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Sun Memory Poems | Sun Poems About Memory

These Sun Memory poems are examples of Sun poems about Memory. These are the best examples of Sun Memory poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Birds Sing To Morning Sun Shining Today

Birds Sing To Morning Sun Shining Today

Listening to birds sing to the morn sun,
brightens my day in magnificent ways.
Spring and its fine songs can not be outdone,
I rush to meet it with no long delays.

In the distance, that great bright ball rises,
bringing in warm and early cheerful rays.
Each morn in turn presents new surprises,
with fish flopping in the deep wooded bays.

Views into Nature's beauty unsurpassed,
are as sweet as grapes growing on the vine.
Giving blessings for life often harassed,
one can see its origins are divine.

Birds sing to morning sun shining today,
entice this lad to race outside to play.

R.J. Lindley
April 11th, 1970

Syllables Per Line:	
10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables:	140
Total # Lines:	17  (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	
Total # Words:	104

Note(old)- Today I skipped school, going fishing 
after breakfast. Hope those babies are biting good,
cause this country boy is hungry.

New NOTE: Tis great to read this but my memory
loss does not allow me any memory of that day
or my ever writing this at age 16 years, one month 
and six days..

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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Alone on a mountain top, she quietly sits.
Looking down below lies a dark pit.
On the other side runs a river next to a valley so green.
Pretty flowers everywhere, it’s the most beautiful scene

Overhead the birds are singing as they all fly by.
The setting of the sun adds a beautiful contrast to the colour of the sky.
Animals on the field playing around all so carefree.
This is the place she calls her own, a place to escape reality.

She closes her eyes for a minute, n the memories come flooding in.
Memories of her childhood days, life then was like a dream.
Climbing on the mango trees, making swings out of old tyres
Hide and seek in the garden and playing with toys made outta wires.

Sliding down the banks with old crates and cardboards.
Not missing an episode of star wars and playing with toy swords.
Running around bare feet n not worried about any cuts n bruises.
Having fun in all our games no matter who wins or loses.

Rushing home after school to catch her fav cartoons.
Sunday morning trips to the beach n been there till late in the afternoon.
Holidays and special occasions always celebrated with family and friends.
She opened her eyes n wished those days had never ended.

The sun had finally set, it was time for her to go.
But she will be back here soon, of that she sure knows.
For this is where she finds serenity, her place to be alone.
A place she feels free and far away from home.

She heads on back, an hour’s drive away.
She felt reluctant to leave, she wished she cud of stayed.
But she enjoys the long drive home as she passes a forest of trees
This is how she forgets about her pain by reliving the special memories. . 

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

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His First Love

I remember the heavy round wooden tables
Built low to the ground,
Just right for kindergartners.
He would always sit close. 

I didn't notice. 

Out-of-doors on the playground was a giant oak.
He made me an acorn pipe, then taught me how.
I made lots of acorn pipes, giving them all away;
Even his. 

He stood quiet with little fists pushed deep in his pockets.
But I didn't notice. 

The sun was golden
Shining through high windows
Down on the low round table,
Particles of dust dancing merrily on the beams. 

He handed me a present,
And as the royal blue paper with tiny pin stripes 
Crossed the sun's rays
The stripes lit up like diamonds. 

Gently opening the paper,
Careful not to lose the sparkles,
I could feel the whole class watch.
I was embarrassed. 

Inside was a book about a velveteen kitten.
She was black and feminine.
She wore a pink bow,
And she was fuzzy to the touch. 

I treasured that book.
As time went by I rubbed the kitty's fur
Until she was loved slick and smooth. 

I don't remember saying thank you.
I'm sure I did.
Surely the teacher would have reminded me;
There in front of the whole class. 

Over four decades ago - yet - 
The memory of that special gift is as clear and bright
As was the sun beam that day.
And I would like you to know Jimmy Wilson; 

That I noticed. 

Note: An old kindergarten memory to share with you. Written about 22 years ago.

Copyright © Judith Angell Meyer | Year Posted 2008

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Red Sun

Red Sun The engine coughs and sputters Then roars and shows it’s ready To catch the sun at Hilo Rising from the sea. Written 06/24/13 for Russell Sivey’s Red Sun Contest.... Remember Pearl Harbor

Copyright © John Posey | Year Posted 2013

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At Sunset

How often in my life have I witnessed 
the vibrant colors of a sunset
and been moved to tears for
having to release that purifying moment
to the enigmas of darkness.

Only to retreat, ponder and sigh.
Will not tomorrow's dawn awaken
from that same 
obscure mystery?

I will dream and await the dawn!

                         At Sunset

**For my Mother who loved all

Copyright © Brian Baumgarn | Year Posted 2015

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A pleasant surprise

Today the past passed by my table
I never thought i would be able
To look in these eyes again
I was having a coffee and looked up
And there it was taking over my present

I must admit the surprise was pleasant
My heart started pumping and jumping
My eyes lit up as bright as the sun on that day
Never imagined but or years i have been hoping
It would come my way

I embraced my memories
And kissed them on the cheeks
While giggling with tears in my eyes
Didn't know how or what to speak

Remember this ...remember that
Wild memories and strong emotions started to show up
I know they say what happened in the past 
Should stay in the past
But this was an exception
I dot mind for this memory to last
And say hello,when passing by at my table 

Copyright © Mona Karaki | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? | |


 I need you. You are like air I am being deprived.
I need you, the heat of your body, the fire in your eyes.

For you I thirst, you are like water for my soul.
For you I have waited, in my loneliness and cold.

For so long jaded, the hope of love all but abandoned.
For so long separate, sadness my only companion.

How long can a heart live, when broken in two?
How long can my heart stand, the pain of missing 

The sun blocked by slate gray wintry clouds.
The sun blocked, the warmth of your love.

Your memory never ending, a constant torturing.
Your memory I hate for it leaves me crying.

Oh to be strong, your prevalence I would cast adrift.
Oh to be strong; the impossibility of this.

A soulmate lost; how can this happen?
A soulmate lost; can I ever love again?

It is insane, you’ve been gone so long.
This is insane, my love for you still so strong 

Copyright © Bruno Simmons | Year Posted 2009

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Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

Copyright © Brian Otoole | Year Posted 2013

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Sun Speckled Pond

Sun speckled pond, 
Reflecting my old face.
I’ve come again to catch your frogs
The ones that you misplace.

You can’t keep me out
Your ring of mud and reeds.
I’ve worn my faded sneakers
 And rolled pants to my knees.

But first I’ll take a break
And sit here for a while.
It’s been some time since I’ve been back.
I’m tired. No denial.

We were together for so long
You must remember then,
The quiet nights, the fireflies
The summers without end.

Perhaps I’ll leave your frogs alone
And sit here for the night.
And watch the mists arise at dawn
And give the frogs a fright!

Hang in there Pond, for I’ll come back
And help you to remember
And catch your frogs amidst the reeds
And sparkling deep green splendor. 

Copyright © Richard Jordan | Year Posted 2015

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Shadows 1

Trees filter sunlight

memories refine with time

shades of our shadows

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2015

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Like gleaming gold dust floating in still air, sparkling sunbeams silently stream through bare, neglected, aging, cracked unpainted walls that from my childhood, I can so very vividly recall.
In delightful uninhibited childish glee, I try to grab hold of these lucid illusions persistently. But these artful dodgers expertly evade my eager grasps, like frightened fireflies they swiftly glide away from my obvious trap.
For now, that’s okay though, because in my daydreams I know that one day when I'm all grown up, I’ll magically capture them and fill my fairy cup.
Date: 7/27/2014

Copyright © Kika Ayala | Year Posted 2014

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In the city,
The sun often wears a veil of grey mourning,
Woven of smog and dust.

In the evening,
The stars retreat from the lights
Of the city far below.

Far from the city, 
I walk the beach, sun hot on my skin.
Waves wash cool and white over my feet.

Seagulls dive and snatch,
The remains of the fisherman’ catch
And the kite glides and falls like a stone to earth.

The sea rolls on and in.
An endless murmur,
Through the days and the nights.

My eyes, accustomed to this light
Of sky, of sand, of dry bush land.
Watch the sails of a lone boat.

And I think of many things, as I walk along this beach.
And as always my thoughts return to you.
You with eyes the colour of the sky.

I wonder where you are in the city
So far away from my world, from your world,
Of sea and sand.

I think of you and the distance in between us.
Distance that as time has passed,
Has grown too far to breach.

I know this, but still I think of you,
As I retrace my footprints,
In the dampness of the sand.

JM  2012

Copyright © Jennifer Magrath | Year Posted 2012

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Seasons in the Sun

We used to be young, and dreams where free
We used to wish for love, and run without a care
And now the seasons change so fast
The leaves they fall, they never last

We had our wine, we had good times
The days of spring, filled the air
Love was young, and filled our hearts
We had are dreams, seasons in the sun

We used to dance, pretty girls at the fair
Under starry nights, we reached for the moon
Now is time to say good bye
Think of me, times end too soon

The flowers will bloom, and hearts will always weep
But I have run out of seasons, run out of time
Too much wine, I leave lost hopes, nothing left to keep
We shared good times, and now the seasons have all gone

I was dressed in black, for this last dance 
I drank from the glass of love for a final time
Prey for me, as I fade away
Our memories linger, as the children play

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2013

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Africa III

Heart pounding
Nervous feeling
Deep breath to shake it
Cold chill slivers down fast

Beating against cage of heart
Cage of body
Cage of soul
Legs begging to run
Heart aching to be free
Truth to self 
aching to be seen

Sweet scent of dry savannah plains
Sharp smell of thorny veins
The aroma of Africa surrounds
Scents sights sounds 
In these home is found

Frustration mounts 
Captured leopard

Snarling at every motion made
Scared but defiant
Blinded by fear and rage

Paws long for endless journeys
On paths walked centuries ago
For elegance in element
A space all her own
Where earth still bleeds red on horizon
Morning and night
Continuing the endless fight

Fight for borderless freedom
Everlasting sight
The pale yellow green eyes
Dismays the truth inside
But tell the story
Of wild soul
Story to unfold

Copyright © Fierce Malilangwe | Year Posted 2013

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 The Sun
The King of the Sky
Rises,over the mounts of Fuji,
Sets in the Sea in Hawaii

The Sun of the English Sky

In this only planet with chocolates,
For decades of long
For generations after generations,
Born,how many?
Poets how many?

No shakes,unmatched

The finest work
Shakes the depth of the hearts

The Sun of the English world
That, never sets!

Copyright © Muhammad Safa Thajudeen | Year Posted 2014

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Summer Sun

The summer sun shines warm and bright,
it rekindles memories back into the light.
Boyhood days of playing in the street,
our bonds of friendship were bittersweet.
As we grow old and life goes on,
we march to a different song.
But new memories are born each day,
just remember to tuck them away.
So when the summer sun shines warm and bright,
you can bring them back into the light.


Copyright © Joseph Sergi | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse | |

Late afternoon in my study

Late afternoon the Karoo-sun battles
with trees and leaves 
to be noticed

The shadows dance and play
on the ground
like children

Copyright © Alexander May | Year Posted 2013

Details | Villanelle | |

Never Satisfied With A Single Kiss

We are never satisfied with a single kiss...
always willing to explore all that's thrilling;
mist slowly rises to shroud our secrets.

Even night refuses to leave, it gladly allows
more time while dawn is steadily advancing...
we are never satisfied with a single kiss.

None can put out the desire of tender touches, 
the lasting delights of our ecstatic embracing;
we are never satisfied with a single kiss. 

Although amorous whispers won't last for hours,
we shut ourselves from sounds that are intruding;
only the scintillating universe listens to secrets.

It's morning our clothes seem rolling leaves,
they lay there...under the curtains flapping; 
we are never satisfied with a single kiss.

Sunlight brings back a reality too ambiguous;
immensely saddened, unwilling to stop caressing:
we are never satisfied with a single kiss!
Will time, in its haste, sweep away all secrets?

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

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Never Satisfied With A Single Kiss

We are never satisfied with a single kiss,
willing to explore and feel all that's thrilling...
as clouds slowly descend to shroud secrets.

Even night refuses to leave, it gladly allows
more time while dawn is steadily marching...
chasing shadows and stealing our warm kiss. 

Nothing can put out the intense desire of tenderness,
no invasiveness will end the delight of our embracing;
we will not give in to threats and give up the last kiss. 

Clothes blown by the morning wind seem rolling leaves,
ecstatic moans fill the bedroom, it's intense lovemaking;
if only memories could freeze the sweetness of secrets!

Sunlight brings back a reality so ambiguous;
immensely saddened, unwilling to stop caressing;
we are never satisfied with a single kiss!
Will time, in its haste, sweep away all secrets?

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

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Sweet Remembrance of You

Caught between the sun and pavement, 
Hand in hand and yet apart, 
Each one’s friend, but each other’s case,
To the end from the start;

There was no other door, 
There was no other way, 
For us to live;
We triumphed in the night, 
Succeeded in the light, 
Each time;

We knew only right and wrong, 
Would forever keep us strong, 
Never quizzing the road ahead, 
We resolved to proceed; 

Finding friends and finding knowledge, 
We would feel like man and wife, 
Resting on each others’ minds,  
We declared truth in life;

No matter where we were, 
No matter how we did, 
We knew we were tall, 
Whoever would inquire, 
Whoever would aspire, 
We loved;

Sometimes hand in hand together, 
We’d assert transparency. 

Lyrics for Sweet Remembrance of You contest
Lyrics start when violin begins

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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Lovers on the sun

David Guetta said it best

Mine has no cowboys, horses or guns
Mine is just us two 
Just the way we met under this sun
Walking the streets of Nairobi
Exploring the city's day and night
Drinking cold beers 
Mostly listening to your stories and dreams
Napping to you reading poetry to me
Watching your goofy dance that one night
The three moods that made us: the anticipation, the excitement and the continuing wonder.
Keeps the shine on...

Copyright © njeri hunjeri | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme | |

Her Memory

Her light blue piercing eyes
Made the most beautiful flowers sigh
In the afternoon when the sun was high in the sky
Her light tanned skin glowed
As the sunsets
As she sits by the sea
She more to me than I could see
The trees swayed towards her
The sun shined for her
And the sun waits for her…
The wind blew past her
Then faster and faster
Spun around her
And as the sun set for her
It still rises for her too…

Copyright © Ciara Aiyana Ashley-Garn | Year Posted 2009

Details | Prose Poetry | |

The Invisible Man 14

I wrote the Invisible man poems many years ago. These poems, and I have not submitted them all, was for a little girl who died in a road accident. They are a tribute to her memory. It was a dark and very sad time and I miss her so much. The Invisible Man poems are supposed to to show the the darkness of my world, the way I felt. They are very precious to me. Thank you for reading.

The invisible man goes behind the stores looking for some food, by then he has
had enough the bitterness and hate. He thinks if he has happy thoughts he will be happy.

It seems its always a warm spring day when I walk with you down my memory lane,
I remember always holding hands with you as we smile and walk down there again,
The sun is shining brightly with flowers budding along the pathways of the past,
Pointing out little birds and beautiful wild flowers are my memories that last,
No clouds dare to mar the sun's watery glow, which melts into skies of soft blue,
No shadows would dare to mask the sun when I'm walking back in time with you,
From those long ago golden times I remember only happiness and never any tears,
Those were the most beautiful days of my life, the sweetest of all my many years,
For a short while I forget my loneliness the dreadful loss the hurting and the pain,
It’s always spring and happiness when we hold hands skipping down old memory lane.

Thinking of the past makes him so very sad, sadness that comes from deep within,
A wrenching passion that makes him lower his head into his coat to hide his warm,
tears that uncontrollably drip from his gaunt cheeks and splash on his ruined shoes.

Nasty bullying men taunting him and pointing out what he already knows that he is a
cancer on society that he stinks worse than the garbage he rummages through and would
better off dead.He shuffles past these people and leans on a wall Invisible sobs loudly he can't stop.
All the pain and constant sadness is too much so he goes to a supermarket and buys some,
cheap booze to ease the pain. He queues with his bottle of cheap vodka his face still wet
with tears. Everyone moves from his queue to another one Invisible cannot get out of the
shop quick enough. He sits on a bench in the shopping center and begins to drink.
The more he drinks the quieter the taunts are. Darkness hides him in neon light his sadness
is now bearable.He sits with his bottle between his legs and just stares at the floor and
as the booze disappears so does Invisible.

Copyright © Terry Trainor | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? | |

Summer's here

Summer’s here

Summer’s here at last, so laugh;
Enjoy the sun before God takes it back.
It’s only temporary so enjoy it while it lasts 
And pray to God it’s not your last.

Let the sun shine down on me, let it pour down all around us;
Let the sun shine so bright that it blinds us.

Looking at the sky in wonder
And wondering why it shines so bright.
Does this mean what I think it means;
That the time is right to find love and change my life?

Angels cry in summertime,
As love is lost, because you chose to hide.
You can’t go back and change your mind;
Your choice is made and now it’s time to die.

I believe in a better place than this;
I believe I deserve to see someone I have never seen.
The sun must shine in Heaven and I hope we do live in bliss,
Because the summer will soon be gone to become a memory.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse | |



As the sun kissed
the sea’s soothing bosom,
caressing waves splashed the shores
leaving spent froth
dissipating in the sand:
crystallizing aged memories
of sadistic slave ships once anchored here.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain | |

Watery Sun

A watery sun is on my mind -
the lovely one seen not long ago.
We were out on a boat in Monmouthshire,
and you had persuaded me to row.

The sun was going in decline...
It must have been around four o'clock.
I wanted to stay a long while yet,
but you said no, it is time to dock.

But as usual, I had my way.
(The watery sun dropped very low.)
Soon we were in darkness there.
Yes, a foolish darkness, don't you know.

It was my fault, I see it now,
that our day was not a happy one,
and every time I think of it,
I have in mind the watery sun.

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

Details | Blank verse | |

in loving memory of kate

loves charm is a heartly harm
or a reaping barn
that can break the arm
the arms are too weak 
to hold complete
without a leak
love is so fruitful
and is never knowm
for a season of fruitlessness

love is a sun burning pacy
the red skies
the sun is gone 
and to the sun there is none
but fancy the stars
glittering so bright
and it is our
for we love the sun
but the stars are much more

the lonely heart fears for love
the loving heart loves for more
like it can never be satisfied
as the oceans mark
so much
but it wants much more
like when it over flows 
its bounds
it wants much more i say
and i'll give ie more i pray

Copyright © emeka ozurumba | Year Posted 2008

Details | Narrative | |

The Night of the Moon

It's the night of the moon
and though it's not in my sight.
The magic will be here soon.
The full moon takes the stage tonight.

I feel as low as the tide. 
The dark clouds set the tone.
Watching waves and sand collide.
I walk the beach all alone.

The clouds are fighting the sun.
They can't keep the bright light behind.
Sunset and beauty become one.
Doubt and hope crowd my mind.

Brilliant hues of orange,pink,and red
contrasting with clouds dark and gray
The sun paints a picture before bed
and then takes the painting away.

Splashing way out there in the sea.
Winking stars playfully laughing out loud.
I wonder,how this can be?
The night wont carry a cloud.

Where have all the clouds gone?
They've been plucked out of the sky.
The battle with the sun was been won.
I question not how, only why?

There's a bright glow in the west.
The curtain goes up for the show.
Dancing lights on the water are next.
Slowly rising the moon seems to grow.

Sometimes it's such a spiritual thing.
When nature reveals what it can truly do.
I can almost hear this moon sing.
So extravagant, it must be alive too.

My memory goes back to a time.
When the moon stole the show like this. 
I was with a girl that was so fine
and remembered that,that night we kissed.

But my memories are what had me down. 
I can't remember too many good.
There was the clouds at sundown
and suddenly I understood.

If I only kept good thoughts in my minds eye
and make all the bad ones just finish.
Maybe then my thoughts wont seem to magnify
what my memory can't seem to diminish.

Out with the bad thoughts in with the new. 
I'll fill my head with good memories only. 
But it seems that there are so few
that my thoughts might just get lonely.

That makes a smile come to my lips
and I wonder, did I just laugh out loud?
I watch enchanted as the moon slips
across the sky without a cloud.

My mood has changed I realize.
I knew I felt that pull.
Now I know hope never dies.
Hope lives in a moon this full.

Copyright © Allan Granstrom | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse | |

If Only the Sun Would Hide

If only my dreams could escape into truth
My mind, it seems, I’m going to lose
Whatever happened to long walks and short?
My life right now is a blurry distort

Laughing and singing were just a curtain
Hiding, prying me away from the subconscious burden
But our flowers wilt, and away they die
Liquid depression seeps away from each eye

Through the silence I see 
But just don’t record
The light that could never be
Now locked behind her closed doors.

The sun refuses to hide
Though it’s pouring outside
The sky is a dark black hole
Nonexistent to the living world

The world is a bright place
But just at what cost?
My mind, it seems,
I have somehow already lost.

Copyright © Jessie Rae | Year Posted 2016