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These Sun Science poems are examples of Sun poems about Science. These are the best examples of Sun Science poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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When The Sun Sets

When the sun sets, The stars shine with no regrets. Darkness fills the air, The moon gives light with every care. The darkness is easier to walk through, Every light shining is so pure and true. Guidence forever are the stars in the sky, With them we find our places lifted so high. Forever is the moon to cast light upon us all, We become encouraged to stand firm and tall. The stars shine with no regrets, When the sun sets.

When the sun sets, Shining its powerful light it never forgets. Though light fades to darkness, It comes about with alertness. Shadows before the eye can see, The little shining light is enough to set us free. Sometimes we are afraid to walk alone in the dark, From which we were given a caustic remark. Guidance Forever is the changing of dark and light, It helps us to be strong and make one last fight. Forever are the shadows lurking at every turning point, If we give in it is ourselves we disappoint. Shining its powerful light it never forgets, When the sun sets.

When the sun sets, The sky is filled with wonderful colors that the ocean reflects. All the animals of the sea, Come forth creating a musical harmony. The waves crash upon the shore, Washing up new sand to the ocean floor. Its a beautiful site to see, The ocean sounds are calmingly free. Who's to say the ocean isn't peaceful get away, Its a calming place to relax and stay. The sky is filled with wonderful colors that the ocean reflects, When the sun sets.

Copyright © Tyler Knapp | Year Posted 2012

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Movements of a Distant Sun

                                            Movements of a Distant Sun

Far out in the cosmos 
A cloud of gas 
has become a sun 
On earth we watch its movements 
From our small planet 
We consider the distant star 
Have civilizations grown up there?
Have other voices lifted their voices in song?
Light - years separate us 
From that distant system
What can we know of them?
Travelers on another sphere 
What can we know of them?
And what do they know of us?
Are they peering out at our world
through the immense darkness?
What do they think of our creations?
Are they indifferent to them?
Are they content to be observed 
and never casting an eye 
upon our precarious home?

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2012

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A Plane and The Eagle

O'er tempest,soars the 
eagle with wings 
stretching towards the 
smiling sun.
    Up the sky,a figure 
with outstretched wings 
battling the turbulent 
wind and frowning sun.
      Soaring like an eagle-
Never an eagle.
      Gliding like an eagle-
Never an eagle.
      Mistaken for an eagle 
in the sky-never an eagle.
      Utter's sound as the 
eagle-never an eagle.
    This man-made 
under a stormy wind.
    For paid price-loss of 
    The works of mother-
nature can never be out-
dated or equalled.
    Frog-men under sea 
and frogs in the waters 
can bear witness.

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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Like the sun
against the day sky.
Releasing unrestrained light!
Diluting your daily sphere
that repulse
my intellectual needs.
Take Death into my desert
dumping you a side.
Uncrossed boundaries that multiply
concealing your eyes of beauty
from the world.
Never embracing eternity.
Like an atomic emerging
all elements of coincidence
destroying  all
forms of life's way.
The nectar that flows
ruining every thing we dream of.
Implanted with 
dilutions of all the ugliness
that refrains 
unmerciful ways
every stop,
conceived in the open.
Slicing through
that binds devotion
to the negative of dark.
Like the sun
that hits the ground.
Blinding every straight look
with the perception you preach!

for Nate D. opposite of His (My Moon) poem..

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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The Last Eclipse

Military and civilian linguists and intelligence analysts, my colleagues and I were monitoring the Balkans troubles, supporting our troops in theater 'down range'. We were working the 'Mids' shift from 11 pm till 7 am at Bad Aibling Station--formerly a military intelligence site.  I had read that we were in the western European zone that would experience a total eclipse of the sun that morning.  One of the other Serbo-Croatian linguists had a car on post.  I voiced the thought "wouldn't it be cool if we drove out to Mount Wendelstein and saw the eclipse from up there?!".  He and another agreed.  After shift we drove to the base of the mountain, and decided to hike the trail to the top rather than pay to ride the cable car up.  Many Bavarians had the same idea, and it was somewhat crowded on the summit.  When the eclipse was finally full, it was like standing on shadowy clouds surrounded by a large ring of light--eery, bizarre, and colder than anticipated both due to the elevation and darkness.  Two minutes and twenty-six seconds of totality. I had goose bumps for several reasons, and could understand why primitive man would have been so terrified of the experience. Returning back to base, we learned that it had been overcast down there; so local people only saw it get dark, but missed the actual eclipse.  However, three Sergeants had been in the right place at the right time, to see the first total eclipse in Europe in forty years, and last one of the twentieth century....August 11th, 1999.

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2015

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Solar System - A

Celestial spheres... marvels of the cosmos but marbles for the Gods.

Copyright © John Michaels | Year Posted 2014

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The Duchess Of Paradise

She's highly sophisticated and full of undefiled wisdom
Yet a crowned Duchess in a paradise kingdom
Quite a beautiful angel flying with black wings
Covered in gold jewelry and precious things
She dresses like the women of ancient Egyptian class
Her wealth is generous and her money grows like grass
She loves orange scented candles with dark room flame  
She rules thirty legions of soldiers and Bune is her name
Her comely warrior voice can wake and relocate the dead
Her armies of soldiers gather around the cemetery
She is brave and deserves a princessly crown on her head
Her facility of speech and flair for words is legendary
A beautiful queen to be treated with respect and honor
Instead of blasphemy,wanton abuse and fictional horror

Copyright © Bill Kim | Year Posted 2013

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Synthetic Moons

This dust
A void
We trust
This is real
Magnetic solids
Fate is sealed
You call it

So struggle still
Churning fauna
In constant flux
Earthly sauna
Show me
The end
If it’s soon
I can't defend
Synthetic moons

Copyright © andy thomson | Year Posted 2013

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Message from Another World

My fellow captives remained in a coma.
In pink-dusk hours sparse plants were dying.
Parched earth found ‘neath a scarlet sun going nova,
sinking as blood-red clouds were crying.

The sinking sun stood as a warning;
glowing dim on a civilization.
Neath this sunset sights were alarming --
neglecting nature caused devastation

Through technology they monitored us,
inhabitants of this soon-doomed world.
"See our dying sun,” they said, “be cautious;
you have time to act, but our hopes unfurled.” 

Their rotation around this fading star,
now cast a crimson glow on stark sand.
Treating me kindly, being from afar,
they asked me to protect the bounty of Earth's land.

Their star now set, they pointed to a sun,
twinkling bright in a distant galaxy.
Beaming with hope, I knew it was the one
that blessed Earth with life for you and me.

Waking in my bed, I recalled their sundown,
and a mission I now embarked upon. 
 “Take care, our planet will keep spinning ‘round;
nature’s harmony we must focus on.” 

*Entry for Paula’s “Not Just Any Sunset” contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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When Solar Flares

             When Solar Flares

Give The Sun Citations when it disrespects the laws of nature
For not following ways of man at all cost and cause and case
No matter what your rules might indicate
A certain fate awaits

Space between all atoms is enormous
The reason we don’t walk through walls
Or fall through floors is not magic
Atoms don’t hold themselves alone, suspended in empty space

It is magnetic fields that react to those two forces
That keeps the universe in place
When sun’s highways of solar flares, stream in channels 
Travel in their respective places, all is well and fine

When they follow normal traffic rules and stay in lanes
Suns don’t have our mind
They seem to stray in more than one direction
Magnetic streams collide, send corona blasts to Earth

When solar storms collapse for months or years our infrastructures
Say good bye to power grids and life as you once knew it
Prepare to rub two sticks together for heat and warmth
Get out bongo drums
Tap text messages to your friends


Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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How To Sky

             How To Sky

First, get rid of the skis
Grow very large and blue
Do not confuse yourself with the sea
Place your planet close enough to the sun
(But not too close as you might burn)
Gather the reflective angular light there
It must be just right
Almost prism like
It is suggested; to have 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, mix argon gas and water
Don’t be afraid to use other gases with small solid particles, ash and pollen
If you must use salt, make sure it comes from the ocean
Hold these and other elements in the atmosphere
This will highlight your day
Surround yourself with clouds
At night turn black and add a full moon
That makes you look marvelous

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Sun Haiku

Heaven decsends on 
the Earth begging for glory
Lighting the rough land

Copyright © Brooke Clark | Year Posted 2010

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Squids, like Sunshine

You knew I was angry

As we walked apart, along Spadina
Through the pungent summer air of Chinatown
Past the various sea creatures, dried or iced
And fruits I don’t know piled atop sacks of rice
I closed my eyes and let only the breeze run over me
A million particles per second
Imagining I could imagine every one
I let in the sunlight
And wondered in that amazement you only get
By thinking about everyday things
As the heat danced on my skin
And I thought about how it had been
Through eight minutes and twenty seconds of space
To land radiant on my face
I let things go and walked with you again
I felt stand-offish as you took my hand
But was in awe it was there at all
Or that you love me

Copyright © andy thomson | Year Posted 2013

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Twinkle twinkle, little star,
93 million miles far.
Giver of light, supporter of life,
energy, climate and season device.

The sun is a star, we're glad it is here,
as our life support, for 5 billion years.
This star is among the brightest in space,
though close, many questions about it remain.
With violet ,orange, and reddish of hues, 
our home solar system pivots on you.
8,000 degrees of Kelvin heat,
elements of Hydrogen and Helium meet.
Over 100 times the size of the Earth,
rotating once is a seven day turn.
The first of three layers is visible light,
the thick photosphere is a veil of white.
The atmosphere there is a plasma in ways,
which emits a series of wavelengths and rays.
A more defined trait are the patches of dark,
Sunspots are cooler, magnetically charged.
These spots tend to vary and alter in shape,
every 11 years, new cycles take place.
Solar cycles can affect the weather on Earth,
filters and color are how they’re observed.
Direct observation can damage the eyes,
I'd advise that precautions be sought and applied.
The heat is supplied by a core via fusion,
and exits as energy and light distribution.
Plasma is also among things released,
Solar Flares on the surface are a common sight seen.
All around they emit rays, X and UV,
which frequently jam radio frequencies.
Close to the sunspots, the flares can be viewed,
particles majestically travel in loops.
The Sun, like the Moon, is a welcomed companion,
life without it cannot be imagined.

Twinkle twinkle, little star,
93 million miles far.
Giver of light, supporter of life,
always shining, through day and through night.

Copyright © David Dowling | Year Posted 2008

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or shine-
solar days
make the world go around

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2008

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The Wastelands

The sun reached down
Almost as if to the ground
Bleaching the skulls and the bones

Wind rustled, rustled the ash
Gently kissing the faces of the dead
Parting with a sorrow it should be said

Nevermore would the faces rise
It was the end of earth
What touched the sky

Dauntless I set ‘cross the land
A grim determination set
Fractious in its demands

A final disposition partook me of my trust
As the bleached white skull
Transcended into dust

With malicious eye I watched it
Weary of such tricks fickle to my mind
Yet remaining vigilant for such a fix

Even as the sun fell
I watched it with vigil till the end
Even then I knew I had entered The Wastelands

The rain fell from the clouds 
Vapid as it flew against the sky
Wondering what art disposed it to take me by

And as the sun did rise
Bleating dauntless in the sky
I set ever onward

Doubtless ever onward
Dauntless ever onward
Staring vexed with oblivious eye

As a traveler I lay waste
Mournful for the wretched soul
Which had withered fair

Though I doubted 
At that forsaken stare
As I stood and watched it there

That bonded soul
Did the sun reach down upon
Bleached forever on the down

Did forever it sit upon lost ground
And as I passed
I could swear for stare

Swear I saw it watch me there

Copyright © Gray Maxwell | Year Posted 2008

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My Last Sunset

The triple sun set - what a sight,
And colours that I’d never seen,
My captors chirping their delight.
The triple sun set - what a sight,
Before the thirty moons of night.
My fellow captives: bones picked clean.
The triple sun set - what a sight,
And colours that I’d never seen.

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2011

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In Search of a Sun Dome

Here are four survivors of a rocket that had crashed.
For a great distance, they had walked through rain that had splashed
so long, and so hard, that everything was turning white.
The downpour continued steadily through day and night.

“Does it ever stop raining on Venus?” one could ask.
A journey through the planet’s ceaseless rain is a task.
It requires the strongest earthmen to endure the rain;
a challenging test to withstand frustration and pain.

Venusian jungles are thick with vegetation.
Survival is usually of short duration.
The torrential downpour cuts through the trees and the land.
It is steady and so strong.  A man can hardly stand.
It’s continual pelting of raindrops on his head.
It does not take long before most men wish they were dead.

On this planet, there is one thing that they would call home.
It is a round, yellow building known as a “sun dome”.
Inside, there’s a man-made plasma giving light and heat;
where it is dry and comfortable, with food to eat.

Thirty days and nights had passed since their space ship was downed.
They blindly tread through the rain until a dome was found.
However, inside, it was dark and cold with no sound.
Gashed holes in the ceiling proved there was no one around
Venusians attacked here and killed everybody.
These creatures were infamous for their savagery.
On the map, another dome was shown to be nearby.
Only a few kilometers away, it would lie.

They would leave in search of the next dome they hoped was near.
Their compass readings were off; their position not clear.
Suddenly, their ship with two dead crewmen would appear.
They had traveled in a circle, causing them great fear.
A dark, ominous, electrical cloud they would see,
spewing thousands of lightning bolts, a monstrosity.
This caused their compasses to show inaccuracy.
The group’s leader yelled “Everybody get down right now”,
but one man stayed up and tried to run away somehow.
He was struck by the lightning, and was burned quite badly.
Remains of this man were charred beyond identity.
The raging storm cost the crew another casualty.
The three remaining men continued on their journey,
blindly hoping a sun dome was in propinquity.

Based on the short story "The Long Rain" by Ray Bradbury

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2011

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Seeds of ice send out shoots that grow across the glass.
Needles turn to daggers and swords with razor edges.

Icy steel gets bigger, bolder, bringing more metal to bear.
Rows of pins pack with precision in herringbone pattern.

A sword curves to a cutlass. Other blades flare as fans, 
foliage and fancy feathers of fern.

Space now scarce, collisions occur. Crashes and pile-ups kill
the crystal perfection, turn it to spilled sugar.

Sunlight breaks through. A thousand diamonds play their
spectrum tricks. They die. An ice show ends.

Copyright © Tony Hargreaves | Year Posted 2016

Details | Choka | |


Holding your heart is
like having an perilous
experiment on 

reigniting the 
dying sun: it is so hard
and seems entirely 

hopeless, yet it's the 
last chance of humanity; 
it’s still worth fighting for it.

Copyright © Diana Bosa | Year Posted 2016

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Moon Mirror

The sun, going about her daily chores, 
glimpses a new star in the sky, 
one smaller than herself, 
yet strangely familiar.

Used to catching her image first in puddles, 
then growing larger in lakes, 
she at first only sees a stranger, 
then catches herself 

spread in the moon's reflection 
across thousands of miles of sky.
Hypnotized by the beauty 
of this strange new view of herself, 

she can't ignore it, 
sneaking looks time after time; 
she can't take her eyes off herself.
Daily, as the moon moves about in the sky, 

the sun catches tantalizing glimpses 
of herself from multiple angles. 
By then, the sun imagines herself to have 
the moon's full attention, 

claiming it as her mirror.
Like Snow White's wicked stepmother, 
the sun asks this mirror repeatedly, 
methodically, almost hypnotically, 

"Who is the fairest of them all?"
The moon answers all questions 
bringing the sun back time and again, 
puppet on a string 
seeking a definitive answer.

By day, the moon untangles 
its strings of moonlight, 
puts out its nets.

Their dialog moves sideways; 
the sun's questions, always direct, 
glance off the moon; 
the moon's answers slip around behind it 
as the sun tries to get a better look 
at what the moon might be saying.

Who was created in whose image? 
Which came first, 
the chicken, the egg, or the yolk, 
small sun caught up in the quicksilver lies 
of albumen?

Copyright © Shilpa Karthik | Year Posted 2007

Details | Romanticism | |

The Sun

The sun, moon and the stars come together for us.
My family encompasses the universe through my eyes.
The sun is my first born.
The moon is the light that shines brightly from my lovers embrace.
The stars gather in a planetary alignment which is our love.
The sun rises and falls each day.
The moon casts a glow over the city at night.
The stars dance in the midnight sky.
The sun, moon and the stars come together for us.

Copyright © Amber Whitman | Year Posted 2006

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The Sun

The Sun Comes Out All The Time Every
Day Every Sign The Sun Has The Most Heat
On This Planet It will Share It The Sun
Is A Flaming Ball Of Fire So Neat But
Yet To Hot To Even Touch It The Sun
Has Wonders About It you Will Never
Know Because It Is In Fact The Sun. 

Copyright © Brenda Barricklow | Year Posted 2011

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I saw the Sun and the Moon take a stance in the universe.
And an unknown Star placed over them was put in charge.
The whole entire inhabitants scattered themselves at large.
And all the lands and seas became separated by a diverse.
The Sun Shined brightly in the west never to set in a curse.
The Moon gleamed fully bright to the east as the surcharge.
The door had been widely opened and many came by barge.
The stress was great because the world went into a reverse.
Fate and destiny was being dished out like a deck of cards.
Skies lit up and the Stars came back out like never before.
And the palm trees took up to the seas like standing guards.
And from this stemmed growth from that one opened door.
The Sun and Moon are exalted above and beyond you all,
And so is the Star in charge of those that flaw in its thrall.
® Registered: Ann Rich 2008

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2009

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40 thieves of dreams within dreams part 2

Now we have kings of hell
A metaphysical chess of wishes
All revolving around me
Trapped inside this cave
This mountain
It’s still really before Christ
the prophet hasn’t been born
but if we can find the exit
we can change the real world
come back to this cave and rediscover destiny

A dream within a dream 
and the dreams of fourty thieves
Three wishes
And a genie passed around
An exit we can’t find
A world inside a mountain cave with a sun and its own stars
What will we do?
What will we say?
When the door opens?
The travelers come in
and the lamp with a will of its own escapes our grasp
and we are stuck here forever
Fighting amongst ourselves with our own selfishness vanity and greed?

When all of your wishes have been granted
Many of your dreams will be destroyed
Just another truthful romance of a famous Satanist 
Born into something wished upon mankind
40 thieves created in drunken stupors intellectual combat and jealousy

When will the door open and the exit be shown to us?
Will we take the population of the future world into the past with us?
Or leave them behind in this mountain?
Will you build me the king of the fourty thieves into a god?
and lock me here forever in this mountain forever
With your genie
Have you figured out the perfect wish?
Are we sober yet?
Have we woken to find sobriety?

Take me out of the harpie pool
Lead me to the wishing well
Give me my coins of the days of old
and remind me once again that we are merely traveling forward in time

Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Do you know what I know?
Can you see what I see?
Will u lead me to the exit?
To change our world
Or are you still wishing for all the glory?

In a dream with in a dream
40 dreamers wishing their dreams into reality stuck inside a mountain
this earth is what we are
A cavern with its own sun and solar system and space ships
and an exit into the past
where we the fourty thieves have just become
prophets and visionaries
Momentary gods of futuristic possibilities
to be creatively shunned and thrown away

Will you lead me to the exit?
Wish me to save you from your vanity denials and greed
Have you forgotten everything?
Do you know what I know?
Do you see what I see?
Am I here alone?
Did you leave already?
Is the door closed?
Is the magic word still 
Open sesame?

Copyright © Troy Nelson | Year Posted 2007

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Mercury flys in golden winged sandals, 
making a dip in the suns blinding light.
Brilliant dark smudge to snuff out the candles, 
too close to the sun, to know that it's night.
In transit Mercury sails by in May, 
as a hot tiny black dot on the run.
On descending node, in orbiting play,
it waltzes with Earth and walks on the Sun.
Mars Rover once looked up and saw it there,
this cratered planet transit to a star.
Curiosity caught it unaware, 
and filmed it backlit in vivid d'ivoire,
First rock from the sun and planet to fly, 
a paparazzi deva in the sky. 

BY Edlynn Nau
© May 09, 2016

Copyright © Edlynn Nau | Year Posted 2016

Details | Epic | |

Movements of a Distant Sun

Far out in the
A cloud of gas 
Has become a sun
On earth we watch it's movements
We consider the
distant star
Have civilizations 
grown up there
Have other voices lifted 
in song?
From that distant 
What can we know 
of them?
Travelers on another 
And what can we know of them?
Are they peering out at our world?
Through the immense darkness
What do they think of our creations?
Or are they indifferent?
Content to be observed
And never casting an eye
Upon the sphere we call home

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2008

Details | Blank verse | |

Coffee Covered Sun

Watching as the stars go by
On this strange and ethereal wave
The sunshine burning down on 
This fine and wild ride
Fly on the Dream Bean
Too close to the heat
Release the cargo, my friend
Cut the engines, grab a mug
And give a hearty toast
To our coffee  covered sun
For we have seen the summer rise
Rise with the sun in the morning
The early warmth that bids the night its leave
We grin stupidly, happily, wickedly
Electric that is what they say
This feeling in the air of this place
Sharp and strange and new
Free and wild and barely restrained
So suddenly do I see this 
A stark contrast to my old pain
I now see a world full over
A light shines in the darkest way
Like flash-tag
Summer with tangled hair and slashed jeans
The season of commerce and play
Well goodbye, friends 
This best of times shall never stop
As the sun shines down 
You smile and cry in the walls we trust
And so, farewell
For what is in the game?
But for wild abandon and a name? 

Copyright © Lacey Petty | Year Posted 2006

Details | I do not know? | |

Dark Lust

A single hand Reaches for the light,
I touch your pail skin,
with Hate within,
no life in my soul,
but love in my eye,
darkness falls as I kiss you good by,
daemon love,
As the sun falls,
and darkness rises,
I lick your neck,
you quiver with lust,
as I bite your lip,
blood drips down your chin,
I rub your hip with a twisted grin,
lust in the darkest hour,
blood taste like a crimson flower,
your skin pale,
and eyes blue,
hell is home for me and you,
as our body's touch,
the heat is insane,
moving together like,
sweat in a amber rain,
energy is Strong,
as we kiss through the night,
and I lick your bloody lip,
and kiss your soul good bye,
I slash your skin,
with my dark nails,
rotting flesh,
what a lovely smell,
your pail skin reflects the moon light,
blood and sweat,
we begin to bite,
the fog rises,
and the grass is wet,
troubling thoughts,
from the human pets,
the sun peaks,
and we kiss the sky,
time to say goodnight,
and good bye.

Copyright © Robert Gapen | Year Posted 2005

Details | Triolet | |

My Last Sunset

The triple sun set - what a sight,
And colours that I’d never seen,
My captors chirping their delight.
The triple sun set - what a sight,
Before the thirty moons of night.
My fellow captives: bones picked clean.
The triple sun set - what a sight,
And colours that I’d never seen.

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2011