pines gilding ancient green

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Place of refuge.
The asylum in my head,
Transports each sadness
Into my safe place –
There, imagination rules.

© Dane Smith-Johnsen

Research References:  5,7,5,7,7'yoshu%20essay.htm  “…contemporary tanka are much freer in 
conent and in word usage than classical waka, and there is now greater room for individual creativity within the 
conventional framework of the form….”

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Sweet Dreams

                                               Laying myself down
                                          My bed becomes a cocoon
                                              A warm, safe haven
                                     Sleep wraps its arms around me
                                    And blesses me with sweet dreams.

12/27/11  For Francine Robert's Short and Sweet Contest

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she always sings love
each morning as the spring sun
warms her gracious heart

above the hills soft shadow
her destiny soars beyond.........



"Wow me in 5 lines"

Poet ~ Rick Parise

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lullaby - tanka

crystal bells tinkling
- waterfalls of silver sounds -
angels painting stars
eyes shutting in loving smiles
innocence falling asleep...

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Light of Heaven

All the stars are gold
As the moon within my eye
Scattered here below
Light of heaven, come to fall
Fall so soft within these eyes

Could I catch the breath
Such life that calls to awake
Long awaited grace
Hold me here that I may fall
Cradle me, Oh sweet embrace

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Tanka love actually

Milk maids and romance 
In the hay of romp and love 
Mules ate the fodder 
Bare floorboards on the hayloft 
But fragrance of love remains. 

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A Peaceful Dream

Suspended are you On gossamer threads you rest All knowing and all seeing Keeper of dreams I wait to see you appear Then in sleep I fly to you Supplicant I am Take me to the other place Where roses bloom in the night Bathe me in your light And hold me close forever I dream of sleep eternal
for the Moonlight Dreams contest...

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Three Christmas Desires

Happy Santa Day
Here’s my short list of desires
I wish complete peace
My wish came true this very morn
My tree held exquisite cross

My second wish now
No more greed upon the earth
At the stroke of noon
Golden abyss circled world.
Tree had a smiley face bulb.

As this day ended
My third wish for no hunger
Became abundant
A note found, said "down-to-earth".
My tree now bore so much fruit.

written by
Cecil Hickman

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Songbird sing to me
Your sound soothes my very soul
It’s the sound of peace
The calmness overwhelms me
Sing… sing and don’t ever stop

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*** * * wishes for silk lamps to soften all chilly nights, promise of world peace ringing wind chimes from heaven and orchids flaming the lawn A glow climbs our tree laying a music box on swags as I hear the song of Santa’s joyous greetings with sweet tunes dancing on bulbs lamps will be my stars while blooms will paint the path ways, yet in notes ending seeds of peace he cannot yield for love is man’s choice © ---------- Contest: Linda Marie’s Santa’s Surprise By: nette onclaud

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My Exhausted Faculties

It’s been a long day My exhausted faculties Gone, they fall apart I desire to finally Be alone, fall on a couch And my computer Is near, ready for input There for my comfort For poetry is my heart And soul of true relaxing
Russell Sivey Entrant into yasmin khan's "Letting your hair down" contest 6/14/2012

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Fall Tonight

Trees wave goodbye
To the leaves they once held
Wind whistles tonight
To those who are outside
Autumn is visiting

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Wild Dream

Silence sings to me
The song of sleep, while my soul
Clichés autumns breeze
Where it roves in wild gleamed trance
As dream broke realities.

  Timothy- Paker Nwaorgu

  For Olajide Adelana's "Dream Land" contest


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Cherishing my dream,
Where wishes are granted true,
A magical place,
That is surreal, paradise.
An island of haven thoughts.

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Expressive Place - Tanka Contest

An expressive place A dark forest late at night Just a torch to see The path badly overgrown Looks hopeless yet is calming
Entrant into Black Eyed Susan's "Tanka" contest 12/8/2012

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Laughter fills the air
And it sets the sun alight
Breathes life into all
It grants us serenity
And we giggle, merry fools.

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Sustain humanity

 Beat the man always 
The stronger he must become 
Down is the limit 
Strengthening a foe unplanned 
In peace we can all find rest 

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Blazing evening sun
more ardent than lovers' lips
allows no sad sound
as the bright notes of robins
hate to bring night in


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The ward was quiet Eyes like comets blazed regrets Dad clutched my last gift knowing I would soon stargaze “wishing” he was still earthbound
By Cyndi MacMillan, for Linda-Marie's Contest, July 26, 2012 *I ‘bought’ my father a star just 4 days before he died on Christmas Eve. Star Number 010-240 with the celestial address of 22 hrs 02 min 24.28 sec and declination of +79° 50’36.30” Epoch 2000 in the constellation Cepheus shall henceforth be known by the name The Gordon Wishing Star. The following I chose to be on the certificate: My soul, there is a country Far beyond the stars, Where stands a wingèd sentry All skilful in the wars: There, above noise and danger Sweet Peace sits crown'd with smiles And One, born in a manger Commands the beauteous files. Peace By Henry Vaughan, 1622-1695

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Back Porch

Wee ones up to bat
In the park near my backyard.
Older folks hold hands
As they cheer their children on.
From my porch I cheer them too.

Now I am amused.
Squirrels playing hide and seek.
Competition's fierce!
Which game shall I watch today?
Kids play ball or squirrel's race!

Peaceful is my gaze.
In a nutshell,life is good.
I could sit all day.
On my porch swing,watch the world.
Till the daylight yields to dusk.

By Deb Wilson
Written Sept.14th

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The Coming Spring (Tanka)

Spring is in the air
Robin sings by my window
Snow melts to puddles
Red tulip buds crest the earth
Blooming with my smiling soul

© Joseph, March 15, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

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      heart is pounding hard,
    eyes wide and wild again.
      quietly shuts the door.

      sits in trance-like state
      slowly regaining peace
           her meditation...

       heart and eyes on fire,
 storm-calm enthralls her mind:
       into battle once more.

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As I lay in my bed,
I dream these dreams
Of happiness, and greatfulness.
Do you ever dream that?
I know I do!

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Just Enough

The sunlight, and the moon.
All together, brings a beautiful
Glow, that's always there
Just enough,
And forever.

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Night Words

Night falls over Earth
A hush falls over the world
But something whispers
There are words in the dark, too
Listen; let them speak to you.

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This Sounds Corny { Tanka}

bounty of the earth
come ye thankful people come
for it is autumn
and the leaves are coming down
run run sweet John Barley Corn

Entry To 
Kristin Reynolds 
Autumn Tanka Contest

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Strong Foundation (Tanka)

Rustic, mossy tree
roots like great tentacles stretch
deep into the earth

Solid foundation of strength
as leaves revive in the sun

© Joseph, 6/1/07
© All Rights Reserved

Tanka is a classical Chinese poem consisting of 5 lines with a syllable count of 
5/7/5/7/7. It can be traced to the 5th century.  It does not rhyme and uses no 
punctuation.  Traditionally, the tanka begins with an observation of a natural 
scene in the first 3 lines and then the non-rhyming couplet at the end reflects on 
the observation. 

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It is important

we all must acknowledge it

most just overlook

but it is the way people meet

so please make your hello count

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Life's Love (Tanka)

The love of my life
sweet melody unfurling
serenades the soul

With splendor and happiness
lovingly living life’s love

© Joseph, 5/20/07
© All Rights Reserved

The Japanese Tanka dating back to the 5th Century has a format of five lines:  
the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five 
syllables.  The forth and fifth lines have seven syllables each. The pattern is 
5/7/5/7/7.  This one has a touch of alliteration in the last line.

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A secure home

he thought 
to build a secure home 
at the top of a hill
but never thought
a river flows under his feet

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sun filled the blue sky
silent silhouettes on high
winter,trees asleep
nature stands unmoved-
peace permeats my soul

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After Sushi...

Rice paper windows,
soften threads of perfect light
a skin to your hands
as we sip our steaming tea
and spill secrets of the day.

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Peace Plan

Take my hand, hold it
Caress it gently in yours
Showing affection

As hands unite, so can hearts
As hearts unite, so can lives

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As cerulean as the oceans deep
As translucent as the worlds meek
I see your hues so vivid and sublime
Oh glorious sky who art mine

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"Wars are fought over
Boundaries drawn in the sand,
Lines which disappear
With the washing of the tides
And shuffling of feet on land."