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Tanka Depression Poems | Tanka Poems About Depression

These Tanka Depression poems are examples of Tanka poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Tanka Depression poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sad Song -Tanka

"Marriage after Sunrise"

sunset drunken light
on lavender glass of wine
a long lost tear falls
converts into sleeping pills
dismiss the rain again

"Divorce before Sunset"

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Hiding in shadows
My camouflaged emotions
Smothered by silence
Cloaked by the dark of the night
Expose my truth with your light

January 17, 2015

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Grey sky confusion -
a bruised brooding December.
Sharp as spruce and myrrh
tears fall, strike bauble light, salve
this cold Christmas contusion.

for 'Not So Happy Holidays' contest

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Seeking Answers (for Jared's contest)

Wasted days
Wandering through life’s maze
Trying to sort the truth from the lies

I call out, but it seems nobody hears my cries
With each futile attempt, something inside me dies
Skies overhead are filled with thunder

What was my worst blunder?
I wonder

To heaven I gaze
Lord, help me find contentment
In hope my hands raise
Yes, I know I was once blessed
Raised well by loving parents

Is there no cure for this malaise?
How did these sad feelings arise?
I listen but hear no replies
My question I seek to rephrase

As much sorrow on my heart weighs 
Searching for words that will not rise
Is there no cure for this malaise?
How did these sad feelings arise?

Forgive me, Lord, I’ll change my ways
I’m humbled; I will compromise
Contrition you’ll find in my eyes
Must I be sad throughout my days?
Is there no cure for this malaise?

*Combination of Trois Par Huit, Tanka and Rondel for Jared’s contest.

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kiss of venus fly trap 
suck the marrow from my bones,
encase my heart, secrete,
dissolve the myth of wings... 
death be true to death

*love,death or truth may be the sanctuary
  depending on the situation.

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Another Love Poem

I drown in your smile

It tastes like golden honey

Your  scent on the wind

Pictures written on a wish

The essence of my life.. gone

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Winter Tears

Dark, December days
dim brightest holiday lights
and silence sleigh bells.
She grieves for summer's sunlight
as tears fall like bitter snow.

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'Being bipolar is like a rose'

Being bipolar
is like a rose born missing
some of its petals,--
its color is more vibrant
than all the other roses'!

It may never be
part of a "perfect" bouquet,--
but its rich pigment
can be a precious paint for
Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa."

Alas, it may not
attract the most "honeybees"
in the wilds of life,--
but its petals can be crushed
to make the finest perfumes.

Being bipolar
is like a rose born missing
some of its petals,--
its bouquet is more fragrant
than all the other roses'!

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Pit of hell feelings
With despair and inner pain 
Mounting and growing
As sadness becomes my food
My only true sustenance

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Relationship Breakups

A hole in my heart
There is no death with this pain
Life with no living
The stomach cramps with sorrow
Hope lost with only darkness

Edward J Ebbs 
Contest: "Relationship Breakups"

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Gray Sky

Gray light penetrates 
Ocean of candescence 
Above me laying idle
To hope on this dismal day-
For these constraints to absolve

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Nocturnal Wanderings

Epitaph ready I scout the darkness for ground digging up a grave A quiet night burial for deep dark sorrows of my heart 10/5/2012 Yesha Shah

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System Overload

Darkness consumes me
Corrupted thoughts take over
Soul becomes hollow
Self castigation occurs
Tears of blood destroys all hope

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My worst enemy:
Masochistic sabotage
There’s no solution
To rescue me from myself
That will end without defeat

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Acid Rain in Erode

Grey heavenly skies
in reaction to her hurt
clouds so different
In cry, falls, penetration
acid rain erodes her so

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S A D Holidays

it’s dark in my life
sunshine’s never allowed in
what are holidays
      dreck from my happier times
            pointless to ever resurrect

For the “not so happy holidays contest”

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loss - tanka

the sky is crying...
souls, climbing the rain's ladder,
try to find the sun...
grief sweeps slowly with its hand
the eyes of those who still are...

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hollow echoes call empty thoughts run mad screaming cries unacknowledged heartache surrenders itself to agony's lewd defeat © 10-9-2012 For: PD's Tanka 'Me' a Sad Song

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Rest in Peace, My Friend

I didn't know you,
I'm sorry for your loss, dear,
I don't have the clue,
But know everything's clear,
No, you don't want me to fear,
Hope to see you soon.

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No Knowledge

I have no knowledge
why pains in my arms and back
pursues me daily
I try to rise from my bed
but the pain is hard to bare

I lay in my bed
having no understanding
of the pains reason
for making me miserable
whenever I try to walk

Hungry as a bee
seeking flowering nectar
in the summer breeze
low and behold there is none
in this torso racked with pain 

So I retreated
with my leg across my knee
my kindle fire 
munching on honey and oats
until my pains is no more

or at least retreats
deep within my consciousness
numbing my body
from the heat of your anger
making me weary from stress

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Love You

total enchantment
the time I shared here with you
long past the times, few
sometimes I feel the cancer  
is in us both not just you

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Doesn't Christmastime mean
presents, carols and cheers?
But for one it won't
be a jolly Holiday
diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Ain’t misbehavin’
so don’t make a fool of me...
I hear you knocking
you have taken my green eyes
now my inspiring poetess

© Harry j Horsman 2012   

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I Have No One Else

Murdered in cold blood,
for  refusing to  be  Part;
corruption covered,
I weep for the life cut short,
weep!for I have no one else.

Orphan I become,
mingling with vipers and lice;
In  cities of flies,
what can a tailless  cow  do?
Hope that truth shall come to light.

Contest:"Tanka me" a sad song  sponsored by PD

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My ageing consternation

My ageing consternation

I fears death that spares
Me when I am very young
Won't it ache me when
I have no teeth to chew and
Have feeble arms, legs... to move? 
My heart is fallen
And about to burst my hope.
When will this silent
Thief snatch my soul to the Lord
When need not to see more corpse?

Contest: Aging
Sponsor: Black Eyed 

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The Horror of Nine-Eleven

Life had been normal
Then a crash the whole world heard
Pain in many hearts
Revenge was instigated
Then the world knew our power

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Carolyn Devonshire’s “Remembering 9/11” contest

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In the quiet night
Blue melancholy color
Softly wraps my world
Hold fast to the blue mood song
Its what the heart neads to hear

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Notes on Suicide

A knife to my wrist,
A gun held high to my brain,
A noose with a chair,
So many ways to leave earth 
But still not enough reasons

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Hopeless Fate

Depression extreme I feel only darkness near I’m suffocated By sadness, the trials within Holds me with a hopeless fate
Russell Sivey Entrant into Poet ~ Destroyer's "Tanka "me" a sad song" contest 10/6/2012

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Death's Tune



Rotted corpses play
As dead trees disintegrate
Lost in their own fog
A song that I long to hear
Is lost in the obscure fear

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rigor mortis - tanka

my death is so slow!...
its footsteps mark my seconds,
its breath veils my heart...
behold, with its frozen eyes
has touched the words between us...

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Drive -part 2-

Wanted to try Tanka--not sure if they ever come in pairs...but...

It has been hours
There is no more moisture left
No not even sweat
They spill her out of the sack
No tears to give them pleasure

No pleasure at all
Brown eyes glisten into theirs
The laughter has ceased
They cannot fathom she’s alive
The master looks at each face

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Depressive Fog

Darkness surrounds me
I reside in a black cloud
That brings me closer
To death descending into
a dungeon I can't escape

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A Sour Note

A depressing note Sour singing of moody blues Hours of real foul gloom Disappointment runs rampant I failed; the pain, tremendous I hate the feeling Terrible dying inside To fail is to die Piece of you ceases to live I have ended part of me Distraught I’m somber I mope along downcast eyes Hurting with horror Living with a blues beat on May I find way to carry Maybe I will live With a neon sign on me “Failure, look inside” Points at my pathetic heart The pain within grieves me I will always have This terror event looming Over my small head Kicking me when I am down With me bleeding, no way out Beating my body With unending heartless throbs Leaving me empty A sour note playing along Blues doesn’t know the real truth
Russell Sivey

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i cat explain it
this feeling of hurt inside
is to much to bare
as if someone or somthing
was taken away from me

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The Lonely Ace of Hearts

Dedication to my first and last love, Lance Ewens, 1979-2006

She's remembering
The day that she fell for him
It was in Autumn
When she first transfixed her eyes
Upon the most gorgeous face
That she'd ever seen
He smiled at her with a charm
That glistened so bright
It melted her heart like snow
They became friends instantly
Their friendship would grow
And thus, blossom into love
They spent every day 
With each other mirthfully
Until that last fateful night
A bitter, rough wind
Stole her one true love away
Her heart always breaks
When she holds the ace of hearts
It remains a painful token
Of the love that she once had

Dawn Kilby 
Copyright ©2008  Dawn Kilby

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The Deep Depression

                                             The Deep Depression 
                                         A happening new nightclub
                                                In New York City
                                     Last night a nine year old  killed
                                        His parents, now in a morgue

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Six String Guitar

He plays a sad song One of depressed notes, sour tone Expression most high Played on six string guitar Pouring out his troubled soul
Russell Sivey

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Deep In Negation


no beauty but gain
emptied of life and brightness
deep in negation
winning no more affection
losing sight of clear heaven

hating self to gain
missing the shameless rain
sorrow mixed within
blooming nothing for the spring
flooding anger all in vain

eyes cast to the ground
absent of positive rays
here comes the dark days
blinding us all to our hell
for thoughts—ever down—sting most

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i will dreed the day,
when i will have to leave you,
we will drift apart,
and forever to be lost
without a single return.

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Happiness Needed

Happiness needed As I’ve been so hard depressed I need that great joy Gift that perks me up so much The light that needs to be true
Entrant into Susan Burch's "Any ONE New or Older than 2 years old TANKA" contest 3/19/2012

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Torment in My Life

Hurt beyond compare My heart cries tears of torture Torment grows more here Kills every positive thought Living a life so painful
Russell Sivey

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A boy in dark blue
With blue feelings held inside
Always unhappy
Then one day he set his mind
Looking past what others said.

Written by

Cecil Hickman

Written for

Sponsor Francine Roberts 
Contest Name "blue" 

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A Heart's Quest for Restitution

A sick, bleeding heart
Sings a song of loneliness
It lives for true love
And is searching everywhere 
For the one who will mend it 

A sore, vengeful heart
Longs for a moment of peace
The heart is maddened
And is straining to repair
It's cold, endless suffering 

Dawn Kilby 
Copyright ©2008  Dawn Kilby

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R.I.P. Mikey

You were my first love,
but the soul in you is gone,
Rest in peace my friend,
Everyone misses you,
we all want you back dearly.

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A Day of Depression

Depression calls me I drink profusely in gulps I lay on the couch All day long moping about How life wants me downcast I feel awful here Dismal feeling around me I don’t know yet how I began to have death pangs Uneasy sight to behold But there is never A desire to hurt myself I have enough pain Without having that ending I am just in remorse now No need for drastic Measures to be taken here I only want a way Out of misery I’m in Loneliness is what I feel Thus ending my love It’s the grand reason for this This empty feeling Deep within me I cry tears Ones of incredible loss Thus the reason for My sour depression now Terrible pain builds And I bear it all inside May this depression leave me… And quick!
This is a fictional occurrence! I'm quite happy right now! Russell Sivey

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Head downcast, left out No sign of happiness there Depressed, disheartened Sadness reigns within his mind Hurt man, a destroyed ego
Russell Sivey

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Fear of Failure

I have a huge fear One that is simple and big I can’t face this fear It kills my soul by failure Slowly it eats me away Through many of ways I have seen hated failure I can’t face others I don’t have the heart to show My failure to everyone heard Messes with my head Giving thoughts I can’t do it I’m below normal Hating fear of true failure I try everything to stop From this to happen And this is truly my strength Know how to avoid By not having to worry Never worry forever
Russell Sivey

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Lonely Little Dim Cloud

Clouds of loneliness Emptiness surrounds us all Grey lining around That lonely little dim cloud I worry being alone
Russell Sivey Title, "Clouds of Loneliness" Entrant into Francine Roberts' "Write me a Lightfoot Poem" contest 4/12/2012

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my love

the love of my life,
Forever and a light year,
before me he stands,
then gone without a notice,
never agin to see him,
but i still love thee.

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Timeless Interlude

A hole in my heart
The beach that’s empty at night
Timeless interlude
Purpose of an empty heart
I fold my arms in disgust

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Brian Strand's "ANY FORM/ANY THEME"contest


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Evil Annihilating Me

Evil rushes in
Annihilating my soul
Whaling my hurt heart
Destroying my torn being
Evil crushes down within

Russell Sivey

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It was a blue,blue day
So quiet,he heard a butterfly wing,
See,loook closer,a voice was to say
Even shadows,teem with life-
Slowly,he put down the knife.

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The salt on my face
I wish I could see the light
My days are nothing
The crack over my heart forms
From it the crimson blood spills