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Tanka Humorous Poems | Tanka Poems About Humorous

These Tanka Humorous poems are examples of Tanka poems about Humorous. These are the best examples of Tanka Humorous poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Pleasure Hike Tanka 2

Beautiful forest 
Hiking with brave friends I trust
I hopscotch across
River rock, slippery moss
Fell on my butt, soaking wet

I'm such a dumb klutz
Everyone laughs their guts  off
Wow! That hurt my butt 
Screwed up. No clothes I regret
Walked around soaking wet

By: Eve Roper 1/14/2015

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Inspired by Hija's winner of my recent "Solitude" competition, but a Twitter flop. I'm surprised. I thought this was pretty clever. Hopefully you'll enjoy...


busy hands scrubbing
soapy determination
all evidence of a meal
to remember forever

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not a pleasant sound
combining potts with the moon,
but, farm girls had learned
clem potts, in his rustic way,
was quite the village dreamer

lord of the haystack,
when the field was night-flooded,
the cows all asleep,
was he crooning his love theme -
clem potts, wily moon-schemer

her name, clara june
was the prettiest filly 
with clem all aswoon
she’d met clem potts at the fair
where he’d won the ‘dog-eat’ fest

forty chili dogs
the last one nearly come up
he could still taste it
the beans, the hot tomatoes
belch without puke, the test

and, by god, he’d won,
had staved off hurl tornado
stored the big rumble
that churning away inside
mixed with green bile and the rest

he was quoting keats -
the moon-streaked straw in her hair -
thinking not those chili dogs,
about to brush clara’s cheek,
bent on a roll in the hay

clem said, “i love you.”
lord when lips formed the last word
clem’s gut did a flip
and the poor young clara june
turned blue from the blast, then gray

If your name is Potts I must apologize, so too if Clara June.

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Chased By The Devil

The Devil chased me.
I outran the soulless beast.
Fear kept me running.
He is a right fair runner;
but he tripped over his tail.

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Ill-Fated Coin Flip

They could not decide,
so they flipped a quarter coin.
Terry won, Bob lost.
Bob had to date ugly Sue.
Terry had to date her too.

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Restaurant Ninja

He wears an apron.
He tosses and twirls large knives.
He wears a strange hat.
He chops and cuts up the meat
at a Japanese Steakhouse.

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Sasquatch De-Evolution

Sasquatch or Bigfoot,
also known as Monkey Man.
His papa was a drunk man
and his mama was a chimp.

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the preacher explains
as he travels tracks on his palm
he is on god’s path
helter-skelter tracks indeed!
the midnight express toots warning

reverend smith
with his superior air
mounts the podium
from the loft i can see
through the tear     his underwear

after sunday service
a hundred dollar bill in the collection plate
“praise the lord!” says smith
to himself     quietly covering it
with a five dollar bill

Dave Austin

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I ask
did she do that
i console myself
sun got in her eyes

trying to remember
is it mary lou
or carrie
never mind
whichever just gave me the finger

this english class
so big
yet so small
sitting back of
that long    shiny    black hair

all i said was
could i borrow a piece of paper
then she blew
tossed the wet rag
over her shoulder

that awful night
I asked her out
no reply
just a face
that belongs on rushmore

Dave Austin

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Sonnet Sorrows and Tanka Blankas

Can’t write me a good sonnet
It’s a bee in my bonnet
The words will NOT rhyme
It is such a crime
Others have gone and done it!

Piece of pie with the quatrains
Them beauties tickle my brains
I just cannot stop
The words they just pop
But dang sonnets sure are pains!

It’s clear that I’m no Shakespeare
But I try, now what’s the fear?
Might fall on my face
And be a disgrace
A laugh for many a peer!

And then there is the tanka
Help me, or I’ll just spank ya
Keep wanting to rhyme
I get stuck each time
Praise me, and I will thank ya!

Don’t let me start on haiku
I try with so much ado
That blasted third line
Just won’t turn out fine
You’re laughing now, aren't you?

For Andrea's Contest
Show me the Funny (Part II)

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Sans Servile

In sang-froid, sass cords:
Sangoma dashes siren,
Thunder crashes trunk;
Sarky banters with lippy.
Spim for Santa maidenhead.

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A lake within me 
Night-full looks for an outlet 
The mere is empty 
Back to sleep dream of horses
Surviving in Serengeti   

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At the Track

         At the Track
At the starting line
Engines revving vroom, vroom, vroom
Burning rubber - GO
Flags are waving zoom, zoom, zoom
Better stop now for new tires

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My Huckle Berry Heaven 2K13

Many of time have
I sat upon earthy ground,
amongst Huckle Berry patches
gorging in Huckle Berry heaven
with glutton lips painted purple.

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Play With Me Papa

Play with me Papa
Dance like a princess Papa
Time to have tea Papa
Let's go to the park Papa
Wake up it's not bedtime Papa

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Falcon's Mistake Tanka

hungry falcon dives eyeing easy meal in nest angry blackbirds rise showering him with fierce pecks leaving him stunned in surprise

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Of Nails And Wood

(A funny Tanka)

Innkeeper: Rooms $15
A night.It's $5 if you make
Your own bed.Guest says:
I'll make my own.Inkeeper:
"Great,"Get you some nails and wood!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

September, 10,2014

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The Worst Poet

I'm the worst poet that's ever been.
Worst poet, and don't you know it.

I write for the world, to read my words.
I write for the world, which feels my hurt.
My spelling is awful.
For which I'm ungrateful.
My wording's like dirt.
For which I'm unfaithful.

I'm the worst poet that's ever been.
Worst poet, and don't you know it.

My pencils are broken.
My pen's out of ink.
My wording is lacking.
They think I'm a fink.
A stoolpigeon writer.
Where things could be brighter.
Without so much laughter.
Because that's what they're after.

I'm the worst poet that's ever been.
Worst poet, and don't you know it.

The worst poet that's ever been..

Worst Poet-Humorous Poetry by Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1999,2014..All Rights Reserved.

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Plastered Basement

Randy Hoards Brandy
Locks his stash secretly
Basement waterloggs
His animals go fuzz fuzz
Singing Glory to the keeper

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salafist and valentine

Salafist Tanka  
In Timbuktu 
Tobacco is banned
Hands get cut off 
Of those who smoke cigarettes
Awkward if you roll your own   

Knocks on the front door
A draught of cold air got in 
Sleeps between us 
Tomorrow… valentine´s day
Insincere words and flowers.   

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Pickup Line For Contest

Never had the courage to say, 
"Hi Beautiful, will you go to bed with me?"
My face would probably get slapped
But as they say in baseball
many strikeouts for a Home Run.

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Imagine My Surprise

my new blonde intern
is a bit hard of hearing
and eager to please
but crikey all I said was
close the door and "hold my calls!"


March 2015

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tanka 10

Tam Pierce
a gray mare 
the circus-clowns' car
old uncle Tom Cobbley et al
going to Widecombe Faire

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Cowboy Poems and some more

Cowboy Poem 

Horses are lovely  
But they fear and hate cowboys 
In black hats 
Who when robbing banks 
Use spurs harshly to get away 
 From men in white hats

Tourist town 

Under the ironic moon 
Five thousand cars 
Looking for a parking place 
Tail lights are red stars
Circling the insufferable
Our idea of summer Paradise 

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Lake Ontario

urban noise. . .
2000 mile drive
to Lake Ontario
dreamless sleep in tent
till generators charge

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Tank Fest Tanka

Tim went to the Bovington Tank Festival...

baking in hot sun
spud boy wargasms like blitzkrieg
contemplating tanks

injustice of war ice cream
chocolate shrapnel sprinkled