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Tanka Imagination Poems | Tanka Poems About Imagination

These Tanka Imagination poems are examples of Tanka poems about Imagination. These are the best examples of Tanka Imagination poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Moonlight Sewing Night

pearlescent moonbeams satin spools unravelling through dark threads of trees fragile crocheted filaments luminous lunar lacework scattered sequin stars bright beads on night's black fabric silken starlight strands darn darkness with silver yarn moonlight's purled embroidery

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A sculpture of shadows and lines

She is in her bed, lights filtering through crown glass, shadows and curved lines playing with her nudity, an old erotic sculpture. Shadows and curved lines- they know how to play with her, where to land a kiss where to give a paint-brush touch how to caress silky curves. Each line tells her tale each curve longs for more caress, shadows crowned by lines perfect Michelangelo, a sculpture of light and shade. © kash poet ============================

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A type of magic—
Charming those involved always.
Enchantment is it . . . 
	A motive force for poets . . . 
To captivate readers whole!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved 
(January 3, 2015) (Tanka)

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The Spirit Prevails

It is a new day
Something wonderful happened
You are now at peace
Like a phoenix rising up
From the ashes you prevail

We shall not mourn you
For you are not gone at all
We may not see you
Your presence lives on in us
Enduring the test of time

Radiant light shines
Upon us all forever
Glorious rays gleam
Emitting from your spirit
Keeping your memory strong

The lives you have touched
Will never forget you now
Though we may shed tears
These are tears of happiness 
Your spirit forever reigns

In the days to come
When we are all together
Celebrating life
Your spirit will consume us
Your peace will be our strength

Joy and happiness
Will be felt every moment
You gave us reason
To have faith in the future
Your legacy will live on…………..

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Gracefully Bows As She Leaves

Forest alive now
Autumn colors brilliant glow
Poplar_ Maple grow
Colors seen_red, yellow, rust
Auroras of autumn flow

Elegantly dressed
For the last ball before snow
She smiles at artist
As he gathers paints blends shades
Painting her colorful gown

As sunlight dances 
Against gown that glows with dew
Gracefully she bows
As bare limbs begin to show
Last of grace before first snow

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In Dreams

Naked in the surf

   We splash and play together.

Falling to the sand

   In a hot lover's embrace....

 I awaken to snoring.

Francine Roberts
for Michael Falotico's "Tanka Me a Dream" contest

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The distant mountain is ablaze
Sun    rain    clouds blend majesty

From my perch on the lookout hill
All land between is ocean

Clouds    like white waves    obscure the Earth
I bathe in that transcendence

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Dream's Child

Crescent moon in sky my dreams fly on silver wings past blue horizon a nest waiting among trees lush,evergreen rainforest. Distant island's call beyond moonlight sonata baby bird's first flight its growing wings soon cover me,my sleep and new born dreams. © 2011 kash poet ============================

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Azure Silks Blown in the Wind

Floating towards new moon--
a blanket flecked in diamonds
slips over the horizon.
A sliver of light over
azure silks blown in the wind.

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Half Truth Dreams

Lump of bitter dreams
In waking, tough to swallow
In sleep, liquid pools
to be tasted, drank silver,
only to metal harden.

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Imagination Grown Up

Childhood wings kept
hanging behind closet doors
nestled in pockets
in woolen pea coats bright blue
like clear skies meant for flying.

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summer harvest sweet

summer harvest sweet
plump fruit ready for picking
a cornucopia treat
one would be wise to know how
quickly ripeness turns to rot

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A Forest of Dreams

Deep in the forest Where moonbeams work their magic Fairies come to dance Laughing at human concerns Dreams that rest a broken heart

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Chased By The Devil

The Devil chased me.
I outran the soulless beast.
Fear kept me running.
He is a right fair runner;
but he tripped over his tail.

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What A Beauty

<                                    beneath swollen ..... moon
                                      in pasture of...... rolling hills
                                      standing  ....hind quarters
                                      a beautiful black ...... stallion
                                      simply took my breath ........ away

Entry For
Rick Parise's 
A Memory Of Beauty
Tanka Contest
G.L. All

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eye candy sunshine

"eye candy sunshine" golden orb shines light breathing warmth to sleeping stars glowing grace of God illuminates Earth's domain nourishing Nature in bloom. solid sphere of flame kisses flora and fauna blazing blessing beams clinging to marshmallow clouds touching lollipop rainbows. radiant aura crazy sunshine smiles pure love eye-candy eyes view sunrise reflects God's new day sunset infiltrates sweet dreams. *For Leonora's Crazy Sunshine Tanka Contest. *Oct. 12, 2012.

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Rose Colored Glasses

Rose colored glasses

a fantasy view perceived

splendid get away

almost not wanting to leave

everyone should own a pair...

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Our Meeting

Our meeting last night Sent fire through my heart and veins Fireworks from your touch Fast succession exploded Bright colors decorated

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Where They Are

Zeke Gunn is his name.
Killing perverts brought him fame.
In jail with a shiv?
That is an affirmative.
Got to kill them where they are.

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Sunlight peeks through clouds Following a few days of dark An awakening Miniture clear Christmas tree lights Shine 'pon the pale pink running rose

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Beauty in Motion

His smile awaiting
His bright eyes like deep, dark pools
Skin so unblemished 
His walk---so swift and so smooth
Intense skipping of my heart

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Your History

<                                 symbolic icon
                           abrupts captivating flight
                                    honoring fallen
                       amidst lined tombstone's marker
                             at historic Fort Snelling

Written By
Katherine Stella  8/8/11

Entry For Carolyn Devonshire's
Bald Eagle In Cemetery Contest
G.L. All

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Flowers and Weeds

Weeds and flowers grow
Side by side in fertile ground
A verdant picture
Unknowing their given names
Who decides their place in life?

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My Boo

<                          halloween haunting's
                       black shoe polish foundation
                             ruby red lipstick
                       pillow stuffed under big dress
                        red white bandana for hair

                               spatula in hand 
                       eggbeater in dress pocket
                              pillowcase for loot
                       daddy's boots causing blisters 
                          aunt jemima memories 

Entry For
Paula Sweanson's
Halloween Of Tears Past

Tribute To Childhood Memories

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Dragged to Hell

I am exhausted
All these faces haunt my soul
No sleep comes to me
When I killed them they all cried
Now they watch me with those grins
I know I'll be dragged to hell

For Freddie's Tanka Contest
Let me see if you can guess I wrote this one.

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His Only Day Off

His only day off His habit to fish that day He won't break routine Rain, shine, sleet, or snow he'll go Just to escape the home scene
In response to Seren Sponsor: Seren Roberts Contest: Fisherman Written this seventh day of December Click on "About This Poem"

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Our Fantasy

Thoughts read, fridge raided Opposite me with a wink She smiles with a twist Sultry spooning her wet lips Mint Ice Cream kisses adorn .

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Caught in the sun

I, seated on the white scorching sand
Of the Brighton beach,
With eyes fixed in a bizarre hallucinatory dream
Of your frosty amatory lips and bronzed skinny body
Am caught in the sun.

Written for Andrea Dietrich's Contest

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Through a Poet's Eyes

when you stare at clouds but see angels’ feathered wings find magic in rain then contemplate it for hours you know that you have been blessed life’s intangibles beauty that others may miss imagination personifies in splendor such gifts only poets see
*By Carolyn Devonshire Written May 17, 2014

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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too { Tanka }

                                                  father's day is near
                                           what to buy for dear old dad
                                              cologne tools or clothes
                                           maybe will just suprise him
                                            with a nice father's day cake

Tho Dear Old Dad is gone
He Loved Suprises For Father's Day

Happy  Father's Day 
To All Poetry Soup Dads

RIP Daddy   { 1925-1981}

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Hush Now { Tanka X Three }

<     falls bright foliage
reflects own mirrored images 
       off motionless lake
clusters of billowing white
filter from chimmeny's home stacks

red gold brown and green
illuminating snapshots
etched in minds own eye
transferred to painting canvass
under moon's and stars dance theme

the winds of gallows
taunt not the sleeping forest
with your shivery 
hush hush this one silent night
don't wake the sleeping giant 

Entry For 
Amy Green's
Enchantment Of Fall's
Tanka A Moment
G.L. All

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Flame Theatre

Dancing candle flames, the nights flickering shadows, whirl about and play. They dance me to sleep at night and sleep their sleep, in the day.

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Taking Turns

<                                       iron propeller
                                 sitting entrance to driveway
                                   slowly turning blades
                              like the hands of time on clock 
                                 longing for extra seconds 

                                    Hummingbirds buzzing
                              red gold blue and green headed 
                                    just waiting for turns
                               to capture it's own bountys
                                   succulant sugar water  

Written By 
Katherine Stella 9/13/2011

Entry For Francine Roberts
The View-A Tanka Contest
G.L. All

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Lily's Pulitzer Prize

sixties creation ~*~
fashionable and stylish
modesty and sun ~*~
reflects the designed lure
femininity captures ~*~

Written by James Fraser for Constance's contest 'The Sundress'

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Pretty Thoughts

You think I’m pretty
I am, though more than just that.
So very pretty,
I can read each of yours thoughts. 
Good thing, I cannot talk yet.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 
Contest Name "BABY BABBLES" 

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Play With Me Papa

Play with me Papa
Dance like a princess Papa
Time to have tea Papa
Let's go to the park Papa
Wake up it's not bedtime Papa

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The Color Green

Shining in envy
Propelling from sickness held
All Nature carries
Guarding Irish traditions
We take this color lightly 

written on


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Red Hair

Her hair a bright red In the autumn of her life Wind blew through strands shed Soon winter will come with white Coating auburn hair 'pon ground

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Thought of First Love 2K13

Much thoughts of you as
praying am I that you may
reserve but a seat
amongst your humbled table,
if only in faded memories.

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Today I dropped words

between cracks in the pavement:

half-written screenplays.

My muse, a cappuccino,

conjures romance while I sip.

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The white rose

Colours of sin work hard
To taint and stain my pure heart
It’s hard to stay white
When coloured roses unabashed bloom
Tempting me with all their might

Should I give in to
Temptation and adopt a hue
Or remain just white
And find my place in a wreath
Sinless, peaceful, nice and quiet.

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She is with me now
Haunting my every movement
Wanting to be seen
Remaining invisible
Doppelgangers are present

Entry~Matt Caliri contest~Doppelgangers

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Moonlight And Dragonflies

purple afterglow love those dragonflies dipping in ponds cool water while we loved in soft moonlight lovers on that summer's eve
Finis Sponsor: ^Rick Parise Contest: Let's Pass a Tanka Love Note

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Blue and Gold Bliss

Lying on my back Golden poppies surrounding Heads waving at me Backdrop the blue of dreaming Colored moment of pure bliss

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My Valentine Gift

<                                       bright future awaits
                                   mind terrible thing to waste
                                           scholastic ready
                                      unveiling hidden bounty
                                   scholarship's highest honor 

Entry For
Andrea Dietrich's
Tanka Your Valentine Contest
G.L. All

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'System ErRoR'

it is there again that dreaded system error restless night ahead I'll try again in three hours will set my alarm instead

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New Jersey

Camp Evans of fame,
“The Wizard of Menlo Park”,
 Revolution`s Cross...
Cape May sunset, Jersey Shore 
 Mirrors of Spring, Oswego

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A Peaceful Dream

Suspended are you On gossamer threads you rest All knowing and all seeing Keeper of dreams I wait to see you appear Then in sleep I fly to you Supplicant I am Take me to the other place Where roses bloom in the night Bathe me in your light And hold me close forever I dream of sleep eternal
for the Moonlight Dreams contest...

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Moonstruck Butterfly

The moon shines brightly,
Gleaming on the still water.
A butterfly comes,
Kissing the mirrored moonlight
Before taking flight skyward.

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New Jersey

Lenni-Lenape smokes
still climb Appalachians
To dream the Passaic`s Great Falls, 
the banks Delaware,Hudson,
and Long Island Sound`s echo.

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drifting past the isle
on sapphire seas like warm silk 
my heart dreams of you
moonfaced in rapture roiling
your nether world edged onyx

part the limbs of land
breech the shores of lunar orbs
rest the lance dear one
upon the sole opal pearl
climax with earthly delight

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snug seats of leather
wheels of speed grip the pavement
a belt to secure
jets scream anticipation.......
careening momentum, flight  

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vagabonds of dreams climb into nightscape of scenes forming mixed snapshots deepened by soft twilight trips… an astral world glides in time rides on carousels gently ticks of fairy hops technicolor dance... tiptoeing inside hushed sleep hazes of moonlight ballet Fantasy Contest of Skat ( tanka) by nette onclaud

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A moonlight's dream

There, by the moonlight
Me and my dark knight do dance
My dress is silver
The same colour as moonbeam
Tonight I am lost in love

The night will end soon
I lament when my knight leaves
Will he come again?
I rest my heart on patience
Till I shall be in his arms

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                                                     ~~~~~~   *_*   ~~~~~~

                  Bag of true "MAGICS"
                         Lifelong universal tricks
                    Jailed vision seems so comic
                            NONE - defined " REALISTIC " .

                                             An emptied "TOP HAT"
                        Rabbit shown without the rat
                             Unknown with the plot
                You're blind - the whole trick...not seen
        Unlike PHILOSOPHERS - " KEEN " .

     ~~~~~~  *_*  ~~~~~~


      ***     T_T                 JUN-JUN VILLANUEVA
      ***     T_T       " BAG OF TRICKS " contest

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The frozen fingers
Reach to the heaven to long.
Losing faith they break,
fall forsaken to the earth.
Not knowing winter beauty.

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What Dreams Are Made Of

Dreams are made of hope.
Fantasy and pleasantries.
All these released as you sleep
Chase them, catch them, if you can.

August 1, 2012

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Cherishing my dream,
Where wishes are granted true,
A magical place,
That is surreal, paradise.
An island of haven thoughts.

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 It is the nameless voices 
The souls of those we never knew 
That shapes our world 
As it is today 
We are the ghosts of the past and future.

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Market stalls laden

with history: indigo,

red ochre and turmeric,

pungent and bright –

jewellery around her neck.

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Disaster Scaled Down

single samara
swiveling down creates a
great impediment
for minute passing life and
a dam for trickling water.

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Daisy The Pollen Presenter

Daisy field
Blown by the soft breeze yield
Downy petals flow malleable

Brave pressures of nature designed to be able
Created by God very good acceptable
Sturdy stems golden scented center

The pollen presenter
Field enter

With a soft kiss sealed
The butterfly's touch on Daisy
Their hand perfect dealed
Short kiss pollen sip love one
Flit onward to next Daisy

In Daisy field healed
Viewing birds adorable
Scene feelings affirmable
Birds, bees, flowers my good emotions revealed

Those emotions that once were locked away thinking concealed
Good feelings now able 
To let all blocked emotions yield
Freedom very accomplishable 

Like a banana skin is unpeeled
Life before Daisy field so abominable
Glad that life now accountable
Emotions pour slowly unconcealable
Lessons learned from Daisy field high yield

(Very difficult three forms in one write.
Thanks Jared for the challenge..I was 
determined that I was going to write 

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For twelve nights I waited,
imagining what was inside
those long, red stockings...
nothing big, like games or toys,
hoping Santa wouldn't be late.  

For twelve nights I stood
on my small and trembling feet,
to see what was inside
them and then return to bed
without waking up my dog.  

For twelve nights I rushed
into the living room wishing
it were Christmas Eve...
when Santa quietly walked in,
filling the stockings with candies.

Entered in Russell Sivey's contest,
" Christmas Stockings Tribute "
Written by Andrew Crisci
on 12/8/2011

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Maple Leaves

Maple leaves bright red Fall breezes remove loose stems 'Pon the ground now rest Like red leather gloves fit hand Leaves conform to earth's surface

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A Balance of Power

When a child was a child
A man was young and strong
As A child was growing well
A man was getting old
And losing living strength

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Gifts from Above

Adrift in slumber
My eyes see floating presents
Fall from the heavens
Colorful array around
As people collect them all

Written by
Cecil Hickman

Sponsor Michael J. Falotico 
Contest Name "Tanka me a Dream" 

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We have trained our hearts
To see a million things
Shine out from the stars
Anything you can dream of
You just have to imagine

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Butterflies and crows

Crows chase butterflies
As they try to catch beauty,
Perfection runs away
Into the dusk of the early 'morn
While crows wait eagerly.

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Advice to an Angel

With your angel face
Be as cunning as the fox
The heaven will laugh
When you shall ascent the mount
As the lion of the Sky

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House on Haunted Hill

House on the hilltop
Very old, falling apart 
Terror built inside
Red rose has haunted the halls
She’s put a nightmare within

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver's "Between Nightmares and Dreams..." contest


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Patchwork Tales

Under a sea of

Kiwi and lime, linen is

The medium of

Choice. Uniquely blended, it

Adds texture to the landscape.

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Healthy Breath

he booked his holiday
once on a hill station
or nearest a ocean,
to enjoy healthy breath
to unload the tension of a job

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The Coming Spring (Tanka)

Spring is in the air
Robin sings by my window
Snow melts to puddles
Red tulip buds crest the earth
Blooming with my smiling soul

© Joseph, March 15, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

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Shooting stars (Bull's eye)

Mistaken for stars
Alien ammo, warning
“Humans, stay from mars”
Consistently practicing
Moving target, direct hit

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Wings of the Evening

The day is folding
     Like moths when they close their wings
          Skies turning crimson
               With butterfly reflections
                    Till fireflies gather night

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Up Where We Belong

Where the bluebirds fly
Is where we will always meet
Flying ever high

To feel the presence of love
As the sun touches our brows

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               Be affirmative
                         Smile,bray and be positive
                                              Don't in drug test - LIVE!
                                                           Pregnancy? - never, BELIEVE!
                                                                                    Not at all times - Positive...

  *****~~~~*****       <3    (^_^)   <3        ******~~~~~******

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Dream's Majestic Peak

Colors astounding Bringing truth to the quaint realm Fades to a mountain A climber nearing the peak Will find long coveted goal
Russell Sivey Entrant into Olajide Adelana's "Dream Land" contest 1/16/2012

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On Top Of Old Smokey {Tanka}

                                                 shaven mountain crest
                                               malta lava ashes cinders
                                                  erupt with vengeance
                                              foundation of strengthening
                                                refurbish dwelling fixture

Tribute To Hawaii

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Prayer Of A Poet

lyre accompany me
as i write the poetry
of the celestial.
make the words have the magic
of rhyme and of imagery.

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Shadows Powers

Shadow comes alive Attacking other shadows Colliding with them Absorbing other shadow’s Powers into its own self
Russell Sivey

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This Sounds Corny { Tanka}

bounty of the earth
come ye thankful people come
for it is autumn
and the leaves are coming down
run run sweet John Barley Corn

Entry To 
Kristin Reynolds 
Autumn Tanka Contest

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The Moon Vanishes

A few days ago
The moon vanished from the sky
They put it somewhere
Scientists had determined
It interfered with progress

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Monk's Tribute (Tanka)

Thelonious Monk
piano keyboard prophet
harmonizing scales

Melody from flat to sharp
rhythm soothing to the soul

Comments:  Thelonious Sphere Monk (1917-1982) is recognized as one of the 
most influential figures in the history of Jazz. He was one of the architects of 
bebop and his impact as a composer and pianist has had a profound influence 
on every genre of music. Thelonious Monk Institutes of Jazz are located at the 
following locations: Washington Office: 5225 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 605, 
Washington, DC and Los Angeles Office: University of Southern California, 3443 
Watt Way, Lower Level, Los Angeles, CA. The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, a 
nonprofit education organization, was founded in 1986 by the Monk family along 
with the late Maria Fisher, an opera singer and lifelong devotee of music.

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Blue Toothed Grin

Even simple things
light a sparkle in her eyes
Lollipops in blue-
she tells me taste like sunshine
as she flashes a blue smile.

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Rebuilding America { Tanka}

                                                              Coastal area
                                               massive under ground currents
                                                          wave of destruction
                                                   Solid foundation of strength
                                                 refurbished  levee's proclaim

In Loving Memory 
Of Victims
From Katrinia

Also Big Thanks To
Sir Joseph Spence Again

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Shine To Shimmer

glitter sparkling in 
my make-up , in my hair, and
in my nail polish
makes me feel thrown from the stars
to luster-hungry earth.

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Never thought

dirty hands a treatment
served with honourable manners
a gentleman never thought
someone is serving poison
the bees were flying on honey

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Standing in front

A child was standing in front
the mirror why am I
in the mirror, he astonished
and broken the glass
every piece was watching at him

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In The Night

from a distance, eyes --
feline, canine, rodent and
fowl -- on me aflame.
no matter which they are, all --
faceless -- gleam hungry and strange.

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Fortune And Faith

offers more than just chance.  it
breathes live into faith
with an opulent fire.
an opal burning awake.

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Buring a matter

mouth to mouth
a matter was fired on
when I walked
street was burning as sand
when my home was smoking

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The Ocean

The waves disappear,
I feel the ocean sinking,
the rise up again,
I can see the tide come up,
the ocean's purly beauty.

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Never barked

A dog always barks him
when he walks on a street
in the late evenings
one day he strips him
he never barked again

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Flight Off the Paper

Old Chinese paintings
on sanded paper veneers
depicting swift flight
of a thousand long necked cranes
still trapped, just piercing the sky.

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Tweezers -- Another Use

of rage can be achieved in
plucking thorns, splinters,
and shards of glass when the chance
arrives -- very cathartic.

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On the pathway, just 
a snakeskin, the snake itself
long gone. So why this
rattle-tingle in my brain?
Why look in all directions?

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Malfunctioning Machine

Ah!  This rusted brain!
(I lost the instructions too.)
Now, the whir and spin
of cognitive, liquid thoughts,
just grind cogs to snaps of smoke.

Ah! I can't complain!
(Lack of use is true to blame)
TV thoughts do rust
Advertisments do congeal
'till once, what spun, is silent.

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Mental Corolla Enrichment

chicories in the
morning -- the many eyes of
God analyzing
our virtue's readiness to
shed light on others' petals.

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Ocean like calmness
Showers of refreshing spray
Erupting fury
Volcanic oblivion
Everyday the tides turn

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Don't Be Afraid

it is as real as
is in optimism;
thirteen is a scare if there
is cognitive dissonance.