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These Tanka Art poems are examples of Tanka poems about Art. These are the best examples of Tanka Art poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Now You've Left (Beyond Bereft)

For Jared Pickett's Trois Par Huit.....Tanka.....Rondel Contest:

It is fall
and now I’ve tasted gall -
prefaced by a final kiss from you.

The moon, huge ball above that shines a golden hue,
seems a sign auspicious - but oh, that is not true!
Trenchant words you spilled; my heart is cleft.

I’ve wept (beyond bereft)
now you’ve left.

Dear, can’t you recall
how we’d thought our love would grow?
Your touch would enthrall
me through long days; moon’s warm glow -
Where did summer’s solstice go?

How will I ever find the wherewithal
to hold on through each coming lonely night?
My heart is hollow now, but holds no light,
and autumn’s sky too soon will cast its pall.

Abounding love and sun are gone. How small
will be the days to come. How much less bright!
How will I ever find the wherewithal
to hold on through each coming lonely night?

In fragrant blush of June, to garden wall
I’d run, your sunflower smile in my sight.
How can I stop my mind from taking flight - 
so lost in thought of when we had it all;
how will I ever find the wherewithal?

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she sings beautifully
is beautiful to look at
what’s she really like?
you don’t want to know

the messiah
clear through
no intermission
coughs      yawns
programs rattle

mister music
dead at 45
they say it was an od
a brown stain
on the record jacket

great musician
my violin teacher
i think he admired me
in spite of
the alarm clock on his piano

my famous teacher
i think he’s special      different
my lesson is at ten
his studio door opens
at exactly ten

would you look
his home like the taj mahal
he donated a million
what’d he do
sell one of his persian rugs?

her home is incredible
she allows a look-through
at cristmas
joseph and mary
would sleep in the stable

inside his fish bowl
those dancing eyes
the swish
the dart
another drag of pot

Dave Austin

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Gracefully Bows As She Leaves

Forest alive now
Autumn colors brilliant glow
Poplar_ Maple grow
Colors seen_red, yellow, rust
Auroras of autumn flow

Elegantly dressed
For the last ball before snow
She smiles at artist
As he gathers paints blends shades
Painting her colorful gown

As sunlight dances 
Against gown that glows with dew
Gracefully she bows
As bare limbs begin to show
Last of grace before first snow

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awe of gentle breeze

fragrant shadow of delight

moonlit hope aglow..

catch the air of her appeal

as she fades into the night  

Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Contest Name: Third & Final Itty Bitty Contest 
Form: Tanka

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Tanka T1

Nature’s works enwombed

gravities' umbilical;

Hold me mother earth

universe sings cradle song,

solar winds whisper… hurry

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Hawthorn,clematis,white on green
Butterflies decorate the scene;
Acers,red purpled smoke tree,
Nature's expressions,each May I see; in my outdoor gallery

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Kiss the Rain

With every rain drop your tip toeing finger's touch writing a story; in my thirsty heart your pen now scribbling with ink of love. So I kiss the rain to feel every bit of you touching each word; to read every page of you this heart wants to be get drenched. © kash poet (kashinath karmakar) ======================= 26 th Feb,2013

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The Stars

The Stars they lead me,
a misty sparkling trail;
The brightest 'GO' sign;
Streaking hope across the sky,
pointing to my heart's desire.

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she felt his heart beat so identifiable an enchanting sound her only recollection of the man she use to love the heart’s trickery has claimed another victim yet her heart still beats is it just an illusion? or will she find her way back?
Contest Name : “BAG OF TRICKS” By : Wilma N. Neels 080720111350

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Harmonious Clearing of the Soul

Exhausting my skills To the tempered, fiber soul Timeless harmony I follow my heartstrings on Beyond glow of temptation Path in the forest Leads to grand open clearing Obscure light deepens Birds sing beyond the circle And flowers praise nature’s heights Simple minded eyes Dynamic pleasure moves on Leans over inside Heartfelt ties won’t gasp and leave Not to bring loss, frosty drought Russell Sivey

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I can
be your sparrow
if you 
promise not to 
be my cage

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Small Gifts - Contributing to Other's Happiness

                                        Embrace, mere token
                                       Relinquish comfortably
                                         With endearingness 
                                  Selflessness, and tender heart
                                     Spirit of Truth Impression

By Eve Roper  
Contest: Small Gifts - Contributing to Other's Happiness
Sponsorby: Brian Johnston

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wonder of clean heart
it wipes negatives away 
radiates within
Thrice she said no-not-never
Thrice he heard Yes- Forever.

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My brain and heart battling 
Spinning can’t find my footing 
My world is dying 
Was this my doing?
On my face I am smiling
In my heart I am crying 
Took something that was beautiful and destroyed it

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My Love Song In Tankas

just in few moments as the dusk obscures the sky lids cover my eyes my mind begins to reckon the things I’ve done the whole day a flurry it was missing the sun in your eyes my heart in regrets didn’t sing you song last night or gave you right back sweet hugs now I sing my song but ice cream melts on its cone what else will I do to win back the love from you and make me smile and heart grows plead down so deeply asking you not to leave me I am so sorry this is the best melody be sung in my poetry I hope you can hear song being played in G-Clef lonely but lovely Tanka Song with love I sing hoping to ease all our pains
Written: Oct. 7, 2012 Second Place Winner Contest: Tanka-Sad Song Judged: 10/21/2012 Poet Sponsor: My Greatest Poet, Poet-Destroyer Fourth Place Winner Contest: Tanka me this, tanka me that, tanka me anypoem you want... Judged: 10/23/2012 Poet Sponsor: SKAT

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Beauty in a Splash

Intense beating heart
Erratic yet fun motion
Flailing arms and legs
See the bright side in a fall
Wet and wild in the sunlight

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Love's Hue

Painting past midnight
Colors bleed on the paper
Capturing people
Giving each one breath and life
Touching a heart with love’s hue

©2014 by Regina Riddle

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Boys In A Field

Two boys in a field
Just passing the afternoon
Idle words spoken
Aware of the song of bees
The future only a dream

By Winslow Homer-American Artist
painted 1873

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Crying is Every Hurt

She cries tears of pain The heartache he left for her Tears that turn to blood By the hurt that she now feels Nothing is worse than this pain She doesn’t feel now No other understanding Comes to her hurt mind She’s corrupted by horror Listlessness of her being There are streaks of tears The pain enveloped within Her heart beats outside Her cold life lies meaningless Darkness is all that she sees Her heart feels nothing She lies staring at the wall The tears do not feel They are empty, meaningless They just are there, falling down Tears represent pain The passion of hopelessness But while on their own They are nothing and empty But crying is every hurt
Russell Sivey

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Reflection from a mirror

Reflect from mirror-
Tresses, piercing spotless sight.
Gazing deeply deep
Reflects a fresco figure.
In this euphoria I bask.

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Year of the Goat

banners rise in street
each painted silk masterpiece
a celebration
of rich colors bleeding life
ancient spirits soar tonight 

gentle goat once gray
brushed bold in crimson through time
draws fresh eyes and breath 
a thousand years preserved
to graze upon ancient hill 

for Debbie's Chinese New Year Contest, 1/24/15
inspired by Chinese silk painting

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An Afternoon Twice Transformed

One bright afternoon, The sky began grumbling as darkness fell swiftly. While rain pounded my windshield, my heart matched it beat for beat. After a small time - darkness fled as my heart lost its pitter patter, and the brightening sky changed to the blue of robins’ eggs. Above the mountains, a lovely bow stretched across the sky in the east, and my heart beat as softly as its soothing pastel hues. (see "about this poem") For Debbie Guzzi's "Transformation Contest"

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Empty Yet Full

My bed is empty
He’s gone on another trip
Loneliness threatens
Our child sends love from afar
My heart is filled with loved ones

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Like An Angel

Shimmery wings spread

Golden halo on her head

She captures my heart

her aura so dazzling bright

she bestowes a peaceful smile

contest: Like An Angel  written 06/18/2013

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-eye bags and heart madness-

her legs unending she was wearing a mini her crimson red lips his heart pounding rapidly her eye bags slowed his heart rate
*Missy Nikko's "weird" body part of choice eye bags, combined with Carolyn's body part of choice the heart :) * 20/04/2011

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Home Home is like a heart… It beats strong love and feelings Circulates pleasure Pumps security and warmth Nourishes the life within. Contest: Home Sweet Home Sponsor: Skat

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Dahlia Tattoo

Dahlia tattoo
He traces winding circles
Toward the center
Where colours burst from her skin 
In permanent radiance 

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Cathedral Bells

resonating peace
cathedral bells ring promise....
wind carries solace....
brilliant architecture high
streets below swirl in rhythm ....  

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Novice fisherman

Grandpa gives kerchief
novice fisherman
catfish pierced hand
the years grimace and grin
for a lesson infused

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For a new Tanka

For a new Tanka
Thought of dinka and funka
Even Treblinka
Ere I could plump for my own
Punka,  ended the Tanka.

Dinka: A member of the pastoral people from the Nile valley
Funka: An east Asian herb
Treblanka: A Nazi concentration camp in Poland
Punka: The Indian name for a kind of  fan used in the past.

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Hidden From View

Beauty is boundless
The meaning goes unnoticed
Hidden and unseen
Waiting to be discovered
Open your eyes and your hearts

Edward J Ebbs - January 18, 2015

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Pretty Thoughts

You think I’m pretty
I am, though more than just that.
So very pretty,
I can read each of yours thoughts. 
Good thing, I cannot talk yet.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 
Contest Name "BABY BABBLES" 

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Paradise is a Baobab in Africa
where milk and honey flow beneath red -
I find her in clay, sun-baked, wearing 

roots from the sacred tree:
the final piece of the jigsaw.

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Today I dropped words

between cracks in the pavement:

half-written screenplays.

My muse, a cappuccino,

conjures romance while I sip.

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Imprisoned Heart

Sustainer of Life 
Imprisoned within a jail
House made out of bone—
When lying still I hear you
Pounding on your captor’s wall

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Wonderous heart

Wondrous heart

In even cosmos,
Diamond and gold get glow,
Like knowledge to souls.
Breathing through debris in slush,
Opt for gems with wondrous heart.


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In Sync

I awaken here,

my head upon your shoulder

to start a new day---

and the song of your heart beats

in perfect rhythm with mine

You sleep undisturbed
unaware that I watch you

My heart fills with love

for the boy I once married

and for the man you are now

For SandyIvy Davis' contest: Love and Marriage Tanka

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Songs that inspire me
Hear the gentle melodies
Lyrics that excite
And quickly moving rhythms
I just love to sing-a-long.

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Struck By Love 2K13

Struck not by bullets
of led, but by projectiles
consisting of love,
An honest love which stills this
Heart if only a second.

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Lovely drops of love
Elegantly dressed in blue
At their sapphire eyes,
I felt passioned within me
Ready to be drown in blues.


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                                                     ~~~~~~   *_*   ~~~~~~

                  Bag of true "MAGICS"
                         Lifelong universal tricks
                    Jailed vision seems so comic
                            NONE - defined " REALISTIC " .

                                             An emptied "TOP HAT"
                        Rabbit shown without the rat
                             Unknown with the plot
                You're blind - the whole trick...not seen
        Unlike PHILOSOPHERS - " KEEN " .

     ~~~~~~  *_*  ~~~~~~


      ***     T_T                 JUN-JUN VILLANUEVA
      ***     T_T       " BAG OF TRICKS " contest

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The Lonely Ace of Hearts

Dedication to my first and last love, Lance Ewens, 1979-2006

She's remembering
The day that she fell for him
It was in Autumn
When she first transfixed her eyes
Upon the most gorgeous face
That she'd ever seen
He smiled at her with a charm
That glistened so bright
It melted her heart like snow
They became friends instantly
Their friendship would grow
And thus, blossom into love
They spent every day 
With each other mirthfully
Until that last fateful night
A bitter, rough wind
Stole her one true love away
Her heart always breaks
When she holds the ace of hearts
It remains a painful token
Of the love that she once had

Dawn Kilby 
Copyright ©2008  Dawn Kilby

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Three Precious Gifts

Fill my life with love.
Gift of friendships rare and deep.
Back in my hometown.
Reunited with them all.
I will make my life here now.

Baby brother's back.
Once more in my life to stay.
Let me make music.
Write a poem,make a craft.
Use my talents I'm blessed with.

Silver crested star.
Santa says to be myself.
Do not waste my time.
Creativity should flow.
Use my hands,my mind,my heart.

By Deb Wilson
for contest"Santa's Surprise"
sponsored by Linda-marie
sweetheart of PS

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Wicked Weasel

There’s Wicked Weasel the bikini factory. Look at their website. Women found throughout the world display their beauty online.

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Market stalls laden

with history: indigo,

red ochre and turmeric,

pungent and bright –

jewellery around her neck.

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Heart and Soul

Love’s true I reckon
It’s loving heart speaking love
Through aspects therein
Perfect heart heard all around
Powerful the heart within

But all through the charm
A wondrous door opens swiftly
My soul there’s no harm
Giving my pure tears away
My heart and soul brings warmth

Entrant into Paula Swanson’s “Opened Doors” contest

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Love Note

I will be back soon
Only you is my true boon.
You are not alone
In you I take solace
For your thoughts reign my 
hearts' space.

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Message to the class
Sometimes the words come real fast
At times they be slow
Forever though I will row
To the Master’s house I go 

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Signature Style

Slight and spry is her

taste in jewellery. I weave

fibers capricious and

bold. Identical we are:

I am turquoise, she is pink.

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Moonlight Desires

Seeing thru shadows
Clouds cascade this misty view
Hovering down low
Circular shape so divine
Serenity clasps our heart

Desires captured deep
 Here with my love forever
Moonlight of dreams
Secures our sweet nights passion,
Our silhouettes interweaved.

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Black and White Photo

Black and white photo Of a great bustling city Sentimental feel Is greatest when the view glows With pleasantly warm values
Russell Sivey

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Pen of Loneliness

My heart beats for love
But the pen’s my loneliness
Writing down the words
Painful words put on the walls
Of my aching heart of love

Russell Sivey

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Life - With The Time

What are you expecting from life that you should give to life
Fluctuations are come with time to time but you have to suffer this time with 
the life

Avnesh yadav

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A huge hemisphere,
a lake two and half miles long,
many shady trees,
cars on Grand Central Parkway...
happy kids on swings and slides.

It's very quite here,
people walking and chatting
in the greenest park,
they're safe even after dark...
it's the perfect haven! 

Nighttime seems daytime
when lights shine on all faces
watching a play, or
listening to pop or rock...
what a view from my window!

Written by Andrew Crisci

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Patchwork Tales

Under a sea of

Kiwi and lime, linen is

The medium of

Choice. Uniquely blended, it

Adds texture to the landscape.

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True or False

Mona Lisa: Oh, 
not too poetic portrait 
of a solitude, 
intriguing others, with look--- 
so mystic, like her master! 

The Mona Lisa Painting / L. Da Vinci

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An Angel In Disguise

Always wearing white,
Who knew she was an angel?
Her friends had no clue,
But one day she flew away,
Higher than than the planes she flies.

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Until We Meet Again (Tanka)

Sweetly scented dreams
Now, caste upon breath of wind
Pleasant reminders
of the blessed life we have shared
My dear prince -- love has no bounds

A Japanese poem of five lines, measured in units of 5-7-5-7-7 the first and third 
composed of five syllables and the others seven.  

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      heart is pounding hard,
    eyes wide and wild again.
      quietly shuts the door.

      sits in trance-like state
      slowly regaining peace
           her meditation...

       heart and eyes on fire,
 storm-calm enthralls her mind:
       into battle once more.

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Winds blow on darkened nights.
Frost covered landscapes emerge;
colder times to come.

Colors woven everywhere,
brightly painting the canvas.

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Mona Lisa (Tanka)

Flawless, open, clean,
Beauty the heart only sees.
Breathtaking design,
Born to delight all viewers,
Painted with such gifted hands,

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When pen and paper collide

Prostitute your thoughts
All your feelings overflow
Substitute your mind
When life deals you a big blow
Do not betray your insides

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Flight Off the Paper

Old Chinese paintings
on sanded paper veneers
depicting swift flight
of a thousand long necked cranes
still trapped, just piercing the sky.

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From base elements
A living soul was molded.
From this misty dust
The mother of the living
Was formed of his flesh and bone.

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Portrait of Beauty

Be still my lovely
As my mind paints your image
Through well chosen words

I shall describe your beauty
Through words only flattering