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Tanka Hope Poems | Tanka Poems About Hope

These Tanka Hope poems are examples of Tanka poems about Hope. These are the best examples of Tanka Hope poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Love and Hope

Deep down in my soul My feelings I can't control You've given me hope Allow me to better cope Making this broken heart whole
Hope, Faith, and Love Tanka Contest 08/24/2014

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

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Three gifts from Heaven 
All priceless in their appeal
Yes.. Faith, Hope and Love
They descend on us like rain
And the greatest of these.. Love!

Contest: Regina's "Faith, Hope and Love Tanka"
Date: 8-27-14
Poet: Lyric Man

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Blessed Trio

“Hope springs eternal” a wise elder said to me I never forgot a strong cornerstone of faith hope is found when needed most I did not “find God” faith was always part of me in good times or bad faith allows us to feel love even for those who are foes love is amply strewn by all who have hope and faith the blessed trio travel lifelong together escort us to heaven’s gate
*Written August 25, 2014

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Heart's Sanctuary

leaves change colour
twirling to the cold ground
in submission--
place a bright orange leaf
beside an old photograph

a dash of colour
to highlight warm memories--
autumn winds howl
without breaching 
heart's sanctuary

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A New Day


Away all sorrow

   Move swiftly into the past

      Today's a new day

        Wanting only happiness

            Tomorrow is further still...

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A Dream

Cerulean sky, a dove with an olive branch no marchpast below, no guns,armymen waiting patiently to receive it. This dream in my mind, flowers in armymen's hands, single sky above, only one race called-Human for blood has just one colour. © kash poet *Will put this poem in bottles and float in the Indian Ocean. ===================000====================

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HopeTanka Contest Entry

with unspoken words I cry for my yesteryears before the spiral  and pray the skies high above lead me to the right road back
Maurice Yvonne August 26 2014 Regina Riddle Contest: Hope, Faith and Love Tanka

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Spring marks no return
to life from sleep, no rebirth
of something long dead...

but here rises a new hope
from the ashes of the world.

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Rejoice (Tanka)

Rejoicing in life
soul’s jubilation singing
raising of voices

Praises of joy unto Him
uplifting mortal spirit

Comments:    The Japanese tanka dating back to the 5th Century has a format of 
five lines:  the first has five syllables. The second has seven syllables. The third 
has five syllables.  The forth and fifth lines have seven syllables each. The 
pattern is 5/7/5/7/7 for a total of thirty-one syllables.  This one is about rejoicing.

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'Being bipolar is like a rose'

Being bipolar
is like a rose born missing
some of its petals,--
its color is more vibrant
than all the other roses'!

It may never be
part of a "perfect" bouquet,--
but its rich pigment
can be a precious paint for
Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa."

Alas, it may not
attract the most "honeybees"
in the wilds of life,--
but its petals can be crushed
to make the finest perfumes.

Being bipolar
is like a rose born missing
some of its petals,--
its bouquet is more fragrant
than all the other roses'!

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Darkest poorest land
Where power and pride blinds men
sickness dwells and steal
Where is that candle that lights?
A star to spring crumb of life...

© O. E. Guillermo
August 28, 2014

Sponsor	Regina Riddle
Contest Name	Hope, Faith and Love Tanka
placed 2nd 

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'Stream Of Liberty'

water tumbling down saturating deep within to my nucleus purging insecurities like a stream of liberty Contest Name: Write Me A Rippling Stream Sponsor: Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ By: Wilma N. Neels Date: 03/06/2011
030620111455 5th Place

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Sunshine in her Smile

Sunshine in her smile like soft afternoon sun rays forming a rainbow in my grey and cloudy sky after a heavy downpour. Give me more sunshine O faraway sunlight girl, this old fragile heart now longs for more sunny days, wake me up from my slumber! © kash poet ===========000=========== Placement:1st; (October 2012) Contest:Tanka Crazy--Sunshine Sponsor: Leonora Galinta ===========000============

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Bright Sunshine Pieces

Bright sunshine pieces Flowing on down the roadway Illumine the spaces Yellow beads of perfect light Brushing my cheeks with great warmth
Russell Sivey

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A traveler lost Far in unknown galaxies Afraid, uncertain Yet, fervent hope’s reborn When eyes behold one blue sphere ~*~

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Christmas in July Alone

A summer abroad
Homesick for my family
Silent nights abound
Building a snowman from sand  
My loneliness melts away...

for Gail's "christmas magic" contest

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The Extra

The twelfth man
Longs for mishap, injury
No show, tragedy
His heart beat intense
To play, ill will’s dominance

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Garden's Glamour

Garden isn’t robbed
Of its glory and luster
My breeze of vision 
My thoughts, my dreams
A restorer of splendor

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                                                Two men on horseback 
                                                hidden from authorities
                                                in Australian bush 
                                                On the creek that flows slowly
                                                their eyes are drowned in the sky


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This thing we call hope Grabs our hand and gently tugs Perhaps tomorrow Breathing will be easier And life will hold some promise

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My Love Song In Tankas

just in few moments as the dusk obscures the sky lids cover my eyes my mind begins to reckon the things I’ve done the whole day a flurry it was missing the sun in your eyes my heart in regrets didn’t sing you song last night or gave you right back sweet hugs now I sing my song but ice cream melts on its cone what else will I do to win back the love from you and make me smile and heart grows plead down so deeply asking you not to leave me I am so sorry this is the best melody be sung in my poetry I hope you can hear song being played in G-Clef lonely but lovely Tanka Song with love I sing hoping to ease all our pains
Written: Oct. 7, 2012 Second Place Winner Contest: Tanka-Sad Song Judged: 10/21/2012 Poet Sponsor: My Greatest Poet, Poet-Destroyer Fourth Place Winner Contest: Tanka me this, tanka me that, tanka me anypoem you want... Judged: 10/23/2012 Poet Sponsor: SKAT

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Hope, Faith And Love

Love is like water I have poured it always in Size, shape and color With fervent hope and with faith In the glass of own my choice
+++ August 25, 2014 Form: Tanka Fifth Place Win Contest: Hope faith and love by Regina

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One Kiss Bliss

Secreted are we
Our bliss every night one kiss
Meet at Mt. Uka*
As O-Kuni-Nushi and
Suseri-Hime once did 

Escape jealousy
Our bliss every night one kiss
A dearth show of love
For now it must be enough
Our rapture depends on it

Foresight favors us
Our bliss every night one kiss
Sapient virtues
Chaste restraint, infinite wait
Choice removed- prorogued passion.

A. Green-
O-Kuni-Nushi and Suseri-Hime (lovers in Japanese mythology)
build their palace at the foot of Mt. Uka. 

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Shades of Pink

Demon of the breast
Ravages women young and old
Cancer is the word

Winners fight this evil jinx
For all those that are at rest

Entry in "Cantankacerous" contest

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kaleidoscopic trees ushering rush of autumn’s birth champagne yellow leaves draped in beige and russet shades ...nestling on night flowers' chimes . .......... .. Tanka Me This Contest of SKAT by nette onclaud

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'Beyond the Obvious'

you look pass my fears
you don't see the doubts, the tears
my voice echo them
you look beyond the obvious... 
quell my fears and inspire me

© All Rights Reserved

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Dying Daily

I must die each day  
die to remorse and regret
die to yesterday
then I must rise up and walk
then I must take up my cross
1st Corinthians 15:31
Acts 3:6
Matthew 16:24

Submitted for: Regina Riddle’s Hope, Faith and Love Tanka contest

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Cancer cant take SOUL

Your bald raw beauty.
On my way to the barber.
To be as stunning.

Cancer took your breast away.
Yet your heart remains so sweet.

Written By: Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT

Contest Name : Cantankacerous
Sponsor : Joann Grisetti

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Because He Is Love

HOPE    sees paradise
FAITH   trusts in His saving grace
LOVE    gives wings for flight

Hope, Faith, and Love are His gifts

              ~              ~
          ~       ~ *  ~       ~
          ~       Given        ~     
            ~  because He ~
              ~      is       ~
                ~  LOVE  ~
                    ~   ~

New International Version
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the 
heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1: 17)

For Regina's Faith, Hope, Love Tanka Contest
August 26, 2014

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                                        I dream in silence
                               While alone in time's stillness
                                        You will disembark
                                       As I await your return
                                   Warmly clothed in loneliness

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soft hazy full moon

soft hazy full moon
flirts with the reticent sun
the lustful rays leave
the pale pearl of night ascends
kissing the darkening pines

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Let love triumph

Human imprudence leading to so much bloodshed learn to love like birds share the sky above to fly let love triumph over bullets. © kashinath karmakar( 10th August 2011) ===============000=============== Placement: 10th ;(August 2011) Contest:Bald Eagle in Cemetery contest (Photo based) Sponsor:Carolyn Devonshire

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Hope, Faith, Love

hope perched in my heart
small bird, joyfully singing
fragilely balanced
feasting on faith's mustard seed
contented with Love's promise
August 24, 2014

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My Sanctuary

sheltered by your love an oasis in my desert like an eagle’s wings no fear abound, only care a sanctuary, I found
Contest: T(h)ANKA YOU! Placed: 1st

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hoping for sunshine

 When the stormy sea
crashes like thunder upon
your wind tossed vessel
and lightning rips the dark  sky
all you hope for is sunshine

As the storm subsides
and the sky returns to blue
your hope will shine through
the sun will shine much brighter
As a  rainbow paints the sky


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The Door

The Door

trudging crystalled snow
the standing people flank me
their prismatic souls
guide my nearing journey's end
to the door where you await

~by deborah burch©
inspired by the picture taken in Canada

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From with-in earth boils
Violent eruption explodes
The sky filled with ash
Molten lava starts to pour
In death new life will be born

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Fishing in Black Sea

Fishing in Black Sea
We found the old emeralds
The tears of lovers
In hope to cover the Earth:
Adorno`s  imperative

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Always Hope

Always Hope
world of hate spawns crimes against humanity; an elusive dream finding peace, love, brotherhood - yet hearts keep beating with hope

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Fresh air of spring pulse-
fetching lilacs imbue love
on vale sunshine fair
a new beginning, profound
a resurrection of life....


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                                                   Footsteps die away

                                            Like dews falling on the seas

                                                Flowers bloom the bees

                                             Swaddled in a  dark blanket 
                                             Waiting for the morning sun

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Never ending hope Lurks in her soul, in her heart Thousand years may come She knew that love never fails Deathless hope lives on and on…

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Amelia's Story

In rivers of tears
a joy of having found you,
with words so sublime
such sentimentality
formatted in one’s own truth...
In your story i see you!

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

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Arena in Verses

In the Arena of  Verses 
not men or beasts, 
but words, 
enter into conflict. 
Poetry conquered! 

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Faith Hope Love

Faith fills us with peace,
Hope gives us strength to go on.
Love helps lift us up.
With faith, hope and love combined,
We’ll conquer life together.

Brenda Meier-Hans

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Cathedral Bells

resonating peace
cathedral bells ring promise....
wind carries solace....
brilliant architecture high
streets below swirl in rhythm ....  

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Faith, Hope, and Love

Robed in white, I walk –
Towards love’s bidding; humbly,
I give you myself,
And take you as God’s great gift.
With Faith there's Hope in our Love.


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Let us dream

Cerulean sky,
a dove with an Olive branch;
no marchpast below,
no guns,armymen waiting
patiently to receive it.


Placement: 13th  (May  2011)

By:kashinath karmakar

Contest:Short Poem Contest

Sponsor:Judy Konos

By:kashinath karmakar(28th Feb.2011)

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A Spiritual Christmas Gifts to You

              A jolly old man
  Who makes your wishes come true
            A joy of Christmas
    Brings such special gifts to you
      She waits for him patiently

          Underneath the tree
  Sprinkled with faith and hope too
               My love is a gift
     Two are kindness and giving
       Three is a promise to you

           I give you my heart
        Filled with a decoration
             Now and forever
         A sweet communication
         Near to me or far apart

           Yolaine Armitage

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Rest in Peace, My Friend

I didn't know you,
I'm sorry for your loss, dear,
I don't have the clue,
But know everything's clear,
No, you don't want me to fear,
Hope to see you soon.

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Dark Night

Toward a twilight
I walk in search of a light,
Not recognizing
Ahead of that destiny
There is also a dark night.

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Patiently waits-Tanka

Dried up surroundings
Everything barren and dead
Under winter shroud
Yet life is alive beneath
Patiently waits to sprout forth

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Hope is a lost art
begging you to live on high
ascend from your pain
reach out to yourself my friend
the path toward hope is yours

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Pink Joy


The pain preceding
a simple joy receiving 
my little pink love,
you arrived in a downpour
of glorious emotion..........


Contest ~ "Pink Joy"

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Swinging on a Star

Hanging in the sky,
each and every night above,
a light in the dark
given with a heart of love,
“Semper illic” just like me.

~Semper illic means always there in Latin~

Tirzah Conway

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the demur of lovers

the demur of lovers
hope is courage born. feelings of anguish may form. love excites the mind. passion forms to bind in time. faithfully, intimacy fulfills. _________________________| PENNED ON AUGUST 25, 2014!

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An Open Heart

I open my heart only to be burned again. But if I lock it, there’s no chance for future love. Open, I still cling to hope.
*Entry for Rick’s 5-8 contest.

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Thought of First Love 2K13

Much thoughts of you as
praying am I that you may
reserve but a seat
amongst your humbled table,
if only in faded memories.

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Hope, faith and love

let hope, faith, love feed
on each other, and emerge
from the heart as prayers;
uplifting the depressed souls
and help achieve happiness

Date: 26.8.2014

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Primitive Humans

Living on what God provides

Going day by day

No choice, but to trust God.

And they enjoy miracles.

For the Tanka contest

Written March 22, 2012

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Healing Grace

Her dream never died
 Just buried deep in her heart
 After it shattered
 But her heart healed with sunlight
 This grace she knows she must share.

By CarolineCecile - 01/25/12

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A Time of Magic

There was once a time When magic was truly real And he had a force A large legion of black cats They followed by his side They licked their black paws Desired to be with him They loved his powers For he was a great enchanter Weaver of magic intense He was powerful With his group of cats with him No one messed with him He could vanquish anyone And make them miserable But as time went on Magic was leaving this Earth All save for one charm Love could conquer any spell And it brought him to his knees He lost his spell craft And the cats spread all about The skies all turned blue And feelings of hope returned Love had beat out old magic
Russell Sivey

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Bag of tricks contest sponsored by Linda-Marie
2 tankas 5/7/5/7/7
by Doris Culverhouse

Concealer covers
Restless nights, wrinkles and age
Spackle for the face
My bag of tricks will contain
Light and dark sticks for all flaws

Keep those telling flaws
closely covered never let
others see the real
superficial me later
Imperfections are pure

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A Cyclist Under the Sun

Under the bright sun a cyclist zooming past all Tour de France his dream, on life's track he leaves behind the dreaded cancer disease. Lance Edward Armstrong taught us to dream for new life, cancer can be beat, awarness is most vital, so spread this message to all. ===========000==========

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she always sings love
each morning as the spring sun
warms her gracious heart

above the hills soft shadow
her destiny soars beyond.........



"Wow me in 5 lines"

Poet ~ Rick Parise

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Twirling in night breeze Daughter's shiny pink lantern "Star of hope and joy" Dancing light beams on the walls, Celebrating Diwali! 18/07/2012 Yesha Shah For Linda-Marie's Contest

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The Wind Whispers Peace to Me

gentle air passes
caressing my forlorn face
with magic fingers
my cripple hope gets a boost
the wind whispers peace to me

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My Moonlight Dream

His face glows silvery-blue
And now, he smiles
His black hair waves in the wind
But I know he is not mine

I've been enlightened
As my face glows with pleasure
And now, I can smile
My blonde hair waves in the wind
For my dream came true tonight

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Do You Want to See?

See oh psychic eye
Reveal to me this future
Shrouded in secrets
Oh Whisper fortuneteller
Of this paranormal show.

Silence psychic eye
Reveal nothing more of this 
Of worlds unspoken
Such wisdom requires time
I’m not sure I want to know.

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In my bag of tricks there are multivitamins jokes,fun,smile,humour love to see smiling faces all around heart warming smile a sense of humour I carry with me always want a smiling world dazzling faces everywhere even brighter world for all © kash poet(20th July 2011) =============000============ Placement: 1st ; (July 2011) By:kashinath karmakar Contest:Bag of Tricks Sponsor:Linda-Marie the Sweetheart

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Unspoken Words

With each falling leaf a memory pierce my heart in Autumn's glory magical love lay untouched enchantment only a dream Her eyes stared endless as if to captivate mine in one brief moment she turned in poetic steps soft with the breeze, then vanished _____________________________ A Linda-Marie Contest Poet - Rick parise <\center>

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Temporary Cruelty

Grass begs for water
Feeling helpless, no extra
My funds are too tight
I am so sorry, dear grass
Can quench your thirst soon...I hope

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The last missile struck A once paradise now dies In suspended sleep ~~~~~~~~~~~ A pod leaves, seeking new life Refugees or asylum ¬

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holding on to this
the one thing that i have
is this one picture
of my number one soldier
in hopes that I'll see him again

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All invulnerable
negated in less than one
hour (no matter,

for there alone belongs my
hope, eternal, my promise)

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Autumn Wish

Let not your love fall
Like a gold leaf of autumn
Frolicking then bye
As drifted by the water
In the river of no end

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Nature and Humanity

Effervescent dreams
Flow down upon mother’s plate
Chilled by destined fall 
A time always remembered
Appearing third time of year

Season of life fades
Human apertures grow weak
Though, knowledge is strong
Love holds different stages
Bonding affections with key

Combined all blessings
Unfold into beauty bold
Each respect enriched
Of their returning faction
Crossing over great divide

To rapture rebirth
Forming times readmission
Natural recourse
Within nature is beauty
Returning humanity

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In hot days, cool nights
summer recalls the fracture
of this heart from yours.

Twice over, can healing be
forgetting, or forgiveness?

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The Aussie Cowboys

The Aussie cowboys On their horses, tend to move With a rough purpose To get out of the water And take their new found horse home
Entrant into Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver's "A Lil' Bit of Aus..." contest 2/19/2012

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The warming sun rises
The world is newly bathed in light
Kisses of morning dew
The great symphony of life begins
A new song each day

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Eternal wisdom 
wound into the very threads 
of Life's tapestry. 

No human flame can burn a-
way this underlying truth.

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Easter Lily

Easter lilies bloomed where His sweat fell to the ground hope of Christ's return a garden pure white life everlasting By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders *The Easter lily symbolizes purity, hope and life. Tradition has it that lilies were growing in the Garden of Gethsemane after Christ's crucifixion, and lilies bloomed where his sweat fell, the hope of everlasting life.

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tanka and senryu


Roses like soft rain
Deluge kills them brutally 
Fallen pale petals 
Drowning in a pool of regrets 
As rain makes furrows in soil 


Floor cleaners are
Floor managers, wear logos
But pay is lousy. 

A man from Timor
Selling flowers to lovers  
Lives on rejections 

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Through Graphite Grey Surround

Graphite greys surround
The ancient in deathly stare
Horizon brings hope
A long forgotten orb peers
Through Nuclear fallout, she smiles

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You Don't Have To Be A Star

embraces the lot of us.
differences should be the 
determinant of self worth.

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O distant " Vega "
I catch your pale brilliance
with a fixed, naked eye...
as midnight's deep silence stirs
thoughts of awe and mystery!  

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Lida-Marie's contest,
" Swinging On A Star "

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Although unaware,
I was held and realized
the joy of the ground.

Spinning world, we won't falter
here, in more than a theory.

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The Innocence Cry

I walk outside and I see chaos
People killing people
War between the nations
And war in our own backyards
Kids exploding at school
And destroying our young life
Destruction all around us
The lost innocence of people
Where has it gone
Who can we trust
Our security has fallen away
When we can’t turn to those sworn to protect us
Who can we turn to
Money won’t get you anywhere
You can’t buy yourselves out of this world
Will money keep you safe
Not when people will kill for money

Afraid to walk down the street
The innocent cry with sorrow
Wondering what they have done
Being suppressed in an isolated society
The kids being killed for no reason
Is there anyone to hear their cry’s
To deliver us from all this disaster
I pray, Lord keep us safe
Keep us in your hands
And watch over us
Put an end to this chaos

Can’t watch the news
Hearing the violence of the world
In a declining society of integrity
What happened to the morals we were raised up with
Generosity has become a lost art
How can we live
Watching and looking over our shoulders 
There’s no unity in this nation
Why can’t we all get along
Do you have to carry those guns
And those knives that kill
Do you see what you’re doing
Are you that blind to see
Afraid to walk down the street
The innocent cry with sorrow
Wondering what they have done
Being suppressed in an isolated society
The kids being killed for no reason
Is there anyone to hear their cry’s
To deliver us from all this disaster
I pray, Lord keep us safe
Keep us in your hands
And watch over us
Put an end to this chaos

Put your weapons down
Look into the eyes of those around you
Can you feel their hurt
Would you want to take an innocent life
Realize you can’t live like this
Be the first to start a new
Help a friend and brother in need
Help each other find their way
Change the way you think
Be reverent of life
So put your pride out of the picture
Stop the killing and the hurt

Afraid to walk down the street
The innocent cry with sorrow
Wondering what they have done
Being suppressed in an isolated society
The kids being killed for no reason
Is there anyone to hear their cry’s
To deliver us from all this disaster
I pray, Lord keep us safe
Keep us in your hands
And watch over us
Put an end to this chaos.

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Swing On A Star

"Baby" star was born Same day as you were conceived Child truly wanted_loved "Baby" gone before had chance Light years away you live on
Written by: Sara Kendrick July 30, 2012 Name: Linda-Marie Contest: Swing On A Star Click on "About This Poem"

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The Coming Spring (Tanka)

Spring is in the air
Robin sings by my window
Snow melts to puddles
Red tulip buds crest the earth
Blooming with my smiling soul

© Joseph, March 15, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

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As I lay in my bed,
I dream these dreams
Of happiness, and greatfulness.
Do you ever dream that?
I know I do!

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Just Enough

The sunlight, and the moon.
All together, brings a beautiful
Glow, that's always there
Just enough,
And forever.

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You and Me

I stood by you and you stood by me.
We took each day and made it shine.
We wrote our names acroos the sky,
And I had you, and you had me.

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Strong Foundation (Tanka)

Rustic, mossy tree
roots like great tentacles stretch
deep into the earth

Solid foundation of strength
as leaves revive in the sun

© Joseph, 6/1/07
© All Rights Reserved

Tanka is a classical Chinese poem consisting of 5 lines with a syllable count of 
5/7/5/7/7. It can be traced to the 5th century.  It does not rhyme and uses no 
punctuation.  Traditionally, the tanka begins with an observation of a natural 
scene in the first 3 lines and then the non-rhyming couplet at the end reflects on 
the observation. 

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Tears from yesterday’s
ends in the clouds of both pasts
drowns pain in puddles
as this night’s moon burns through and
bathes a new love’s hope display.

Contest:  Get Romantic
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Visual #2

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Winter's cold descends
once again; now reminded,
a scent of lost skin...

within what time has distanced,
the dead, the barren, love wakes.

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Life's Love (Tanka)

The love of my life
sweet melody unfurling
serenades the soul

With splendor and happiness
lovingly living life’s love

© Joseph, 5/20/07
© All Rights Reserved

The Japanese Tanka dating back to the 5th Century has a format of five lines:  
the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five 
syllables.  The forth and fifth lines have seven syllables each. The pattern is 
5/7/5/7/7.  This one has a touch of alliteration in the last line.

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Storm Raging

Summer storm bears down 

Darkness crowds the sky tonight 

Bringing destruction 


Weeping, I search for our love 

Hidden deep within your rage

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Autumn brought me here
among fallen leaves and hopes
to regain my peace,

amidst the impending storms
to find dignity, and you.

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It was a blue,blue day
So quiet,he heard a butterfly wing,
See,loook closer,a voice was to say
Even shadows,teem with life-
Slowly,he put down the knife.

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I crave the release
from the anguish of loving
the joy of my pain

whether by the grace of you
or by sweet sleep, forgetting.

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Peace Plan

Take my hand, hold it
Caress it gently in yours
Showing affection

As hands unite, so can hearts
As hearts unite, so can lives

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We all know

We have this feeling

we all know it way to well

it eats us inside

we see the person always

but fear has gripped us for good

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The Sower and the Tree

O thee, the sower, 
who’s sowing but not reaping; 
cut the tree? Why not 
tend it, nor, cultivate it 
near the crystal stream of love? 

...that I may bear you, 
the sower, who’s sowing but 
not reaping, next spring 
the sweet fruits, of you and me, 
for the world to see---our arts.

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His Grace

Up high upon clouds
The king of this world resides
Looking down on us

Maybe He’s dissatisfied
Yet, He still embraces us

Judges, yet forgives
He is a just, loving God
Sharing precious gifts

We may hurt Him immensely
Yet, He never turns His back

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The Story Goes On

blade of grass is in
seven shredded pieces.  one
wish scatters with the
pieces -- confetti caught up
in gravity dodging wind.

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Teenager's Thoughts

Look at me today
Don’t wait until tomorrow
I am here right now
Waiting to be loved by you
Waiting to be held by you

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My Road to Glory

                                        Heaven waits for me
                                     I must be better for Him
                                        Before my entrance

                             He’ll then request my presence
                                 At the entrance to the Gates

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The Only One

He looks down on us
Giving us security
Giving us His love

He is the light in darkness
He is my hope for each day