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Tanka Animal Poems | Tanka Poems About Animal

These Tanka Animal poems are examples of Tanka poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Tanka Animal poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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birds of a feather

you fan your feathers
strutting in your shades of green
attractting females
my door is open if you knock
such an attractive peacock

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I named her Bambi
Spindly legged Jersey calf
bought to raise for beef
I fell in love with soft eyes
My companion she became

She wakes to greet kids
Walk with them to school bus stop
Shared morning coffee
when she meets me on the porch
A cup for me    bowl for her

Mischievous Bambi
tromping in neighbor’s garden
He yells    waves his arms
She sticks her head in a bush
thinking he cannot see her

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Strange Love

Why do I love you?
When I look into your face
Your teeth are too big,
That nose is extremely long.
Yet all I want in a dog.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

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Year of the Goat

banners rise in street
each painted silk masterpiece
a celebration
of rich colors bleeding life
ancient spirits soar tonight 

gentle goat once gray
brushed bold in crimson through time
draws fresh eyes and breath 
a thousand years preserved
to graze upon ancient hill 

for Debbie's Chinese New Year Contest, 1/24/15
inspired by Chinese silk painting

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the deer

the cool spring morning

welcomes our new visitors

to enjoy the gifts

mother nature has bestowed

making all of us thankful

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on the bench

he sits on the bench

      eager pigeons surround him

a bag of breadcrumbs

       is the offering he brings

loneliness is forgotten

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Penguin Tanka

I adore penguins
Sliding on the frozen ice
Love how they waddle
Have wings that can never fly
Mating partners all their life

25th April 2014

~ For Tanka Contest sponsored by Amy Green ~
Awarded 5th place in contest

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a dog's good-bye

paws on his casket
he drops a white rose
onto his friend
  a soldier come home
  his final badge of honor

for rick's rose tanka contest

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inner animal

my inner wildcat
is released by my donning
a leopard print sheath
my now feisty attitude
is obvious at a glance

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Sasquatch De-Evolution

Sasquatch or Bigfoot,
also known as Monkey Man.
His papa was a drunk man
and his mama was a chimp.

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how they sniff the wind,
far away look in their eyes,
what are they thinking?
or is thought necessary,
vital to consciousness?

i say they sense god’s
heaven of simplicity,
his love for all things,
accept the world just as is,
accept life and death alike

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the winter squirrel
eyes bright    twitching
has come to be fed
one large english walnut

Dave Austin

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sadness dispelled

my sadness dispelled

     by the sound of canaries

melodies carried

     throughout the air and my heart

vanquishing sad emotions

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Jaws in real life

Master of the sea
Smells blood from miles away
Swims with dominance
Sharp serrated teeth devours
Naive humans viciously

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Global Warming Tanka

Encased in thick ice Sparrow shivers, sad demise Flowers had emerged Once colorful, now turned brown Snowy carpet for Easter Frozen bunny dies Easter egg hunts ‘neath snow mounds Sun plays hide and seek Bunny’s obit cites “death knell” Meaning of Easter recalled Ma Nature fooled us Groundhog needs unemployment The weatherman lied Al Gore has hidden away Ice age, not global warming
*Written April 17, 2014 as our friends up North shiver.

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mr. Picasso
we have a strange cat named spot.
spot is mainly white
save for this splotch on his nose, 
pure black and triangular

now some cats meow
but spot cries like a baby
you’ll want to paint spot.
because spot is quite unique.
i’m sure you’ll think him worth while

please don’t take offense
but at the art gallery
i saw your pictures
and you like to distort things
spot has built-in distortion

cats like to cuddle
not spot    he stays to himself
switching his black tail
while the others eat he waits
he’s very particular
other cats hate him
they hiss when spot comes around
does this bother spot?
no    they hate the way he cries, 
how he always gets his way

he knows he’s special
so you might have to beg him
to come and sit for you
and you must treat him super
he knows you’ll make millions

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ya gotta love ‘em
some dude said, long, long ago
ya gotta feed ‘em
do these and they”ll love ya back
then keep ‘em warm, away from harm

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there are some humans
who are much like cats and dogs
simple minds abound
people will pay big money
and just to have them around

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Crafty cow

She stands there waiting
Chewing the cud and watching
for the dark rain clouds
Maybe I should lie down and
confuse the weather watchers    

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Puzzle the Muzzle

Orwell's pig cry,
Puppeteer rolls a dice,
Romantics clap clouds,
War waged amongst the mice clan,
To Nail the mocking bird flight.

Inspiration :- George Orwell's Animal Farm

Contest Name:- Just one tanka old or new
Sponsored by:- Alfred Vassallo
"Honorable Mention"

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The Finches

They're singing. They are.
The finches. They sing beauty.
That tree is their house.
How charming! Birds, music, tree.
And the sun, friendly, like them.


Tanka Contest 3rd place
Contest Judged:  4/27/2014
Sponsored by: Amy Green

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we named her peepers
because of her sharp features
which effect the eyes
they seem closer together

she’s escaped from the weather

the economy
animals put out, you see
despite low degrees
peepers the in-and-out cat
so we thought and that was that

we soon discovered
she was in, not the other
she liked to be warm
four walls around, free from harm
oh how she put on the charm

you with heart of gold
take a cat in from the cold
just pennies a day
will feed and keep this good friend
luck and blessing start a trend

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only on her terms
you can sense it in her eyes’
remote, half-wild flash
for when you stroke her she jumps
a sweet woods musing disturbed

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winter’s got me down
drifts of snow have turned dirty
sunlight doesn’t help
but a sudden spring rustle
this swooping pair of blue jays…

tow’ring backyard tree
upward far as i can see
a look – i’m dizzy
then chattering brings me round
tiny feet on frozen ground

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You Cannot Hide From The Eagles Eye

Eagles ride the winds wings outstretched to meet the flow; riding the currents. What eagles see from great heights; every single outdoor deed.

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in the beginning, first being and creator: the shape shifting Cagn. foolish or man of wisdom; either helpful or tiresome.
In the shadow of a crag, overlooking the tarn, Coti gave birth to Cagn’s first creation, the eland. While she bathed in the crystal clear water, Cagn whisked the eland away and hid it – to be fed by him on wild honey. This is where the two brothers, Cogaz and Gewi, found the object of their father’s love and devotion and killed it. Cagn was distraught and ordered Coti to mix the blood of the eland with the fat of its heart in a cauldron over a fire. Cagn sprinkled this potion on the barren desert soil and a herd of eland sprang from it; which became the symbol of fertility to his clan and all people that followed.
tracking the eland, young boy hunts with tribesmen - running it to ground. arrows dipped in poison; hunter's knife slits eland’s throat. alone in her hut at her first menstruation: the Eland Bull Dance – the women become the cow; men mimic the eland bull
Poetry form: tanka prose (not listed here on PS) ******************************************************************** Glossary: The San Religion consists of the spiritual world and the material world. The modern Bushmen of the Kalahari believe in two gods: one who lives in the east and one from the west. Like the southern Bushmen, they believe in spirits of the dead, but not as part of ancestor worship. The spirits are only vaguely identified and are thought to bring sickness and death. Cagn (also known as /Kaggen) is the supreme god of the Bushmen of southern Africa. He is the first being and the creator of the world. He is a trickster god who can shape shift, most often into the praying mantis. The bushmen believe that Cagn’s favourite animal is the eland, which is the most spiritual animal in the religion. The eland appears in some of the rituals: boys' first kill, girls' puberty, marriage, and the trance dance. • A boy is taught how to track an eland and how to kill it. The boy will be considered an adult once he kills a big antelope, mainly the eland. The eland then gets skinned, and a broth is made with the fat and the collar bone. • The ritual for the girls' puberty starts when they get their first menstruation in which she becomes isolated in her hut. The women in the tribe do what is called an Eland Bull Dance, by which they imitate the eland cows’ behaviour when mating; while the the men act as an eland bull. This ritual is to keep the girl beautiful and peaceful and also free from hunger and thirst. • In a marriage ritual, the man gives the fat of the elands' heart to the woman's parents. Then the woman is anointed with the fat. • In the trance dance, the shaman tries to possess eland potency because the eland is considered to be the most potent of all. The shaman: When an eland is killed, they believe that there is a link that opens up between the cosmos. When this happens, the shaman dances and reaches a trance to enter the spirit world. Once in a trance, they are able to heal people and protect them from sickness, protect people from evil spirits, control weather, see the future, ensure good hunting, and basically look out for the well being of their group or tribe.

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Fox At Midnight

Rustling in the bush The night time world awakens Dark eyes in moonlight The red fox is curious Unworried, he trots away

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Critter alarm tanka

carried them away
gripped ...... between her teeth was how
she has moved her cubs.....
safer place..... away from harm.....
she knows....when danger lurks near

nose sniffing the air ...
the scent of a male is close.....
he will kill the cubs ......
so he can have his wicked way ...
even if they are his own....

She hides them away ....
not a whimper must they make .....
 or .....they will be found ....
the lioness breathes deeply ....
willing to die to save them ....

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Hard Workers

Flying souls, adrift in a sea of silver clouds. Their wings brushing God, carrying prayers to Heaven; messengers for the faithful.

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Instinctive Critter

Stalking,.....waits awhile

She inhales the woodland airs.....

Animals beware......

Nose to tail the vixen stares.......

Fixated,....... her prey beguiles.....