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Tanka Mother Poems | Tanka Poems About Mother

These Tanka Mother poems are examples of Tanka poems about Mother. These are the best examples of Tanka Mother poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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lamenting mother

~~ I wept and I weep. All my tears cried since that day, could fill the oceans. I counted each gasping breath; the end came with dawn's bird song. __________________________ February 8, 2015 Tanka For the contest, Tanka Tears, sponsor Rick Parise Honorable Mention

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Hearing that heartbeat

Hearing that heartbeat 
Felt shivers from tip to toe
Each kick so welcome
Weaving dreams for my unborn
A mother making process

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she used to have skills at a telephone switchboard today she is scared of cell phones and computers my mom is one sweet antique writing poems by hand and reading hard cover books I know little of the functions of a smart phone I’m becoming my mother

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Sweet Raspberry Kisses

Baby, when you’re grown
cradling your own darling babe.
Remember your days
of sweet raspberry kisses,
rhymes and twinkling lullabies.

I will remember
the sweet sound of your babble
through bubbling laughter, 
your pudgy, little fingers  
and wide-eyed wonder, always.

for Andrea Dietrich's SWEET or SALTY? Contest,

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Task at hand


As I stand in my kitchen, my hands shape the dough intent on making a pie.... “Who’s hands are those?” I wonder… I see mother’s signature
____________________________________ For Brian Strand's Contest "Five Lines Down"

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No turning back

A Mothers Meditation

I taught her better.
I didn’t want this for her
She’s followed my tracks
Look at her, life is ruined
She knows not what she’s done

	The Daughters Disposition

	Wow, what did I do?
	I can’t bear the pain she flaunts
	Her disappointment…
	Stings… like a swift kick inside
	What on earth was I thinking?

A Teen Dad’s Train of Thought

Did I? I didn’t!
It wouldn’t have felt as good…
She took the pill right?
What if, she was with other guys?
What do I tell my parents?

"Studies and surveys of young teen males show they are worried the pleasure 
experienced during intercourse will diminish with the use of a condom."

All rights reserved
Contest: Mom, I’M PREGNANT!

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a time to reflect

one hour alone motionless in bath water... mirrored on water is the sun of a childhood reflected in ripples of time I see my father a chain saw, a pile of wood mother is sewing patches on the family jeans.... swirling quickly, down the drain ~
_________________ Carrie Richards (spiritual) ________________________________________

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mourning exposed

mourning pain exposed a weight of melancholy ushered by flowers pink hyacinth's fragrant buds blossoms of memories flood
Written: February 12, 2015 For Andrea

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The apple doesn't fall far

Loving my mother,
       The roots to my tree she stays,
                                Exalting her charm,  
                                  Embracing her every word
                                       Fearing to become her too

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Roses Without Thorns

Roses without thorns are like cherries without pits. Child without mother. There is no way possible. One must come with the other.

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Mother's Love Is Great

~Mother's Love Is Great~ (Tanka-Double) Mother's love is great Mother's job never complete Her love is so sweet Mothers for their children pray Do all everyday Mothers for us care All for us they would just dare Their loads so great For their children much they bear They love us so much. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 February.08.2015

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relentlessly marking 
my mother taught me
to keep my hands busy

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Mom And Dad


Happy Birthday to me
I'll make a great memory
make Mom and Dad proud
with a bright flash they will see
just how much they mean to me.....


A Linda-Marie Contest
Poet ~  ^Rick Parise

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Pink Joy


The pain preceding
a simple joy receiving 
my little pink love,
you arrived in a downpour
of glorious emotion..........


Contest ~ "Pink Joy"

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on a beach

    the in/out of waves

on stony beach in sussex

   and seagulls crying ;

as a child does for the breast

 of mother, towelling dry

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a skinned or bruised knee,
battered pride, when ball games lose…
bandages to soothe…

mother’s bag, filled to the brim
were words of understanding


way around the bend
fast curve balls came unending…

a soft place to land
a gentle hand for mending…

my bag of tricks holds ….loving

Inspired by Linda Marie's contest "Bag of Tricks"
By Carrie Richards

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Mommy Mommyyyyyy

"Yes dear mommy sees.  
Smile my angel. For Daddy!  
"Peek Boo," We love you! 
Mommy hopes you remember, 
someday when you have your child." 

Contest:  Baby Babbles
Sponsor: Linda-Marie Sweetheart of PS 
Submitted by: Judy Konos

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Saying Goodbye

She rests now in peace in a satin-lined casket Calm as frozen stream O death, where's thy victory? My Mother's now in God's care!
I dedicate this to my Mom who passed away last Wednesday, 2/4/2015)
Tanka Tears contest by Rick Parise

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lullaby - tanka

crystal bells tinkling
- waterfalls of silver sounds -
angels painting stars
eyes shutting in loving smiles
innocence falling asleep...

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We agreed on this
I stamp on your toe, slyly
You cannot feel it
Eyes on what you want the most
This is why you kept me home.

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Remembering them   
is deep sorrow piercing the  
heart that must weep to release 
what the flesh can't overcome. 

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Letting go

Grimacing faces
With teary-eyed composure
Look out together
At their capped and gowned daughter,
Happy, yet sad, both know why.

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The Sweet Return

Children once played here.
Screaming laughter in the yard.
When will they come back?
A mother can only yearn.
For the day of sweet return.

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Movie Night on Cable

Mom, thief in the night
Takes her son back to survive
Stolen from father
Fake gun, they were on the run
Shot in back, police attack.

A. Green

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A Mothers Ears

A Mothers Ears

                                               my baby's movements
                                           time for his presence in life
                                                  I hear his pain cry 
                                        playground laughter recognized
                                     my heart and sense know he's mine

                                                 mother’s gift to hear
                                            what her children are up to
                                                  even when they're 
                                              being quiet in their room
                                              mischievously in fun play


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Mother of Nature

Mother of Nature
Signature of daily health
I call out to you
The pain, the pain so intense
I feel the presence of death
Flowing over me
But it’s not through me inside
Mother of Nature
I hurt, hurting forever
May you cure my unique ills

Russell Sivey

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a warrior awakes
full~ hardened at sunrise
love breaks his fasting
young squaw with belly rounded
quickening~ a warrior wakes

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Love Secret

Mom, Dad, sit with me
Talk about the bygone days
When your love was new
How have you stayed so in love
I want to understand
You must know the love secret
Oh, please pass it on to me