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Tanka Family Poems | Tanka Poems About Family

These Tanka Family poems are examples of Tanka poems about Family. These are the best examples of Tanka Family poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

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Remembering Yesterday

Chores wait to be done
The orchard needs harvesting...
Fragrance of apple
greets me with warm memory
Ladders rest against the trees

The porch is laden
With soggy leaves and debris
Quail scratch at the dirt
The door squeaks when I enter,
The autumn sun fills the room

From grimy windows
I watch the breeze stir whirlwinds
Leaves fall like snowflakes
I rest my head against the glass
and remember yesterday

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His Eyes

In my husband's eyes,
shining light beams from his soul
like sirius bright 
behind those eyes, pure love glows
the love of family bonds

In my husband's eyes,
years of memories twinkle
and dreams of 'morrows
his eyes are portals to us
his eyes are sexy to me!

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, February 3, 2012
for nette onclaud's sexy poetry contest

Sixth place finish

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Two Survivors

My mother and aunts
All suffered from breast cancer
Mom’s right breast removed

She had the choice to abort
But she risked her life for me

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Roses for Jenny

Jennifer Ellen, the second-born after me, lacks confidence and cannot seem to realize that she is second to none! Always caring for her sisters, who are living far away from her, Jenny longs for family; her pangs are the sharpest felt. The sister I’ve grown closer to though we’re apart - the one of the four who thrills to my poetry - has become my champion. Roses for Jenny - loved by family and all whose lives she touches. She is more than a sister; She is a friend forever. For Frank Herrera's My Valentine Poem to You. Poetry Contest

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Sanctuary: Be Safe In An Unsafe World. 2010.

watch the body count grow
when tiny tots near the t.v.
turn and ask you: "Why?!" ....
check your gun, pet your shepherd,
lock your doors and watch them sleep

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Test of Love

When bodies cease
 To emit jasmine’s fragrance
When lips aren’t rosebuds
Old age, season to test
The love of those you loved

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A Christmas Wish

A fine fix we’re in A real grumpy old grandpa Children complaining A house full of pure chaos And none happy at this time What will we do now This year has come to an end So very quickly No one’s pleasantly moping Everyone’s in displeasure Just one Christmas wish For a household of happiness Joy for everyone A wish of delightful laughs Cozy warmth to each other Just this simple wish Is all I ask for this year Not a possible task For myself to do alone I need Santa’s help for sure After the blessing I will offer what you will A holiday toast Thank you for your services For granting my Christmas wish
Entrant into Michael J. Falotico's "A Christmas Wish In a Poem" contest 12/13/2012

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Annual Celebration

his hair is grayer
and his skin more wrinkled, but
he's a better friend
than he was the day before --
my anniversary man.

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Empty Wheelbarrow


What the Quack!
I dont want my poems in Poem Zoo!



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The Glowing Wedding Ring

Golden Jubilee-- the wedding ring still glowing like her smiling face their love a full grown tree now trying to touch the blue sky © kash poet ==========000=========== Placement: 2nd; (October 2012) Contest:Tanka-Love and Marriage Sponsor:SandyIvy ===========000===========

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The Best Gift

    A magical gift

    after all the people leave

    all the presents gone

    the fireplace burning low

    i love you the best grandma...

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Christmas in July Alone

A summer abroad
Homesick for my family
Silent nights abound
Building a snowman from sand  
My loneliness melts away...

for Gail's "christmas magic" contest

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Summer Vacation

summer's warmth returns
the wet sand between our toes
coconut lotion
children running and playing
our hearts and souls at rest...

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No turning back

A Mothers Meditation

I taught her better.
I didn’t want this for her
She’s followed my tracks
Look at her, life is ruined
She knows not what she’s done

	The Daughters Disposition

	Wow, what did I do?
	I can’t bear the pain she flaunts
	Her disappointment…
	Stings… like a swift kick inside
	What on earth was I thinking?

A Teen Dad’s Train of Thought

Did I? I didn’t!
It wouldn’t have felt as good…
She took the pill right?
What if, she was with other guys?
What do I tell my parents?

"Studies and surveys of young teen males show they are worried the pleasure 
experienced during intercourse will diminish with the use of a condom."

All rights reserved
Contest: Mom, I’M PREGNANT!

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My Boo

<                          halloween haunting's
                       black shoe polish foundation
                             ruby red lipstick
                       pillow stuffed under big dress
                        red white bandana for hair

                               spatula in hand 
                       eggbeater in dress pocket
                              pillowcase for loot
                       daddy's boots causing blisters 
                          aunt jemima memories 

Entry For
Paula Sweanson's
Halloween Of Tears Past

Tribute To Childhood Memories

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A soul stands so alone
sodden, trodden, left so reft
darkening shadows
amidst dim streetlights, now angst
what was before, is now never

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Childhood Disrupted

childhood disrupted
by a fight against cancer
changed a young girl's life

chemo and amputation
renewed her for all to love

June 13, 20112
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Cantankacerous
Sponsored By:  Joann Grisetti

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Nice Breakfast (Tanka)

this breakfast is nice, 
bacon, eggs, toast on the side 
black coffee to taste 

not one drop going to waste 
yum, yum, me and my tum, tum!

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Empty Yet Full

My bed is empty
He’s gone on another trip
Loneliness threatens
Our child sends love from afar
My heart is filled with loved ones

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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hidden in the woods
the last of winter melting
where fiddleheads grow -
it will be lonelier here
harvesting these without Dad

March 22, 2014

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Small Things

With faith... lies
all hope
be thankful for all
we have
***we are truly
It is the small
things in life
that we should
cherish the most.


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Hush Now { Tanka X Three }

<     falls bright foliage
reflects own mirrored images 
       off motionless lake
clusters of billowing white
filter from chimmeny's home stacks

red gold brown and green
illuminating snapshots
etched in minds own eye
transferred to painting canvass
under moon's and stars dance theme

the winds of gallows
taunt not the sleeping forest
with your shivery 
hush hush this one silent night
don't wake the sleeping giant 

Entry For 
Amy Green's
Enchantment Of Fall's
Tanka A Moment
G.L. All

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Flavors of Winter

Rich hot chocolate
marshmallows roast o’er the pit
gazing China moon
twinkling stars in midnight blue
laughter and snuggling galore!

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Life and Death Re-write

Tetractys version:

eyes blinked
then fluttered
She was awake
We rushed over weeping tears of relief

Another family passed in the hall
Huddled as one
We noticed
they wept

Tanka version: 

inaudible words
eyes blinking and fluttering
she was waking up
we rushed over to her side
weeping warm, sweet tears of joy

arm in arm, heads bowed
another family passed
who wept as we did
yet they wept different tears
their tears were not tears of joy

Deb's contest

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relentlessly marking 
my mother taught me
to keep my hands busy

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Novice fisherman

Grandpa gives kerchief
novice fisherman
catfish pierced hand
the years grimace and grin
for a lesson infused

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The View Backyard

57577 tanka

Contest:The  View (of my yard)
Sponsor:  Francine Roberts

Written by Doris Culverhouse

Nature's view changes
Familiarity seen
Birds and deer tasting
All of my precious flowers
Attacked like the evil one

Dad's barn and garden
Wayne's great carved flower beds
The tractor and shed 
Always steady, strong present
Workers, lovers of the land

Dedicated to my Dad and Hubby!!

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The Gift of Love 2K13

The greatest single
gift when gifted is genuine love,
and awesome be its
power when one possesses the
knowledge which theirselves are loved.

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Love You

total enchantment
the time I shared here with you
long past the times, few
sometimes I feel the cancer  
is in us both not just you

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Tantalizing Memory

Now a memory,
Mama's long dining table,
Big enough for nine.
Great platters over-flowing
With fresh food from her garden.

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Magical-Snowy Dust

Three Christmas wishes
That I sent to Santa Claus:
Happiness to stay
The sounds of children laughing
Friends and family all day –

What was my surprise?
An ornament on the tree
Sparkling robust.
Its tiny door and windows
Held magical-snowy dust –

With eyes opened wide,
I gleaned wisdom from his note.
“Happiness shall stay,
Joy shall fill your loving heart
Compassions-service each day!”

© December 26, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: SANTA'S SURPRISE" 
Sponsor	Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

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My Valentine Gift

<                                       bright future awaits
                                   mind terrible thing to waste
                                           scholastic ready
                                      unveiling hidden bounty
                                   scholarship's highest honor 

Entry For
Andrea Dietrich's
Tanka Your Valentine Contest
G.L. All

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OCTOBER FOR KIDS (haiku and tanka)

Two Ps in PumPkin
Two BIG Os in OctOber
and    apples galore

One October night
Along about All Saint's Day
I heard Satan laugh
T'was in a rural graveyard.......
Or.....was it the old Bijou?

October pig roast
Girls squeal and the fire pit POPS!
Boys have a leaf fight
While Mrs. and I keep warm
After dark the ghosts will come

October hayrack
A friendly kiss in the straw
Horses    country road

Autumn mystery
GIANT PUMPKINS come to life
They live at our house

The pool covered o'er
No swimming in October
Beneath the canvas
Crawls the Amityville horror
Or so big brother tells me

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Large Joint Family

old- young, free-bonded
care-apathy  sick healthy
many people and
many antonyms covered
in a large joint family

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lullaby - tanka

crystal bells tinkling
- waterfalls of silver sounds -
angels painting stars
eyes shutting in loving smiles
innocence falling asleep...

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is not cool.

oh no...

too concise?

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A Simple Christmas

Hanging there with pride One of my Dad's old work socks A simple Christmas Filled with love and some small gifts Precious memories of home
For the Christmas stocking contest.. Barbara Gorelick written 12/8/11

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Red Plaid Autumn

          While autumns have come and gone
             eyes still shed tears on the leaves

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A saddened christmas

Wake in the morning
running down the stairs to see
Heart sinks to the ground
father is not here today
my family is not complete

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Watermelon smiles

A torrent of life,
Bursting like a bud in spring.
Face squashed to a smile,
Leading me with eager grip
To the see-saw and the swings.

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Around the table
All together, holding hands
Closed eyes, and bowed heads
As we give our thanks to God
For all His bountiful gifts

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless us Everyone!

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My Father

Mom dying so slow
Raging breast cut off just one
Then breast number two

Flat scarred chest, husband cheats now
He wasn’t worth a penny

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Marriage is a deal
It gives love’s recognition
It is a blessing
It paves the way for more care
For each other in the world

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My grandfather's name
Was given to me at birth
To honor the man
That my father never knew
Having died in World War Two

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A Man I'd Love To Have Met

when I look, I see
the eyes of a thoughtful soul
a family man
an aura of kindness shines
a man I'd love to have met

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Some of their breast must
be removed....hoping cancer
won't return to haunt;
chemotherapy and pills for pain,
will a breast implant look real?

It's incurable
as Aids, if not caught early;
yes, death may occur...
tearing visitors apart
who can do nothing to help.

The patients suffer
silently seeking comfort;
offer them more than
consolation by squeezing
their cold hand before they die. 

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A Sweet Memory

                                                 an old photograph
                                             found in a forgotten box --
                                                   a sweet memory 
                                           my sons as children playing
                                           how quickly the years go by.

12/11/2011 for Brian Strand's Fours and Fives contest.

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Fifteen Years~

her broken heart disarmed
his body and soul engaged
a blend of kindred spirits
the chaos of five children
sweet bliss of Marriage Mayhem

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Hold on

wait,don't run away
all your tomorrows are here,
live them,now,today!
enough,begone worry,fear
My presence' near,why not stay?

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Swing On A Star

"Baby" star was born Same day as you were conceived Child truly wanted_loved "Baby" gone before had chance Light years away you live on
Written by: Sara Kendrick July 30, 2012 Name: Linda-Marie Contest: Swing On A Star Click on "About This Poem"

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Star Light

Glowing light delights Onlookers from far below Twinkling sparkling star Born above to invite all Observers to see new "Baby"
Inspired by Linda-Marie's contest Not an entry....

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My Mother

Born across the sea
Freedom through Ellis Island
Worked her life long
Gave her children her own dream
Worn, lined, beautiful face

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This Sounds Corny { Tanka}

bounty of the earth
come ye thankful people come
for it is autumn
and the leaves are coming down
run run sweet John Barley Corn

Entry To 
Kristin Reynolds 
Autumn Tanka Contest

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a warrior awakes
full~ hardened at sunrise
love breaks his fasting
young squaw with belly rounded
quickening~ a warrior wakes

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This beautiful boy
is, on his tiptoes, a man.
An innocent man
with silver, wrapped gifts of words
hailing the wind, to listen...

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you feel alone although you hear a tone a tone that gets louder by the day you still 
dont want to look to god to pray cause he has taken your friends and 
companions and family so you say why should i remain another day you wish to 
leave  and leave your family alone to cry and atone for your sins although it will 
always end and never begin again you want to live but you daily killing kids 
selling  them weedand things that excede gods will things that make ppl crazy an 
enough to fight and even kill like the man who killed his family and now hes 

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Life's Love (Tanka)

The love of my life
sweet melody unfurling
serenades the soul

With splendor and happiness
lovingly living life’s love

© Joseph, 5/20/07
© All Rights Reserved

The Japanese Tanka dating back to the 5th Century has a format of five lines:  
the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five 
syllables.  The forth and fifth lines have seven syllables each. The pattern is 
5/7/5/7/7.  This one has a touch of alliteration in the last line.

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the baby

there is no difference

we all have the same nascence

we all live the same

some are known as the youngest

but some can't be the baby

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silent tears rain down
as upon my knees I pray
hands  grasp the dark earth
tending the vegetables
as the master mends my soul

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Gifts from Ava

Shallow finger bowl
shines blue in the kitchen sun
holding sacred gifts.
Once thought of as weeds, and pulled.
Now, floating flowers, treasured.

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From base elements
A living soul was molded.
From this misty dust
The mother of the living
Was formed of his flesh and bone.

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Teenager's Thoughts

Look at me today
Don’t wait until tomorrow
I am here right now
Waiting to be loved by you
Waiting to be held by you

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Teenager's Thoughts

Look at me today
Don’t wait until tomorrow
I am here right now
Waiting to be loved by you
Waiting to be held by you