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Tanka Grief Poems | Tanka Poems About Grief

These Tanka Grief poems are examples of Tanka poems about Grief. These are the best examples of Tanka Grief poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Lament for the Dead

Lament for the Dead
buried deep beneath Twin Towers’ bloodstained rubbles my murdered loved one
a heartbroken heaven wept trapping joy in a time warp…
In memory of Alva Sanchez who was killed on September 11, 2001, during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, in New York City; and dedicated to my nephew, Ryan who was left motherless. 02-11-2015

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Tanka Tears

                                                Anguish I suffer
                                  My wounded soul bleeds for thee 
                                          A torn ruptured heart 
                                   Tears of sorrows I have shed
                                 To thee would give my last breath 

Contest: Tanka Tears 
Sponsor:  Rick Parise               

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lamenting mother

~~ I wept and I weep. All my tears cried since that day, could fill the oceans. I counted each gasping breath; the end came with dawn's bird song. __________________________ February 8, 2015 Tanka For the contest, Tanka Tears, sponsor Rick Parise Honorable Mention

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Season Woven In Grief

Persuaded by time,
and clothed in rust,  trees reveal
a changed homecoming...
The illusions of my youth
drift away with falling leaves

My eyes search for him,
although my heart knows better
Old fences need paint,
Scabs of white shed like feathers
from the dry and weathered rails

There, by the back door
his old plaid jacket is hanging,
waiting to be worn...
It holds scent of burning leaves...

A tear smolders on the sleeve

For the Grief Contest:

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still trying

still trying
to bench-press
this weight
the debt
my father left me

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Grief Of Betrayal

Oh summer’s love flown
gone with the swallows on wing,
life now insipid
when warmth torn out of one’s heart
like the pending storm; freezes.

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empty tissue box - itty bitty

death took her from me
my adoring wife
I try not to cry
   there's no one to refill
   my empty tissue box


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No way back

please meet me half way 

time after time waiting there

a tree held our names

the path became over grown

we cannot find our way back...

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I Once Dreamt

The tears have fallen
near constantly since that day
when it was explained
the dreams that I once dreamt
were nothing but a fool’s vision.

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There’s no need of proof 
that all I ever desired  
was taken away, 
a quick death by self-Judas. 
I had not prepared to bleed. 

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White Rose

it lies there alone,
one flower, on a coffin
that the flag once adorned
carrying  the soldier home,
brave hero, an only son.

White roses were strewn,
when the cortege was driven 
through crowded  lined  streets,
a flowered road of goodbyes
written in the rose of hope

April 7 2013

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Wedding Vows

"Till death us do part"
Thus I stepped upon a trap;
Oh, Why I said that?
Now I wail to no avail,
Oh, my life is in shambles!

(Tanka Contest)

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Deep Hurt

I stand alone					
not as you think you see me			
I am not that strong				
as fear seizes me, looking			
over my shoulder at you.

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out of sync

hysterical lights
flash out of sync from her tree....

she can't remember
laughter in the snow,
only a grave beneath it

For Contest: Sad Tanka
Sponsored by Andrea and Susan

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The Void that was You

My vessell; filled with
emptiness of a black whole.
The void that was you.
My tears shall be in number;
every drop of rain hence forth.
02/10/15 Contest: Tanka tears Sponsor: Rick Parise

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chapel of flowers

our trees have blossomed,
and some have knots in their yokes,
like one in my throat.....

fragile limbs look down and weep
to acknowledge my despair

"Tanka Tears" Contest: Sponsored By Rick Parise

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Hobby Farmer

Withdrawn for publication.

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beyond my sorrow there is a path that beckons I could go that way or stay and hold hands with death and weep upon a cold stone _____________________ Written, August 16, 2014 Tanka Submitted to the contest Simply This, Top Ten Tanka Sponsor, Andrea Dietrich

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A life negative—
No person’s immune from this.
Fight back hard always . . . 
	 No fear—be courageous now . . . 
And never ever give up!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
May 8, 2015 (Tanka)

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                                        My heart aches sorrowed
                                       Over the death of King San
                                          My poems shed tears
                                 As my hands wipe dead King's feet
                                        With Shinji's virgin water

                                    Tanka Tears - Poetry Contest
                                           Sponsor	Rick Parise
                                    Poet: Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty
                                            8th February, 2015

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One New Tanka

same old cracked walkway leads to broken, peeling gate hanging on one hinge sorry tears roll down my cheeks coming home to bury Dad Poetry contest: One New Tanka Sponsor: Rick Parise Date: April 2, 2015

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All days and all nights
I can hardly see the light 
Through my burning eyes.
Tears ooze like blood from fresh wound 
And tastes like bitter poison.

Hija de la Luna
For Rick Parise' Tanka Tears contest

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What is hidden?
Behind your smile on lips
Wet eyes revealing
Smile’s sunshine concealing
Both on different page.

Sintra, Portugal 22/01/15

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Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook
twenty-six spirits - the bait
for one troubled soul
unnumbered victims
live with haunting fears

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Shine not tonight moon
Garden blooms spray no bouquet
Night wind no dancing -

Let tears just flow by my bed
Fill this chasm 'tween me and death.


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Like the Heavens bursting into tears

we lie on our backs
in the snow and count the flakes
falling from the sky
some landing on our eyelids
melt and roll off as tear drops

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God mines raw diamonds 
In darkest nights of the soul; 
We retain wonder 
When questions go unanswered; 
Burnished trust gives birth to faith.