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Sonnet Winter Poems | Sonnet Poems About Winter

These Sonnet Winter poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Sonnet Winter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Winter Rose - A Sonnet

I walk through the glistening virgin snow
That covers the sorrow of autumn’s death 
Where I find on a bush a frozen rose  
Its beauty held ageless in winter’s breath 

How I long to touch those petals again 
Those moist velvet lips that promise such bliss 
Opened in passion whispering my name 
As I drift in dreams of a breathless kiss 

Oh! To pluck this rose from the winter snow 
And hold it closely to my aching heart
And free it from that ice so bitter cold 
That now my love keeps you and me apart

But if I were to pluck this winter rose 
Would all its petals fall upon the snow? 


Author:  Elaine George
Written:  January 15, 2010

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2010

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A Joyless Job

At the window, palms under my chin,
such beauty I see, out the frosted pane,
I was mesmerized, it showed in my grin,
so picture perfect, the snow covered lane.

My daydream was dashed, Mom called from the door,
"time to brave the cold and clear the sidewalk,"
grabbed my winter coat and boots from the floor,
I hate this chore, but knew not to back-talk.

"Don't slip on the ice, watch out for the plow,"
I hear, as orange shovel meets concrete,
shouldn't the county have this done by now?,
this takes all day, with snow piled up in feet.

Why freeze for allowance, I'll never know,
yet, I still find myself shoveling snow.

November 18th, 2014

Sara Kendrick's contest - "Jobs"

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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Message For An Old Cold Man

November was not all that bad. We had Thanksgiving feasts and very little snow. The Yuletide season came. Since it was glad, I felt so sad to see December go. But January so far we have seen cars sliding off the roads and freezing cold. Blue skies I need and white replaced by green and sunshine spilling onto fields like gold. But Winter still persists. Up and about, he's freezing pipes, car engines and my toes! That old cold man has worn his welcome out. And next month's Valentines? Well, who needs those? It's Goddess Spring that I am waiting on. Why hang around, old Winter? Just begone! Written 1/19/13 For the Winter Begone Poetry Contest of Francine Roberts

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Early Winter Farm Chores

Early Winter Farm Chores

Shall I muse at midnight on the morning sun
now hiding very far beyond the pale.
Dread farmyard chores needing to be done
as morn sun rises over hill and dale.

Warm in bed, staying would be a disgrace
when winter marches in far too soon.
Tarry late and hot glowing embers embrace
to rise late only in a lazy afternoon!

Or instead jump from this warm , soft bed
racing on out when red rooster crows.
Quickly getting pigs and chickens well fed
all long before the cold winter snows!

Up early before morning's sweet sunlight.
Another farming day, another long fight.

Robert J. Lindley, 10-01-2015

Note-- Edited an older poem from back in the 80's.
Shortened into a sonnet..

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Winters Delight

Winters Delight

gossamer snow flakes float in the moonlight
blue glaze of frozen lakes, silvery sight
that old scamp Jack frost nipping at your nose
sitting by the fireside warming your toes

beautiful blanket of new fallen snow
sleigh rides in sweet moonlight ever so slow 
crystal like icicles, Tiffany grace
silent nights cold wraps you in it’s embrace

get real, snows wet and offers cold chills
buy cloths to keep warm, pay high heating bills
salt rusts out your car, you can’t drive on ice
jack frost is frost bite, snow blind is not nice

Florida beaches, sun bathing preferred
so to each his own, I’ll stay a snow bird

Robert Gene Stoner Jr ©

Copyright © Robert Stoner Jr | Year Posted 2014

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The snowflakes gently fall on gardens dull and grey. White blanket spread today the gusty winds bring squall. With snowmen built so tall young children love to play! Cold winter chills are felt. Of summer days we dream beside a sprightly stream. The icy snow will melt then nature’s charms are dealt and jeweled flowers gleam. To everyone’s delight our world’s no longer white. Contest Hexsonetta Sponsor Andrea Dietrich 08~20~15

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Cold Death Savages, So Spring's Life Will Grow

Cold Death Savages, So Spring's Life Will Grow

The hills, valleys and flowers are fast asleep
where the river flows winding.
Chills come, furry critters are burrowing deep
cold hardships most are finding.

Old man Winter awaits its rapidly emerging cues
trees shudder in their roots.
Cold comes ravaging to create sweet Spring news
as man puts on deep snow boots.

Rivers freeze and no longer feed the blue seas
some ache hard in the waiting.
All year long honey stored up by the honey bees
tis' wisdom in such anticipating.

The hills, valleys and flowers buried in snow.
Cold death savages, so Spring's life will grow.

Robert J. Lindley, 10-06-2015

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Against That Pale And Ashen Cold Gray Sky

Against That Pale And Ashen Cold Gray Sky

Dark colors of oak branches spreading high,
beds of Autumn's fallen leaves are resting.  
Against that pale and ashen cold gray sky,
Nature is contemplating and testing.

Winter waits its rebirth in sweet repose,
Passing days yield to time's eternal ways;
Clouds cast forth water from heavenly hose
Soaking high forested hills, filling its bays.

Man and beast alike face Nature's splurges-
Instinctively both yield to its power,
While embracing primitive deep urges,
Race for safe cover in which to cower.

Tall oaks grace this fantastic and harsh view
Nature moves forward collecting its due!

Robert J. Lindley, 1-28-2016

Syllables Per Line:	
10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables:	140
Total # Lines:	17  (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	 
Total # Words:	95

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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A new life

The treetops quivered as the cold wind howl’d,
the snowflakes forming a blanket of white.
The winter birds shivered, the branches bow’d,
nature’s force in the darkness of the night.
Fierce was the northern winter, pure white snow
covered the fields and the hills, and the lakes.
In the horizon the northern lights glow,
night turns into dawn and the morn awakes.
Nature’s wrath calms with new life emerging,
accepting in it’s nurture a newborn,
return‘d to the world, a new life searching,
for a place, a time, beauty to adorn.

It is a miracle of life immense,
to start a journey with pure innocence.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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The Winds That Blustering Blow

The Winds That Blustering Blow

The winds that blustering blow
Leave silence by the way;
Far-off cascades of crystal snow
Have burning things to say.

The music of one memory
Stills all the battle-storm,
And in the bitter winter woods
The gray deer nestles warm.

In this Nature's wooded maze
serenity holds gentle sway;
Winter gales leave icy glaze
were woods meet lakeside bay.

As cold winds creatively blow,
Nature puts on yet another show.

Robert J. Lindley, 3- 08-2016

Sonnet mixed syllable count, not in ten syllables.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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I can feel it in my nose,
I can feel it in my fingers,
I can feel it in my toes,
My certain end currently lingers.
I've lost my will to fight,
Bitter cold despite my blanket.
Maybe because the covers white,
Not sure how much longer i can take it.
Lost and forgotten, 
No idea were I lay.
A rock in place of cotton, 
Snow in place of hay.
I look to the Flurry
Contemplating its power.
My mind fills with fury,
On my final hour.
When I try to move all I do is cry,
For when lost in winter your only option is die.

Copyright © Jacob Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Big snow little snow

I used to like you I thought we were close
now I wish you would  go away
you brought another storm today
and dumped upon us another dose

Oh great big lady what have we done
to deserve this misery for this long
we wish your winds would be warm and strong
and melt this mess you have spun

No no no what did you bring
The snow is too deep
we are about to weep
please Mother Nature bring on Spring

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2014

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When Winter Comes

When winter comes there's wind, rain, bitter cold
There's white everywhere from frost, ice, and snow
Bare tree limbs are tossed by strong winds that blowww
Close to the hearth tales of yore oft are told
'Twas not so in the spring when all is fresh_ new
When love is on the wing; trees' young leaves green
All is simple at those times of sixteen
So much so now that life is in review

Then summer came crops were ripe for harvest
Young limas were gathered by the bushel
The corn's tassels were now filled with full ears
Then ends that part of life a busy quest
Fall's panty filled now; plans made for bethel
Winter by the fire remembering years

First attempt at Italian Sonnet
Favored by Emily Dickinson

Contest:A Sonnet In The Wind
Sponsor:Poetess Darkly
Written: September 13-14, 2013

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013

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A Stone in the Cold 4

The thicket moves, my aim must not waver;
with strengthened arms I bend my bow of yew:
My eyes pierce the brush, intent to savor
the sights of a good hunt, an arrow true.

The bracken parts, rattling, empty sighs;
My draw fingers quake from the constant chill.
My quarries' breath floats to the clouded sky,
my own breath muffled as I track my kill.

Overhead, an arrow in deadly arc
speeds toward the bear I'm seeking, still as stone;
A shadow moves, the arrow strikes its mark.
The hand that loosed the shaft was not my own.

I am a man shadowed; death comes knocking:
The hunter hunted; the past comes stalking. 

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2014

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The Winter Storm

Pelting glass, coming down; how it thickens, on the ground. On the window pane; tap…tap; larger ice, now, it will rap. The misery of a sleeting storm; brings misery and forlorn. Two inches of ice, is not so nice; I dread what we will get tonight. On top of that, there’ll be more snow, I dread to go out there and blow. The snow piles high, upon the ice; one snow blower will not suffice. But, I’ll make do; with one machine; Still, there’ll be that icy sheen!

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

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North by Northwest

(Blank Verse Sonnet)

We traded fields of cotton bolls for snows
so deep they swallowed house and car alike,
so cold a breath transformed to crystal ice,
so strong the air became as still as death.
A fur-lined boot or glove spared flimsy guard
as fingers, toes and nose began to pulse
in pain and foster hope to somehow dodge
or ease the winter's all-consuming freeze.

Yet skin and pores recalled a choking sun
and days of sweat beneath its cutthroat burn
through cotton rows, its never-ending bite
of white-hot scorch and physical malaise.

      Northern peaks and speckled river trout
      defeated weather’s aim to drive us south.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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Long, Gray Winter

November is a month of frost and cold,
reminding us that winter's grip benumbs.
With slate-gray skies, and winds both harsh and bold,
she casts her spell on us as fall succumbs.

The long bleak curve of winter days is here.
Each day we greet the sun's receding pyre.
When snow and blowing gale become severe,
we long to feel a hearth's warm, burning fire.

And though, each frosty night is dark and long,
our thoughts are staid on spring, both green and fair.
Endure this dormant season with the throng.
Await idyllic days both warm and rare.

Each winter, as a season, has a flow.
In time, it runs its course, and this we know.

                                                 Long, Gray Winter

Copyright © Brian Baumgarn | Year Posted 2015

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                      seasons is the relationship.
                                 changes a lot.
                      SUMMER tells us the value of FRIENDS.
                                  WINTER tells us the caring of FRIENDS.
                      SPRING is about the quarrel with the FRIENDS.
                                  AUTUMN tells about the LONELINESS.
                      THUNDER occurs when you fight with me.
                                  LIGHTING occurs when.,
                      i miss my LOVED ONE.
                                  RAIN occurs when.,
                      i spend time with my LOVELY ONE.
                                 BREEZE occurs when you give a SMILE after a CRY.
                      that's the life,
                                 which i spend with my DEAR ONE.

Copyright © lavanya ramamurthi | Year Posted 2014

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Winter sonnet

The trees stretch silver branches
In the late December sun ,
The robin perched there watches
As we offer him our crumbs.
The elegance of shapes laid bare
Forgives the winter cold.
And side cast sun rays clearly
Touch the embers of my soul.
Too soon the quarter moon will rise
To send the sun away.
So let us all wipe clean our eyes
To see what Winter says.
 For all the while the world rotates,
Regardless of our fate.

Copyright © Katherine Thwaite | Year Posted 2013

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Snail's Simple Pace

The caramel leaves seem to fall from sky
In waves, as zephyr sings through chimes and eaves
Its song that whispers a fall lullaby
As a gentle rustling wind through autumn leaves

September a time to slow down, be still
Slowly now we have less light_ more dark
A drawing to home and hearth seems our will
Beckoning to fill with bounty our hearts

Caramel sauce for those crisp apples near
The heat of summer is in distant past
None of that snow of winter yet to fear
Watering chores of summer now are past

All things for coming winter out in place
Now one can slow to a snail's simple pace

In honor of Brian Strand's contest...

Click on"About That Poem"

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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Northern promises

The wind of winter shan't forgive tonight 
It bellows at the icy windows bare  
The bower leans and twists in such a fright 
That not a creature shall take shelter there 

The rustling of spring has turned away 
Her love withdrawn from each forgotten glen 
They toil in their rows of brown and gray 
And whimper for her gentle touch again 

See now a gentle glow upon the frost  
Convince the evening star to light the day
The hope of every field shall not be lost 
There will be life where there was once decay 

A season is a virtue of the year 
All that was far away at once is near 

Copyright © Jeremy Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Snowy Winter Nights

Snowy Winter Nights

When fall departs and winter's on its way,
our minds are set to face a colder clime;
the days get shorter, evenings quickly gray,
and winter storms will visit us in time.

Inside, from warm, embracing beds at night,
we watch the snow drift down past silvery moon.
Such tranquil scene outside glows in her light
where satin banks of snow and sky commune.

Protected, safe from winter's icy blow,
as gusty winds make snowflakes swirl and fall,
we'll drift to sleep lulled softly by moon glow
and swaying tree limb shadows on the wall.

How lovely are these winter late night scenes
that feed our sleep to make for peaceful dreams.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Write Me A Winter Poem
Sponsor: Broken Wings
Judged: 11/19/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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The Home Team

Brainwaves, restless energy, lighting up the stadium.  Munching
pistachio nuts, hedging my bets on the home team.  Cold skin,
transmitting neural code back to ground zero, to be filed under 
January.   The smallest planet in my galaxy, cold, dark and lifeless.

The quiet circle of eyes, dried out eyes.  Pushed and pulled,
a circumference of asteroids, charged by the kinetic
energy of their own protons, neutrons, electrons.   Randomly
pairing off and splitting up in slow, January winter night cold motion.

The music plays again, a familiar battle hymn.   Like a stoked fire, 
the asteroids perk up under orders from ground zero.  Dancing,
shouting into space,  an aching proxy for the human race.  Degrading
sound waves and a return to the numbing stasis of cold faces.

The spectacle finally grinds to an end, the stadium lights power down,
the frozen galaxy deflates in another unpaid tribute to the home team.

Copyright © James Fredholm | Year Posted 2013

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Winter will come

Her laugh swings back and forth
Like a feather in a winter day.
A wind blow coming from north
Brings back cold from faraway,
Her smile blooms like a snowdrop,
Too soon for a snow storm.
The tiller will reap the first crop,
The last swan still unborn.
When will the roses wither?
A waterfall ends in the hill,
sparrows bathing hither,
A wheel spinning on the mill.
Her petals veiling the ground
Will silence spring’s sound.

Copyright © João Camilo | Year Posted 2015

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A Winter Idyll

A year has passed but not July's shiver,
  The bed is warm and in the air a chill,
Yet 'tis not the cold that makes me quiver
  But the eros of our winter idyll.
She is up and doing at the cockcrow -
  Her slumber over, her sweet hold begun.
She comes to me parting her wet furrow...
  And I am inside the Gates of Eden!
That matrix of life and morning glories,
  That corona in its ring at gloaming,
And brightest of all celestial bodies
  My lips desiring and my eyes roaming.
All else forsaking at dawn's early light
I lay smitten in the thrill of her sight.


                July 1998

Copyright © Keith Trestrail | Year Posted 2014

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You I Dream Of

A flower grows from beneath a blanket
 Of fine and purest white
 It reaches toward the sun for warmth,
 For heat and for the light

 My love for you grows stronger still,
 Despite the surrounding cold
 My heart is yours, bartered gone
 For yours has it been sold

 Its petals shine from morning dew
 Its stem grows stiff and strong
 It stands strong through the freezing cold
 It stands the winter long

 I long for you, for your soft touch
 I miss the way you smile
 The longer that we stay apart
 The longer every mile

 The flower stretches through the snow
 It reaches toward the sun
 And now without you the color is gone
 The flower's petals, dun

 But as we talk, and as we learn
 The flower comes back to life
 The snow now melts and goes away
 As you take away my strife

 Spring is here and growth abounds
 As you and I are one
 We are together, we are in love
 The snow for now is done

 I see the future, in dreams I have
 Of our life, long and true
 I see the times where all I need
 Are comforting words from you

 I see the times when winter comes
 As winter tends to do
 But we still love, and we still live
 And I do still love you

 And so we live, with children ours
 And a life of much to see
 With love we live, to live we love
 Happy together are we

 I see the flower, older now,
 But still strong with fresh new leaves
 I see it growing, tall and strong
 Reaching to the eaves

 We are now old, as years have passed
 But old together are we
 And strong our love still today
 As strong as it can be

Copyright © Roy Keith | Year Posted 2012

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Blackberry Winter

Reluctant tranquility fills the air
Dismissing expectations with her smile
With frozen wishes melting everywhere
She paints the earth in her artistic style

Dreams, dripping slowly from shivering trees
Transparent presents, covering the ground
Leftover kisses now lost to the breeze
Green taking over where white was once found

But tranquility's brush runs out of paint
As her masterpiece starts fading away
Blackberry winter will cause her to faint
While leaving her empty, filled with dismay

Tranquility's brush was made to admire
She'll paint again when blooms kiss the brier

Note:In South & Midland North America, 
Blackberry Winter 
is referred to as a period of cold weather as low as -6 °C (20 °F) 
in late spring when the blackberries are in bloom. 
This is generally in the month of May and is known to 
last approximately up to 14 days.

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2012

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Snow Wonderland Zeal

In winter, rails of the fence are heavy Snow covers them, just as white as can be Beauty lands in the landscape, on the trees It’s white too, lovely, pretty as you please Snow reflects all colors making it white Leaving light that is courageously bright Each snowflake is different, quite unique Leaving the air brilliant, full of mystique A stream, still moving along, has some ice Very cold and frigid, had to look twice Air has quite a bite to it, a crisp feel The land is all frozen, the cold is real Whole scene brings about natural appeal Snow is like a solid wonderland zeal
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Winter Snow

The soft Winter snow covers the cold ground,
And grants the eyes a quiet wishful dream.
A footprint's crunch is the only sound.
All are enveloped with a fantasy scene.
Its frozen water forms Nature's dress.
An elegant design to softly float.
To reflect a soft light, to luminesce,
And cover the ground with its whitest coat.
Yes, Winter has come with its wind chilled air,
To cover the death of Autumn's leaves.
To bring reverence to life unaware,
Comfort Nature as she silently grieves.

The cathedral Winter asks life to cling.
To find its beauty pure, awaiting Spring

Contest ..Write me a Winter poem
Frederic Parker

Copyright © Frederic Parker | Year Posted 2015

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Spring to Life

 By a road traversed by many
 Where few uphold her beauty
 She stood a figure so queer
 Which only drew me near
 I wonder if she'll ever know 
 How marvelous she was in snow
 She shields her blessed bloom 
 Which blossom till the warmth of June
 A gentle shove upsetting her stance
 Her sway besets a familiar dance

 Sentiments have no place in my heart 
 But beneath this enthralling arch
 The falling fragrance of floral grace
 Shall trickle my soul to its sweet embrace.

                                                                   Inspired by Muses: Lori & Sharron

Copyright © Wilfred Aniagyei | Year Posted 2015