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Sun Holiday Poems | Sun Poems About Holiday

These Sun Holiday poems are examples of Sun poems about Holiday. These are the best examples of Sun Holiday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Once Again And Many More

                          The sun has warmed my cold winter body
                                I've seen the waves on the beach
                             which leaves a white foam in the sand
                          I have listened to prayer from the mosque
                                A prayer that I do not understand
                             but it gives me rest and peace of mind
                      Admired the beautiful red, yellow and pink flowers
                              Tasted the fruit that is juicy and sweet
                             Greeted the neighbors and good friends
                                Harvested green bananas from field
                          Seen the snow on the mountains far,far away
                           Of course, my friend I've eaten lamb kebab
                              I'm like new, I've got some replenishing
                              Warmth from the sun and lovely people
                             The sun goes down with blush once again

A-L  Andresen :)

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Fun in the Sun

Flesh on show and sun tan lotion
bodies laid on towels or sun lounges 
By the ocean
Salty air wind blown hair
Music streaming from the near by fair
Baby screaming nappies full
Cool guys looking for babes on the pull
Sun shades and floppy hats
Grown men playing cricket with ball and bats 
Sand castles and buckets and spades
Candy floss and lemonade
Father With binoculars pretending to look out to sea
Or read a newspaper but really looking at the bathing beauties
Bikinis and manknies G strings tight where the sun don't shine
Hot dogs and hamburgers the popping of corks from bottles of wine
Hairy legs and wrinkled skin
child almost drowning couldn't swim
Muscle bound Life guards with muscles to impress
Granma lost her false teeth
Dropped between her breasts
Ice creams and summer dreams
Young child peeing in the sea
Among the swimmers splashing about with glee
People playing beach ball and football
Mother calls come on all it's time for tea
Large Busty woman running like jelly on a plate
Wobble wobble
And nearly starting an earthquake
Sand between your toes
Sun burn on your nose
Sweaty arm pits sweaty bums
Toffee apples and bleeding gums
Sea gulls flying screeching high above
Clear blue sky pure white dove
Watching the frothy waves stretch upon the shore
Watching the horizon and tiny boats 10 miles away or more
Dogs running here and there
Sweets being passed around to share
Crabs and shrimps and other critters in a rocky pool
Children with fishing nets and jars to take them back to school
Para gliders pulled by speed boats high in the sky
Oh why do people want to risk life
As they could die
Postcards to write people on there bikes
The smell of fish and chips
Children with jam around their lips
Couples walking hand in hand barefoot on warm sand
Treasured memories and photo's to cherish
Suitcases packed feeling unwound and relaxed
Can't wait until next year when they come back.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. July.

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- Sun Umbrella -

                                       Sitting under my sun umbrella
                                    The ocean is my wonderful painting
                                     The sun shines on the small waves
                              Far in the distance I can glimpse a small boat

                                       I must have my sunglasses on
                       The sun heats I have shadow under my sun umbrella
                                    The sand on the beach is burning hot
                     The waves along the beach creates scratches in the sand

Turkey 23. 09. 2012
A-L  Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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Four palms, one taller, the other three measure the same.
Heavily anchored in sand, all are vertical climbers of this azure sky.
Eight new fronds per palm, the older ones neatly trimmed by man.
No cocoanuts anywhere to be seen, their hazard great, if allowed to fall.
Growing 40-50 feet tall, how many savage storms have they endured?
Lying on my back, I hear the unseen breezes giving voice to their action
as they manipulate the individual finger like fronds into undulating waves.
In the far and nearly vertical distance I see a moon in half-phase.
This reflection of the sun bisecting the geometry of the moon
made possible by none other than the very planet I lay upon.
One lonely cloud of no consequence is viewable. The pristine nature
of it all now rudely shattered by an absurdity. “Dusk to Dawn” barnyard lights
are lag bolted onto two palms. How incongruous this fit of barnyard lights
affixed to a palm in this tropical paradise.
Suddenly, the whispering of the tropical breeze is interrupted
by the staccato, whump, whump, whumping of a helicopter, all black and shiny.
Streaking parallel to the shore mimicking a news channel
coverage of a Bronco chase or the latest freeway jam. Now comes
the cacophony of a loudspeaker, calling out it’s “Bingo Time” for
the bored and soul-less, as it reverberates toward the beach from poolside.
The rhythmical lapsing of the waves on the shore is drowned out
by high-pitched adrenalin fed screams and twin 200 horse outboard exhausts.
A parasailer from Des Moines has caught the wind and traverses the sky.
Strapped in a chest harness while dangling precariously attached to multicolored bands of 
nylon, he is praying the towrope doesn’t break.
My total sublimation again obliterated, this time by two nudists from Europe.
Heavy oiling barely covers her lack of cups and his cajones are swinging free.
Nuts and knockers that haven’t seen the sun for eons will certainly
ache for emollient caresses tonight. Those mental images will play in my mind
like a never-ending mobious strip of hilarity, for which there is no end.
Traveling thousands of miles from the cold weather and slush.
I was allowed only one minute of solitude before nuts, knockers,
loudspeakers and barnyard lights rudely jerked me back to this reality.
Corrupting civilization is just a split second behind us. Ever ready to bury us,
should we but pause to admire natures’ beauty in a remote destination!

*Vacation thoughts garnered in Punta Cana.

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Upon this Christmas Day

He sleeps there in a stable
The babe born to the world
Both mother, father watch with care

Though swaddled in a cloth
He is born, yet, to be king
With but just rags for Him to wear

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

For within the early morning
Angels brought the sky a voice
Calling forth those who wish to hear

Along then, came all others
Knowing truth within their hearts
That all now have nothing to fear

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

Go forth and tell all others
Who had no chance to hear
The news of hope and of the joy

Let them know the Gift of God
That comes to save us all
His son sent as this little boy

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

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A lovely place is Menton
situated on the Med
near the French/Italian border
where the sun expands it's said

It's filled with many colours
from flowers with beautiful scents
really showing such beauty
in this part of Provence

There's many places nearby
Nice, Cannes and Monaco
to name only a few
there you must go

Everything about Menton
makes you want to come back
it makes for healthy living
so no need to pack your mac

The sun shines there
so strong and true
lemon fragrance a bound
it's peaceful rest is for you


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When The Sun Went Down

That sketch the tunes that the pirates play
And as gypsies dance as the sun goes down
They rise

That keep the robes as soldiers fight
Then fight against the misty haze
But fearless as the jackal hound
Barks at the night as the sun goes down
They rise

But the stars of light with tears profound
They shed their light when the sun goes down

That pick the bones that  the eagles prey
And as bats in the field as the sun goes down
They rise

That plot the tombs where prophets bled
Then mope around with demon craze
Seized by devils with eerie sound
That haunts the dead as the sun goes down
They rise

But the stars of light with tear profound
They shed their light when the sun goes down

That sow the fields that the potters pay
And as mobs in the dark as  the sun goes down
They rise

That wet their tongues their egos fed
Then singe their souls with mocking praise
And dub him king though rightly crowned
And pierce his head as  the sun goes down
They rise

But the stars of light with tears profound
They shed their light when the sun goes down

That tread the path that the pilot lay
And as seed in the earth as the sun goes down
It dies

That caught the scene no wholesome sight
Then glanced his stare his awesome gaze
But though he faint yet onward bound
Lifted up that night when the sun went down
He dies

But the stars of light with tears profound
They fled that night when the sun went down

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Me Today

~Me In Three Days~ ~Lying on the soft warm sand~ ~~Fingers dabbling in water slowly filling hand~~ ~~A ripple, the remnants of the waves on the shore~~ ~~~Reaches the beaches its power no more~~~~ ~~The sea as the sun sets leaves a final golden flash~~ ~~The sparkling white horses cutting their last dash~~ ~~The darkness descends on this perfect day~~ ~~Two bodies on the beach entwined after play~~ ~~A kiss given so soft on the salt lined lips~~ ~~A touch so light barely feeling finger tips~~~ ~~Rolling together into the waters edge skin to skin~~ ~~Tongues playfully fighting to gain entry within~~ ~~Hearts beating together beating as one~~ ~~Breathless and happy - under the setting sun.~~ ~~The jewels on the surface as the sun sets at last~~ ~Loving the memories it will make for the past.~

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Scorched as a desert eagle,
trying to get to a cool river
to wash and soothe his dry feathers,
I shout to the sizzling Nature,
" Let sun rays turn into snowflakes! "

I must place the green mistletoe on my door,
hang silver bells on it and make them ring
when guests come in with heavy coats
draped with snow as their breaths steam...
oh, summer turn into winter!

Shivering as a boy who has built a tall snowman,
I rush into a home where delights are many:
presents stacked up under a freshly-cut Christmas Tree
as lights make me dream of that Holy Night in Bethlehem... 
when baby Jesus lay asleep and angels surrounded Him!

Christmas is many months away,
and wouldn't Santa cheer up everyone tonight...
as he comes down from the snowy sky and crashes on his fat belly?
Everyone thinks that I am going insane by wishing Christmas in summer
by constantly yelling, " Let sun rays turn into snowflakes! "

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The Thief of Time

The Thief of Time We arrive in the sun; it’s warm and so bright We throw down our bags and go out in the light. We are kissed by the breeze rustling through our hair As our cheeks blush in the sun, we are willing to share. It surrounds us and warms us, freckles pepper the skin In the brightness and warmth we are still standing in. Not a minute to waste before the sun sets We stand pulling coats off, and our arms we outstretch. The days are before us well that’s what we think Before long though we see the first days sun sink. It comes around quick it rises the next morn One day gone a new one is born. All too quick the seventh morning is here The holiday is ending that much is clear. We waited so long to be kissed by the sun To unwind and relax and to have some good fun. The time is gone we feel robbed, there was not any The clock stole it away the days were not many. Its over where did it go we didn’t get to do much Just enjoyed each others company and food and such and such….

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I was thinking about a holiday, wondering what to pack
Then it suddenly dawned on me to take a different tack
For going abroad it seemed the packing was a breeze
Yet if I holidayed in England in the case it would be a squeeze

For as an Englishman going a broad I knew that I would need
The minimum amount of clothes as the sun is guaranteed
Yet to holiday in England the first thing I have to pack
Is a very thick pullover and then a perhaps a mac

To go abroad some sun screen and trunks in which to swim
A towel to dry off with  and something for a hangover grim
In England an umbrella and perhaps a good rain hat
For the one thing you can be sure of is the rain and that is that

So that is why I like to book a holiday abroad each year
Just so I can have some sun and lots of cooling beer
For a holiday in England I will have a heavy load
While ducking in to coffee shops down each and every road

When I come home from my holiday abroad 
I will have a lovely tan and swan round like a lord
Yet when I holiday in England of one thing you can be sure
I will only be at the doctors looking for a common cold cure

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The sun sets over Istanbul
The days are so warm 
The nights quite cool
We walk along the bospheros
Hand in hand
Oh what a mystical magical land
The sun The sea The sky so blue 
Turkey is the place to be 
To make your dreams come true
The people are so friendly
The people really care
Go and visit Turkey
I will maybe see you there

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Homeless in The Sun

Homeless in The Sun

And still the concrete shells march
Stomp across the wastelands
With empty shuttered windows
Reflecting landscapes torn apart

Still the scab swells in its white washed walls
Filled with stainless steel
Empty rooms and unused washing machines
Furnishings baking in slow dust

Still the constructions insanity
Marks out the holiday homes
Of once a month in yearly
They fill swimming pools

The vacant skulls of economic where-with-alls
Stand in useless tombstone rows
Weeds between their false marble tiles
Little green testaments to the concretes waste of time

A brand new holiday home
Have one, money, mortgage, affordable no option
Just Oh so fashionable
Like a brand new mobile phone
And if you want they will build one
Just for you

Have another little plastic doll
Buy another pile of inflatable accoutrements
To rot away in creeping cockroach
And too much sun 

Facile ingrates of the mindless plethora
Kick back with comfort
On the sun chairs of the homeless
Scrape away the last bastions of wilderness
Turn out the creatures to die
In the middle of brand new planted roads

Holiday homes
A place in the sun
Waiting empty for months on end
Plants withered from thirst
In scrub land gardens
All waiting for a two week vacation

The rest of the year standing empty
While people sleep on the streets

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Forever Fall

Dark and cold as dawn sets in
And the grass is moist by the dew
So serene and blessed
How morning suddenly grew.
The sky lightens
Ready to greet the sun
The plants eagerly await
To soak in the heat as one.

Noon awakes, knowing its job
Is to warm the world
No wonder the sun is a god
Just hear the stream purl.

Soon the day turns to dusk
And the leaves continue to fall
The animals find their way home
As the sun sends its last call.

Darkness overshadows the light
And all that is visible are lit pumpkins
Until the sky welcomes the moon
More is seen when the shine begins.

Now nothing can take this away
That day and that night
The start of autumn
A mesmerizing sight.