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Fear Tanka Poems | Tanka Poems About Fear

These Fear Tanka poems are examples of Tanka poems about Fear. These are the best examples of Fear Tanka poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Stranded in Limbo

Encased in darkness
neither here there anywhere,
locked in misery
a reminder each day
the devil keeps his promise.

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The Slender Man

far in the forests
deep down in the undergrowth
easier to find 
in hindsight of open minds 
there appears the slender man

he has not a face
and is often found walking
stalking silently
he makes himself known through fear
though hidden within the trees

strangely tall he is
his arms abnormally long
some say hes demon
and others think he is guardian
he is mystery—master

there has been much talk
that slender man does stalk
preying on small children
appearing in their photos
who is to say they are wrong?

i have seen him once
and many times in nightmares
i am hearing more
—just remember little ones
the slender man works through fear

his tendrils outstretched
the fright face in a white blur
i swear i saw him
far from the forests of green
locking my mind in a fright

honestly im scared
that i will find him again
heard he kills grown men
not just the little children
not just the little children

i hope they are wrong
no one really knows for sure
all i really know
is what i am told of him
is what i have seen of him

my fear is greater
as i grow ever older
i need the light on
it seems i am a child at heart 
as he watches in the dark

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Trembling as the day approached trailing a thunderous storm darkness moved in fast earth trembling in the cold wind nature bursts with emotion
For Tanka me a sad song contest

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For  the umpteenth time,
I found myself in deep sea,
Sea of confusion,
As death looms over the earth,
Are we save? what can be done?.

CONTEST:"Five Lines or less" sponsored by Black Eye Susan

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Not a Friend

Eating him alive
Like a beast from deep inside
Not seen, cannot kill
When will his suffering end?
Afraid, alone, no friends come

Eating him alive
Friends, ceaselessy grasping all
All money all fame
Adding s**t to his good name
Where are you friends, WH
                                          E A
                                                  E      Y

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The flying wheel spins,
screams of kids terrify me...
I hope they are fine.

I hope they are fine,
with hair sticking out like wheat...
" Stop that flying wheel!" I scream.

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Dark Night

Toward a twilight
I walk in search of a light,
Not recognizing
Ahead of that destiny
There is also a dark night.

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the holy see

The Holy See 

Pope Benedict
Hands in his purple dress 
Fed up and tired 
Wonder if God in heaven 
Has not gone and retired too

Who will stand up
And defend the Christians 
A vanishing group 
In the sea of intolerant Islam 
Cowardly is our silence 

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Rest in Peace, My Friend

I didn't know you,
I'm sorry for your loss, dear,
I don't have the clue,
But know everything's clear,
No, you don't want me to fear,
Hope to see you soon.

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Where Fear Expounds

The freezing front porch Holds many Jack-O-Lanterns Glowing with great pride Flooding the front porch with light For this very special night Witches fly about In the air with their old brooms Sure to curse someone With their evil laugh they have They work very late at night Black cats prowl the porch Looking for those who fear them They find some victims Over by the neighbors door A fear composed on this night This time of the year Where it’s cold and fear expounds People walk the streets Looking just for something sweet All this on Halloween night
Russell Sivey