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These Tanka Funny poems are examples of Tanka poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Tanka Funny poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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the full moon hid us bending jasmines and roses with whispers of fog before he smelled the perfume my shaking legs jumped the wall

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-Nose hair madness-

I think I saw one I move a little closer there’s another one nose hair can be disgusting Nikko should I pull them out?
*Nikko's body part of choice nose hair lol*

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Face to Face

Face to face at last

Perpetual gaze is held

No words are spoken

Hands reaching out with purpose

You grab the last cookie first 


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'Footsie Madness'

few mystic moments as your foot connect with mine a jolt of current expose itself, searing eyes as your feet makes love to mine
10/04/2011 *Inspired by Missy Nikko's comment* :-) lol

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Leave Me Alone!

You Dragged Me From My Warm Hole!

It's Too Early!

I Can't Predict The Weather!

Put Me Back And Go Away!

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The Evening Comes



                              The evening comes
                              soothing neighbors' screams and rage
                              through apartment's wall
                                Rhythmic headboard hits and hits 
                                the reconciliation


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Love And Laughter

Your smile blends with mine
as our laughter cheers the clouds.
Our days sunny be
long as we look for the light-
leave the darkness far behind.

written September1st, 2014

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Poor Foghorn

My big ol' rooster,
thought he was cock of the walk...
Until....Red, my hen 
ended it all today with 
a flogging and loud squawk!..

©Donna Jones


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Strange Love

Why do I love you?
When I look into your face
Your teeth are too big,
That nose is extremely long.
Yet all I want in a dog.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

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doc hildebrandt said
“milk chocolate is healthful.”
i love chocolate
i love    CRAVE milk chocolate
so    i ate a ton of it

had chocolate dreams
t shirt said hershey pa
it’s all that i ate 
then it came over the news
“mad doctor loses license”

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Tanka You But No Tanka You

got writer's-block-blues
ain't got nothin to enter
it's YOUR fault PD
so here are my conditions:
un-block me and ouch that HURT

why do this to me?
why resort to violence?
(I bruise easily)
so here are my conditions:
drive me to the hospital...

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Ill-Fated Coin Flip

They could not decide,
so they flipped a quarter coin.
Terry won, Bob lost.
Bob had to date ugly Sue.
Terry had to date her too.

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-Unibrow and Boogers madness-

unibrow spotted watching her attentively so captivated boogers so noticeable so nasty, should I tell her?
*Carolyn's unibrow and Nikko's boogers combined lol :)* Contest: My Funniest Poem On The Soup 10th place

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Batter Up

My first poem you see
about how sweet I can be.
See my pretty dress?
Man I want to make a mess.
How'll I do it, can you guess?

By Jimmy Anderson for "Baby Babbles" contest

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A Message

Honey, I miss you
Worry not my appetites
Sue at beck and call.
My needs are fast and few
Be well meted out by Sue

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One Scene From One Movie

Wife yells out the door
"don't forget the cannoli
'Alright, already!'
another day on the job
(gotta go murder some guy)

Richard Castellano (Clemenza) 'Leave the gun, take the cannoli' in
The Godfather: Pt. I...My all-time favorite movie

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Blame It On the Reindeer

Just last year I asked Santa to bring me three things: a good GPS device, dance music CD’s, and a sexy negligee. On Christmas I woke to find just one ornament hanging from my tree - an apology attached giving this explanation: Rudolph got sick, so I needed your GPS. Dancer and Prancer broke open your CD’s, and that Vixen stole your nightie!
Written by Andrea Dietrich for Linda-Marie's "SANTA'S SURPRISE" Poetry Contest

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'cRoOkEd ArRoW'

lack of oxygen floating hearts or jumbled thoughts
they labeled it love
combined it with red and white cupid and his curved arrow

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icy tanka


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Heaven Help Me

Please move it on sir
you are holding up the line
Re-innn...carnate what?
Could you repeat that? Oh, yeah!
See that ‘Been-There-Done-That’ sign?

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“Big Jack’s Chevrolet!”
That’s Big Jack talking his cars
He is pathetic!
Jack has a hyena voice
Uses hands to make a point

It’s one of two things –
He’s too tight to pay a pro
(thinks he’s just as good)
Or    he loves to see himself
Big Jack    on TELEVISION!


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My Boo

<                          halloween haunting's
                       black shoe polish foundation
                             ruby red lipstick
                       pillow stuffed under big dress
                        red white bandana for hair

                               spatula in hand 
                       eggbeater in dress pocket
                              pillowcase for loot
                       daddy's boots causing blisters 
                          aunt jemima memories 

Entry For
Paula Sweanson's
Halloween Of Tears Past

Tribute To Childhood Memories

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Sleepy Trees

The trees are yawning,
carelessly shedding their clothes
for sweet winter sleep
Like spoiled children who know well
daddy will clean up their mess...

For PD's 'October poems only' contest

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It Was Nothing PERSONAL, PC

She whimpers and whirs
She banters and she b****es
Tired of my abuse
She’s exacting her revenge
This may be my last message…

Look! She just censored my second line! 
This is total b*****s, PC!! What the h...

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The flying wheel spins,
screams of kids terrify me...
I hope they are fine.

I hope they are fine,
with hair sticking out like wheat...
" Stop that flying wheel!" I scream.

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Valentine O' Mine

Those entrancing eyes

   Gaze longingly into mine

      What is her desire

         Softly purring in my ear

            (Inscrutable cat o' mine!)

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 2 in PD's "Left Over Valentine Poem" Contest - February 2012

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I Think, Therefore I Am and May Also -

try posting a blog
and commenting on that blog
many times over
thus my blog shall then become
a very HOT blog indeed...

* I have done this in the past...Not for myself but for other people. Okay! I admit it! I’ve done it for myself too! (PD knows)

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I will not share my choco

You may take photo,
hey you cameraman there,
but I will not share
choco of my hand with you!
should I give another pose?

© kashinath karmakar

Placement:10th (April 2011)

by:kashinath karmakar (10th April 2011)

Contest:Baby Babbles (photo based)

Sponsor:Linda-Marie The Sweetheart

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Nice Breakfast (Tanka)

this breakfast is nice, 
bacon, eggs, toast on the side 
black coffee to taste 

not one drop going to waste 
yum, yum, me and my tum, tum!

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Debbie Guzzi

Happy birthday Deb
on this the finest of days
a message I bring...
of those who have more birthdays
the longer it is found; live!

© Harry J Horsman 2012