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Tanka Confusion Poems | Tanka Poems About Confusion

These Tanka Confusion poems are examples of Tanka poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of Tanka Confusion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sending Waves

My feelings flounder
like a sky of dying stars
already snuffed out
yet still sending waves of light
to haunt my heart at midnight

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The Graduate's Sanctuary

the graduate

      submerges in pool

          Mr. Robinson

               debates career paths above:

sanctuary found in sounds of silence

For Chris's "Sanctuary" contest.  Based on the film "The Graduate."

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Seeking Answers (for Jared's contest)

Wasted days
Wandering through life’s maze
Trying to sort the truth from the lies

I call out, but it seems nobody hears my cries
With each futile attempt, something inside me dies
Skies overhead are filled with thunder

What was my worst blunder?
I wonder

To heaven I gaze
Lord, help me find contentment
In hope my hands raise
Yes, I know I was once blessed
Raised well by loving parents

Is there no cure for this malaise?
How did these sad feelings arise?
I listen but hear no replies
My question I seek to rephrase

As much sorrow on my heart weighs 
Searching for words that will not rise
Is there no cure for this malaise?
How did these sad feelings arise?

Forgive me, Lord, I’ll change my ways
I’m humbled; I will compromise
Contrition you’ll find in my eyes
Must I be sad throughout my days?
Is there no cure for this malaise?

*Combination of Trois Par Huit, Tanka and Rondel for Jared’s contest.

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Sweet Sanctuary

Come asylum's breath,
gossamer wings touch mine brow ~
Grant me refuge please;
then may my soul find comfort.
In your peace, my heart shall rest...

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Sasquatch De-Evolution

Sasquatch or Bigfoot,
also known as Monkey Man.
His papa was a drunk man
and his mama was a chimp.

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she felt his heart beat so identifiable an enchanting sound her only recollection of the man she use to love the heart’s trickery has claimed another victim yet her heart still beats is it just an illusion? or will she find her way back?
Contest Name : “BAG OF TRICKS” By : Wilma N. Neels 080720111350

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Her Breakable Heart

 A breakable heart
And the fragrance of a rose
 Some tears in her eyes
For an unknown destiny
And a cold night of city

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Why Does She Hate Me

Unconscionable She attacks my weak ego My sure existence I hurt with ultimate pain Crushing my very being She destroys my peace All which brings pleasure to me Sure does falter here I don’t know her reasoning For my love is hers alone
Russell Sivey

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'Flaky memories'

flaky memories selective priority tie up his spirit while drifting further away
snuff out his love with distance

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Gloom And Doom

Gloom and doom! What’s up?
The police locked papa up!
Why’d they take paw in?
Dad was dancing in the street,
higher than a dang hoot owl!

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far across country
smoke drifts..cries reverberate
sitting  mesmerized
bewildered, mutely frightened
taste word...terrorist

No. 1 in Carolyn's contest.

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Crafty cow

She stands there waiting
Chewing the cud and watching
for the dark rain clouds
Maybe I should lie down and
confuse the weather watchers    

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the boredom

staring blankly 
the sights are too odd to take. 
creepy dull moments,
tick tock of the clock absurds 
they're killing my sanity.


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For  the umpteenth time,
I found myself in deep sea,
Sea of confusion,
As death looms over the earth,
Are we save? what can be done?.

CONTEST:"Five Lines or less" sponsored by Black Eye Susan

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In my bag of tricks
Lays the secret to safety
A feeling of sorts!
It will make you dance silly!
Out of my hat comes true love.

Silly, is it not?
That one man gave it all up.
Not to criticize.
But to fall in love again
With someone who understands.

John Monteblanco

"Bag of Tricks"

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~ unfamiliar fear has taken new residence deep in furrowed brows of ordinary people on an ordinary day ~

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Love You

total enchantment
the time I shared here with you
long past the times, few
sometimes I feel the cancer  
is in us both not just you

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Playing Chess

Played chess at the park
Giant board made on the grass
Four foot tall pieces
Played with a psychiatrist
Every move a stalemate

Barbara Gorelick
For the Dream contest...
I don't even know how to play chess...I don't even know a 
psychiatrist, but maybe this means I should find

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Tomorrow 1

The road is open
for me to forge my own path
But I hesitate
I stop to gather my thoughts
and think "maybe tomorrow"

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Tanka 1

came back from the stars
to find a golden ring
left abandoned on his desk -
today even the
rocket scientist is stumped

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Anna Akhmatova

I used to wonder
Who is the lady pictured?
She must run this site.
Then I saw a photograph
Of Anna Akhmatova...

I used to think the famous Russian poet, often pictured in Team PS blogs, was a member of staff, lol

For Harry and Mandy’s Curiosity contest

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untitled tanka

sleep overtakes quick
dreams incubate during night
their meanings elude
upon awakening and haunt
and wonder what mind perceived

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My ageing consternation

My ageing consternation

I fears death that spares
Me when I am very young
Won't it ache me when
I have no teeth to chew and
Have feeble arms, legs... to move? 
My heart is fallen
And about to burst my hope.
When will this silent
Thief snatch my soul to the Lord
When need not to see more corpse?

Contest: Aging
Sponsor: Black Eyed 

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There are two visions 
The irresponsible bygone
And the impending  
Together they disappoint…big 
As we just live in the now. 

Violent young men 
Use the religion of Islam 
To commit misdeed

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Notes on Suicide

A knife to my wrist,
A gun held high to my brain,
A noose with a chair,
So many ways to leave earth 
But still not enough reasons

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Lost And Found

Stranded in the dark,
Blindly we all seek out light,
Some never realize,
That being lost is so close,
To finally being found.

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                                                     ~~~~~~   *_*   ~~~~~~

                  Bag of true "MAGICS"
                         Lifelong universal tricks
                    Jailed vision seems so comic
                            NONE - defined " REALISTIC " .

                                             An emptied "TOP HAT"
                        Rabbit shown without the rat
                             Unknown with the plot
                You're blind - the whole trick...not seen
        Unlike PHILOSOPHERS - " KEEN " .

     ~~~~~~  *_*  ~~~~~~


      ***     T_T                 JUN-JUN VILLANUEVA
      ***     T_T       " BAG OF TRICKS " contest

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Mumbo Jumbo

It’s mumbo jumbo, the language of confusion. Nonsensical words that communicate nothing. They have no value at all.

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Deep In Negation


no beauty but gain
emptied of life and brightness
deep in negation
winning no more affection
losing sight of clear heaven

hating self to gain
missing the shameless rain
sorrow mixed within
blooming nothing for the spring
flooding anger all in vain

eyes cast to the ground
absent of positive rays
here comes the dark days
blinding us all to our hell
for thoughts—ever down—sting most

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You are not the Girl

You are not the girl
I used to know in those days
You’re now a shadow
Of those sweet things I saw then
Oh how time changes… It pains!

~I just wonder why some angels turn to devils later, may be due to certain circumstances.
It happens to some lovely little girls who grow up to become sluts due to harsh economic
situations. I have a big burden in my heart for them. I wish the world will change for them!