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Tanka Dark Poems | Tanka Poems About Dark

These Tanka Dark poems are examples of Tanka poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Tanka Dark poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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~It's Out There~

Green colored field 
A flower without the sun 
Wilts from distrust 
now washed away 
by the man storm


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Hiding in shadows
My camouflaged emotions
Smothered by silence
Cloaked by the dark of the night
Expose my truth with your light

January 17, 2015

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Love Spill

the ice crystal moon
rapes dark ground with barbed kisses
we lie, tied by lies
black wings flapping in our hearts
the fruits of passion spilling

Visual One

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the creature
she stalks the
streets nightly

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My brain and heart battling 
Spinning can’t find my footing 
My world is dying 
Was this my doing?
On my face I am smiling
In my heart I am crying 
Took something that was beautiful and destroyed it

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System Overload

Darkness consumes me
Corrupted thoughts take over
Soul becomes hollow
Self castigation occurs
Tears of blood destroys all hope

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Dragged to Hell

I am exhausted
All these faces haunt my soul
No sleep comes to me
When I killed them they all cried
Now they watch me with those grins
I know I'll be dragged to hell

For Freddie's Tanka Contest
Let me see if you can guess I wrote this one.

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S A D Holidays

it’s dark in my life
sunshine’s never allowed in
what are holidays
      dreck from my happier times
            pointless to ever resurrect

For the “not so happy holidays contest”

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Tanka of Solitude

Alienation --
Alpine permafrost of an
Emergent expanse.
Crisp solitude, winter's friend,
Blankets the arctic spirit.

The lichen creeps through the cracks
Of a barren world.
The gloom of obscurity
Clutches with icy disdain.

The psyche shivers,
Stranded in endless twilight.
A dormant wasteland,
An unrelenting blizzard,
The frigid embrace of night.

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The dragon eats land
Steps on other people´s right
And we say nothing 
Because once it was wronged
Can´t speak ill of the ogre
The dragon spews fire 
Over anyone who seeks redress 
To get what is theirs 
And slowly the world awakes 
The monster a perilous fiend   

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Enveloped in black
Darkness of a living death
The black shroud tightens
Heightened frenzy of thrashing
Pinned in the arms of Black Knight

For Andrea's Color Tanka Contest
May 14, 2013

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Black is to Blame

Death, Depression, Doom
Destruction leading to Hell
Vampires with Witchcraft
Smelly rats and bats, rotting
Confusion, Chaos, Wolf Howls

9th May 2013

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war tanka

War Tanka
A master sergeant 
Walked out of camp at night
Murdering Afghans 
Nine of them were children 
Their demise caused no uproar

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Bleak Days

Bleak Days cold bleak days of life may visit in future time with hardships unknown bonded as one side by side warm love will ease our frostbite © Sandra M. Haight 2015 All Rights Reserved ~4th Place~ Contest: Get Romantic ~ Visual 7 Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich Judged: 03/06/2015 Syllables checked: 5-7-5-7-7

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Problems on Earth

 if they could see us
 our ancestors in this world
 thinking of the past
 pain, death, and inhumane crimes
 on your world today

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Expressive Place - Tanka Contest

An expressive place A dark forest late at night Just a torch to see The path badly overgrown Looks hopeless yet is calming
Entrant into Black Eyed Susan's "Tanka" contest 12/8/2012

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001 002 003

Images Tanka

Night dark and dreadful
Emotions in black and white
Tears blinded my eyes
Flickering celluloid film 
Whirling projector my mind

Emotions Tanka

Tears like rain pours down
Emotions swaddle black clouds. 
Lightning smacks my heart . 
Died a thousand death tonight. 
Kiss of the cold feels so warm. 

Drift Tanka
Suspended like clouds.
My dreams drift, maple leaf.
Lift me to great heights.
Yet my emotions tarry.
Humbled by mortality.

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An Afterthought

this is how it is,
scribbled on a midnight script,
one thought is to play -
a hare takes a moonlit leap,
another smells its warm blood.

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Drifting in Decaying Grey

I'm awake, but where A decaying grey surround I'm floating, I drift My soul, swallowed by the breeze What of me now, diminishes .

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Witch of the Forest

In a dark forest A nightmare presents itself By a spell that’s cast From a black witch that torments Those that see her do cower She has an aura A heavy feel about her She’s evil and plain She tortures souls brazenly Carries about her ill hate People run from her They hide, when she is around Forest is her home Her domain, where she worships Cast’s evil, forbidden spells This night is her night Where her dark spells work stronger Stronger than normal It’s the darkest night of year It’s evil, it’s Halloween
Russell Sivey