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Tanka Autumn Poems | Tanka Poems About Autumn

These Tanka Autumn poems are examples of Tanka poems about Autumn. These are the best examples of Tanka Autumn poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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In Strangler's Wood - tanka version

In forest dark where trees bend low
beneath a slice of half moon’s glow,
          silent shadows waver there,
          chilled by gusts of autumn air.

Quavering, as if afraid,
they fall on stumps from trees decayed.
     among those stumps the shadows creep
     and shroud a form that seems asleep.

Lightning flashes . . . Thunder peals.
A sight forlorn the light reveals
          a man, quite dead, in woolen coat,
          with scarf of death left on his throat.

The shadows saw, and now they quake,
lone witnesses in murder’s wake.
     They cannot speak, but if they could,
     they’d tell all travelers of the wood:

"We’re not the foe.  It’s one of you
that makes us tremble as we do.
          Although we loom and cause you fear,
          something worse is lurking here."

Then Thunder echoes in accord
as from the sky, cold rain is poured.
     And silent shadows start to shrink
     into a night of blackened ink.

At a dead man’s throat lies the rain drenched woolen scarf that stifled his screams. Cold Wind howls through decayed trees - witnesses in the shadows. For Debbie Guzzi's Metamorph Poetry Contest a rhyming poem changed to a tanka

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Watercolours in the Rain

~*~ Summer to Autumn ~*~ Expresses blooms of beauty, ~ primary pastels ~ whilst impending changes loom ~*~ Water colours in the rain ~*~

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Summer is gone now and fall with her beautiful face Softly just arrives. Spreading joy with her colours And thrilling with her magic. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 Copyright@2014 8.10.2014

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Remembering Yesterday

Chores wait to be done
The orchard needs harvesting...
Fragrance of apple
greets me with warm memory
Ladders rest against the trees

The porch is laden
With soggy leaves and debris
Quail scratch at the dirt
The door squeaks when I enter,
The autumn sun fills the room

From grimy windows
I watch the breeze stir whirlwinds
Leaves fall like snowflakes
I rest my head against the glass
and remember yesterday

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Beauty has fallen

painting the pastel of love

in a breath of fire

below the bare heights of mist 

Autumn's tapestry lies strewn  


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Love Embraced

In summer, my love, Butterflies dance around you Heat captures our souls, But when autumn rains its leaves, Our love will embrace the wind.

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potpourri of wreaths 
   splatter night rhinestones with aisles 
      of gold cashmere talc,
         stairways of herons ascend
   *        sky flooding autumn light bulbs 


          heaven drips of earth's 
             elegance, drops of fern boughs
                 collect hands calmly
                    chiming psalms of  fall's remains  *
                        a mantle bathed by wet stars 

(c)Contest of Brian Strand

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Gracefully Bows As She Leaves

Forest alive now
Autumn colors brilliant glow
Poplar_ Maple grow
Colors seen_red, yellow, rust
Auroras of autumn flow

Elegantly dressed
For the last ball before snow
She smiles at artist
As he gathers paints blends shades
Painting her colorful gown

As sunlight dances 
Against gown that glows with dew
Gracefully she bows
As bare limbs begin to show
Last of grace before first snow

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Gently floating down Shades of orange, rust and brown Twirling in mid air Rich carpet of rustling leaves Autumn’s beautiful harvest
09~01~14 Contest: Autumn Colours Sponsor: Francine Roberts ~awarded 4th place~

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An early autum day

Die Stille im Wald
Nur leichter Wind in den Blättern
Am frühen Herbsttag

Doch vom fernen  Dorf erklingt
Leises Läuten von Glocken


The silence in the woods
Only a light wind in the leaves
On early autumn day

But from the distant village sounds
The gentle sound of  church bells


El silencio en el bosque 
Sólo poco de viento en las hojas 
Un día temprano en otoño,

Pero desde el pueblo lejano suena
Sonido silencioso de campanas 

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One Autumn Night

on that autumn night
the moon foretold the harvest
walking hand in hand
we rejoiced at each red leaf
moments in life so precious

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First Frost

Feathered friends flee frost
as first flurries flip and flop.
Floating, flying flock
of fair geese transform fading
fall days in fixed formation.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, 11/13/13
for Francine Roberts' Tanka Me Fall or Winter Contest    

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this Sunday meadow

      airbrushed in Renoir orange

welcoming Autumn

      through glide of marmalade leaves

          ...cuddling Sabbath’s peace

Contest: Andrea Dietrich's Tanka Me A Color
10 May 13

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Day Remembered

sunrise and sunset
every color is there
as autumn leaves twirl
dancing   -  each day remembered
leaves this season with such flare

©Donna Jones

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Beauty has fallen painting the pastel of love in a breath of fire below the bare heights of mist Autumn's tapestry lies strewn _______________________________ 11-4-2013

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Autumn Whirling

~*~ O withered garden, your dazzle is decaying; And leaves are falling, burnt orange and yellow drop, drifting, twirling and whirling. ______________________ September 5, 2014 Tanka Entered into the contest, Autumn Colors, Francine Roberts

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a fall day

fuzzy white slippers

   and a crackling fire

        warm me through

outside the wind picks up 

   rattling this and that

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Autumn Dreams

Red, gold and orange
All the colors of autumn
Against green backdrop
Brilliant scene of joyous dreams
Winning hearts with vivid hues

For: Autumn Colours - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Francine Roberts

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Death of a Rose

A summer rose fades
One by one its petals fall
In downward spiral
Scattered by an autumn breeze 
It's fragrance a memory


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Last Hurrah

pilfering raccoons
raiding cornfields and orchards
laughing at farmers
Indian summer picnicking
Last hurrah before winter

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---land of the mighty

land of the mighty
brought to their knees in surprise
warriors far from home
remember ancient war cries
and the pierced autumn sky

* Tanka is a long form which arose from the same literary tree as haiku 
[no title, punctuation, or capitalization were used] as such, 
it should have 31 onji sounds [which are much smaller than syllables] 
so, less tha 31 syllables is preferrable.

It is a MOOD poem in which [unlike haiku] metaphor, personification,simile and 
other poetic devises maybe used in a short/long/short/long/long format. 

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Herbstfarben/ Autumn Colours/ Colores de Otoño

Strahlende Sonne 
Endlos das Licht des Tages
Gefangen im Blattwerk

Und zwischen den Herbstfarben
Himmlischer Gesang der Vögel


The beaming sun 
Endless the light of the day
Caught in the foliage

Between the autumn colours
Heavenly songs of the birds


Un sol brillante
Infinito la luz del día
Capturado en el follaje

Entre colores de otoño
Canto celestial de pájaros 

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I love all seasons

      ( seasons that I love )    5-7-5-7-7       Tanka poetry.

I love all seasons;
Plants and flowers bloom in spring
Birds sing in summer
Leaves tumbling down in autumn  
Snow caps mountains in winter

By Dr Ko Ko Thein (a) Dr Mya Thein

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our dear old spaniel
fast asleep by the window
blends so perfectly
with autumn colors outside
he whines    paws the chair    dreaming

our big old oak tree
ever but never changing
seems to reach the sky
while all surround    they rustle
they dance    they speak    come alive!

i’m out the window
watching the autumn ballet
fixed on the minute
inhaling autumn’s sweet breath
then this flash of wings    blue jay

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Late October

October sapling
Colored leaves clutch the branches
Emerald backdrop
Sets the scene for tomorrow
Frost covered, lonely, gray limbs 

Written August, 2014
©2014 by Regina Riddle

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Changing Face Autumn

The deepest cut those
striking at one’s very heart
verdant to golden
transformation of nature,
another’s death for a life

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

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Tanka 11

	Tanka 11
	prickly pear islands
	frost-silvered prairie grassland
	horses grazing   their
	exhaled cloud-breath floating low
	in autumn’s cold morning light
	Written 11.07.2013 for
	Francine Roberts’ contest

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Before Dawn

Before dawn's light breaks Defined stars twinkle bright Orion's belt glows Smaller more distant stars clear Millions seen, millions unseen Compelling are they Drawing inviting come out Cool crisp autumn air Wonderful starry night sky So thankful for the vision
Written by:Sara Kendrick Contest: Up In The Autumn Air Sponsor:Russell Sivey Penned: October 16, 2012 Just using Tanka form Probably not correct usage

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golden amber leaves
adorn the tallest trees now
an early sneak peek
of what is to come so soon
when all the others will blush

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Luna Yearns

The wait had been long…
Now the world is sound asleep
Her journey begins...
To glimpse her dazzling beauty-
Yearning stirs as desire grows

On this autumn night
Luna wraps herself in clouds
Sails the galaxy
And descends to Crystal Lake...
A phenomenon passing

Note:  Moonlight Dreams Contest by Tracie
Ist Place

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Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel (Sentanka)

He had do fight all odds
A man of unbreakable idealism
Alone with his ideas

A mysterious death at high sea
The truth will never be known
Gegen alle Widerstände
Ein Mann mit ungebrochenem Idealismus
Alleine mit seinen Ideen

Mysteriöser Tod auf hoher Sea
Die Wahrheit wird niemand erfahren
En lucha contra todas probabilidades
Un hombre de idealismo irrompible
Solo con sus ideas

Una muerte misteriosa en alta mar
La verdad nunca será conocida

Note: Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel, 1858-1913, was a German engineer and the inventor of
the Diesel engine. He spent his youth until 1870 in Paris and surroundings. When being
extradited after the start of the German-French-War in 1870, Diesel and his family left for
London. He as a child travelled alone to Augsburg, Germany were he lived for five years
with his uncle and went to school there. He started studies of mechanical engineering in
1875 in Munich and applied for a patent of a „New and economical power engine“  at the
Emperial Patent-Office  in Berlin. From 1908 on he developed the first functional model of
his engine with the financial assistance of the Krupp company. In January 1898 the first
factory for Diesel engines was built in Augsburg, Germany. A Diesel Engine Company was
inaugurated by autumn 1900 in London. The first motor vessels with a Diesel engine were
built in 1903. Diesel was at a state of bad health due to numerous patent-lawsuits. He was
not a good businessman and lost his complete fortune. On September 29th Diesel boarded the
mail-vessel Dresden to cross the Channel for Harwich to participate in a meeting of the
„Consolidated Diesel Manufacturing Ltd.“ in London. He seemed to be in a good manner when
he was last seen on board of the ship. On October 10th 1913 the crew of a Dutch 
government pilot ship saw a body drifting in the water at heavy sea. As the body was
highly decomposed, the crew only got hold of some personal belongings (a pastille box,
purse, pocket knife and a spectacle case) which were later identified as Diesel's
belongings by his son Eugen. The real cause of his death was never clarified and his
dependants never believed in suicide, but in murder  to steal Diesel's ideas. So his death
is still remains a mystery.

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The Painters Palette

God's colour palette
  Splashes the autumn landscape
    With it's vivid hues
Creating a tapestry.
Autumn's artistry displayed.

Bright fields of pumpkins
   Herald the coming season.
      Fall at it's finest.
The most colourful season
That is bestowed upon us.

The painter's palette
   Which now lies beneath the trees,
     Falls finest colours
Form a mural at our feet,
For us to walk in splendor.

for Amy Green's Enchantment of Fall-Tanka contest

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Days of Fall

The wind is blowing
Scattering the fallen leaves
From the Maple trees
Covering the barren ground
With the color of amber


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Autumn Colours

Autumn colours

Adieu to green sheet,
Twilight lends its orange charm,
Crispy brown runway,
Yellow beguiles all around,
Reddish hue across the blue !

September 3rd, 2014
For contest ' Autumn colours' by Francine Roberts

Now for contest 'Free for all' by Charlotte Puddifoot

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October Morn Rising

like a spotted fawn
digging with a tender hoof
in the drifting leaves
morning paints an autumn song
smiles upon the vivid mists

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Leaves Travel About

leaves travel about
blowing upon Autumn winds
branches are revealed
October masks September
quietly as an Autumn

© Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
Wausau, Wisconsin USA
October 12, 2011

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Grasping at Scarlet,
Umber, Crimson and Auburn
Autumn delivers
A placid melancholy
At odds with its warming hues

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Lady Autumn - Mirrored Tanka

Lady Autumn's here. She paints with magical brush Reds,golds,browns, and tans She's so graceful and quick In the air hear her laughter. In the air hear her laughter She's so graceful and quick Reds,golds, browns, and tans She paints with magical brush Lady Autumn's here! Dorian Petersen Potter Aka ladydp2000 Copyright@2014 10.08.2014

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Autumn in the Air

September creeps close
as August hangs on dearly
subtle hints of Fall...
an odd tingling in the air
a slight shudder in the trees

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Red Hair

Her hair a bright red In the autumn of her life Wind blew through strands shed Soon winter will come with white Coating auburn hair 'pon ground

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When leaves in whisper
say goodbye to all at fall
once of life--- mutates
combats the chill of the eve
to waltz within heartless breath.

Mighty Sycamore
shaking off the morning dew
mist that envelops
undaunted spoiling the view
nature’s meltdown renewed.

So autumn imprints
aging--- all life at its best
when hue red and gold
scurry along woodland chase
driven by the artful wind.

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Sky Reflects Autumn

sky reflects Autumn
leaves dancing amongst bright clouds
golden autumn sun 
mirrors glorious color
gray skies on near horizon

© Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
Wausau, Wisconsin USA
October 11, 2011

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The blood of nature
seeps from branches as it falls
carried by wind’s laugh
in a journey through time’s bid
onto man-trodden concrete.

Thunder bellows rage
while clouds shroud themselves in tears
and lightning shreds night
carving glimpses of shadows
into dusk’s timeless glory.

Grey skies petrified
look over earthen colors
encompassing cold
winds of change in the seasons
as was done in years of old.

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about nothing
to think
to think
to think about it
I've no need to think

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the rose petals lie scattered on flagstones the reredos removed it has been a long time since you have last called
Please see the about section for details.

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Elated In Moonlight

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() In vast dimensions my mind wanders in starlight resting in calm love the Autumn moon full with dreams poetic words lightly chant Hazy blue imprints of a fortress, sempiternal electric clouds drift as simple words speak within I beckon the great spirit ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() "Moonlight Dream" Contest

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as leaves fall
looking up
the moon peeks out
for leaves that let go
I see my life clearly now

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The Shades of Trees

Reds, golds, and umbers The trees all have shades of these When Autumn does start A lovely display they are Smart groupings of radiance
Russell Sivey

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Autumn shades

Colors fading out “Old we’re both” my garden says Gone is October Leaves now pallid, then calx Leprous and frothing each day.
+++++ My birth day falls on 30th September

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Warm colors of fall

contrast in their irony

as cooler days come.

Let autumn’s bright golden hues

linger on landscapes longer.

*Tanka written June 15, 2014

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Autumn colors

Love this color show
as autumn trees shed their leaves,
green foliage turns to
bright yellow,orange and red
caused by pigments reflections.

Olusegun Arowolo  Date:08-17-2012

Contest:" Autumn or Fall Colors" sponsored by  Russel Sivey

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This last autumn leaf

This last autumn leaf
Without resistance it falls.
Then drifting gently,
It lands it's golden form
upon her soft, smiling face.

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Leaves on my Front Porch

During Autumn months Leaves flow onto the front porch Red and orange leaves Those brown ones hang on the trees Cool crisp air carries them up They twist, twirl around Working their way up the stairs Floating in the breeze Making statement of delight Grand sight, spectacular show
Russell Sivey

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Stone Pathway

A stone pathway up Carries some colorful leaves The steps are narrow And the stones has moss on them Pleasant Autumn scene displayed
Russell Sivey

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as I lay by the hearth--
sparks up the chimney
to the outside
in the moonlit night
sparking out the cold

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One Cricket

One cricket rubs legs Singing his jimminey song Crows are silent now No vultures fly high circling A quiet autumn twilight

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Enchantment of Fall

Born like Autumn trees 
yet unable to bear fruit, 
his time will soon come 
like leaves falling on the ground 
his fertile seed now planted  

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     Autumn leaves have gone
                   winter turns branches bare, while
                        glazing them with frost.
                               So trees close eyes in slumber
                                       and wait for spring to wake them.

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Autumn Wreath

Creating a wreath An ornate Autumn beauty Orange its color Seemingly perfected piece Of pine surrounded by leaves
Russell Sivey

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At Autumn Harvest

At autumn harvest Pumpkins used to show season Surrounded by garland Some are carved with light inside To signify joy of times
Russell Sivey

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the frog

on a leaf, sailing 
smoothly to bygone phrases 
laced with time I bow 
to unknown spirits, watching 
trees dance in orphic autumn  

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Silent Death

Leaves under my feet
The lonely trees watch them fall
Weeping at the sight
The smell of fall fills the air
As the ground becomes a grave

The trees mourn their loss
Cursing fall's interference
The limbs pay tribute
Swaying in the autumn breeze
Saying farewell to the leaves

Freed from their prison
Racing to meet their purpose
Destiny fulfilled
They rest till they turn to dust
And suddenly disappear

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Fall Landscape

My door, inviting Warm festive Autumn colors Fill the night senses Orange lights cover the ground Opening to Fall landscape
Russell Sivey

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The Birth of Fall

The sound of thunder
Rings through the cool autumn air
Announcing the end
Of the Summer's final breath
And the coming of Fall's birth

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Fall Tanka

Crisp, fresh, autumn air
Fireplace smoke aroma
Sun sets sooner now
Birds, above flying due south
Footsteps crunching on dried leaves

Breath seen in the air
Sweaters worn everywhere
Frost on morning grass
Apple cider heated up
Pumpkins, now jack-o-lanterns

School buses running
Football games on Friday nights
Thanksgiving dinner
Starting up the Christmas list
The Fall season is the best

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Autumn Ensemble

Festive centerpiece Orange is its pure essence With candles burning Flowers of season abound An autumn full ensemble
Russell Sivey

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Autumn's Splendors (Tanka)

Crab-apple trees; flush
As the autumn hues ripen
Oak and maple leaves 
Coloured red, gold, and orange…
Gently fall -- covers the earth 

Tanka is a classic form of Japanese poetry related to the haiku with five unrhymed lines 
of five, seven, five, seven, and seven syllables. (5, 7, 5, 7, 7)
The 5/7/5/7/7 rule is rumored to have been made up for school children to understand and 
learn this type of poetry.

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Rain in November,
Shadowless autumn light,
A gate to inbetween;
Neither morning nor evening,
Neither memory nor dream.

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Honkers {Tanka}

Embracing Autumn  
Shorter days bring longer nights
Cooler weather now
Seasonal migrating flocks
The sky fills with giant V's

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Our Autumn Years

Our future ahead 
It can never be foretold 
In our Autumn years 
we will walk hand in hand 
as our fall turns winter