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These Tanka Art poems are examples of Tanka poems about Art. These are the best examples of Tanka Art poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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she sings beautifully
is beautiful to look at
what’s she really like?
you don’t want to know

the messiah
clear through
no intermission
coughs      yawns
programs rattle

mister music
dead at 45
they say it was an od
a brown stain
on the record jacket

great musician
my violin teacher
i think he admired me
in spite of
the alarm clock on his piano

my famous teacher
i think he’s special      different
my lesson is at ten
his studio door opens
at exactly ten

would you look
his home like the taj mahal
he donated a million
what’d he do
sell one of his persian rugs?

her home is incredible
she allows a look-through
at cristmas
joseph and mary
would sleep in the stable

inside his fish bowl
those dancing eyes
the swish
the dart
another drag of pot

Dave Austin

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Frozen Memories

My room has changed
Empty walls are now with life
With my own pictures

My memories returning
Moments in colour and ink

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AFI 9th Art Wave

his breath
clouds the night air
board grinds rail
the lamppost’s light reveals
his heart pounds as red lights swirl

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As Canvas Weeps

Unblemished vellum
Begs the Imagist's pardon:
Forsake not my skin -
Complete my chaste nakedness
With threads of dappled spectra

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Gracefully Bows As She Leaves

Forest alive now
Autumn colors brilliant glow
Poplar_ Maple grow
Colors seen_red, yellow, rust
Auroras of autumn flow

Elegantly dressed
For the last ball before snow
She smiles at artist
As he gathers paints blends shades
Painting her colorful gown

As sunlight dances 
Against gown that glows with dew
Gracefully she bows
As bare limbs begin to show
Last of grace before first snow

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Tanka T1

Nature’s works enwombed

gravities' umbilical;

Hold me mother earth

universe sings cradle song,

solar winds whisper… hurry

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Hawthorn,clematis,white on green
Butterflies decorate the scene;
Acers,red purpled smoke tree,
Nature's expressions,each May I see; in my outdoor gallery

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Random thoughts 51 Trois Par Huit--Tanka--Rondel

Trois Par Huit--Tanka--Rondel

**A Love In Transition**

My mission,
this love in transition.
Started, a platonic love as friends.

It was not my intent, no more can I pretend.
These impending changes, remissed as I contend.
The muse of my latest poetry,

potent, our chemistry.

Am I a villain,
a wolf cloaked in sheep clothing
causing this friction?
Me ignoring these feelings
is treacherous to my heart.

This love that is in transition,
I'm incomplete and must not retreat.
Should I stay this course or flee,
is she real or a ghostly apparition.

Captivated by this rendition, her disposition,
intelligent and sweet.
This love that is in transition,
I'm incomplete and must not retreat.

Her dude is no competition
immature and full of insecurities,
quickly becoming obsolete.
One, is soon our juxtaposition,
this love that is in transition...

Jared Pickett

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Year of the Goat

banners rise in street
each painted silk masterpiece
a celebration
of rich colors bleeding life
ancient spirits soar tonight 

gentle goat once gray
brushed bold in crimson through time
draws fresh eyes and breath 
a thousand years preserved
to graze upon ancient hill 

for Debbie's Chinese New Year Contest, 1/24/15
inspired by Chinese silk painting

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I can
be your sparrow
if you 
promise not to 
be my cage

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Love's Hue

Painting past midnight
Colors bleed on the paper
Capturing people
Giving each one breath and life
Touching a heart with love’s hue

©2014 by Regina Riddle

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Reflection from a mirror

Reflect from mirror-
Tresses, piercing spotless sight.
Gazing deeply deep
Reflects a fresco figure.
In this euphoria I bask.

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Boys In A Field

Two boys in a field
Just passing the afternoon
Idle words spoken
Aware of the song of bees
The future only a dream

By Winslow Homer-American Artist
painted 1873

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Dahlia Tattoo

Dahlia tattoo
He traces winding circles
Toward the center
Where colours burst from her skin 
In permanent radiance 

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Cathedral Bells

resonating peace
cathedral bells ring promise....
wind carries solace....
brilliant architecture high
streets below swirl in rhythm ....  

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Novice fisherman

Grandpa gives kerchief
novice fisherman
catfish pierced hand
the years grimace and grin
for a lesson infused

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In mystic waves dive
Sea guards a stern endlessness.
Waken brunts of sky
Rush to blend into my mind,
As I smell the coming dawn.

"blue"-valeria iliadou

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she wears on her skin
the perfect girl of his dream
her highlighted crown
conflates an embellishment
emitting fashion design

June 16, 2015  10.15pm

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Paradise is a Baobab in Africa
where milk and honey flow beneath red -
I find her in clay, sun-baked, wearing 

roots from the sacred tree:
the final piece of the jigsaw.

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hands ground
while walls rise
board ceilings
my knuckles whiten
the crowd looks away

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  some ice on the eaves

   a reminder of winter

     outside of its time

like the avant-guard artist

  unable to raise desire


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Swirling clouds twisting High above the silent town Constant movement with Starlight illuminating A scene of grace and beauty

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Today I dropped words

between cracks in the pavement:

half-written screenplays.

My muse, a cappuccino,

conjures romance while I sip.

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Pretty Thoughts

You think I’m pretty
I am, though more than just that.
So very pretty,
I can read each of yours thoughts. 
Good thing, I cannot talk yet.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 
Contest Name "BABY BABBLES" 

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Rain Art

Nature's melody 
There's a song for every storm;
Each drop is a note; 
Boom! Clap! Thunderous beats,
a marvelous work of art.

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An Angel In Disguise

Always wearing white,
Who knew she was an angel?
Her friends had no clue,
But one day she flew away,
Higher than than the planes she flies.

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Miracle Sticks

Onto the blank page, Pour forth thoughts; ink lines of black; Thought forms of fluid; A calligraphers ink-scape A magical miracle.

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Songs that inspire me
Hear the gentle melodies
Lyrics that excite
And quickly moving rhythms
I just love to sing-a-long.

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Lovely drops of love
Elegantly dressed in blue
At their sapphire eyes,
I felt passioned within me
Ready to be drown in blues.


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Signature Style

Slight and spry is her

taste in jewellery. I weave

fibers capricious and

bold. Identical we are:

I am turquoise, she is pink.