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Tanka Nature Poems | Tanka Poems About Nature

These Tanka Nature poems are examples of Tanka poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Tanka Nature poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Watercolours in the Rain

~*~ Summer to Autumn ~*~ Expresses blooms of beauty, ~ primary pastels ~ whilst impending changes loom ~*~ Water colours in the rain ~*~

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A yarn of sunshine

"I've got sunshine" 

This heavy weight wind
jiggles the chimes limbs hanging
a thousand sound waves invade 
visible radiation

Dark moonlight tempest
blunders off the mountain top
a massive flooring…
the courageous beam of light
saved souls upon meadow blades

A place called daylight
where the beam is always pure
if you could only feel this
you’d ask to hold the torchlight 

Somewhere were you sleep
the fluorescence substance light 
absorbs your beauty
every second that you breath 
the light becomes like sunshine 

TANKA  ~5 
Sky of falling stars
belong in my diary
renewing my wedding vows
sunshine begins with me

Missed the snooze button;
pendulum rods tick out loud 
morning bird and worm;
sunlit curtains sooth out rays 
anonymous melody

Two rainbows petals 
peek outside with loneliness
against no sunlight
rainy weather condition 
no color will bring you back 

for: contest

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Moonlight Sewing Night

pearlescent moonbeams satin spools unravelling through dark threads of trees fragile crocheted filaments luminous lunar lacework scattered sequin stars bright beads on night's black fabric silken starlight strands darn darkness with silver yarn moonlight's purled embroidery

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Winter butterflies
Flutter in an evening sky
Of soft velvet black
Their icy wings glistening
In the pale light of the moon


Awarded: Fifth place

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One Deep Forest Day

One deep forest day God looked down where snowfall lay. Rainbows plucked from sky He unbent. Then through dark trees. . . spears of radiance God sent. For Carolyn Devonshire's Forest Lights Poetry Contest

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Piercing Rays


                                           piercing the leafage
                                           kaleidoscopic sun rays
                                           on forest old path
                                             the snow shines in cold silence
                                             as spring has not feathers yet


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Amidst greenery Such beauty abounds in bloom Reaching to the sky This Oriental Lily Shows gorgeous colouration . The Stargazer lily was created in 1974 by Leslie Woodriff, a lily breeder in California. Woodriff called the new cross 'Stargazer', because the blooms faced towards the sky.

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Weeping Willow - Tanka - Your Welca

hey there willow bank admire your hanging eyes  mine are far from dry withdraw tears another time now...i’ll cry you a river

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Tanka by Night

Nature lies in bliss
Tasting luxuriant delights
Under the moonlight
Land and sea are making love
Lapping waves caress the shore

2nd September 2014
Contest: Just One Tanka ~ Old & New
Sponsor: Alfred Vassallo

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God Created Lullaby

Cascading water dancing like ballerina down the green mountain singing a sweet melody God-created lullaby. © kashinath karmakar(27th Dec.2011) ==========000============== Placement:5th; (Dec.2011) Contest:Short and Sweet Sponsor:Francine Roberts

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Summer is gone now and fall with her beautiful face Softly just arrives. Spreading joy with her colours And thrilling with her magic. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 Copyright@2014 8.10.2014

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delicate flowers
a blue of morning glory
twining vines with grace
my old wooden spindle fence
has no power against winds


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Rain Trickles

Rain slowly trickles Dribbles from blue asphalt roof Wets ink 'pon page "Twas dry dull work written by The old poet as tears did flow
For Jimbo

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Angel Kisses

Snowflakes so silently fall

Like Angel kisses

Winters breath upon my face

Their departure traced

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The Feel of Dawn

You run with the breeze
naked spirit oh so free,
joyous tide of life
your smile I catch in the wind
with every single sunrise.

© Harry J Horsman 2013  

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Beauty has fallen

painting the pastel of love

in a breath of fire

below the bare heights of mist 

Autumn's tapestry lies strewn  


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stripped naked

stripped naked shivering raped by northwesterly wind stiff bare limbs vibrate leaves once ablaze rest 'pon roots nourishment for spring's rebirth

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The Magic Ball

It’s a magic ball moving upward into sky with no impetus - r o l l i n g s l o w l y into day glowing in and out of clouds. Sunshine starts to slide s n a i l - l i k e down to earth again with unseen guidance and scarlet in the gloaming. Beauty trails the magic ball. Oct. 11, 2012 For Leonora Galinta's Tanka Crazy - Sunshine Poetry Contest

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Winter Night

Frost and moonlight mimic my unwritten page but barren trees have printed inky shadows across the brittle earth
__________________________ 11//8/13 For Francine's Contest: Fall or Winter Tanka

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Beach of Bliss

Sultry summer night;
stars are winking at the moon.
As I gaze at you,
ocean’s tide rolls in. . . . We kiss.
Stars now wink at us! What bliss.

For Brian Strand's
FOURS AND FIVES single poem of 4 or 5 lines,
any form or theme Poetry Contest

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Bright Geen Land

Up the rolling hills As much green as one can see Meeting with blue sky As colors swirl together Beauty expressed with its heart The greatest green grass Displaying color outside On the brightest fields A gorgeous feel about it A love on the ground below The hills move around Where the sky fills, up above A cyan blue shown Mixed perfectly with the green Of the wondrous grass pronounced The greenery here In this harmonious land Brightens the dreary A happy day is brought forth From this delightful green place
Russell Sivey

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Picture Perfect


                          Cascading water

                                      dancing like ballerina

                                                down the green mountain
                                                              singing a sweet melody

                                                                              God-created lullaby


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A Long Shadow

Slipping into shapes
sun drips streams 'round darkest depth
and I, feeling small,
find even smallest ants cast
shadows long 'neath vast blue skies. 

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Gracefully Bows As She Leaves

Forest alive now
Autumn colors brilliant glow
Poplar_ Maple grow
Colors seen_red, yellow, rust
Auroras of autumn flow

Elegantly dressed
For the last ball before snow
She smiles at artist
As he gathers paints blends shades
Painting her colorful gown

As sunlight dances 
Against gown that glows with dew
Gracefully she bows
As bare limbs begin to show
Last of grace before first snow

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Changing Face Winter

Autumn’s nakedness
becomes robed in virgin snow
footprints prove there’s life,
yet the secrets of springtime
in hibernation till birth.

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

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The natural way
I’m speaking of nature’s way
That which has been known
That which is    at times    cruel
That which    gradually    is being lost

Is there an order?
Is there some marvelous plan?
In truth    I don’t know
I merely see    and    think
I think of natural things

Growing things    this very Earth!
Things being cut down
Perishings each day
Being replaced by dead things

Our great polar bears
Creatures losing habitat
All forms of our wilderness
Evolution has managed
These many millions of years

Then a foreigner
One who would call himself king
King over nature –
That he was provided for
Fed by nature meant nothing

In place of nature
This    king     built stone-cold castles
Flaunted his power
Enslaved those ones who opposed
It continues to this day

Man    death to nature
Slowly enslaving himself
Till he stands alone
All nature dead at his feet
Desperate to reach a star

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Love, Dreams and Moonlight

Beams of silver light
Dance upon calm, dark waters
and within your eyes
Your breath keeps time with the waves
You are a dream in moonlight

We walk together
Our feet feel the cool wet sand
The moon smiles on us
Warm hands touch in sliver light
Hearts are joined by love and dreams

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Castle In The Sand

Castle In The Sand

Waves besiege the shore
As crashing long lost lovers--
Lonely lions roar--
Salty cling of sultry air
Glistens as sunlight weakens...

Latte-coloured sand
Reveals waving fiddler crab
The male--his Huge hand--
Tempting females to his lair,
His deep castle in the sand.

~by deborah burch©

*Note: the fiddler crab
they mate every two weeks...the male stands outside his two-foot deep elaborate burrow in the sand (castle) and waves his very enlarged claw enticing all females who pass by...when one shows interest, she stops for a second or two...stares at him...and he goes in to his castle, comes out and repeats this a few times until she makes up her he has convinced a female, he seals the door to his castle, and there they stay...well, for a

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Silent Winter Days

Silent Winter Days ( Tanka Suite) Twinkling stars at night within a soft snowflakes kiss silent winter days happy the snowflakes dancing as the quietly come and go Tracking through the snow on the way a deer appears such a joyous sight natures winter wonderland ice crystals everywhere Silver moonbeams fall tea-rose skies creating a glow reflecting wonders golden yellow and bright red putting on a winter show Gleaming in the sky pine trees dressed in lacy white transformed magic land covered with soft silent snow displaying winter with grace Erich J.Goller Copyright 12 5.2011

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Flower Prom

crocuses peering at rows of bright red tulips near the iris beds pansied faces have retired wilting in the warm sunshine flower prom begins as gentle winds kiss roses sunflowers steal show swaying to their own rhythm with stunning, huge blooms bridal veil flowers extend above azaleas bowing tenderly delightful sight to behold dance of marigolds frail petunias search for gentle dancing partners lily petals reach for petunias graciously prom lasts all summer

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Brilliant Beauty

"Brilliant Beauty" eye-candy essence rainbow hues breathe soft jade jewels golden shards stain clouds ... brilliant beauty radiates God's creation contemplates.

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Colors of Dawn

Colors of Dawn
       by Amy Swanson

Peach-gold tones shimmer
       -- mist from twilight disappears
kiss of sun peeks through
        swirls of pink and lavender
        bids a gentle good morning

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Dreams of Moonlight

Beams cast silver hues
Everlasting crescent moon
Rise to fill the night
Bathing the dark in star light
Gazing into Heaven's eye

Reflections mirrored 
Neither here nor there but one
Breathtaking in form
Caressing the dreamers dreams
Reaching for more than the stars

For Tracie's Moonlight Dreams contest

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gunmetal clouds

gunmetal clouds part
and sunlight streams on a hill
that holds poppy wreaths 
      the wet cenotaph now gleams
      while a vet faces its glare   

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Summer Butterfly

Summer butterfly
vibrant wings brighten long days
heat from your passion
cocooned 'til our love flies free
as we dream of sweet nectar

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
for Let's Pass a Tanka Love Note contest (Rick Parise) 

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though old still virile bent but untrained by the wind  bonsai beautiful  where white scented blossoms grow your copper wired cane holds

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Yosemite in Winter

gentle flakes drift down...
   winter dusts the valley floor
      drifting through branches
         like a silent retelling 
             of an old native legend

winding brooks of glass
   shimmer as they meander 
       through meadows of gleaming frost...
         A crystalline bridal veil
             adornes cathredral spires

Granite monoliths,
   crafted by glacier giants,
      surround the valley...
        hovering as if to guard
         this piece of heaven on earth

(For a view of on "About This Poem")

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Reign of the white witch

leaf sculptured with ice
crystal clear jewellery
glistens and dances
a spell by the north's white witch
her reign over land begins

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This lonely little hovel

The grainy half dusk, 
when the sun gives her last wink.
Hours spent in thought 
to leave the safe sanctity.
This lonely little hovel

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Flowers on the Tree

Vibrant flowers bloom
Across the old mango tree
Teaches a lesson
That youth blossoms from the old
Yet the old are the sweetest

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Bears {Tanka}

Winter snows recede
Warmer days do their part
Rivers start to swell
Awakened by natures clock
Hibernating bears emerge

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Azure Silks Blown in the Wind

Floating towards new moon--
a blanket flecked in diamonds
slips over the horizon.
A sliver of light over
azure silks blown in the wind.

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Autumn Falls

The air chills slightly ¬ Leaves whistle in careful touch Whilst the nights draw in ~ Blued skies mingle against greys Autumn is calling the tune ~~~ Greenery now turns ¬ Her vibrantly yesterdays In chameleon change ~ Richness of colours now flow Blends of the fall so grace us ~~~ Cobalt laden skies ¬ Amidst the ebony dark Impending storms close ~ The passing of Summer, stark What we lose today, returns ~~~

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Hawthorn,clematis,white on green
Butterflies decorate the scene;
Acers,red purpled smoke tree,
Nature's expressions,each May I see; in my outdoor gallery

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Out in a rainfall

Out in a rainfall;
Hopeful but woeful waters,
Pitifully falls...
Lightning wretchedly dances,
Thunders echoed and resound...

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Graceful Deer -- Tanka Contest

Deer are so pretty
As they stand against the snow
And they are graceful 
As they leap over fences
To come to the stream and drink

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Poetry Shared

Ocean draws me love
Come, come relax as waves tap
Toes, pelicans, gulls

Fun floating face down
Snorkel, mask, strange ocean clown
Below fish dart, chase
Look for love, food, fun, frolic
Similiar needs_fish~humans

Love, food, fun, frolic,friendship
Fish congregate in close schools
Human congregate in needs
Needs as poetry shared

Contest:"Fun & Frolic"
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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Azure Gold

Sweet dreams lead us home
To bright exotic island
Where sun and rain waltz
As toes wriggle warm white sands
And sun turns skies azure gold


For Rick Praise's "Blue and Gold" Contest

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Wonder of Sunshine

Warms to the very bones
Brightens life in early morn
Making dew glister
Rainbow prisms of color
This the wonder of sunshine
Written: 10/24/2012 Tanka Crazy-Sunshine Contest 2nd Place Winner

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Morning Sky

The sky is so dark The pitch of the evening night Softly colors start They begin to blend inside Light pink, lavender, and red They all start to ride To flow through in the lost night Bringing hope again Dancing the colors do spread So lovely morning begins Now even peach comes Master, the one who made this Reigns supremely high Crafted the prettiest sky All colors accounted for Slowly sky brightens And everything turns blue shade Waiting for the night So another show will post And sky will color again
Russell Sivey

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Standing Alone

a flock of white geese almost touching the rainbow on their busy wings takes a little bit of me and fades in the horizon =============000============

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Deceitful Moon

Grand thief, lovely fraud
That plunders waning sunlight.
A cold, lifeless thing.
Silver lies, reflected rays
Passed off as dreamy moonlight.

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High winds churl, howling
calling forth their minions
open wide the gates
the battle will be long, fierce!
through the mountains, hills and vales

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A Perfect World

    in a perfect world

        no roses die on the vine

            spring is eternal

                natures gifts are abundant

                    in sunlit skies rainbows shine...

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Future Running Counterclockwise

An Acrostanka...or Tankrostic! 

                                        Each tick of the clock
                                        Accelerates neglection
                                        Reducing the time
                                        The future would last few hours:
                                        Human's punctuality


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Sunrise Tanka

in morning’s twilight
you arise, embraced by bird
songs in scarlet skies
oceans sparkle with your gaze
fingers of light bursts through clouds

dawn shines, portrays its 
sovereign self amidst the hues 
warmth endows its worth
growth glows in divine design
rainbows are formed in fine mist

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Fireflies Light the Path

Firelies flapping wings
light dark trails in fields at night
laterns bob and sway
like twinkling stars on high
while small hands reach to capture
In response to Nette's  "Splashes by Evening"
Miss you, Nette!

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The night is all mine.
Laying in lush, dew soaked grass
Hands for a pillow,
My earthbound home forgotten
As I hitch a ride with stars…

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A Ripple in Time

A ripple in time, we are here for a moment like fleeting vapors in this vast, great universe-- members of a divine God. Into the night sky I gaze, awed by space and time and the wide expanse of the Milky Way, a dot among endless galaxies. They spin and swirl in a dance in the gaping voids of space and blackness, their light coming to us from a time before our Earth formed. A ripple in time, we are here for a moment like fleeting vapors in this vast, great universe-- members of a divine Whole.
--for 'A Ripple In Time' Contest --written 05/05/2013

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Early Morning

flocks of birds fly in...
newly mown lawn wet with dew
ducklings waddle by
poor birds take flight frightfully...
then return to look for worms
03/22/2012 3rd Place Winner Black Eyed Susan "Tanka" Contest

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fleecy grey white clouds like giant grains of popcorn edged with wisps of mist in a clear azure blue sky glowing in brilliant sunshine
orion Nature

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Flowers Fading Fast

A rose is a rose.
A lily is a lily.
Flowers fading fast
beneath the sweltering sun
on a blazing Summer day.

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Natures Umbrella


  a weeping willow

    never really shedding tears

      nature's umbrella

        branches trailing to the ground

          green leaves sparkling in the wind

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Caught In The Sun

I'm caught in the sun
Shining its rays onto me
Breathing in salt air
Taking in the blue green sea
Footprints left upon the sand

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standing beneath
the cold waterfall
my sins and the heat
swept from body and soul
by nature's baptism

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What A Beauty

<                                    beneath swollen ..... moon
                                      in pasture of...... rolling hills
                                      standing  ....hind quarters
                                      a beautiful black ...... stallion
                                      simply took my breath ........ away

Entry For
Rick Parise's 
A Memory Of Beauty
Tanka Contest
G.L. All

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Feeling the Season

feeling like dancing on fluffy clouds of colorful petals inhaling the heaven scents as I imagine an autumn through my vicarious experience
Nov. 1,2012 This is gogyoka form of poem. Second Place Contest: Gogyoka Contest Judged: 11/7/2012 Sponsor: Poet Joann Grisetti

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It's Winter

Frozen lake-water, Damp eyelids,misty breath, Foggy-streets' dim lights, Silvery-green valleys, Leafless trees,concrete boughs.
written on: 7-11-2013

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Falling Leaves

When leaves do whisper
say goodbye to all at fall
once of life mutates
the cycle of death begins
to waltz within heartless breath.

© Harry J Horsman 2013    

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Bright Sunshine Pieces

Bright sunshine pieces Flowing on down the roadway Illumine the spaces Yellow beads of perfect light Brushing my cheeks with great warmth
Russell Sivey

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it’s in the big tree
a bird      i don’t
know what kind
chirping up a storm
i think he’s talking
to me
"get up      reach
out      life is

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like diamonds

I awaken to

   the brightness of the blue sky

      the sun shines down

             on the newly thawed grass

       dew glistens like diamonds

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it’s spring      gloomy day
and i watch from the window
strange quiets and excitements
hang in the humidity
like ghostly, long caged voices

the green explosion
has destroyed winter’s hold,
silenced the screaming,
and impatient nature
awaits a late burst of sun

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Cliffs Of Ireland

                                         In my wildest dream 
                                        A visit to isle of green
                                 Land of rain_rainbows_dreams

                                   Visit rock cliffs that inspired
                                 William Yeats and Oscar Wilde

Tanka Me A Dream
Contest by: Michael J. Falotico
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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My Rose Bushes in Autumn

Grown taller since May,
my rose bushes sprout blossoms -
yellow, pink and red -
bright remnants of warmer days
Now heralding fall’s glory.

(I don't have a garden really, so I hope this suffices!! I just love them)

For Black-Eyed Susan's 
Single Tanka Poetry Contest

Now for What's in your GARDEN? Contest #3 (Old/new)Poetry Contest 

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Fire Opal Forest

stained glass forest glints a snow-crystal cathedral of tumbled gem lights bright fire opals glimmering caught in watchful trees' dark arms

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double vision

shining through branches laden with weight of silence moon mirrored your eyes then weaved laces of moonlight over the face of the pond out of hope entwined we looked for what we had lost searching among stars groping for a chance to feel tomorrow under our feet

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The Face of Dawn

Yellow the colour
when I see your lovely hair
Green is the colour
of your evocative eyes,
Rose Pink lips of sparkling dew.

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

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Penguin Tanka

I adore penguins
Sliding on the frozen ice
Love how they waddle
Have wings that can never fly
Mating partners all their life

25th April 2014

~ For Tanka Contest sponsored by Amy Green ~
Awarded 5th place in contest

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A Reflection


    two moons shining bright

        a reflection on the lake

            so quiet and still

                a fish leaps and in leaping

                      the secret is revealed...

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In my field of dreams colourful flowers still dance to the melody the wind discharge – no sadness exuberance fill my soul

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Butterfly Magic

Oh, please come my way, Sapphire butterfly dancing past With bright, gold-tipped wings, For I long to caress you And share in summer’s magic
For Rick’s “Let’s Pass a Tanka Love Note” contest

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a painting in motion

a flutter of wings

a scattering of seeds

the nightly meal

of winged visitors

a picture painting in motion

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Beach Park Tanka

Blue ocean vistas
Rainforest encroaches down
Tree roots over stone
Vines reach, wind, twine and climb
Clutching trees that cradle them

Burleigh Heads beach path
Pandanus groves, mangroves
Strange variety
Spiky bushes, towering trees
Tiny flowers underfoot

Raggy  paperbarks,
Log bridge, white sand, shallow creek
Invisible birds give song
Each day travel the same path
Only to find it diff’rent.

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butterfly swoops low

  landing on my watchful gaze

      red in nightfall's float

      ...I wing my last moonlight dream

         but then it flies in a rush

Tanka Written With Decent Pivot Contest
Sponsor: Chris D Aechtner
by: nette onclaud

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Winter Holiday

A blue hue surround Snowy cottage in the hills Frozen wispy frost Cold enamored scenery Certain winter holiday
Russell Sivey Entrant into Debbie Guzzi's "Any Five Lines" contest 11/28/2012

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this Sunday meadow

      airbrushed in Renoir orange

welcoming Autumn

      through glide of marmalade leaves

          ...cuddling Sabbath’s peace

Contest: Andrea Dietrich's Tanka Me A Color
10 May 13

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Cobalt Blue

An artist brush strokes Cobalt Blue clouds 'pon morn's sky Entwined with sun's shine Gray Dove's wings whirr lifting them Above danger into blue
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich Contest: Tanka Me A Color Written this 13th day of May 2013

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Just Another Day

Overwhelming skies
Bursting with colours so bright
Encompassing souls
With that brilliant star of gold
That lifts a spirit so "blue"

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Moon of Sadness

Nude in front of you
Slapped by bats but kissed by light
Enigmatic scars
No one understands but YOU...
I dream of dreams of moon life...

I pose - you draw me
You take pictures of my soul
Wondering what's wrong...
Sadness... immortality 
How much Love I cannot give!


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The Virtuous White Rose

--**--The Virtuous White Rose--**--

White rose is holy
Matrimony pureness of
Bond between lovers.
Blessing  to Old Rome deceased’s
Chastity and innocence.

White Rose in myth and
Legend was tainted by blood,
Made blush from kiss, thus
Made it red and made it pink
Against its pride purity.

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So real

God is not a man
Unlike man, is not greedy
Ever-mighty is this God
He recognize every tone
Unlike man, is ubiquitous

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Earthquake Temper Tantrum

Splitting soil and rock; quaking, 
shaking dance of death.
Land and sea alike,
Well shaken; no stirring here; 
an earthquake, temper tantrum.

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-Folly in Grin-

Sleeping troubadour
Ask his ink why he slumber
Or his papyrus
Words they themselves would forget
Since their lord is indisposed

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This Polished Pewter Day

November's bright dawn mirrors a slate colored lake beneath silver clouds manifesting hope's glimmer on this polished pewter day Written 11/8/13 for Francine Roberts' Tanka Me Fall or WinterContest

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Spring Comes Shining

Crystal images
Sparkle on the dew-kissed blooms
Painted skies above
Spring comes to dazzle again
Wraps us up in renewal

for contest"Wow Me In 5 Lines"
sponsored by Francine Roberts

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My Weekend Home

High in the mountains
A log cabin in the trees
Aspens in color
Sit next to maples scarlet blaze
Hear the rippling river sing

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The Journey of Beauty, Fourth Generation Born

From egg to pupa and then to caterpillar - its life has started. When squeezed from its chrysalis, the miracle has blossomed. Flitting through meadows, Beauty seeks its nourishment beneath August skies, delicately alighting on a spray of goldenrod. Petal to petal and stem to succulent stem, the monarch fills up on the nectar that it needs for its ultimate journey. For hundred of miles, an orange flurry of wings crosses southern skies. Reaching its destination, Beauty falls to long slumber. The butterfly wakes with one purpose to fulfill. New eggs must be laid because the journey back home cannot be this monarch’s own. For one final time, this fourth generation born flits among gold blooms, reveling in its last days - its measure of creation. Written by Andrea Dietrich (I learned some interesting facts about Monarchs researching for this poem. Click on "About This Poem") Inspired by Gail Doyle's A Butterfly's Trail Of Kisses Poetry Contest

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The Wind Lays

The wind lays Sunbeams shine through Dust laiden fog Ole black crow Lands 'pon weaken pecan limb
Gogyohka form....

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May Fresh

rainy days in May
flowers  bloom and scents the air
mixture of colors 
carpeted the wider fields
green mountains and hills are laid

Oct. 11, 2012

Fifth Place Winner
Contest: Single Tanka
Judged: 10/11/2012      12:00:00 AM
Poet Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan

Fourth Place Winner
Contest: Tanka (Season) 
Judged: 10/23/2012
Poet Sponsor: Nathan -  -D

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The Red Cardinals

Flock of Red Cardinals Visit bird bath Only small amount of water No rain for weeks One eats Rudbeckia seeds
Gogyohka Form

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Sunlight peeks through clouds Following a few days of dark An awakening Miniture clear Christmas tree lights Shine 'pon the pale pink running rose

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the rising sun leans
on shoulders of mountaintops
beside a curved lake---
  roulette of bluebirds ascend
    burning tan from rhinestone light

in  late afternoon
trees shade dizzy,dizzy leaves
coiled from heated glint---
  petals gaily romp to play
    with rings of sunshine’s last twirls

Leonora Galinta's Tanka Crazy--Sunshine Contest
by nette onclaud

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Moonlit Pond

sitting by the pond
the water glimmers, shimmers
like a silver light
love’s eyes shine, grazing in mine -
real, or a reflection too?

For Rick's "Let's Pass a Tanka Love Note" contest

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Itty Bitty Spring

snowy daffodils 
bend under the chill blanket
sunrise uncovers
The radiators still ping
April is disguised as March

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back yard Tanka moment

the Ozark plateau 
     sun frames mount’s splendid beauty 
sun sets in Ozarks 
           pear trees glisten burnt orange 
               a sweet, juicy pear drops, thud!

Francine Robert Contest
Contest: The view
9/9/11  John Moses Freeman

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in calm silence

in calm silence
the morning mist rises
stronger than words -
sunlight pierces through fog,
I pick lilies for you


*Inspired by the "Memory of Beauty" contest,
sponsored by Rick Parise

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God Painted A Sunset

I closed tight my eyes And in a trance I saw God He painted the sky Picking up a brush pure blue He swirled a slash of azure Hesitating long He dipped a brush rosy pink He held a brush gold Gazing and pondering long He painted an orb of gold July 23, 2012 Featured poem September 30, 2012

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blackest night aglow
icy harbinger of doom
near now, make seas rise
send shivers through ancient tombs
blue earth beware night sky 

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A Cat's Life

The cat in the tree
slowly climbed up and got stuck; 
only saw the top; 
never going to come down
worked hard to enjoy his view. 

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Your History

<                                 symbolic icon
                           abrupts captivating flight
                                    honoring fallen
                       amidst lined tombstone's marker
                             at historic Fort Snelling

Written By
Katherine Stella  8/8/11

Entry For Carolyn Devonshire's
Bald Eagle In Cemetery Contest
G.L. All

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The Importance of Seeds

Life begin with seeds
It can protect the whole world
Can hold our future
So take care of our nature
Don’t cut trees for selfish greed

People suffer much
From natural disasters
Because of the seeds
They didn’t give importance
Destroying our mother earth

It’s not too late friends
Plants seeds for your country’s sake
Be the one to prove
That you care your family
Because of the seeds of life

8th Place Winner
Sandy's "SEEDS" poem contest

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Stem to the Rose

Ones pillar of strength Edging towards it's flower On reaching their join Rich scented petals in bloom Where the stem and the Rose meet .

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Wildfire Tanka

Ravenous wildfire
Tearing across the valley
Raging with anger
Climbing an abstract ladder
Regeneration of earth

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DOWNPOUR IN THE YARD ‘’’ ‘’ ‘ ‘’’’’’’’’’ ‘ ‘ ‘’’ ‘ ‘ soaking in rainfall windblown flowers and plants stoop muted colors stray falling leaves now plastered flat… framing my yard with damp clay snipped are tall grasses rolling like faded, pale sheets my hands sigh with them till, a crack in the concrete… a newborn weed flourishes (c) tanka ------------------ For Brian Strand's Your Choice Once More Written by nette onclaud

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Tree Lined Avenue

Tree lined avenue Ochres and yellows display Graciously they fall In carpet gown, soil enriched In life they shone, now they're gone .

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Radiant Farewell


Within each sunbeam
shifting through the forest heights 
radiant prisms
traipse upon the tranquil path
melting the last Winter snow  


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Shimmering Fire and Ice

Just over the hill
Beyond the slick black asphalt
misty rain blankets
Cascading through soft sunrays
Shimmering like fire and ice

(Category:  Nature)

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More Beautiful

Bullfrogs greeted dusk.
Evening clouds cooled the heat waves.
Gathering for night,
Zebra longwings butterflies,
Rested near a moonlit pond.

Gardenia fragrance
Permeated summer air
Contradicting lantana.
Butterflies fluttered.
Drinking their nectar of choice.

Love was also there.
Drifting through eternal dreams.
Uplifting memories…us.
Forever with me.
Reflections upon my life,
Made more beautiful by you.

ã June 2, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Lets Pass A Tanka Love Note 
Sponsor	^Rick Parise

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Silver Lining

grey clouds gather...
with a clap of thunder,
bestow their pearls of bounty
on my thirsty parched land.
A dancing heart rejoices.

1st Nov 2012
For Gogyoka contest by Joann Grisetti

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Pastel pink sunrise Reveals thick damp morning fog Roosters in chorus One lead rooster sings loudest "Ode To Joy" others sing parts

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T he Sky's Tears

Clouds cover the sun
endlessly they swirl around 
darker and darker 
the sky turns an inky black 
plip plip the firts rain drops fall

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Magical Sun

Magical Sun

Shadows cast by Sun

Stretch out long in morning glow

From the grand giraffe

To the smallest lowly ant

Sun embraces, kisses all.

Sandra M. Haight

Contest: Even The Smallest Ants Cast Long Shadows
Sponsor: Scott Thirtyseven

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what a sorry sight
the poor drowned grass muddied o’er
dirty snow with tracks
but the skies are thankful for
a chance to the earth restore

and the animals
seem to walk with quicker step
breathing earth’s freshness
are aware but not pensive
accepting nature’s goodness

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'Human Nature'

bask in the moisture star illuminated sky two mold into one splendid reverberation nature combined with our love

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Light of the Sun

The light of the Sun
nuzzles the verdure of Earth
with gold fingertips
of chlorophyll-induced warmth 
like a babe in swaddling cloth.

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March 2012

“In like a lamb and out like a lion” OR “In like a lion and out like a lamb” Leaving a snow white trail across my yard and giving a mighty roar, the lion had arrived. The beast of winter crept off within the first week. Sun now strokes my cheek. I can almost hear a bleat. March will go out like a lamb. Written by Andrea Dietrich A Kimo & Tanka for Russell Sivey's Contest: A Mesh of Forms

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Changing Face Autumn

The deepest cut those
striking at one’s very heart
verdant to golden
transformation of nature,
another’s death for a life

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

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the morning is calm

the morning is calm
walking, I note cloudy sky
and the cool breeze
I hurry to cut the grass
before the spring rain

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Form: tanka
Started: 4/21/11
Completed: 4/22/11
By: Miranda Lambert
Contest: Wow me in 5 lines

Soar willow warbler
Alas, winter time has passed
Spring blossom awaits
Soar home delicate creature
See the lull your song creates

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Africa - Tanka contest

Sweet Home Eden.
Amidst widening desert.
Faint lions whisper:
"globes warming, rains rare."
Sweet Home Eden, for how long? 

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back-lit birch and pine
pierced with autumn's red and gold
tremble beneath clouds 
my broken heart weeps like rain
a lone loon calls revelry

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Happy New Year

____________________________ She slept in snowflakes Drops of crystal memory Where love filled her mind Joyous as the supple wind Silent as the new days dawn ____________________________ A Modern Tanka

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   Summer's dress is gone
   Darken the colors for warmth.
   Crops now in harvest,
   leaves come tumbling down to earth...
   Indian Summer is here.

   Cold days, colder nights
   Fireplace sings its wooden song.
   Cords stacked in rows,
   sentinel woods wait outside...
   Snuggling up with one you love.

   Night comes on too fast
   The big yellow moon stands out.
   Vees of geese fly south
   against the gray sky of day...
   Time to change the clocks, again.

   Holiday spirits!
   Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins abound.
   Children seek rewards
   going to houses unknown...
   "Trick or Treat" is the password.

   How I love this time
   Knowing that year's end is nigh.
   Give thanks to the Lord
   for His generous nature...
   All seen in Autumn's splendor!

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All Hallows Eve

leaves drift to the ground,
red and gold litter the street,
as ghouls come out to play,
one night a year;
All Hallows Eve!

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Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses Touching with beauty in the garden of roses love warming the heart a romancing yellow rose with sunshine love inside Bright full moon magic Yellow roses for my love attracting romance the flowers brightly blooming touching all hearts young and old Tanka Contest

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Yellow Green Star

One yellow green star Above horizon In southeastern sky As sun cracks The dawn
Gogyohka form

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The feather

The warm summer breeze
Holds me floating, briefly still
Just a gentle breath
Sends me tumbling once again
Where it takes me, I shall go

Contest : ANY 2011 POEM with any theme or form max 12 lines 
Placement : 3rd

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Sweet Sun

A beautiful bowl
burning to brighten our world ,
lends light to leaves and lilies;
got glee-giving glow.
The nurse of nature at noon!

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An Afternoon Twice Transformed

One bright afternoon, The sky began grumbling as darkness fell swiftly. While rain pounded my windshield, my heart matched it beat for beat. After a small time - darkness fled as my heart lost its pitter patter, and the brightening sky changed to the blue of robins’ eggs. Above the mountains, a lovely bow stretched across the sky in the east, and my heart beat as softly as its soothing pastel hues. (see "about this poem") For Debbie Guzzi's "Transformation Contest"

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Before Dawn

Before dawn's light breaks Defined stars twinkle bright Orion's belt glows Smaller more distant stars clear Millions seen, millions unseen Compelling are they Drawing inviting come out Cool crisp autumn air Wonderful starry night sky So thankful for the vision
Written by:Sara Kendrick Contest: Up In The Autumn Air Sponsor:Russell Sivey Penned: October 16, 2012 Just using Tanka form Probably not correct usage

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The Cycle of Life-Tanka

Birds eat bees’ honey Compost of bees helps flowers Bees pick flowers’ bloom Bees again produce honey The cycle of life goes on. Life and death entwined Bees pollinate, birds spread seeds Male impregnates eggs Female populates the earth Life -Death secrets of nature The whole of nature Conjugation of verb “eat” Active and passive Fast death fast evolution Preaches no sermons in stones.
+++ April 18, 2014 Form: Tanka Second Place win Contest:

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Fog on the River

River flows across Down the banks are some buildings There’s a clock tower That sits on the riverside Docks litter the main entrance Beauty is awesome As fog comes to block the scene Fog creates an air Within itself it’s gorgeous Hiding inside its powers Now the scene alters Just the fog is shining through You must feel your way Down the river to go see Where it is that you’re going
Russell Sivey

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hoping for sunshine

 When the stormy sea
crashes like thunder upon
your wind tossed vessel
and lightning rips the dark  sky
all you hope for is sunshine

As the storm subsides
and the sky returns to blue
your hope will shine through
the sun will shine much brighter
As a  rainbow paints the sky


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winged ruler

 Floating on the winds
 of summer, he glides with ease
towards  the  flowers;
selecting one he fancies,
 monarch sits upon his throne


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Autumn's Sweet Song

like ballet dancers

in colourful pinafores

an impromptu dance

choreographed by the wind

leaves dance to Autumn's sweet song

for Nathan's contest "Tanka (Season)"

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Dusk's Perfume

fragrant summer dusk
night scented stocks sweat sweet musk
pure perfumes of June
permeate the dew-cooled lawn
red redolent roses dream

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In Colourful Gown Descend

~*~ Such richness in fall ~*~ The last days of canopies ~*~ give spectacular ~*~ horizons, as we near, lie ~*~ in colourful gown descend ~*~

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Fireflies dance

Lovers kiss under
a full moon, as fireflies dance
among  the trees
While  sounds of crickets chirping
Play a lovely melody

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Sunshine Spirit

invisible beams
invigorate pristine ways
to awaken life
  as your shining smile renews
  my enthusiastic heart

©  10-23-2012

For:  Tanka Sunshine Contest

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Lofty Salute

Return journey flight
Peeping through the window pane
To my sheer delight
Clad with snow and misty clouds
Himalaya greets "Bonjour"

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what a sorry sight
the poor drowned grass muddied o’er
dirty snow with tracks
but the skies are thankful for
a chance to the earth restore

and the animals
seem to walk with quicker step
breathing earth’s freshness
are aware but not pensive
accepting nature’s goodness

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two ducks on the pond
and one on the stony path
right around sundown
i must wonder where they sleep
then, looking homeward, must yawn

such a shallow fence
along the wintery trail
just logs and runners
nor for keeping in nor out
but skirts the deep, dark forest

where the stream narrows
someone has laid down a log
questionable –
which side to use for camping?
balance in the forest gloom?

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Pass the Salt

early sunrise
sugarcoats the morning mood
masking last night's news
in a charade of cheer
melting frozen, salty tears 

sun's antidote
sweetens my attitude
I must embrace 
new beginnings, and rub salt
into wounds of yesterday

For Andrea Detrich's Contest: "Sweet or Salty"

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Dancing Rain


                                            never will I know

                                      again your gentle laughter---

                                        except in the voice

                                     of spring bursting with tapping...

                                     raindrops dancing in pure joy 
                                                      '   '    '    ' 
                                   '     '    '    '    '     '     '     '     '      ' 

For Francine Robert's Contest: "Wow Me With 5 Lines"

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Waterfall Mist

water flowing down
cascading over old rocks
silver mist sprays out
reflecting light from the sun
a rainbow arch over head

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Broken Butterfly

Life from a cocoon
This butterfly emerges 
A fragile beauty
With a pair of graceful wings
Yet her flight conceals a bruise

Edward J. Ebbs - January 31, 2015
Written for "Write a Poem" Contest

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From with-in earth boils
Violent eruption explodes
The sky filled with ash
Molten lava starts to pour
In death new life will be born

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hidden in the woods
the last of winter melting
where fiddleheads grow -
it will be lonelier here
harvesting these without Dad

March 22, 2014

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The sound of the winds,
A dark night of this city.
Without you tonight
Disappointed in promise
Spending my time with Sandy.

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mist hangs her body

mist hangs her body

close to his softness blending 

early morning chill

separated no longer

hardness enters disappears

(February 9, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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golden amber leaves
adorn the tallest trees now
an early sneak peek
of what is to come so soon
when all the others will blush

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Sunshine for the Soul

sun kisses the dew
with feathered hues of sequins
the whole world glitters
with extravagance of light
in the red bannered sunrise

no trumpets are heard
for the wide lift of pink sky
as the crimson sun
greets the earth without fanfare
but wraps the soul in splendor

Leonora Galinta's Contest: Tanka Crazy/Sunshine

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Patchwork Quilts Abound

Seasonal harvests,
show glorious scenery 
Below azure blues
her response, golden spreads grace
Patchwork quilts abound in awe

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Moonlight Invitation


Awake in dream time
I slip on restless slippers,
tiptoe from slumber,           *
at the moon’s invitation,
delivered with dappled light.
Night embraces me,
and moonlight reassures me,
giving me comfort,                       *
knowing that somewhere, out there,
you dream under the same moon.

:For Tracie's Contest: Moonlight Dream

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Snow White

Snow white Dogwood dots the spring green forest's deep wood petal tips blood red Cold raindrops wash clean pollen Blood drops wash sinners' worse sin
There is a legend of the Dogwood.. It is said that it's wood was used to Crucify Christ.. After that it because the gnarled twisted little tree that it is know as today..The blossom has four petals and each is tipped with a red scarred looking tip for Jesus' head, hands, and feet...The center of the blossoms looks like the crown that was placed upon Jesus' loving brow..

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the colour of life

blue on blue on blue

the oceans,  mountains , and sky

white clouds with pink hue

hover over this vista

... blue is the colour of life

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Hush Now { Tanka X Three }

<     falls bright foliage
reflects own mirrored images 
       off motionless lake
clusters of billowing white
filter from chimmeny's home stacks

red gold brown and green
illuminating snapshots
etched in minds own eye
transferred to painting canvass
under moon's and stars dance theme

the winds of gallows
taunt not the sleeping forest
with your shivery 
hush hush this one silent night
don't wake the sleeping giant 

Entry For 
Amy Green's
Enchantment Of Fall's
Tanka A Moment
G.L. All

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Yellow Day Lily

Yellow day lily's bloom Tightly pinched the blossom Against the morning's cold Last bud of summer Soon 'oar's frost will close
Gogyohka form

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Luna Yearns

The wait had been long…
Now the world is sound asleep
Her journey begins...
To glimpse her dazzling beauty-
Yearning stirs as desire grows

On this autumn night
Luna wraps herself in clouds
Sails the galaxy
And descends to Crystal Lake...
A phenomenon passing

Note:  Moonlight Dreams Contest by Tracie
Ist Place

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'New Dawn'

sounds of ecstasy 
whilst wings flutter 
a new dawn welcomed
in nature’s distinctive way
a thankful prayer uttered


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Butterfly I saw
In the Garden of Eden
Celebrates its beauty
Colorful flowers to see
God’s gift for you and for me

The season of smile
Trees wave its leaves for a while
To show happiness
Air filled with so much freshness
Birds singing sweet lullaby

Motif: Nature
For Giorgio's "Impress Me V" contest
4th Place Winner
Maria Paz Samelo

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A tiny dark chamber With small pulsating mass Blood regurgitating Scary place A broken heart
Gogyohka form

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At One with the Night

Hazy lazy moon Warm breezes whispering by Peaceful and content Alone and safe with the dark Dreams already taking shape
Written on July 11, 2011 at 9:30pm

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Etnas Rain

Mount Etna’s raining; smoke and rocks fall from the sky; tempestuous beast! Although she does have a right, her warning goes unheeded.

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Thunderous Awe

The color orange Strikes the whole sky with brightness Increasing splendor It has an awesome power Fills me with thunderous awe
Russell Sivey Contest: Nature the popular theme Sponsor: Kim Morrison 5/31/2013

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Ice King

in my frozen hand
the melting ice is burning
as it quickly melts
  the warm puddle on the walk
  reflects the hot August sun

I'll tell ya that ice is "King" in this weather!
Craig Cornish

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Miles And Miles

Miles and miles of fence Young trees gave their life to serve As a barrier Between interstate traffic And wildlife that roams in woods

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Roses Without Thorns

Roses without thorns are like cherries without pits. Child without mother. There is no way possible. One must come with the other.

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Acid Rain in Erode

Grey heavenly skies
in reaction to her hurt
clouds so different
In cry, falls, penetration
acid rain erodes her so

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Fresh air of spring pulse-
fetching lilacs imbue love
on vale sunshine fair
a new beginning, profound
a resurrection of life....


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Sun Dancing

sunshine dancing on the rippling water sets it glistening reflecting the sun's beauty in sparkling water diamonds

Details | Tanka | |


The clearest day comes,
an early storm made trees swing;
lost my cowboy's hat...
the warmer air soothes the chill,
sunshine dries up traces of rain.

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October Morn Rising

like a spotted fawn
digging with a tender hoof
in the drifting leaves
morning paints an autumn song
smiles upon the vivid mists

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Sheltered - Tanka

the sponge of the earth

soaks in the warm afternoon

this harsh winter's day...

but the shadows of the elm

are lonely without the sun

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Morning Dew

Droplets of the morn
gracing life's exposed objects 
a web I image
exposing a craft so pure
in moist delightful capture

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view point


persuaded by time,
  clothed in rust, a sky reveals
    the hem of summer…
     round green hills are strewn with oaks
      as far as the eye can see….

kissing toes of a
 barn-red house, acres of grass
  stand at attention…
   John Deere rides the afternoon
    humming with satisfaction

under a pear’s shade 
 golden hound naps lazily …
  one eye slides open…
   for an occasional glance.... 
    on guard for squirrels who thieve


By Carrie Richards, for Francine's Contest: "the view"

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Summer Butterfly

is there a reason your tiny wings flutter by in eager pursuit tasting here and tasting there like a sprite in summer's dream

Details | Tanka | |


Good morning sunshine
I am so glad to see you
Your brightness, your glow
Magic is in the air, yes

October 15, 2012

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A View to Review

deep red crepe myrtles
standing alert in the wind
their harmonies blend
as petals drift down like snow
on to the green plants that grow

red roses aglow
beside the walkway still grow
with one yellow rose
standing alone on its toes
beside rubber water hose

looking on the side
cedar trees stand tall with pride
small animals hide
dogwood and pecans abide
grass high need lawnmower to ride!

by Marty Owens
For Francine Roberts contest "the view - a tanka"

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The Last Light

Land masses in freeze
mans conditional now waned
nature retracts, whilst
a polar bear roams a city
incomprehensible times

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Butterfly Wings

tropical night sways
as we glide under starlight
butterfly wings land
on my bare shoulder disguised
as his soft familiar touch

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Swinging on a Star Tankas-3

“Swinging on A Star”-1

Oh “Bethlehem Star” 
Bright multi-faceted points
Still shimmer from far
Above my old aching joints
Reminding me of His love.

deborah burch©

“Swinging On A Star”-2

Diamonds on blue
Yours glimmering by the moon
Is “Venus”…still true...
Holding your heart, as I croon
Sweet love songs in moonbeam hues.

deborah burch©

“Swinging On A Star”-3

Catching golden love,
These moonbeams in a jar,
You watch from above
As if swinging on a star--
My "Mem'ry”…my love…you are. 


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Autumn's Reign

Gingko’s golden leaves
Intermingling maple red
Glorious carpet
Strolling through autumn’s return
Mesmerized and delighted.

Chrysanthemum blooms 
Vine maple dotting hillsides
Lingering roses
Color, color everywhere
Last call to outdoor dining

Pilfering raccoons
Raiding cornfields and orchards
Laughing at farmers
Indian summer picnicking 
Last hurrah before winter

For Amy Green's contest  "Enchantment of Fall Tanka Moment"

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Cautiously I wade Through shallow waters at dawn Minnows tickle me My fishing hole waits for me catfish jump with the sunrise

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Tanka Hummingbird


Hummingbird humming
Little wings fluttering by
Stop and drink nectar
Visit my flower garden
All the flowers bloom for you

For contest: Tanks
Sponsor: Amy Green

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Nagareboshi - Shooting star

blackest night aglow
icy harbinger of doom
near now, make seas rise
send shivers through ancient tombs
blue earth beware night sky 

temple bells ring out
monks in orange robes chant ohm
flocks of sparrows flee
lava hisses through fissures
blue earth beware the night sky

blackest night aglow
bodies meet in heavens flight
deep within plates move
crusts crush mountain tops high
blue earth beware the night sky

yurei* call rise, hide
the sacred toreii** gate falls
guard dogs howl the moon
harbinger of endings drone
blue earth, beware the night sky

*yurei, angry ghost
**toreii gate, arch before a Shinto Shrine

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Soft Peony Clouds

soft peony clouds
ensconced with wet petals
drops of liquid sun
pools in earthly hollows
reflect sky and earth as one

(June 19, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Hurricanes love food

On the horizon; 
swirling centrifugal clouds; 
dance their wicked dance.  
Feasting as they roam about; 
hurricanes always eat well

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Lady Autumn - Mirrored Tanka

Lady Autumn's here. She paints with magical brush Reds,golds,browns, and tans She's so graceful and quick In the air hear her laughter. In the air hear her laughter She's so graceful and quick Reds,golds, browns, and tans She paints with magical brush Lady Autumn's here! Dorian Petersen Potter Aka ladydp2000 Copyright@2014 10.08.2014

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'Salutations to Spring' - Tanka

inhale the fresh air amid pink and white lilacs sunshine envelopes a jovial scenery… unique tribute to spring

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First Love Note

Glowing full-moon bloom, clandestine meet by the pond.... breeze, rippling waters--- red-rose sent afloat to her, he, the summer butterfly..

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In Honor Of Rufus Hussey

                                             Rufus Hussey shot
                                          A sling-shot like a rifle
                                         Brought home the rabbit

                                         It became a good habit
                                Those sling-shot meals  were ideal

(Someone sent me an email
about this person..I am not sure
that is the way you spell his name.
He said, "As a child he was not 
old enough to shoot the rifle
(the only family gun) for his 
older brother had the priviledge
of shooting the gun.."So he 
learned how to kill a meal with
a sling-shot..He was an expert

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Melting Away

rainbow reflections

   fall through the green canopy

       the white forest floor

               lit by prisms from above

   spring sun shines on winter's snow

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Early Spring Birds

In the early spring The birds are all together And in their great nests Are the small eggs of their young They hatch with the greatest ease The young birds go fly Into the fullness of life Leading their own lives Becoming the new prime birds One day be parents themselves
Russell Sivey

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Woodland Prism

Spring harkens the sun
Kaleidoscope of colors
harmoniously dance
Enchanting the woodland glow
An explosion of prisms pool.

Phyllis Babcock
for Carolyn's contest

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Woman and her Vines

They grew all over In the sunlight they progressed The vines became her And she was one with the vines The sunshine brought life to them She held docile vines Growing like weeds onto her She was very free Green and nude she went along Becoming just like the vines She didn’t know much Where the vines came from that day They appeared at once After she fell asleep then In the warm light of the sun It seems that vines love The cute essence of the sun And the heat she has Then they grew on her, beaming Becomes that of her being Now she is attached Firmly planted on the ground With nutrients there Pumping juice through living Earth And the sunshine’s energy Now she loves the vines And she can still write poems She writes on nature Something she now knows about By sunshine is she able
Russell Sivey A repost under a different title. A unique vision!

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Clear pristine water
glimmering, shimmering glow
shaded rock jewels , lie,
few walk amongst the cool flow
ripples reflect in moonlight

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Whispering Rain

the soft summer rain

    whispers gently through the trees

it lulls me to sleep 

     with it's relaxing rustle

and the scent of fresh blossoms

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Nice place For a Walk

Spring cemetery 
pretty white and pink blossoms
many birds that sing
grave stones scattered all around
lush green trees form canopies.

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Branches Hide Dark Trout

branches hide dark trout
swimming beneath truth of light
floating secret lives
in deep wanton quiet pools
verity lives amongst them

(June 18, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Rhythm of typing Interrupted Then stopped By the sound of acorns As they hit the roof
Gogyohka(I don't know if correct)

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My Rocking Chair View

My Rocking Chair View
35 hundred feet high
Above the valley
Church steeples peak through the fog
From an invisible Town

As the Sun rises
A Picture post card appears
Miniature  Houses
Dotting the Landscape below
Quite a scenic view

Killington Mountain
Smiles down at me from afar
My Bigger Brother
Groomed for a season of snow
This is my Rocking Chair View

Inspired by the Contest “ the view - a tanka “
Sponsored By Francine Roberts
By HGarvey Daniel Esquire
Written : September 17th (12:50 A.M.,2011)

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My Huckle Berry Heaven 2K13

Many of time have
I sat upon earthy ground,
amongst Huckle Berry patches
gorging in Huckle Berry heaven
with glutton lips painted purple.

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Spring In Tokyo

Cherry blossoms cruise

     Serenely on tranquil pond

          Koi glide beneath

               Seeking shade 'neath lily pads

                    Bright parasols on parade

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Refracting morn's light Aurora Borealis Beauty touched spirit Sunrays pierce trees through forest Moment captured forever
Sponsor: Carolyn Devonshire Contest: Forest Lights

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Golden Blue Dreams

Indigo deepens
loveliness seasons convey
around golden bliss
sunbeams excel streaming down
upon landscape sceneries

written for
Sponsor ^Rick Parise 
Contest Name Blue and Gold 

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Sunlit Streamers

a walk through bare trees sunlit streamers warm my face these woods call my name the last snow melts underfoot as rainbows wrap me in spring By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders for Forest Lights contest (Carolyn Devonshire)

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Golden In The Shade - Tanka

This is the old grove
where I would unhook his leash
so he could run free-
Squirrels may be glad he is gone
but leaves have gilded his grave

Sitting in the shade
feathering grass with fingers
I feel soft, long ears---
I can almost feel the thump
of his tail hitting my legs

For Contest Sponsored By Amy Green

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Nearby Tree

A tree with yellow And gold leaves lives close, nearby Glistening in rain It produces an air of Fall in its supremacy
Russell Sivey

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Rainbow Light

Shafts of rainbow light
Poke through the surrounding trees,
The snow underfoot,
Just birdsong breaks the silence,
The woods fill me with magic. 

For Carolyn’s Forest Lights contest

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Canadian Wanderer

Shades of tranquil light
blend within shadowy trees,
rainbow prism reflects
calling come on home to me,
the forest track welcomes you.

written from a photo of a canadian scene.

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Swift Terns

swift terns tumbling in the sky celebrating joy in sharing the spirit of freedom
NB The 21 syllable count favoured by the new movement in writing western tanka - this is more true to the on in Japanese tanka. swift tern is a type of small bird found in the coastal regions of South Africa. Please see the About section for the picture which had inspired this poem.

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Taking Turns

<                                       iron propeller
                                 sitting entrance to driveway
                                   slowly turning blades
                              like the hands of time on clock 
                                 longing for extra seconds 

                                    Hummingbirds buzzing
                              red gold blue and green headed 
                                    just waiting for turns
                               to capture it's own bountys
                                   succulant sugar water  

Written By 
Katherine Stella 9/13/2011

Entry For Francine Roberts
The View-A Tanka Contest
G.L. All

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Thick fog brings on rain,
it can't console the stripped trees
whose leaves pave the road...
while their drooping branches moan Fall 
leaving as a sad sparrow.

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The View Backyard

57577 tanka

Contest:The  View (of my yard)
Sponsor:  Francine Roberts

Written by Doris Culverhouse

Nature's view changes
Familiarity seen
Birds and deer tasting
All of my precious flowers
Attacked like the evil one

Dad's barn and garden
Wayne's great carved flower beds
The tractor and shed 
Always steady, strong present
Workers, lovers of the land

Dedicated to my Dad and Hubby!!

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Now I realize
The autumns are not alike
As this year's autumn,
More than all of the autumns
I feel the scream of the leaves.

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Nothing out of place
Just playful late summer breeze
A gentle warning...
For children often forget
That Mother has a temper

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Magic Fire

Dying embers fade A last spark crackles and dies; No light in the dark. Cleansing flames warm the body; Miracle of elements.

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Paradise is a Baobab in Africa
where milk and honey flow beneath red -
I find her in clay, sun-baked, wearing 

roots from the sacred tree:
the final piece of the jigsaw.

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Falcon's Mistake Tanka

hungry falcon dives eyeing easy meal in nest angry blackbirds rise showering him with fierce pecks leaving him stunned in surprise

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Gifts of the Trees

The gift of the trees, Fresh oxygen and lumber; A place in the shade To ponder whispering leaves; Beautiful leaf serenades!

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---Buddhist prayers fly

Buddhist prayers fly
like cardinals and finches
above a white rail 
square boxes hold orange mums
flagging down the yellow sun

the morning begins 
seated on the back porch with tea
the cat's in my lap 
the chair next to me empty
as are the springs flower beds 

missing only you
a long lost part ever missed
an empty cushion
a single china teacup
one lonely pair of old shoes

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Selfish Me

Its hot! Cool wind blows.
Moves the cloud faces above
Two white angels kiss.
Wind stops blowing, it’s hot again
Blow the clouds apart please.

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Silent Quiet Night

silent quiet night
trees beneath deep blankets sleep
thick stores of sap lie dormant
wait to slowly awaken
browns will fade to blooming greens

© Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
(December 8th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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Joyful Sunshine

Outpouring of warmth Each ray intended for thus The greatness of light A soul with inspiring heart Made by some joyful sunshine
Entrant into Leonora Galinta's "Tanka Crazy - Sunshine" contest 10/11/2012

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Triumphant Shout

Blackened smoldering
Wood rising steam hazy sun
Autumn dew dripping
Blooming flower brilliant red
Resurrected from the dead.

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White Pumpkin

Carves a grinning face
Paints the white pumpkin orange
It looks like others
Decides different is good
Removes paint and admires it

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Blossoms Tanka

Blossoms open now Clematis' radiates warmth.. The heat pump clicks on The woods are dotted with blooms Wild Azalea's orange chilled

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Red Hair

Her hair a bright red In the autumn of her life Wind blew through strands shed Soon winter will come with white Coating auburn hair 'pon ground

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Home In The Oaks

                                        Large oaks drop acorns
                                       Delicious fall winter food
                                           Deer enjoy bounty

                                         Ginko radiant yellow
                             Those leaves helps deer's cognition

In honor of Francine Robert's "The View~A Tanka"
Writtten by: Sara Kendrick
September 10 and 11, 2011

Click on:"About This Poem"
I have never seen the deer
eat the Ginko though..

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Sun flowers blossom
as the sun shines from above,
Marsh dries;mirage seen,
as herd of deer drink from stream,
need a drink to quench my thirst.

beach lovers happy,
Time to tan their skins has come,
Ultraviolet rays...
hope ozone is still intact,
to shield and protect the earth.

CONTEST:"Tanka Crazy-sunshine" sponsored by Leonora Galinta

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Splashing Dog

(This is a Tanka:  Japanese poem of five lines, the first and third composed of five
syllables and the others seven. In Japanese, tanka is often written in one straight line,
but in English and other languages, we usually divide the lines into the five syllabic
units: 5-7-5-7-7.)

Splashing Dog
    by Amy Swanson

Great drops of water
     fly vigorously from him!
Black hair glistening
     he gallops through the river,
     stops only to shake himself!

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our too brief enjoyment

the green folliage

that once lined this country road

replaced with yellow and red

Autumn wears festive colours

for our too brief enjoyment

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Streamers of smooth light--
luminous phenomenon
hovers the northern
and southern magnetic poles--
mesmerizing Auroras

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Leafed to be reft
Ashen greys in bleak surround
Cover of night dies
It's stillness, in cry, out loud 
My life, will be skeletal

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From My Front Window

Mount Baker looming,
resembling huge ice cream cone
cooling summer day.
Swallows swoop, swallowing lunch
from Mother Nature’s bounty.

Humming birds sipping,
finches defending feeders,
robins stalking worms,
while blackbirds gossip on wires
and starlings steal ripest fruit.

Last of roses blaze,
fall asters show blue color 
as trees lose some leaves.
Huge loads of produce pass by.
Across the road crops ripen. 

By: Joyce Johnson 9/5/11came in at no. 10

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Fast aproaching night
Full moon rising in the east
Sun setting westward
Shadows envelope the land
All is calm during the night

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When leaves in whisper
say goodbye to all at fall
once of life--- mutates
combats the chill of the eve
to waltz within heartless breath.

Mighty Sycamore
shaking off the morning dew
mist that envelops
undaunted spoiling the view
nature’s meltdown renewed.

So autumn imprints
aging--- all life at its best
when hue red and gold
scurry along woodland chase
driven by the artful wind.

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Nature's Basilica

Canopy of trees

   With light streaming from above

      Form stained glass windows

         For nature's basilica

            For worship by all creatures

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 6 in Carolyn Devonshire's "Forest Lights" Contest - May 2012

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Fly Low

Domesticated Three geese, unable to fly Honk quite noisily Three Canada Geese fly low Honk noisily, circle, land

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Moment of Decision-Tanka

Water's quiet pool
Silent movement of a deer
Darting motion of the eyes
A twig snaps, thirsty deer flees
Quiet water still

contest Tanka(s)

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Wonderous heart

Wondrous heart

In even cosmos,
Diamond and gold get glow,
Like knowledge to souls.
Breathing through debris in slush,
Opt for gems with wondrous heart.


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Winter Sand

Lonely waters edge
Where lovers caressed and strolled,
Where children frolicked
And magic castles arose,
Waits for the warm sun once more.

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Swinging On A Star

Swinging On A Star

Catching golden love,
These soft moonbeams in a jar,
You watch from above
As if swinging on a star--
"Memories”…of love…you are. 


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after summer rains
wet things like dew-fairies gleam
flitting in the smoke
prancing lightly on the leaves
humming praises in the breeze

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Apricot Sunrise

Apricot sunrise by a rippling muddy creek... Spring rain overflow The scent of honeysuckle permeates the cold north breeze.

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Radiant Farewell

__ Within each sunbeam shifting through the forest heights radiant prisms traipse upon the tranquil path melting the last Winter snow __

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pitch dark

pitch dark small chamber abnormal pulsating mass loving human heart blood regurgitating heart grows weaker with each beat
Sponsor: Suzette Crous Contest: Tanka-The Pivot

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A River View

Churning with brown mud, Carp and catfish splash and jump, Lily pads float with white blooms adding more beauty. Tall Elms guard the water’s edge. Wildlife seen daily, Blue Heron fish for supper, Cows drink the water, A raccoon sleeps in the tree, An owl perches on a branch. A river for sport, Canoes float by surveying, Anglers motor by, As the river freezes blue, Snowmobiles skate on the ice. Written by Lee Ramage September 7, 2011 Contest by Francine Roberts “The View” (a Tanka)
* A view from my back yard.*

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Here, Behind the Trees

Green, green is my view
with bits of sky peeking through.
Sprinkler on the lawn
shows a rainbow passing by.
It's there then gone, there then gone.

Off behind the trees
sounds of traffic reach my ears.
My view ... unblemished.
I see green and green and blue
and the rainbows in the mist.

The trees sway at play
to a tune played by the wind.
Nature everywhere.
It's what I see from my door.
The city's hidden from view.

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Awesome as spring nights,
the pond's silver gleams seemed stars...
I tried to catch them,
thinking they were rare jewels
that the moon gave to lovers.

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An Untrodden Path

Dawn in the forest,
tiny rainbow like sunrays
forming light spectrum,
an untrodden snowy path
waiting for my first foot print.

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Serendipity light transcending this dark path Raphael’s touch seen prisms descend to tall pines gilding ancient green

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Fat bumblebees work
on pink hydrangea blossom.
Pollen-stuffed britches.

Days grow shorter, blossoms fade.
Honey enough for the winter?

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Lifting The Fog

Damp, misty low clouds Swirling, entwining every tree Quietness prevades In the sky an opening Light pierces lifting the fog
Inspired by Andrea Dietrich

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Painted Shadows

brown and orange hues, branches painting shadows over the tree stumps with a boisterous wind a mesmerizing dance ensues birds tweeting away mating ritual displayed the first signs of fall accompanied by the sounds reflecting the changing times...

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maples lose their leaves
and they wither in bright mounds
     cairns of crimson
that missed all summer’s glory
but remain for fall’s last post

*a cairn (one syllable/sound) is a structure built, usually, of stones to memorialize a person or event.

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Golden glory

A golden leaf, silently falling
Returning to earth that created it earlier
Gently... slowly...  breezily 'tis transported
Landing humbly on its side, bowing, submitting
Its end has arrived, it demurely relinquishes

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Orange color sky
The sunset in the evening
The air, cool and calm
Autumn is finally here
Mother Nature work of art

Posted 10/5/2012
Tanka (Season) Contest
by Nathan

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Blazing sun scotching
Blue skies shrouds me from vile heat 
Cotton candy clouds
Kisses of breeze cools warm skin
Daylight dreams visions of love

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Underneath the House

dragging feeble feet
a silent walk to death's grasp
beaten under house
the last sigh escapes her lungs
whiskers shrivel as years pass

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The Shell

The shell in the sea
glowing brightly in the waves 
reaching for the sand
tumbling over and over 
begging for a bit of peace.


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Sunbathing martyrs
Bask in the inclination
Of August sunlight---
Alms of sunrays penetrate
Extinguishing the sunblock.

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Butterscotch morning Sweet with anticipation Awash in dew drops Daffodils nod approval Kiss of promise for today

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Bare Weeping Willows

Bare Weeping Willows Graceful exposed limbs drip tears Lake filled to its brim Eerily fog coats isle's trees Who sigh for birds southward flown
Sponsor: Nathan_______~~D Contest: Tanka(season)

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In a Forest

Was walking along Through clearing in a forest The beauty astounds Lights are emanating out In multi-colored fashion
Russell Sivey Entrant into Carolyn Devonshire's "Forest Lights" contest 5/13/2012

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Lighting the Darkness

Drawn to day's sunlight
Behemoth reaches higher
Shading his neighbor
Light plumbs the depths of darkness
Sending prisms of sparkles

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Tanka About Mosquitos

a mosquito feeds
always biting on the run
avoiding my swats
my legs stinging from her thirst 
a bloody meal for her eggs

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she always sings love
each morning as the spring sun
warms her gracious heart

above the hills soft shadow
her destiny soars beyond.........



"Wow me in 5 lines"

Poet ~ Rick Parise

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Elated In Moonlight

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() In vast dimensions my mind wanders in starlight resting in calm love the Autumn moon full with dreams poetic words lightly chant Hazy blue imprints of a fortress, sempiternal electric clouds drift as simple words speak within I beckon the great spirit ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() "Moonlight Dream" Contest

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Grey of Day

In the grey of day Sun hidden behind the clouds Trees do look dismal The track to the forest lost Haze covers over the ground
Russell Sivey Contest: Tanka Me Fall or Winter Sponsor: Francine Roberts 11/2/2013

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The Mirror Effect

Man on salt flat gazed
in amazement as white clouds
in a majestic 
blue sky, slowly drifted by,
his cold, saturated feet

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Six Seater Airplane

As we rose on wings
The earth falling below fast
On wings of eagle 
Feeling as higher at last
Beauty of Canyon below

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Chestnut Arabian


Ruby Red glisten
upon diamond points of pride
his canter, stunning 

in superiority 
his head bow in gold prestige 


Contest ~ A Horse Story

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Light of Heaven

All the stars are gold
As the moon within my eye
Scattered here below
Light of heaven, come to fall
Fall so soft within these eyes

Could I catch the breath
Such life that calls to awake
Long awaited grace
Hold me here that I may fall
Cradle me, Oh sweet embrace

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orange leaf memory
falls with possibility
held for a moment
softly kicked upon the wind
in dream of Autumn's dawning...


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Tapestry Of Dreams

//////// Blue days gone quickly from my window reminisce each thread still holding one last moment to re-live as the orange sun sinks quickly light green fades in dusk two September roses bow starlight falls above and in that final inkling poetic words flow from rust as I gaze quickly for each moment I must catch a song plays grandeur as my spirit comes to rest silent, loving, I fall fast.... //////// //// Contest~ "The View - A Tanka" September 6, 2011

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Moonlight Dream

Night beacons with joy
As moon hangs over the sea
Ripples of love flow
through my heart with full passion
like the vibrant moves of fries.

Sweet melodious songs
dished by crickets,frogs and thrush
filled air with rhythms
which soothe~nerve with fervid love
This I seek;real dejavu.

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Circle Of Life, My Foot!

Grumbling, the leaf falls,
Upon the carpeted grounds.
Warm orange and red--
Enriching earths, feeding roots.
Winter's a mushy affair.

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Why Bamboo

                                                     Sleeping in bamboo
                                            Soft and luxurious against skin
                                                    Cool in summer heat
                                            Wicks moisture away from skin
                                               Even in winter keeps warm

                                                    Bamboo fabric great
                                                     Natural sustainable
                                               Grows easily without help
                                             Needs no harmful chemicals

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Moonstruck Butterfly

The moon shines brightly,
Gleaming on the still water.
A butterfly comes,
Kissing the mirrored moonlight
Before taking flight skyward.

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A Birds Best Friend

Whispering willow
A haven for tiny birds
She weeps to hide nests
Rustling leaves fly on the breeze
Confounding neighborhood cats.

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A Sure Travel Pass

blissful night torrent
enveloping my being
a sure travel pass
to the oblivion of sleep
I forgot my hard labour

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while my girl waddles

while my girl waddles
towards her first sandcastle
              dragonflies hover
over tadpoles and minnows
that hide in shallow waters

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Canadian Woods

Canadian Woods

Droplets play with light
In sky a rainbow pops up
Light in love with woods
Eleemosynary rain
And trees a clutch of rainbows.

Note:  Eleemosynary shower is the golden rain, the form Zeus took to impregnate Princess Danae who was in imprisonment.
By: S.Jagathsimhan Nair,
13 May 12s
For: Carolyn Devonshire’s  contest -'Forest lights'

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The moon's a globule 
Freckled with moonrocks
Wolves roost and shriek off-tuned hymn-- -
Tufts of fear drip-drop   elsewhere.

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Numbered Sheep (tanka)

Corkscrew through depths of
aquatic oblivion
whirls of confusion.
Numbered sheep blaat in cyclones
and wake my unconcious mind.

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the wake

a boat passes by

dark ripple left in its wake

the only mar on

aqua blue ocean like glass

...  its trail stands out to the eye

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Autumn colors

Love this color show
as autumn trees shed their leaves,
green foliage turns to
bright yellow,orange and red
caused by pigments reflections.

Olusegun Arowolo  Date:08-17-2012

Contest:" Autumn or Fall Colors" sponsored by  Russel Sivey

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This last autumn leaf

This last autumn leaf
Without resistance it falls.
Then drifting gently,
It lands it's golden form
upon her soft, smiling face.

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Apple Legends

Sapling apple stems,
once pushed into warm earth,
root with excitement...
their graceful naked branches
reach high into autumn's sky

Willowy offshoots
are pointing upwards
to drink in the sun...
a legacy of knowing  
what nature has intended

In honor Of Brian's Contest: "Up To Ten Lines"

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Tanka: Effect of Global Warming

Rocks peeking from wholes
Made by molten snow
Making a skull     
In place of the glaciers
Effect of global warming

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My View

(Yesterday a stormy day)

Malignant storm clouds
threaten the rustic songstress
inclement veil prey,
shadows crosswise the moor top
now shapeless within the mist.

(Today 17 Sept 2011)

The village supreme
basks in the delicacy
of September’s glow,
autumn leaves tap frigid pane
crows nests cruelly exposed.

harry horsman 17 sept 2011
for francine Roberts "my View" a tanka contest

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it starts as a mist,
so light, so ambivalent.
then the heavy rain,
beating, driving, unyielding.
clearing sky, white clouds, rainbows.

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divided by

the blue sky matches

the soft blue of the ocean

skyline broken by

bluish grey mountains between

... some still bearing white capped tips

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Essence Between the Sun and Moon

The light rays of sun Colliding with the dark moon Softly caressing Bending light through empty space Bringing essence between both Then those rays share vibes With the leaves of the tall trees Bouncing colors down Just for us to see the moon And the majestic sun’s heart
Russell Sivey Entrant into nette onclaud's "SEXY!" contest 2/1/2012

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Courtship Of The Butterflies

we danced among fields
feeling as free as the wind
I am enraptured
your floral bouquet lingers
your sweet nectar, I still taste

TLH  ©  05-31-2012

Lets Pass A Tanka Love Note Contest

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Leaves on my Front Porch

During Autumn months Leaves flow onto the front porch Red and orange leaves Those brown ones hang on the trees Cool crisp air carries them up They twist, twirl around Working their way up the stairs Floating in the breeze Making statement of delight Grand sight, spectacular show
Russell Sivey

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Haiku About Bats

tiny black shriekers
swarmed the evening sky above
cordoned the estate 

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in the beginning, first being and creator: the shape shifting Cagn. foolish or man of wisdom; either helpful or tiresome.
In the shadow of a crag, overlooking the tarn, Coti gave birth to Cagn’s first creation, the eland. While she bathed in the crystal clear water, Cagn whisked the eland away and hid it – to be fed by him on wild honey. This is where the two brothers, Cogaz and Gewi, found the object of their father’s love and devotion and killed it. Cagn was distraught and ordered Coti to mix the blood of the eland with the fat of its heart in a cauldron over a fire. Cagn sprinkled this potion on the barren desert soil and a herd of eland sprang from it; which became the symbol of fertility to his clan and all people that followed.
tracking the eland, young boy hunts with tribesmen - running it to ground. arrows dipped in poison; hunter's knife slits eland’s throat. alone in her hut at her first menstruation: the Eland Bull Dance – the women become the cow; men mimic the eland bull
Poetry form: tanka prose (not listed here on PS) ******************************************************************** Glossary: The San Religion consists of the spiritual world and the material world. The modern Bushmen of the Kalahari believe in two gods: one who lives in the east and one from the west. Like the southern Bushmen, they believe in spirits of the dead, but not as part of ancestor worship. The spirits are only vaguely identified and are thought to bring sickness and death. Cagn (also known as /Kaggen) is the supreme god of the Bushmen of southern Africa. He is the first being and the creator of the world. He is a trickster god who can shape shift, most often into the praying mantis. The bushmen believe that Cagn’s favourite animal is the eland, which is the most spiritual animal in the religion. The eland appears in some of the rituals: boys' first kill, girls' puberty, marriage, and the trance dance. • A boy is taught how to track an eland and how to kill it. The boy will be considered an adult once he kills a big antelope, mainly the eland. The eland then gets skinned, and a broth is made with the fat and the collar bone. • The ritual for the girls' puberty starts when they get their first menstruation in which she becomes isolated in her hut. The women in the tribe do what is called an Eland Bull Dance, by which they imitate the eland cows’ behaviour when mating; while the the men act as an eland bull. This ritual is to keep the girl beautiful and peaceful and also free from hunger and thirst. • In a marriage ritual, the man gives the fat of the elands' heart to the woman's parents. Then the woman is anointed with the fat. • In the trance dance, the shaman tries to possess eland potency because the eland is considered to be the most potent of all. The shaman: When an eland is killed, they believe that there is a link that opens up between the cosmos. When this happens, the shaman dances and reaches a trance to enter the spirit world. Once in a trance, they are able to heal people and protect them from sickness, protect people from evil spirits, control weather, see the future, ensure good hunting, and basically look out for the well being of their group or tribe.

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with hushed heated breath
I wait  shadowed by the moon
for Spring's last thunder
so that we may crash as one
eyes to eyes each chain broken.

~deborah burch©

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Deer Lake of Burnett County

History winking
On the black velvet water,
No voices are heard;

No wolves laughing in the woods,
Just stars on Deer Lake’s black skin.

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Celestial Crown

                                                  Explosion of light 
                                     burst forth through the dark of night
                                                stars fill the night sky 
                                              on velvet canvas of sky
                                              jewels adorned for a crown

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The sleep I desire
is for resting of the mind.
The sleep I desire
will happen when I am tire.
The sleep I desire is now.
For Amy Green Critter Tanka Contest
April 11, 2014

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Like musical stage,
Canopies of trees disperse
colorful light rays,
which illuminate the woods
with beacons of peace and joy.


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Softly cobalt skies
cool wheat swaying in sunlight
sky without gray clouds
perfect blue touches warm wheat
Holy when they touch

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A Rough Path

Though the path is rough A rocky mountain landscape Trudge through it wisely You will find in your heart, peace When at the top, victory
Russell Sivey

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Blazing as sunset,
they grope as houses on dense-leafed cliffs
reflecting their image
in the motionless lake...
shouldn't they welcome Winter? 

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pintka 1

summer solstice moon
bright as an oncoming train
pressing silver light
into my glistening pint
carving stark shadows from the night

Michael F. Lewis

Invented another new style...
tanka + pint = pintka

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Treasure Each Breath


Rustic aged red barn
sits proud in yellow daisy's
as green boughs in dance
lilt colors of spring's flavor                                                 
one black stallion chants his neigh       

my thoughts...crystalline
for moments evanescent
a bitter sweet tear      


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Baring the life fruits Giving to us animals A state of constance But we continue to rob And bite the Earths feeding hand

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Mocking Bird Chatters

Gray thickness coats all Cool dampness penetrates morn Mocking Bird chatters Soon sun will chase away fog Cotton clouds float gingerly

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The Waterfall

Cascading vision
channeling it’s own pathway
like stained glass crystals
tripping over polished stones
voiceless but never speechless


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Mystic Charm Of Spring (Rhymed Tanka)

Mystic charm of spring
In the thirsty souls of trees
Wine drips, whilst birds sing
Then runs down the lovely knees
Sips the smell of winter spell

Oops, I broke 
the rules of Tanka,
is it ok?!

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A pine branch dangles 
over a heap of leaves that
had fallen in Fall;
every morning, sunlight rays
reach down to kiss the cold snow.

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Fall Tonight

Trees wave goodbye
To the leaves they once held
Wind whistles tonight
To those who are outside
Autumn is visiting

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rain - tanka

shreds of crying clouds
trickle along budding trees,
like shadows of dreams...
words melt away in silence,
as seconds flow with the rain...

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Nature and Humanity

Effervescent dreams
Flow down upon mother’s plate
Chilled by destined fall 
A time always remembered
Appearing third time of year

Season of life fades
Human apertures grow weak
Though, knowledge is strong
Love holds different stages
Bonding affections with key

Combined all blessings
Unfold into beauty bold
Each respect enriched
Of their returning faction
Crossing over great divide

To rapture rebirth
Forming times readmission
Natural recourse
Within nature is beauty
Returning humanity

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Traipsing In Tranquility

_ __ Auburn fields of wheat flow distant to greet soft hills white clouds hang above lone, I float through the soft breeze as the brilliant sun spills warmth __ _ A Susan Burch Contest

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The Wet Tulip (Tanka)

Sopping wet tulip
Tries hard to conserve droplets
Caught in rainy day
But cannot stop dripping
Out of fringe of the petals

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Green - Tanka

How is the punctuation and the general flow of the poem?

Green is moss blooming;                  
The tune of a wildflower,                    
Raindrops tingling in                            
A veil of whispering wind;                   
Spinning tales of gratitude                  

Harmony of light,
A swirling carpet of health,
Carried in the wind -
Earth and cosmos’ brewing dance,
Glory and wisdom displayed

Lucid righteousness -
Drinking in the sap of leaves,
Forests rejoicing
Peaceful, still, and prosperous, 
Green is the inkling of spring                  

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aging - tanka

autumn’s rusty ghosts
haunt the naked cherry trees – 
memories of fruits...
torpid mists enshroud the sun
with prophecies of winter...

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One Cricket

One cricket rubs legs Singing his jimminey song Crows are silent now No vultures fly high circling A quiet autumn twilight

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Almost Heaven, West Virginia

majestic mountains
fog hovering in the morn
unsullied waters
hasten to the waterfall
filling the cold deep basin

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Branches Restricted

Tree branches inside Elaborate orb of space Confined, restricted Kept tied together within The great mother tree herself
Russell Sivey

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My Bird Linda

When I was a teen
I caught a chick of a bird
And named it Linda
One day my elder sister
Killed it accidentally!

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Market stalls laden

with history: indigo,

red ochre and turmeric,

pungent and bright –

jewellery around her neck.

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In Spring I can see Empty branches come to life Develop cotton Along all their long branches Springing newness all about
Russell Sivey Entrant into Francine Roberts' "Pusywillows or daffodils" contest 2/26/2012

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King Arthur's Seat

meandering greens
amidst Autumns creeping turn
King Arthur's seat, proud
gorse amongst the rocky crags
shades as the sunset descends

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Hot Saturday Afternoon

The mall parking lot
What amazing view__mankind
All ages, races
Automatic door entered
With many varied motives

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Disaster Scaled Down

single samara
swiveling down creates a
great impediment
for minute passing life and
a dam for trickling water.

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The jackfruit and the flies

One day in summer
We were eating a jackfruit
Suddenly some flies
Smelling odor from somewhere
Came as the unwanted guests.

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spring shower

green leaves of old trees

  newly washed from the rainfall

   now brightly shining

under the emerging sun

    ... the spring shower now over

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Kaleidoscopic Fall

~ Kaleidoscopic scenes ~ ~* carpet the glens around me *~ ~*~ Evergreens stand out ~*~ ~* against rusty ochre hues *~ ~ Seasonal beauty abounds ~

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mother earth is sad - 
the world she tends to is not 
well and although she 
tries to show what will happen
too many refuse to see

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Kiss of Dawn

gentle kiss of dawn sheer curtains filter sun rays touching me with light golden flecks ride the cool breeze I wake to daybreaks splendor By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders First place in One to Fifteen Any Form (Brian Strand)

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Fevered Dusk

Comes the fevered dusk A sultry breeze across skin banking sun's embers A brief respite from the heat of which to sip and gaze stars
7/11/2011 Paula Swanson For the contest, Tanka You Sponsored by Francine Roberts Placement: 1st

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Fall Flowers

Great flowers outside Red, yellow, orange, and gold Are their warm colors Surrounds the steps to the door Bringing a festive fall feel
Russell Sivey

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forest floor flourish
emergents crawl high above
shadows and light dance
aboriginal drums roll
safe in the womb of mother.... 

Rain forest

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clustered sweet stars cling
fleetingly  pink  white  beauties
fragrant umbrellas
billowing warm pink blizzards
floating down gently on streams


*Sakura:Japanese Cherry Blossoms

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the easy wind blows

soft its kiss of nurturing

understanding not

married as one pain through growth 

the reed knows not peace in life

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Drifting Fog

Morning in autumn On a countryside pathway Fog drifts its way up Drifting pillars of white clouds Brings beauty of wafting fog
Russell Sivey

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The Seasons Delight

Summer days bring love.
Bound together, two as one.
Fragrant dreams flowers.

Oh, shimmering sun.
Shining.  Burning.  Bringing fun.
Hot sands greet bare feet.
Ocean waters ebb and flow.
Salty air tickles taste buds.

Cooling breezes pierce the night.
Arm and arm two souls take flight.
Like poetry, lives are merged.
The seasons delight.

© May 22, 2011		
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

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mild weather ahead
so says the news report
except for the wind
that frozen voice from the north
button up then till april

conjure now green vision
how happy those spring sounds
tulips thrusting up
refreshing smell of spring rain
just a winter’s nap away

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Tanka: Butterfly's Wings

The butterfly's wings
Moves to and fro when it flies
Like a wooden fan
While resting on the flowers
Look like slopes of muddy land

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Maple Leaves

Maple leaves bright red Fall breezes remove loose stems 'Pon the ground now rest Like red leather gloves fit hand Leaves conform to earth's surface

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Scent of a new day
beyond the hills my alpha
sunrise my dawning
cancelling out what once was
thus beginning my sunrise

orange sunrise brings hope
what once was will be no more
swing low sweet sunrise
let me ride above the hills
bright beginning my sunrise.

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walk through the forest
birds call animals scurry 
untamed undergrowth 
steps quiet on pine needles
owl calls “who?” “it's me,” I say

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Eternal wisdom 
wound into the very threads 
of Life's tapestry. 

No human flame can burn a-
way this underlying truth.

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passing time

time passing
even the bumble bee
counts coup
holes in my walls
holes in my walls

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Easter Morning

Easter morning breaks with a glorious sunrise a promised new day thank you, Lord, for your promise Easter lilies sway in praise sunlight reaches down lifting my eyes to Heaven a promised new day God's light shines upon my face wiping every tear dry the dawn of Easter happiness of heart and soul a promised new day On the third day, He's risen light shines on an empty tomb

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The view contest

Twigs and branches crunched,
Revealing a wholesome face,
Generated a fine glimpse,
Of Mother Nature’s kind charm.

By: sabina Nicole
Written: 9/9/11

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Glow, slow rising moon
over the dark sea of night;
have all dreams returned:
to fill a devoted heart  
with another song of hope?

Glow, slow rising moon
as a ghost fearing daylight;
funny how you changed
your white color into blue:
to hide scintillating stars?

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The melancholy howls
     echoes through the dark forest
               coldness clings to skin
                           heartbeats infused with time
                                          souls intertwined with nature

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Easter Lily

Easter lilies bloomed where His sweat fell to the ground hope of Christ's return a garden pure white life everlasting By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders *The Easter lily symbolizes purity, hope and life. Tradition has it that lilies were growing in the Garden of Gethsemane after Christ's crucifixion, and lilies bloomed where his sweat fell, the hope of everlasting life.

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mournful chanting song of only your flowered grace lone, I reminisce at the edge of old green pond sorrow flows on each ripple...

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tanka VII

warm afternoon's walk alongside picturesque bay seen through blur of hands swatting persistent squadron of annoying bloody flies

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All trees turn leafless...
and as skies are less brilliant,
they induce boredom;
ah, days are shorter than nights,
making hearts sad for four months!

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Rest From the Storm

thunder storms cease
the sun peeks through gray clouds
brightening the day --
red-breasted robins gather
'round a rain filled puddle.

For Susan Burch's Any one new or 2 yr old Tanka contest

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Now it all comes back
That hint of heavenly warmth
Those extra tree songs
Busy scurry and flutter
What was is suddenly gone

Now it all comes back
After an endless winter
Explosions of green
A buddy population
O’er meadow and mountain stream

Now it all comes back
That which seemed only a dream
Verdant ghostly thing
I’m out the door inhaling
The reality of spring

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In her black
The lapis lazuli
Lent her aroma
To her earthy
Then she cried in

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sky crackling far off
midnight blue sky, thunderbolts
roaring, deafening 
unending cacophony
Raijin is playing tonight

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My View

coloured leaves swirling
falling from tall swaying trees
joining rose petals
and snapped windswept flower heads
carpeting the threadbare lawn

Jack Horne, 7th September, for Francine’s View contest

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Blanketing the world Harboring the flowing clouds Give birth to the rains And hiding the blazing sun The sky gives to all

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Floating on my back In tranquil cobalt waters My eyes search the sky As billowing clouds pass by I see familiar faces March 19, 2012 Any ONE New or Older than 2 years old TANKA contest Second Place

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Butterflies and crows

Crows chase butterflies
As they try to catch beauty,
Perfection runs away
Into the dusk of the early 'morn
While crows wait eagerly.

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Blazing evening sun
more ardent than lovers' lips
allows no sad sound
as the bright notes of robins
hate to bring night in


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Area In The Periphery

gnats, hovering in a 
tear drop, battle dust motes for
room.  a peaceful wind
separates them.  i should be
glad with my personal space.

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Cold Rainy Day

Long Cold Rainy Day

Gloominess Settling In.

Why Haven't you Called?

I Am Tired Of Waiting.

You Are Freakin Frustrating.

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Fall's Angular Sun

The sun rises south A little later each day Fall's angular sun As a chill tinges each leaf Blue Jay sings thanks_eats acorns

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this summer morning
sun,highlights the pampas palm
bathing in the heat-
as nature,in siesta
celestial heaven meets

lazy,rests my soul
as contentment's shalom flows
silence has its say-
fleetingly,nothing matters
then,in thankfulness..I pray

Brian Strand Bag of tricks

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The idle boats

On the Gulshan lake
Some boats are lying idle
In such a manner
As if two water-lilies
Which are big and beautiful!

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The morning scene

The Morning Scene(double Tanka)

Sky looks bright and clear,
A deer stares at me gaily,
~gale wind blows the trees;
as I entered the backyard,
The ground covered with green weeds.

Weeds are entangled
with cobwebs spread like fish nets;
The canary sings,
~branches move to the rhythm,
and the breeze whistles along.

Olusegun Arowolo;9/15/11:contest:"The view-a tanka"

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Scarlet sage' path...
feet rambling about the hill
of a quite woodland
with Carolina willows
and southern magnolias.

Lanky short-leaf pines
shade the milk-pea verdant shrubs;
petrels watch the swift,
mottled squirrels climb black oaks
while a cavalcade stirs them.

Hyacinths in bloom
have a stronger, sweeter scent 
than the white jasmines...
is fragrance a flower's gift
to all lovers strolling by?

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the frog

on a leaf, sailing 
smoothly to bygone phrases 
laced with time I bow 
to unknown spirits, watching 
trees dance in orphic autumn  

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Patchwork Tales

Under a sea of

Kiwi and lime, linen is

The medium of

Choice. Uniquely blended, it

Adds texture to the landscape.

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Trees in a Forest

Trees in a forest when light pierces through the leaves make a pretty scene. It’s as if they are human saluting His great glory.

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spring by the river -    
the river banks are swollen   
from heavy Spring rains      
snow from up north has melted  
and the fish are coming home

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Turkeys In The Yard


Turkeys in the yard Searching for a meal or two Pecking through the leaves Stocking up while time allows Thanksgiving day is coming Slowly towards the woods With bobbing heads go strutting Gossiping aloud Returning to the woodland Bid farewell to the hunter Written for Francine Roberts “The view-A tanka” contest Bob Quigley September 11, 2011

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Moonlit Pond

Shall I take you down
amongst the reeds of the pond
to watch the moonlight
illuminate your essence
so that I might bathe in it.

TLH  ©  05-30-2012

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golf balls, tennis balls
pling! pow! the deck is pommeled
by pieces of ice
damage everywhere, and then
insurance says “Act of God”

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Pussi Willow

Grow in the meadow Cute little pussi willow Appear in the spring The most adorable thing. You make spring a time to sing. Poetry soup's censors won't let me spell the word with a "Y"

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you tube animal pictures

You tube (animal pictures)

Cat kisses dog
Dog looks at the camera
Dignity lost
What it would like to do
Is to kill the bloody mog. 

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Scent Of Green

I love summer smells.
wrap me in the scent of green
and paint me pansy.
With butterfly wings I’ll fly,
straight to all pastel rainbows.

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Alone in the Darkness

Polar caps melted ~ cobalt skies in mourning show ~~ A solitary ~ berg, drifting like a lost soul ~~ all alone in the darkness ~

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Sighing Without Rain

In softness outside The clouds waft on by beyond Sighing without rain As umbrellas utilized To shield women from the sun
Russell Sivey

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Unaware of

Unseasonal raindrops 
Teen adolescent cob seeds
Dreaming of sprouting 

Unaware of grind reality 
 Hard harsh anvils of flour mill 

Fatty chick crowned pink 
Breaks the day shell with his voice
Steps with Grace, picks worms

Unaware of dainty dishes 
Restaurants, forks and knives 

Small vigourous fall 
Wild brook scrolling down mountains 
Swelling, to be river 

Unaware of hindrance,
Damn the dam, clenching flow, sea far  

I, enjoying the day 
Planning morrow, pining past 
Loving and hating 

Unaware of jaws of death 
Coming near breath after breath.

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Autumns eye appeal

Such beauty I see
Where the stems to blossom die
Citrus and saffron
To a fashionably end
Meant for eyes to encounter

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Breaths for the Seasons

Autumn leaves encase
A ground once caressed by heat
Tread carefully here
Beneath your feet animals
Are hiding from winter’s breath

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The street dog

I was drinking tea
Suddenly a street dog came
Wagging tail and head;
He wanted some food to eat
By his body language!

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tanka and haiku

A moment (Tanka)

Rain as wet silk falls
On a rosebush which burnish
Until gray sky smiles. 
And there is golden sunlight 
On my cottage whitewashed walls.

Stillness of soft rain 
Dogs sleep in haylofts and sheds
Dream of hunting boars 

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watch your step
when the widow comes along
she with a reddish hour glass
if you’re bit
time could run out

at furthest limits
of what god assigns infinity
his patient spider
is star-spinning
star-spinning away

Dave Austin

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Being the Wind

I’m like the breeze, to
Influence motion in trees
I sail boats along
I blow my way in her hair
Bringing a smile to her face

I massage her neck
With my great miracle force
She folds her arms tight
And watches as I blow on
Moving through the fields of grass

Russell Sivey

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Adorning My Front Yard

Grass perfectly grown
A lovely white picket fence
Bushes trimmed nicely
All adorn my great front yard
Gorgeous dreamy and wondrous

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Francine Roberts’s “the view – a tanka” contest
Written: 9/6/11; September 6th, 2011

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Fall Tanka

Autumnal Poem (Tanka)
(After a photo by Albert Russo)

This rock in the sea
 Looks like a shipwrecked vessel 
In October sadness
A ship manned by seagulls 
her captain, a tired seal.

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Hurry Back Springtime 300th poem

Hurry back, springtime.
I cannot stand this winter.
I want warm weather.
Let me see the flowers bloom.
May the birds sing in the trees.

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the daylight fades
a scarlet tiger awakes,
preys and mates-
procreates as
woolly bears

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Fall Landscape

My door, inviting Warm festive Autumn colors Fill the night senses Orange lights cover the ground Opening to Fall landscape
Russell Sivey

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Moon's Tears

The moon cries tears Of the harvest style I see She lays down the law That I must understand her And her certain pull on me
Russell Sivey

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the pristine forest -  
still untouched by man or drought 
or fire or blight 
haven for all fowl and beast -  
pristine forest where art thou?

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summer heat

August radiation 
Midas burns what he touches 
Pale dust and dry leaves 
Zephyr wafts heat from hell 
Hue of Hades is sky blue 

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Floating Moon

The cool floating moon Hanging slightly in the sky Impressing many Leaving a white glow around The sky with a peaceful air
Russell Sivey

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Green was the color
which my sight beheld for long,
now trees turn auburn
setting a melancholic mood...
mourning the liveliness gone.

Lofty, dense mountains
tower hills with grapes and pumpkins
as their aroma spreads;
these cliffs suited for olive groves...
won't protect them from a storm.

Thoughts intensify,
foreseeing winter's sadness,
noticing the wise ants
storing food before snow comes...
this image makes one ponder. 


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White is the color
of the majestic canyons,
the river still flows
as snow sparkles on rocky bends...
profound silence extends far.

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Never the Moribund Monarch...

To capture beauty,
is to go to sleep with black,
red, and gold powder
from butterfly wings aloft
on your mind... not on your hands~

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Wind Chime Song

Bamboo wind chime song
A soft gentle melody
Breath across wood pipes
changes the tune and tempo
Elevating my new joy

entry to contest;  Sounds Familiar
Placement:  Honorable Mention

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Well Beaten Path

Blessed mighty trail I walk down well beaten path Following along Onward I trudge down the road Through the deep colors alive I follow footsteps Of greater minds that have lived Ones that have spoken About perfect ways of life The comforts of the forest
Russell Sivey

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Moon's Prowess

Here is the full moon Proudly displaying its grace Please meet me outside It calls me, in dignity Its crazy voice calling me Now I follow it The commands that exclaim out I enjoy the moon And all its wondrous exploits Pleasure to behold at night Clouds come to meet it Covering over a scared voice It pleads not to be Inadvertently covered A moment of complete rush I fold my arms at The full moon, proudly beaming Through the weak and silent clouds Showing its prowess throughout The calm of the moon’s power
Russell Sivey

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Airy Stillness

Sky of cyan blue Meeting with the cobalt grey Of the ocean depths Waves never lacking in strength Lapping alongside of the boat A peace and calming Over the airy stillness Is the real brilliance Delightfulness in the sky Measures equal in the sea
Russell Sivey

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Healthy Breath

he booked his holiday
once on a hill station
or nearest a ocean,
to enjoy healthy breath
to unload the tension of a job

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The Raging

Rolling thunderclaps;
angry gusts whip through tall trees;
ravaging the land.
icy globules beat the ground;
winter thunderstorms play rough!

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Lighthouse Emanates

Lighthouse emanates The light from within the stars Light on the wave’s crests… Water that will magnify The perfect light from the sky
Russell Sivey

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Gently Saved

     Drizzles feed her kind,
            Torrential showers would kill,
                   Sprinkles reach the mark,
                         Exceptional buds will bloom,
                               She thrives and prospers at dawn.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Autumn Colors

Like her amber hair Flowing down sides of her back Long windblown fire strands Like orange powers of fall Autumn comes staggering in
Russell Sivey An example of my contest!

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Flower Garden {Tanka}

First we till the ground
Bird’s watch from up in the trees
Then we sow the seeds
Beautiful flowers abound
The air filled with fragrances

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Beautiful Noise

The birds are chirping A brook is gurgling nearby Plenty of Spring sounds Beautiful noise surrounds me All this lovesick one can bear
Russell Sivey Entrant into Chris D. Aechtner's "Many Of The Reasons Behind It All - Let The Masks Fall" contest 3/18/2012

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In the Wind

The sheer of the wind Fierce the flowing, I don’t know I’ll meet you inside The window shows you coming Maybe, it’ll be alright babe We greet at the door Open arms to meet again The wind blows by us Telling tales of our long past Hearts that beat in unison
Russell Sivey

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Fire In The Sky (Tanka)

The fire is hidden
Behind the big mountain range
With the setting sun
But smoke is highlighted
Turning into clouds

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The Coming Spring (Tanka)

Spring is in the air
Robin sings by my window
Snow melts to puddles
Red tulip buds crest the earth
Blooming with my smiling soul

© Joseph, March 15, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

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The Crack

The crack in the sky Grows bigger every day A killing surprise I feel the great dormant crack Coming down, falling on me I must run beyond Away from the openness Towards the forest Where the crack cannot find me I survive another day
Russell Sivey

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Tiny Insects

Mosquitoes realises biting
when they are touching feet
when they touched an ear
a noise seems whistling anger
why have tiny insects attack?

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Leaves in the Autumn (Tanka)

Leaves in the Autumn
Giving burning sensation
Departed from trees
Being turned orange and brown
Crunchy layer on the ground

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breaking ground

fertile mother earth
cradles inanimate life
'til heat arouses
unfurling delicate limbs 
straining to touch golden warmth

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Specks of honed firelight Grinding out the light of times Flies run in the dark Lighting up the night spaces Bringing harmony to night
Russell Sivey

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Setting Sun

When fog rolls over Across the dark grey waters The air percolates And the mellow sky shows truth Of warmth from the setting sun
Russell Sivey

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The Angry Sea

You and I named clouds
which dissolved and left us still
staring at the sun,
listening for thunder's voice,
egging on the angry sea

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Mightiest of Waves

Greatest of all waves Flying high into the air Cascading foam down loudly it falls all about Crashing through itself with force Leaving ideas Posting another window Crasher of being Works in tandem with others Being itself an image… Of all others before it
Russell Sivey

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Fog Creeping In

In the deep darkness There is a grey mist rolling A fog creeping in With any light you can see The grey mist tailing on by
Russell Sivey

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Sagebrush extends far
Across cracked, dusty plains.
Water is sacred; save it,
For the sun burns hot.

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Curiosity's Danger

From darkness lights rise as bright hues paint night spectrums, dancing eerily. Alaskan visitors gasp; sights they long to see appear. Unaware they are of impending disaster. Earth’s slightest tremor crushes through icy capsules, casting glaciers on tourists. Aurora remains, though none are left to view it. Victims’ curiosity leads to death by avalanche as nature overpowers.
*Written February 21, 2015

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Watching the preparation

Crisp chills awake me
As leaves descend to the ground
Nature’s reds now thrive
Watching animals prepare
I stare in autumnal awe

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The Yellow Wasps

Many yellow wasps
Attacked my younger brother
When he was busy
In trimming a branch of tree
Where they built their little hive!

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Winter in the Town

Winter in the town Cold air permeates around Fog sits, billows out Wisps of white clouds drifting by Leaving small specks of cold ice
Russell Sivey

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Night Words

Night falls over Earth
A hush falls over the world
But something whispers
There are words in the dark, too
Listen; let them speak to you.

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Sleep in a Forest

Sleep in a forest The floor where the needles lay I scrape my body The world’s natural past day Follows paths unknown today
Russell Sivey

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Just Enough

The sunlight, and the moon.
All together, brings a beautiful
Glow, that's always there
Just enough,
And forever.

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Autumn Breeze

Leaves that move along As the limbs drift gracefully Softly they glide by In the breeze of the autumn Pleasantly cool time of year
Russell Sivey

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Ornamental Gold

Ornamental gold

Heated scents, Ripening fruits

Montage of tiled lines

Flies buzzing in Autumn's heat

Tuscan's orange, greens and yellows.


(January 18, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved, 

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Mother of Nature

Mother of Nature
Signature of daily health
I call out to you
The pain, the pain so intense
I feel the presence of death
Flowing over me
But it’s not through me inside
Mother of Nature
I hurt, hurting forever
May you cure my unique ills

Russell Sivey

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Fresh Wind

By no direction of man
Angels spread their wings
And are carried by fresh wind
To places unknown, unseen

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Darkest, Deepest Night

Darkest, deepest night

Mirror of limbs against sky

Lapis are the trees.

Heavy internal silence

Sad reflection, crying moon.


(January 16, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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The finest line drawn-- 
Between silent stirs and sighs 
Of swaying roses 
In such perfection for myth 
Charmed by breath of a night wind

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a single owl screech
breaks the silent
November night-
the Hunters moon
waxes blue

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The Dew-Drops (Tanka)

Touched by wind gently 
Caught in the curve of petal
Dew-drop rolls like  pearls
As soon as kissed by sunrays
Shines like a diamond on velvet.

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Strong Foundation (Tanka)

Rustic, mossy tree
roots like great tentacles stretch
deep into the earth

Solid foundation of strength
as leaves revive in the sun

© Joseph, 6/1/07
© All Rights Reserved

Tanka is a classical Chinese poem consisting of 5 lines with a syllable count of 
5/7/5/7/7. It can be traced to the 5th century.  It does not rhyme and uses no 
punctuation.  Traditionally, the tanka begins with an observation of a natural 
scene in the first 3 lines and then the non-rhyming couplet at the end reflects on 
the observation. 

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the pike trawls the shallows
motherless ducklings
nestle together
the heron watches

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a warrior awakes
full~ hardened at sunrise
love breaks his fasting
young squaw with belly rounded
quickening~ a warrior wakes

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This Sounds Corny { Tanka}

bounty of the earth
come ye thankful people come
for it is autumn
and the leaves are coming down
run run sweet John Barley Corn

Entry To 
Kristin Reynolds 
Autumn Tanka Contest

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Western Winds

Western wind blows
The coldness rips right through me
I get frozen chills
I shiver with extreme brisk
The frigid air kills any warmth

Russell Sivey

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Lives under dense forest

To reach the earth surface
Being filtered through dense groove
Only a few rays win
Often not enough at ground but
Lives grow without it too.

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Winds blow on darkened nights.
Frost covered landscapes emerge;
colder times to come.

Colors woven everywhere,
brightly painting the canvas.

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When Spring flowers,
in woodlands hereabout
reveal themselves,
archangels shout-
Im a weasel snout.

Inspired by the pretty woodland yellow archangel(Galeobdolon luteum) in a wayside woodland 
walk yesrterday in th Chiltern Hills.

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A pool of smoke

Fresh Air blows
to touch the high chimneys
and fell downs
in a pool of smoke
and flew above as clouds

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Powerful Light Source

Rising from the East There’s a powerful light source One that emits heat Considered symbol of day Happiness follows the sun
Russell Sivey

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A Hidden Flower

Fragrance discloses
Presence of flower, despite
Leaves are hiding it.

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Hot Summer (Tanka)

Now is the time when 
drinking water is a must 
the summer is hot 

And relaxing in the shade 
will be great to do right now!

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Rebuilding America { Tanka}

                                                              Coastal area
                                               massive under ground currents
                                                          wave of destruction
                                                   Solid foundation of strength
                                                 refurbished  levee's proclaim

In Loving Memory 
Of Victims
From Katrinia

Also Big Thanks To
Sir Joseph Spence Again

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now over forty
Peony arrives
all dressed in white
her perfume
still attracts

NB our peony is 47 this week

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sun filled the blue sky
silent silhouettes on high
winter,trees asleep
nature stands unmoved-
peace permeats my soul

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fog at dawn
necklaced cobwebs

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Honkers {Tanka}

Embracing Autumn  
Shorter days bring longer nights
Cooler weather now
Seasonal migrating flocks
The sky fills with giant V's

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Waiting for You in August

It’s not thirst I fear, 
but the way the sun’s course sweeps 
shadows, everything
flows downhill, and how I wait
rooted here without water.

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silent tears rain down
as upon my knees I pray
hands  grasp the dark earth
tending the vegetables
as the master mends my soul

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Gifts from Ava

Shallow finger bowl
shines blue in the kitchen sun
holding sacred gifts.
Once thought of as weeds, and pulled.
Now, floating flowers, treasured.

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A Steadfast Relationship

Pet Rock in my palm,
invent of late twentieth
century and hard
mass of mineral, able
to soothe without sediment.

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Salt Rings and Seaweed

Tangled seaweed shore
sharp in salt and sweet decay
Crab claws still clenched shut
in defense of losing prey
Sun, to bleach, is on it's way...

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Desert Jazz

The brown tumbleweed
rolling across the desert
dances to a tune
beside the running rabbit.
They always gig together.

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A Waterfall

Electrified by
Judging height of waterfall 
From bottom to top
As vision is freelancer
Can go against gravity

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Autumn leaves dancing
Spinning and twirling around
All so inspiring
Enticing playful moments
With choreographed echoes.

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Standing in front

A child was standing in front
the mirror why am I
in the mirror, he astonished
and broken the glass
every piece was watching at him

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Buring a matter

mouth to mouth
a matter was fired on
when I walked
street was burning as sand
when my home was smoking

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A Flower

Flower  fails  to  hide 
Softness  of  wrinkled  petals 
But it fights with wind
Uniting arched  stretches 
Fragrance spreads all over

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The Sower and the Tree

O thee, the sower, 
who’s sowing but not reaping; 
cut the tree? Why not 
tend it, nor, cultivate it 
near the crystal stream of love? 

...that I may bear you, 
the sower, who’s sowing but 
not reaping, next spring 
the sweet fruits, of you and me, 
for the world to see---our arts.

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Fire Of Autumn (Tanka)

Winter's  awaited

To  rescue  the  nature  from

Fire  of  autumn

Snow's  invited  to  bury

Scattered  leaves on  the  ground.

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The Ocean

The waves disappear,
I feel the ocean sinking,
the rise up again,
I can see the tide come up,
the ocean's purly beauty.

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                           FALLING FROM ABOVE,
                    LIKE A RAINDROP, SMALL AND MEEK,
                           ONLY TO HIT GROUND.
                     CRASHING AND SPLITTING INTO...
                         MANY PIECES, OF MYSELF.

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Flight Off the Paper

Old Chinese paintings
on sanded paper veneers
depicting swift flight
of a thousand long necked cranes
still trapped, just piercing the sky.

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On the pathway, just 
a snakeskin, the snake itself
long gone. So why this
rattle-tingle in my brain?
Why look in all directions?

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The Story Goes On

blade of grass is in
seven shredded pieces.  one
wish scatters with the
pieces -- confetti caught up
in gravity dodging wind.

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under the hedgerow
along the green lane
off the leaves
slowly down my neck--

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sycamore swaying-
rooks nesting high
midst the bursting buds-
stick by stick each gust unpicks
a patient labour of love

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Mental Corolla Enrichment

chicories in the
morning -- the many eyes of
God analyzing
our virtue's readiness to
shed light on others' petals.

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As cerulean as the oceans deep
As translucent as the worlds meek
I see your hues so vivid and sublime
Oh glorious sky who art mine

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out of the silence
of the winter night,
a single owl screech
darkness descends-
hunger abates

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aerobatic antics
signal the dawn
on th hazel tree-
squirrels scramble
a winter store for free

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hunger haunts each daytime hour
coldness kills at night
nature's foodchain

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on the garden path
five toes and a pad
imprint the snow-
hunger brings a 
stranger in the night

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Tale Erectus

a telephone pole --
partial remains of a tree
now wearing wires
instead of leaves -- stands tall.
its splinters decry its new woods.

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winter blankets
the dark earth
makeshift banks
overhang into drifts-
snow falls icy blue

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Tanka again

hanging from the trees
winter fog welcomes the dawn
and obscures the light--
cobwebs shimmer
necklaced to the hedge

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with a tremor of light-
daybreak tinges
the nigrescent sky grey-
the horizon appears
distinct in my mind's eye