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Tanka Death Poems | Tanka Poems About Death

These Tanka Death poems are examples of Tanka poems about Death. These are the best examples of Tanka Death poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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About Life,Death ,and Cherry Blossoms

first cherry blossom withers away too soon under the old tree her lonely footprints stop by the light pink casket
Inspired by the tanka tears contest tanka posted Not for the contest 5/6/5/6/6 syllable modern tanka

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Always by my side Together seventeen years Buried you today Silent tears fall like raindrops Why did my dog have to die? 02~08~15 Contest - Tanka Tears – Rick Parise Honourable Mention

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I'm a 5

Frail firelight flickers
on moon-pale skin, rosary -
fingers strung with stars,
small sparks of eternity.
The end comes with pure beauty.

(for Catherine)

birth date 9/14, path and destiny number 5
entry for Andrea's 'Tell Me Your Number' contest, written 9/23/2014

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Tanka Tears

You had lots of fun
At the local where drinks flowed.
Night took you away...
One last breath in mangled wreck;
My heart aches. Why can’t I cry?

Contest: Tanka Tears
Sponsor: Rick Parise

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Marks the end of life—
Transformation now begins.
The soul exits the Earth’s plane . . . 
	     A new journey’s underway . . . 
Heaven’s the destination!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
Schoeningen, Germany (November 12, 2014)
(Tanka poetic format)

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~~ Beyond my sorrow, there is a path that beckons; I could go that way . . . Or stay and hold hands with death, and weep upon a cold stone . . . ___________________________ August 16, 2014 Tanka Entered in the contest, Any 5 line Poem, Poet Destroyer First Place

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lamenting mother

~~ I wept and I weep. All my tears cried since that day, could fill the oceans. I counted each gasping breath; the end came with dawn's bird song. __________________________ February 8, 2015 Tanka For the contest, Tanka Tears, sponsor Rick Parise Honorable Mention

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The Circle

The Circle Beginning and end Together form full circle... Life connects with death. Your circle is formed…with tears I mourn death’s painful closure. © Sandra M. Haight 2015 All Rights Reserved Contest: Tanka Tears Sponsor: Rick Parise

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Tanka Tears


with bare hands you rise 
to new paths in western skies -
your face smiles from clouds
your laughter rides on the wind
your joy’s mine and still I cry

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Rest The Sailor Soul

High tide of tears raise
upon the shore of my heart
I wait for your ship
one that never comes again,
the sea has your soul, not me.

For Contest: Tanka Tears
Date: February 07, 2015

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For Paulie: RIP

in this silence
the respirator breathes…
we did not know
his heart

*Inspired by Brian Strand's, Indelible Impressions contest. This was written the day after my 
Step-father-in-law passed away...he passed while we were in the room.

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No Goodbye

    All the people gone

        not wanting to say goodbye

            next to you i sit

                frozen unable to weep

                    the earth falls from my small hand...

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The Grand Staircase

Kept calling to him As he climbed the grand staircase Never knew he'd died I climbed but could never reach him Papa turned, smiled, waved good bye ~*~
BY: Annalise Brigham FOR: Michael's "Tanka Me A Dream" Contest

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The very last cut

Do you see my wrists?
They cry blood when I do this;
Push the blade deeper.

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A Courageous Battle

~ perspective was found through days of rain and sorrow though laughter still came a long painful plight ensued and in one breath she had gone......... ~ A true story regarding one of my close friends. Cancer spread throughout her body so, so quick She passed one month ago today. I Love you Karen!!!

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Season Woven In Grief

Persuaded by time,
and clothed in rust,  trees reveal
a changed homecoming...
The illusions of my youth
drift away with falling leaves

My eyes search for him,
although my heart knows better
Old fences need paint,
Scabs of white shed like feathers
from the dry and weathered rails

There, by the back door
his old plaid jacket is hanging,
waiting to be worn...
It holds scent of burning leaves...

A tear smolders on the sleeve

For the Grief Contest:

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still trying

still trying
to bench-press
this weight
the debt
my father left me

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Death on a spring day
Outside all is bright and clear
He feels none of it
He dreams of fond times
Love    the dream world puppeteer

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paying respects

another deep breath
    of suffocating air
       passes the lump in my throat...
            I offer a Kleenex
                   to the woman beside me

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PEACE - (triple tanka)

I'd like to believe
Peace is a natural state
That war is foreign
But I see war after war
And brother slaying brother

Old sacrifice young
Our youth gone before their day
Then I want to cry
For thought that they gain nothing
Are lost through their innocence

What a wonder    youth
How pliable and pristine
They want but to shine
While all the burnt-out old men
Pull the strings from their armchairs

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An empty pillow
she awakens to absence
one of many days
never to feel his warm touch
a kiss shared only in dreams...

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Time to say goodbye my love

My chain is now frail
Damaged by your weaken link 

My venture begins 
Left with simple forgiveness 

Unwarranted departure. 

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'Shielding the Unsung Heroes'

bald eagle a shield 
memories omnipresent
greeted by silence
over time the tears might dry
remembered for your valor


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tears fall

tears fall

as the petals from flowers

a remembrance of love

now gone from this place

alone she tends his garden

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Tanka 7 - My Dying Friend

	Tanka 7 – My Dying Friend
	my old hurting heart
	my dying friend – part of me
	eternal questions:
	life beyond death... nothingness...
	it really doesn’t matter


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life goes on

intermittant storms
rage in the sky and my heart
my unshed tears burn
in spite of my grief
the sun shines and life goes on

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blinking back tears

   that threaten to flow

       my eyes are burning

this will be our last goodbye

    angels will carry you home

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Beauty has fallen painting the pastel of love in a breath of fire below the bare heights of mist Autumn's tapestry lies strewn _______________________________ 11-4-2013

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stencils of night’s mist

brush your grotto with ash dye

 laying on crushed weeds...

      this heart spills a requiem

and my tune—love’s offering.

Rick Parise's Tanka Tears
by nette onclaud

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Jaws in real life

Master of the sea
Smells blood from miles away
Swims with dominance
Sharp serrated teeth devours
Naive humans viciously

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Dramatic Moment

"Dramatic Moment" hearts carved in oak tree love engrained on wooden bark I cried as rain crashed lover buried beneath leaves death awaits sweet rendezvous. *For Suzette Crous's Tanka - The Pivot Contest

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Reflections of Love

In his tired eyes She sees reflections of love Memories they share When life was young and carefree And death was not whispering
Reflections of Love Contest

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My Funeral

My Funeral

Escorting my corpse,
The funeral procession,
I cease to exist,
No more than a cinerary,
Lived whole life as immortal !

Tanka- 5/7/5/7/7
Written September 24th, 2014
By Dr. Upma A. Sharma
For contest ' The Poet III ' on theme 'Funeral/ death' by Gautami phookan

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Not a Friend

Eating him alive
Like a beast from deep inside
Not seen, cannot kill
When will his suffering end?
Afraid, alone, no friends come

Eating him alive
Friends, ceaselessy grasping all
All money all fame
Adding s**t to his good name
Where are you friends, WH
                                          E A
                                                  E      Y

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System Overload

Darkness consumes me
Corrupted thoughts take over
Soul becomes hollow
Self castigation occurs
Tears of blood destroys all hope

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deadwood s.d.
built between mountain sides
seated at cards
in that valley of death
wild bill

Dave Austin

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rather than hurt you
you must find another love,
one shall die, you live.

© Harry J Horsman 2013   


Rather than hurt you
you must find another love
one shall die, you live
please keep all the memories
my heart will never grow cold!

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

I have found i enjoy creating a Tanka out of both a Haiku and Senryu,
although the Haiku/Senryu are more precise
The Tanka is more fulfilling...posted here is my point!

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Guardian Spirits

the chill of  tombstone
resists the fall of jade lawn
cross entrusted perch
eagle guardian spirit  
haunt the field of past mourning

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Parting Waters

flowing waters drift
bearing shadows for display
frigid lifeless forms
  drained of all their loving warmth
  like you were that fateful dawn

©  10-19-2012

For: Tanka - Pivot Contest

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Leaving me soon

Fold away the fields,
Watch spring blossom turn to ash.
Nature gives, then steals.
Our love padlocked to a bridge
Will endure beyond death's crash

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Remembering Love

The old fella strolls
Plodding along the dirt lane
Plowing through the leaves
Remembering yesterday
When she was still warm and close

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Fishing in Black Sea

Fishing in Black Sea
We found the old emeralds
The tears of lovers
In hope to cover the Earth:
Adorno`s  imperative

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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too { Tanka }

                                                  father's day is near
                                           what to buy for dear old dad
                                              cologne tools or clothes
                                           maybe will just suprise him
                                            with a nice father's day cake

Tho Dear Old Dad is gone
He Loved Suprises For Father's Day

Happy  Father's Day 
To All Poetry Soup Dads

RIP Daddy   { 1925-1981}

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Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel (Sentanka)

He had do fight all odds
A man of unbreakable idealism
Alone with his ideas

A mysterious death at high sea
The truth will never be known
Gegen alle Widerstände
Ein Mann mit ungebrochenem Idealismus
Alleine mit seinen Ideen

Mysteriöser Tod auf hoher Sea
Die Wahrheit wird niemand erfahren
En lucha contra todas probabilidades
Un hombre de idealismo irrompible
Solo con sus ideas

Una muerte misteriosa en alta mar
La verdad nunca será conocida

Note: Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel, 1858-1913, was a German engineer and the inventor of
the Diesel engine. He spent his youth until 1870 in Paris and surroundings. When being
extradited after the start of the German-French-War in 1870, Diesel and his family left for
London. He as a child travelled alone to Augsburg, Germany were he lived for five years
with his uncle and went to school there. He started studies of mechanical engineering in
1875 in Munich and applied for a patent of a „New and economical power engine“  at the
Emperial Patent-Office  in Berlin. From 1908 on he developed the first functional model of
his engine with the financial assistance of the Krupp company. In January 1898 the first
factory for Diesel engines was built in Augsburg, Germany. A Diesel Engine Company was
inaugurated by autumn 1900 in London. The first motor vessels with a Diesel engine were
built in 1903. Diesel was at a state of bad health due to numerous patent-lawsuits. He was
not a good businessman and lost his complete fortune. On September 29th Diesel boarded the
mail-vessel Dresden to cross the Channel for Harwich to participate in a meeting of the
„Consolidated Diesel Manufacturing Ltd.“ in London. He seemed to be in a good manner when
he was last seen on board of the ship. On October 10th 1913 the crew of a Dutch 
government pilot ship saw a body drifting in the water at heavy sea. As the body was
highly decomposed, the crew only got hold of some personal belongings (a pastille box,
purse, pocket knife and a spectacle case) which were later identified as Diesel's
belongings by his son Eugen. The real cause of his death was never clarified and his
dependants never believed in suicide, but in murder  to steal Diesel's ideas. So his death
is still remains a mystery.

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ww ii

soon not one will know 
of the war - not one will care
soon - that it was done
not one will mind - neither bird 
nor tree - men dead - utterly

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Blood Calls in Autumn

the bloom of death glows
crimson colorings mimic…
rise on angel wings
exhilaration’s free flow
new beginnings lofting high

brilliant dancers
tweak the nose of fickle fate…
candied lawn of morn
nonpareil the brown earth
apple crisp the skittish wind

rainbow of phoenix 
rebirth the celestial… 
crumbled sweetness melt heart’s fire
fear not beyond the beyond
hear Gabriel’s horn

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A pulling abyss

At a cliff, hanging,
My grip starts going unwind,
Making me fall deep...
A bereaved forlorn abyss,
Comes pulling us to our death...

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out of sync

hysterical lights
flash out of sync from her tree....

she can't remember
laughter in the snow,
only a grave beneath it

For Contest: Sad Tanka
Sponsored by Andrea and Susan

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The Unseen Fiend

There is a coward hiding deep within the walls of helpless beings only to strike its hardest when they are at their weakest. Indiscriminate and wielding the power of a merciless god, it shreds the soul’s dwelling place, inflicting pain and sorrow. This fiend is unseen, but its attack is gruesome. In its cruel wake, Death becomes the higher god - offering up sweet release. For Joann Grisetti's Cantankacerous Poetry Contest

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loss - tanka

the sky is crying...
souls, climbing the rain's ladder,
try to find the sun...
grief sweeps slowly with its hand
the eyes of those who still are...

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fragile skin stretches
across the cheeks of death's dawn
beauty-marked weeping
I see only the groom now
peach sweet the memories rise

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Life and Death Re-write

Tetractys version:

eyes blinked
then fluttered
She was awake
We rushed over weeping tears of relief

Another family passed in the hall
Huddled as one
We noticed
they wept

Tanka version: 

inaudible words
eyes blinking and fluttering
she was waking up
we rushed over to her side
weeping warm, sweet tears of joy

arm in arm, heads bowed
another family passed
who wept as we did
yet they wept different tears
their tears were not tears of joy

Deb's contest

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Rest in Peace, My Friend

I didn't know you,
I'm sorry for your loss, dear,
I don't have the clue,
But know everything's clear,
No, you don't want me to fear,
Hope to see you soon.

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The Monster Who Ate Her Chest

she opened her gown
to show me a flaming scar
something was missing...
the knife should have slashed deeper
disease still raged underneath

a young life wasted
back in nineteen fifty five
a mother and wife
whose white skin turned yellow from
the monster that ate her chest

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Dark Night

Toward a twilight
I walk in search of a light,
Not recognizing
Ahead of that destiny
There is also a dark night.

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Trail of Diamonds

My eyes close to dream
the unknown abyss surrounds
to where I don't know
on opening, I'm alive
I see trails of diamonds

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mourning... - tanka

heaven is heavy
with the tears of angels
shed for falling stars...
pain's knocking at heavens' gates
asking for its toll of salt...

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Thought I Died and Went To -

Next!...Can I help you?
Unemployed, huh? Humm, let's see
Gotta check my records here...
Nope! No openings
Directions?... Not a problem
See that sign that says - YOU'RE TOAST?

***Re-titled and edited version

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is that you love
in the dark by the bed
I smell your pillow
I reach for you
crying knowing you died

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Giant Coffin

Trapped in the stairway
Heavy smoke filling my lungs
Screams piercing my ears
       The tower is collapsing!
       No time to say good-bye, no...


Received 6th place in "Remembering 9/11" contest

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Love You

total enchantment
the time I shared here with you
long past the times, few
sometimes I feel the cancer  
is in us both not just you

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Flaming Fire Crackled

flaming fire crackled
ranging venom of cruel souls
thousands of hope dashed
burning ember raised its hands
the world united in grief

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Lost In Sorrow

                                       In sorrow I wail
                              My son who has drowned is gone   
                                     Lost beneath the sea
                                Trying to save another
                                    Forever I will mourn him.

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their clocks

their clocks tick away
I see time is running out
countdown to the grave
time leads me to be alone 
waiting for my clock to stop

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The Process

On the river Styx, Charons’ boat moves quite slowly; the passage solemn; it will cost you for the ride. Charon does not work for free.

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We Will Never Forget

9/11  - We Will Never Forget!  

The mighty towers crumbled
Grieving loved ones prayed
That God had spared their loved ones
While victims jumped from windows!

Beatrice Boyle
Tanka for Carolyn's Remembering 9/11 contest

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Paradise Awaits

Spirits are summoned
Souls awakened by freedom 
Soar to the heavens 
The Lord requests your presence
Paradise now awaits you

Chiquita Baity 
Contest Name Bald Eagle in Cemetery Contest
Sponsor Carolyn Devonshire

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A rare explosion Severed head from weary neck Pieces became flocks Vast number of ravens fly Killing the kicking body
Russell Sivey b) serious category Contest: Old or New in Five or less Sponsor: Francine Roberts 7/17/2013

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I Remember Her - Joyous

__ she sang sweet nothings ten years without her soft voice summer warmth still comes with each moment to retrace I feast on the memories..... __ Remembering 9/11 Contest

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One Lonely Tree

It weathered harsh storms

and grew to be very strong

but the day soon came

when life was taken from it    

so that Another would die   

One Lonely Tree  07/31/14

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Tanka 1

I call out your name.
But, you never answer me.
You are always there.
I try to reach out to you.
You’re a shadow in my mind.

© Holly P. Moore
    October 2012

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tanka in the still night contest

in the still of night when the room is very cold only sound your breaths the thought enters my silence how strange it would be alone
Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan Contest: Tanka

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My ageing consternation

My ageing consternation

I fears death that spares
Me when I am very young
Won't it ache me when
I have no teeth to chew and
Have feeble arms, legs... to move? 
My heart is fallen
And about to burst my hope.
When will this silent
Thief snatch my soul to the Lord
When need not to see more corpse?

Contest: Aging
Sponsor: Black Eyed 

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Farewell to Whitney

Farewell to Whitney. An angelic voice is still. We will remember you graced us with your music. We have lost a great treasure. Whitney Houston (1963-2012) From a news story found on AOL

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There's always a house
Some weird    vacant residence
Kids stay away from
Especially on certain nights
Those nights when the Moon is bright

Climbing those porch steps
Would take more than just courage
No child would risk it
It's the Taylor House Story
A tale both true    and GORY!

The house I describe
Has three stories    a long porch
And    boarded windows
Except for one by the top gable
'Death's Door'   so goes the fable

No boards on this one
No glass either    just splinters
Three jagged sabres
It's said    a boy in his teens
Stuck in his head - GUILLOTINED!

Now!    On moonlit nights
Some still hear those awful thumps
The window comes down
THUMP!    His head hits the roof    THUMP!
Rolls on down    hits the ground    THUMP!

Well?    To climb those steps?
It would be insanity
No child would risk it
A vision so full of dread
That thumping    bouncing    DEAD    HEAD!

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Notes on Suicide

A knife to my wrist,
A gun held high to my brain,
A noose with a chair,
So many ways to leave earth 
But still not enough reasons

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slaughtered innocents

slaughtered innocents
lambs on an evil altar
sacrificed to hate
carnage outrages the gods
spilt blood spells out remember

For Carolyn's 9-11 contest

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Death's Tune



Rotted corpses play
As dead trees disintegrate
Lost in their own fog
A song that I long to hear
Is lost in the obscure fear

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A beautiful Memory

Thoughts of you lingered
even after you have gone
to the other side
always remembered and missed
a beautiful memory

Tanka Tears Contest
Sponsor: Rick Parise
February 13, 2015

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She is burning now.
The so-called witch, innocent.
They thought, they were right.
Who´s to blame, when she is gone?
She raised her head to heaven.

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Do You Want to See?

See oh psychic eye
Reveal to me this future
Shrouded in secrets
Oh Whisper fortuneteller
Of this paranormal show.

Silence psychic eye
Reveal nothing more of this 
Of worlds unspoken
Such wisdom requires time
I’m not sure I want to know.

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-Eyelids Sadness-

eyes opened slowly almost like a last farewell tears omnipresent his eyelids closed forever while she still wiped tears away
*Missy Nikko's body part of choice "eyelids", I took this one a different route, hopefully she still likes it :)* 14/04/2011

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Climbs through the window
Tiptoes towards the large bed
Leans over the girl
Prepares to bite her soft throat
She’s already dead – that sucks!

for Nancy's contest

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Good-bye again

                                     The bell has sounded 
                               Onced Loves , abandoned again 
                                    Unanswered questions 
                                   Over are all tomorrows 
                                Couldn't you'd said you're sorry ?

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The Deep Depression

                                             The Deep Depression 
                                         A happening new nightclub
                                                In New York City
                                     Last night a nine year old  killed
                                        His parents, now in a morgue

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Moonlight Dream

I always said that i came alive at night
The same time the moon shined
I always felt powerful and strong
Doing everything possibly wrong
I remember seeing a girl walking the streets
Yellow ribbon dress running from me
I tried telling her not to worry 
But she started screaming
I snatched her up and shook her
stopped the screaming
stopped her breathing
Moonlight Dream

I awoke to the sound of sirens
Covered in blood that surrounded
My mother asked me why i did it
Confused by the second
I ran far away in an instant
Went a far distance
A village on the horizon
Near the Appalachian Mountains
I pleaded for help
No one seems to listen
They run

I run and run
Now out of breath
Figured out what was wrong
Can't take another step
I fall asleep on the ground
Listen to the wolves howl
I close my eyes and dream
Another dream
Another dream
Moonlight Dream

I always said that I came alive at night
The same time the moon shined
This time I saw a couple dining
I stood out the window and stared
My stomach ached of hunger
I waited for hours
A few hours went by 
They haven't came out 
feeling so hungry
Big appettite for your blood
That fake red love
Moonlight Dream

I crash through the window where you sit
You scream 
I tear your skin
Say goodbye 
I almost slurp 
I awoke to the sound of screams
Not sure what's going on
Had a bad dream
There's blood everywhere
I did this? 
I killed them?

This is my Moonlight Dream

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Buried Cries

heard beneath rubble cries from a buried woman so many were lost when the Twin Towers tumbled foggy haze fell on New York rescuers, heroes many joined in the effort indestructible -- the feeling that we once knew -- vulnerable now in grief

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With tender kisses

"I shall be telling this with a sigh"  
 Robert Frost, The Road Less Travelled. 

With tender kisses
Tears blending with the child’s tears
She strokes the soft curls
Whispers sweet words of comfort
Hears his final dying breath

Grief fills the room of my absent child, lies in his bed, walks up and down with me, puts on his pretty looks, repeats his words, remembers me of all his gracious parts, stuffs out his vacant garment with his form. Shakespeare 

Jack Horne for Constance’s Mother contest, 8th October

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will more friends die... first? do angels get their hair back? will heaven hurt, too? can I have a pink casket? don't they know, monsters are real?

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The Void that was You

My vessell; filled with
emptiness of a black whole.
The void that was you.
My tears shall be in number;
every drop of rain hence forth.
02/10/15 Contest: Tanka tears Sponsor: Rick Parise

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The Lonely Ace of Hearts

Dedication to my first and last love, Lance Ewens, 1979-2006

She's remembering
The day that she fell for him
It was in Autumn
When she first transfixed her eyes
Upon the most gorgeous face
That she'd ever seen
He smiled at her with a charm
That glistened so bright
It melted her heart like snow
They became friends instantly
Their friendship would grow
And thus, blossom into love
They spent every day 
With each other mirthfully
Until that last fateful night
A bitter, rough wind
Stole her one true love away
Her heart always breaks
When she holds the ace of hearts
It remains a painful token
Of the love that she once had

Dawn Kilby 
Copyright ©2008  Dawn Kilby

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Apocalyptic Now

The way is not seen
The blinding lights are heavy
Covering my eyes 
Long lines of saints and sinners
This world is nearing an end

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Winter Sea Tanka for me contest

My father is dead

I kneel by gray winter seas

Fjords echo my rage

Grief swoops down from the heavens

Like hawks grabbing prey

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bodies fall weary
cancer metastasizes 
another friend gone
funerals leave tears of bronze
survivors shine in shadows

faces fall weary
cancer metastasizes
no one is immune
the spirit strengthens through trials
survivors shine, smiles bring hope

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, June14, 2012

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Sail Away


           everyone's gone now
           alone with my memories
           of the time we had
           at last the boat is ready 
           sail away now on my tears

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The Hunt-

completely surreal
my descent into darkness
scent of her fresh kill
overpowering my soul
cautiously I raise my stake

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My child, I cry for thee-a lament

(For my first child, who could not make it to this world) Your motion I feel Oblivious of the pain My son I rejoiced If only you were with me For you I mourn in regret ©Nadiya (11 Feb '15)

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on the wind
a bell tolls
memories surface
words unerased-
the image fades

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sullen death-bell tolls
for my own absconding soul
no wailing required
as my skirmishing-days past
my ultimate doom is close

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Some of their breast must
be removed....hoping cancer
won't return to haunt;
chemotherapy and pills for pain,
will a breast implant look real?

It's incurable
as Aids, if not caught early;
yes, death may occur...
tearing visitors apart
who can do nothing to help.

The patients suffer
silently seeking comfort;
offer them more than
consolation by squeezing
their cold hand before they die. 

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Skull and Bones

The skeleton waits
Left some time by a killer
Rotting and decayed
Crying loudly as a ghost
Who will avenge my murder?

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mournful chanting song of only your flowered grace lone, I reminisce at the edge of old green pond sorrow flows on each ripple...

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Tearful Wound

Soft specks of red blood Fall from my swift dying heart Stressful feel explored I walk through space interweaved Till my eyes see no more views I falter some more No more fresh steps I will take With this wound pounding Tearing my life so apart I fall, tears no longer roll
Russell Sivey

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Butterfly Heaven

Flying up so high Beaming with a life so proud Breathtaking colors After reaching the bright stars She falls like a streak, down…down The life so fragile Lost in the suffocating air She lost the battle And fell, day’s worth of climbing Gone within a moment’s time… To butterfly heaven
Russell Sivey

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Payment to Death

Death, life’s caretaker Takes one life and guides it to Either Heaven or Hell, depending on payment Heaven’s fee is large, Hell’s free
Russell Sivey

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Excommunicating Faith

In soul trace be not
Higher power don’t believe
No reason to thy
Shut ones mind off to the voice
Mortal life ends no rebirth

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R.I.P. Mikey

You were my first love,
but the soul in you is gone,
Rest in peace my friend,
Everyone misses you,
we all want you back dearly.

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Lived: an acrostic tanka

Like the rising sun,
Infants rise to adulthood.
Values are changed, lost.
Evening comes as life sets.
Death is imminent as night.

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Death's Minions

I saw a dark mass
A floating dying being
Looking fierce, deadly
Wanting to steal away souls
Hope it’s not looking for me

Russell Sivey

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Fallen Heroes

They suffered, tortured
died for peace now our head bows
in front those boxes
our souls crying hearts scarred
For your courage, deep dolor.

Feb. 09, 2015

Dedicated to all fallen heroes around the world.

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Bliss Below the Lunar Beam

below the moonlight
ripples gently radiate
two in love now share
captured by the lunar beam
enrichment to future bliss

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The Damning of Evil

Satan holds the key
To the damning of evil
Do no foil with him
For the end will come swiftly
And pain will be all you know

Russell Sivey

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To my Farrah



First girlfriend in dreams waking my lost innocence Pearly smile shining beyond this reality Because Angels never die

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Unaware of

Unseasonal raindrops 
Teen adolescent cob seeds
Dreaming of sprouting 

Unaware of grind reality 
 Hard harsh anvils of flour mill 

Fatty chick crowned pink 
Breaks the day shell with his voice
Steps with Grace, picks worms

Unaware of dainty dishes 
Restaurants, forks and knives 

Small vigourous fall 
Wild brook scrolling down mountains 
Swelling, to be river 

Unaware of hindrance,
Damn the dam, clenching flow, sea far  

I, enjoying the day 
Planning morrow, pining past 
Loving and hating 

Unaware of jaws of death 
Coming near breath after breath.

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Autumns eye appeal

Such beauty I see
Where the stems to blossom die
Citrus and saffron
To a fashionably end
Meant for eyes to encounter

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ancient river cry below the pencil sketched hills where once dreams consumed for now, twilight dying fast writing in tears, I lament...

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a tear in this death...........
a passion of nothingness
you have gone , vanished
my heart screams out in darkness
I must run , fall in anguish

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Distant Rest

Distance breeds new hope,
Time, a measure of being
a life without rest
relentless Love resisting
weakened, awakened in death.

David J. Caldera

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Lament for the Dead

Not sure where they go
Hell or heaven I don’t know
All traveled by air
But plunged into sea, buried!
Oh,death! ,oh,fate! Thou are mean.

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Swing On A Star

"Baby" star was born Same day as you were conceived Child truly wanted_loved "Baby" gone before had chance Light years away you live on
Written by: Sara Kendrick July 30, 2012 Name: Linda-Marie Contest: Swing On A Star Click on "About This Poem"

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I try to find it
Beneath an old solid oak
And then it happens
Lightning strikes it, fire burns bright
Let out a cry, happiness

Under this tree, cold
Perishing before their eyes
Deluge starting, now
Come crashing down on me then
I found eternal refuge

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The Urn

The urn of the past On a decrepit mantle Scintillating piece Shines brightly in the moonlight Telling of its demeanor
Russell Sivey

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Star Light

Glowing light delights Onlookers from far below Twinkling sparkling star Born above to invite all Observers to see new "Baby"
Inspired by Linda-Marie's contest Not an entry....

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One of my past lives appeared without warning
I was so handsome    she without reservation
(or    was it a dream?)

A prince of Egypt
Just as the ouija board said
In the museum    come face to face with myself
    palest white
                    but nicely wrapped

Met myself one day while walking through the woods
I stopped    looked at me    my wild eyes rolling around
      and then
I wet on a tree

Oh to be reborn    and another crack at things
Prahbupada says    "You would be a tiger
                                                          the way you snarf those burgers"

Oh    it's such nonsense!
She claims to leave her body
                                         float around upstairs
            where she meets old Uncle Ned
                                          long dead    old Ned
             patting her soft    silken head

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For my grand father

A most painful day
He is gone never to return
Harsh; thus beat my heart
Wishing to have a last glimpse
Of him who bred me, granddad!

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An Angel In Disguise

Always wearing white,
Who knew she was an angel?
Her friends had no clue,
But one day she flew away,
Higher than than the planes she flies.

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Sagebrush extends far
Across cracked, dusty plains.
Water is sacred; save it,
For the sun burns hot.

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Abandoned Children (besprizorniki )


roaming the streets of Russia 

no mamas to love 

bereft of humanity 

a million beating hearts sigh

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On Top Of Old Smokey {Tanka}

                                                 shaven mountain crest
                                               malta lava ashes cinders
                                                  erupt with vengeance
                                              foundation of strengthening
                                                refurbish dwelling fixture

Tribute To Hawaii

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Rebuilding America { Tanka}

                                                              Coastal area
                                               massive under ground currents
                                                          wave of destruction
                                                   Solid foundation of strength
                                                 refurbished  levee's proclaim

In Loving Memory 
Of Victims
From Katrinia

Also Big Thanks To
Sir Joseph Spence Again

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8 - 1= heartbreaking

A gaggle of eight
swimming in a row. Below            
upturned eyes watching
the downy offspring parade.
A splash! now there are seven.

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The salt on my face
I wish I could see the light
My days are nothing
The crack over my heart forms
From it the crimson blood spills

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Tanka- funereal

huddled together
from the heeting rain
the unbrellas moc the hearse-
then in twos
slowly separate

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My Road to Glory

                                        Heaven waits for me
                                     I must be better for Him
                                        Before my entrance

                             He’ll then request my presence
                                 At the entrance to the Gates

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out of the silence
of the winter night,
a single owl screech
darkness descends-
hunger abates

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hunger haunts each daytime hour
coldness kills at night
nature's foodchain